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Newkirk’s Notes – comments on Las Vegas from AccessVegas.Com publisher Ted Newkirk:

Hello From Las Vegas! Where the 10 day forecast still does NOT having hitting 100 degrees. I’ve been watching the U.S. weather over the past few days and all I can say is unbelievable. I’m keenly aware that most of you are not used to 3-digit temperatures and in some regions, the only air conditioning in your house may be a window unit. Leave the 100+ to those of us who are professionals at living in it!

Just a couple of short odds-and-ends which have been collecting dust (I’ll explain why in a minute):

Man, I Feel Like A Woman – No… not me!áI’m sure most of you know that Shania Twain is taking up a 60 gig residency at Caesars Palace starting next year. The first round of tickets are available now: Shania Twian Las Vegas Tickets

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy – A recent study noted that Nevada is 10’th in the nation when it comes to residents’ sense of well-being. However, we have the 3’rd highest suicide rate in the nation. Putting aside the people who come here to off themselves (just happened again this past week) I’m not surprised. People either like/love living here or they just really hate it. I’ve never seen anything like it. You’ll rarely talk to a local who can simply “take or leave” living in Las Vegas.

Let me offer a few words of advice to potential residents:

1. You can’t mold Las Vegas. Oh, people have tried. They move here and vow that they are going to live their life just like they did back in (insert name of big city). Those are some of the most miserable people I know living here.

We’re a live-and-let live society, we’re still known as Sin City (that moniker is going to stick just because you live here), we have lousy public transit (and no appetite to improve it), etc. We’re not exactly Boston or San Francisco, so don’t expect us to be. If you are looking for all of that plus good weather, I’d strongly consider Phoenix.

2. If you are already depressed, think of what it will be like living in close proximity to 100,000+ visitors on any given day, most of whom are having the time of their lives! As for me, I feed off of it. But if you are prone to depression and happy people make you more depressed, probably not a good place to live.

Growing Older But Not Growing Up – In the 2000’s, the number of Nevada residents over 62 grew by 54% and the state’s median age has crept up to nearly 37 years old. The weather and lack of income tax were cited as a couple of top reasons. While we have not discussed it in detail yet (we’ve linked to it in the More section in the past), a major project in Henderson with active senior living and onsite medical facilities appears to have traction.

Many mocked a planned development of this size in the face of the current economy. But people forget that most retirees have pension and social security and are somewhat immune to the current economic times. The cheap price of housing here right now also isn’t hurting the migration of the financially stable.

Why The Mini-Issue? – If you’re a first time reader, let me note that this issue is much shorter than usual for us. We’re a victim of our own success. Both our site traffic and newsletter subscriber numbers have been slowly but steadily creeping up. Which is fantastic, and we thank all of you who are telling your friends to subscribe (or at least forwarding each issue to them) or are following us on Twitter at who are reading and retweeting!

We’ve started to experience slow-downs and short outages as this demand out-strips our server abilities. On top of that, we’re getting ready to re-launch reader forums, regular show reviews, an all-new video area so you can preview what various Las Vegas hotel rooms look like and more. Which will succeed in permanently crashing our servers if we don’t upgrade NOW.

In fact, our IT guy Robert Oliver actually wanted to get on this ASAP (he’s the one who has to jump into action every time we go “off the air”) but I saidáLet’s get a newsletter out — even if it is a short one — get current info out, and let everybody know what is going on. So, thanks for your understanding. The upgraded situation will allow us to return to bringing you all of your favorite features each week without crashing our servers from the traffic it generates.

Enjoy This Issue!

Associate Editor: Amy Rayner-Cooley
News Researcher/Editor: Rick Ziegler

CSI: The Experience Celebrates Dads This Father’s Day With Complimentary Admission June 17-19 – Looking for a creative and exciting way to celebrate Dad this Father’s Day? From June 17-19, CSI: The Experience at MGM Grand invites families everywhere to bring their Dad in to play the fun, interactive role of crime scene investigator for free. The complimentary tickets are available at the MGM Grand box office next to CSI: The Experience with the purchase of a full-price admission when they mention ‘Father’s Day Special.’ Tickets are valid for same day visit only and cannot be sold or transferred.

Bellagio To Host Intimate Bbq and Beer Pairing During Epicurean Epicenter Series Saturday, July 2 – Celebrate Fourth of July weekend at Bellagio and enjoy a fun and casual afternoon at the latest Epicurean Epicenter event, BBQ and Beer. Held in Tuscany Kitchen Saturday, July 2 at noon, guests will enjoy a three-course lunch created by Bellagio Executive Chef Edmund Wong complemented by a selection of refreshing beers chosen to enrich the taste of each dish.

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