Access Vegas Insider Vibe – February 26, 2003

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This Issue: Dirk Arthur: The New Art of Magic

Also In This Issue – February 26, 2003: Newkirk’s Notes, Hotel/Show Giveaway, News Of Interest To Tourists, Hiking – Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas Golf Club



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Las Vegas News: Of Interest To Tourists

Megabucks Will Be World Record – Nevada Megabucks is currently at $34,955,600 and will continue to increase until someone wins it. That lucky person will also become part of history in the next edition of The Guinness Book of Records. Read More …

Fire Safety – In light of the tragic Rhode Island fire, many wonder how safe entertainment activities are. Especially in Las Vegas where many production shows use pyro and so many concerts and events roll through town. Clark County (Las Vegas) has 35 inspectors handling the roughly 200 special events that apply for the use of pyrotechnics. Paperwork is filled out weeks in advance and inspectors preview all effects. The depth of the staff insures that someone is on hand no matter what time of day an event happens.

Boogity, Boogity, Boogity – NASCAR’s UAW-Daimler Chrysler 400 invades the Las Vegas Motor Speedway this weekend and the event has been sold out for weeks. No ticket? Stuck home? Note the 11:30 AM Pacific start time and tune to your local Fox station. The best way to get to the race? Take the Cat Ride Race Shuttle (run by our local public bus service). This is the only way to go, as these busses use special routes that get you to the speedway in 45 minutes. I’m rooting for home-town boy #97 but the #2 is a sentimental favorite.

Rio Abrupt Cocktail Change – When the Rio opened, it was famous for beautiful, young cocktail waitresses in outfits that weren’t much more than a one-piece thong swimsuit. Now they are scrapping the entire cocktail staff to hire drink servers who will perform singing and dancing choreographed routines throughout the gaming area.

Some feel this is a way to get rid of cocktail waitresses who may not look at good in the skimpy outfits as they did a decade ago. Others see it as part of a bigger world-wide resort trend toward performing bartenders and waitresses. You can read The Rio’s press release and let us know what you think in our Rio Replaces Cocktail Servers forum. Think this will fly? Sound like a good change or will you miss the current waitresses? Let us know!

Ticket Advice – We often get asked how to get tickets to the very popular shows like “O”, Mystere, Siegfried and Roy, Blue Man Group, and Danny Gans. Yes we have them (at face value). Yes, they go very quickly. The key is to buy well in advance, but keep this in mind: some tickets are not released for sale more than three months ahead.

Our advice? Once your travel dates are set in stone, visit our Las Vegas Shows page and check availability. If that hard-to-get show has tickets available, buy them. If not available yet, keep checking back every few days and specifically 85-90 days before your visit. Most Las Vegas shows are now reserved seating, so even if you aren’t trying for a tough ticket, buying in advance often insures better seats.

Cook E. Ain’t No Rookie – Infamous club and lounge performer Cook E. Jarr is back at his Harrah’s Carnival Court gig midnight on Friday and Saturday nights. Cook’s 30’th birthday is probably a couple decades behind him, but his audience keeps getting younger.We were at the outdoor venue Friday night as he played to a packed bar area and ripped through both “old school” and recent dance and R & B favorites in his inimitable style.

The dance floor was packed and while the crowd skews younger, no age group is out of place. With the weather warming up, Cook E. Jarr is a party worth checking out. Plus, the Carnival Court bartenders are some of the better “flair” bartenders around. Check out our Cook E. Jarr Carnival Court photo section.

$5000 Palms Bingo Cash Giveaway – The Key West room at the Palms Resort offers bingo every Thursday: March 6,13, 20 and 27. Session times are 1 p.m., 3 p.m., 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. Palms bingo players will receive an entry at each March session to win part of a $5,000 cash giveaway. The drawings for the $5,000 cash giveaway will be held at every session on Thursday, March 27, yielding 28 lucky winners. Read More …

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Featured Review: Dirk Arthur: The New Art of Magic

If Dirk Arthur’s name rings a bell, you may have seen the Bally’s Marquee over the past decade. Dirk was a featured act in Jubilee! and had his name in lights on the Las Vegas Strip. I’d seen him in the show, and he is good. His move to headlining status at The Silverton left people wondering if he could carry a show by himself and others wondering where The Silverton was!In an era with more shows than ever, trying their luck in just about every location and hotel you can try a show, it appears that Arthur’s gamble paid off. The Silverton’s showroom isn’t a converted lounge, but a full-sized, comfortable venue holding perhaps 400-500 people (my guess) and Dirk is filling it up on a consistent basis.

The show is aptly named The New Art Of Magic because Dirk’s specialties are huge scale illusions, the kind you often see with Lance Burton or David Copperfield. He levitates a Lamborghini and makes it vanish in mid-air. He puts a twist on the “saw the lady in half” by cutting her into nine pieces. He has an industrial size drill pierce right through him. And he makes white tigers vanish and switch places. Read More …

Featured Tour: Hiking – Red Rock Canyon

Hiking – Red Rock Canyon – We provide the transportation, water, and an interpretive guide. You choose from a selection of three of our favorite hikes in Red Rock, the White Rock/Willow Springs loop, Calico Hills, or Ice Box Canyon. For all hiking proficiency levels. Lunch is included.

Additional Tours Including Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, City, Scenic, National Parks, and Adventure

Featured Golf Course:
Las Vegas Golf Club

Las Vegas Golf Club – A traditional favorite of Las Vegas, this layout provides a great environment for all golfers. One of the oldest courses in Las Vegas, the Las Vegas Golf Club features numerous trees and is just a few minutes from the strip.

Additional Las Vegas Golf Courses and Golf Vacations

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