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Newkirk’s Notes are comments and insight from AccessVegas.Com publisher and 20+ year Las Vegas resident Ted Newkirk:

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This Week’s Top Tours



Spectacular views of Hoover Dam and Lake Mead plus a memorable guided interior tour. Stunning photo opps!


Vegas Indoor Skydiving, right on Vegas Strip, winds up to 120 mph, just like the real thing


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Las Vegas Tours

Hoover Dam Delivered, But Nevada Could Have Gotten More

news-Hoover-Dam-Delivered-But-Nevada-Could-Have-Gotten-More The most important structure ever built in Nevada is barely in Nevada at all. As large as it is, the entirety of Hoover Dam - the power plant, spillways, support structures and the dam itself - covers less than one square mile, and roughly half of that is in Arizona.

EditorÆs Note: Nevada 150 is a yearlong series highlighting the people, places and things that make up the history of the state.

Full story/details/info

Click Here To See All Hoover Dam Tours...

Click Here To See All Hoover Dam Tours...

Las Vegas Dinner And Drinks

Bellagio Introduces Lago By Renowed Chef Julian Serrano To Resort's Award-Winning Culinary Program

Lago by Julian Serrano, a new concept from one of Las Vegas' most celebrated chefs, will debut at Bellagio Resort & Casino in March 2015. Featuring an exquisite dining room with floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows, Lago will boast the most spectacular views of the resort's iconic fountains ever experienced on The Strip. Adjacent to the dining room, an open-air patio will provide waterfront seating centered on Lake Bellagio.

Full story/details/info

Ten Years And Counting! Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill At Caesars Palace Celebrates Major Milestone

news-Mesa-Grill-banner-250x83 Celebrated chef, restaurateur, New York Times bestselling author and Emmy award-winning television personality, Bobby Flay, is celebrating ten highly-successful years of Mesa Grill at Caesars Palace.

Full story/details/info

More Las Vegas News

Caesars Entertainment Properties In Las Vegas Offer Same-Sex Weddings Including On The LinQ

news-Linq-high-roller-gay-pride-colors-450x262 The resort properties in Las Vegas within the Caesars Entertainment group of companies are home to 17 gorgeous chapel locations where couples can tie the knot, offering skilled and passionate wedding coordinators with customizable packages for the perfect ceremony. Surrounded by neon lights and euphoric excitement in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip, itÆs your day to dazzle û and our resort properties offer a host of specialists devoted to ensuring the ceremony of your dreams.

Wedding venues available û to everyone! û include:

Full story/details/info

Latest Concerts Added This Week!

There is no better place to see your favorite acts then in Las Vegas! You're relaxed, can enjoy a fine meal, have some cocktails without the worry of driving, and no alarm is going to jar you awake all too early the next morning.

Las Vegas Holidays And Events

Top Tickets For United States Events

Did you know that we not only sell premium concert and event tickets for Las Vegas, but also for the entire United States as well? If you can't make it to Vegas, treat yourself to some great seats for something near you:

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Vegas Videos You'll Enjoy


    • Resorts World Las Vegas Preview - Through some amazing computer technology, you are given a tour of the planned Resort World Hotel and Casino, going up on the location of the old Stardust (and interestingly enough incorporating part of the failed Echelon project). With the demise of the Imperial Palace, this will be Las Vegas' only fully Asian-themed hotel and casino.


  • Inside The New SLS(ahara) Hotel Casino - Get a look inside the new SLS Hotel & Casino on the Las Vegas Strip. The old Sahara Hotel & Casino never looked so good. The newly remodeled SLS is feature rich with an exciting new atmosphere and friendly staff. Be sure and check it out the new SLS Hotel and Casino during your next visit or vacation to Las Vegas
  • WWW-Ballys-Strip-Frontage

  • Bally's Strip Frontage - Bally's strip frontage was the hidden gem of the Las Vegas strip. Although mostly forgotten about among the flashing lights and modern free attractions, it was a peaceful place to stroll while making your way to and from the property. Now that it's gone, like so many things in Vegas, maybe it will finally be appreciated for the simple green space she was amidst the concrete jungle.

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I don't care for the new format. I have enjoyed your website for many years and visit Las Vegas several times per year. I won't be paying for the new format. Too bad! This is a real shame.

I use to read multiple articles now I read none. Maybe rethinking the paying for information is a poor idea. Don't the multiple advertisements pay the staff? Good luck in your future endeavors!

Cathy Woith

Ted Responds:We're still linking to the same number of articles in the free version. Missing is Members Mania and Newkirk's notes. If you choose to not read all the articles we link to in the free version, I can't help you. Same kinds and numbers of articles as we always published via links to click and read.

If the advertisements paid for the staff, we would have not had to go to the new model. I talked about that for months leading up to the decision. We have added more advertising to the free version. Kind of like watching a movie. You can watch it on free TV with lots of advertising and some key features missing, or watch it uncut and commercial free on a premium movie channel.

We've added the food/beverage deals list for paid subscribers, which is already huge. That alone is worth the cost of subscribing and something NOT available to those who get the free version.

In the past, we had to delete reader email questions unanswered due to lack of time. Now, we guarantee to answer (and are answering) paid subscriber questions. Every single one of them that we can help with!

Paid subscribers are regularly writing and telling me that it is well worth it! Many hundreds have already paid up and the number continues to grow. I've used that money to pay staff and give paid subscribers a better experience and less ads.

We're guaranteeing that paid subscribers will save more in money and time than the cost of the subscription.

I am finding it interesting that the old info is missed, but not worth buying my staff a cup of coffee per month to help us provide it. We're talking less than $2 per month. For the insider tips, responses, hundreds of (often) off-menu food/beverage deals, and more.

We're not exactly asking much for all that we deliver!



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