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Newkirk’s Notes – comments on Las Vegas from AccessVegas.Com publisher Ted Newkirk:

Hello From Las Vegas! As usual, both the Las Vegas Strip and Fremont Street were jammed over Memorial Day weekend. The cool weather (partly cloudy, mild temps) keep the mood slightly more subdued than usual but hey… 70 degrees (F)á beats the 108 we had the week before!

A big congratulations goes to Mac King for being named the top Comedy Magician in the world according to Magic Magazine (April 2008 issue). I have the actual issue and was very impressed that this wasn’t just some “award” but a careful, scientific, peer-chosen determination.

He actually beat out both Penn and Teller and The Amazing Johnathan, two names which have had far greater media exposure. Plus, the price is right. Mac King is an afternoon show that will be both easy on your wallet and get you our of our pending summer heat.

Tickets for Las Vegas’ top comedy magic shows:

Las Vegas Rio Sky ShowThe new Rio “Show in the Sky” has just (and I mean JUST) launched. We haven’t even had time to pop over and see it, but the press stuff they sent out notes it is much more sexy and sensual, including three different shows:

With three different shows, guests are encouraged to stay a while for an all new experience to see a unique show each time. The bedroom style performance will feature a 17 foot-long bed with high-energy performers of seduction. The bath/spa style performance will encompass a glamorous stage with sexy girls in towels. The modern-day club performance brings the feeling of old Hollywood glamour meets classic burlesque with accents of rhinestones and feathers throughout.

Shows play nightly on the hour from 7 PM to Midnight.

Las Vegas Second Most Digital Savvy – I never thought I’d see this day, but Las Vegas recently ranked second (behind Austin, TX) as the nation’s most digitally savvy city. This is a huge turn-around. When I launched in 1997 (and the predecessor two years earlier) as strictly online publications, casinos didn’t have websites and it seemed rare to find someone in upper management who knew what the internet was.

The Scarborough Research study cited the relatively young average age of residents, median household income of $53,000, higher tech penetration of warm, Western (US) cities, and the transient nature of the residents. This makes sense as people in their 20’s and early 30’s move here thinking they’ll have some fun, make some cash, then move back home (or move on to Southern California, Phoenix, or San Francisco). More of this story available here: Digital Savvy In Sin City

On the party front…

Dick’s last resort is brewing up beer pong, putting a silly spin on this infamous drinking game. They note:

DickÆs Last Resort invites you to test your skills at Bar Pong, the restaurantÆs very own rowdy rendition of the popular past time that is beer pong. With DickÆs entertainer extraordinaire Taco acting as the rambunctious referee, the game has never been this fun.

A touch of truth or dare is tossed in to add a twist as missed shots result in kooky challenges that will have everyone laughing. Whether flying solo or with friends, pick one of DickÆs 18 draft beers and join in the everlasting excitement where everyone is a winner.

Where: DickÆs Last Resort at Excalibur. When: 7 pm û Late, Wednesday û Sunday.

June 5 brings another edition of “Cinco de Taco” at the Pink Taco inside the Hard Rock Hotel offering $2 Coronas and Corona Lights, $3 Sauza Hornitos shots, $3.75 Sauza Hornitos margaritas as well as half-off appetizers from 4 p.m. until closing. “Cinco de Taco” features a live Mariachi band beginning at 6 p.m., and girls dressed in lingerie will be participating in three unique Pinata bashings filled with Love Jones lingerie. Click the above photo for previous “Cinco de Taco” photos.

Enjoy This Issue!

Ted Newkirk
CEO/Managing Editor

Associate Editor: Amy Rayner-Cooley
News Researcher/Editor: Mark Jacobs

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Featured Review:
Take a Plunge Into The Mystical World Of Cirque du Soleil’s Mystere

by Denise Almas

The circus is coming. The circus is coming! Don’t be late or you may find yourself following an unconventional looking clown instead of an usher to your seat — or perhaps someone else’s seat. Thus begins the stunning and surrealistic Cirque du Soleil production of Mystere. As soon as the doors close, the ringmaster takes over and the true action begins with a baby playing ball and looking for his “papa”. After finding a “papa” in the audience, the story begins to unfold in a vibrant and visually stimulating performance.

With the exit of the ringmaster, the performers come alive with unusual costumes, dancing, and death defying acts that only highly trained professionals could deliver with poise, grace, and beauty. As music heightens the performances, these athletes fly through the air, balance on top of each other, and bring to life the mysteries of human emotion and capabilities. Without missing a beat, these international athletes perform feats such as the aerial high bar, bungee, and Chinese Poles.

Click to Read Entire Cirque du Soleil’s Mystere Las Vegas Review…

Featured Review:
Elton John Songs Improve With Time In Red Piano

by Lincoln Hudson

Stepping out onto the stage at Caesars Palace one can only gasp at the enormous enigma that Sir Elton John has become. Clearly older and wiser this superb and universal entertainer has lost none of the talent and passion that makes him easily one of the worlds greatest performers.

Red Piano is a magnificent show that beautifully uses the technology of both multi-media and film to tell the story and sub text of his songs. Elton John is not just a talented rock star but he is also quite clearly an Artist whose talent also includes writing hit musicals and adapting opera’s. Most amazing of all I find is the forever deepening sub text of his songs that go back almost thirty years.

Click to Read Entire Elton John Red Piano Las Vegas Review…

Harrah’s Hosts World’s Most Esteemed Flair Bartending Competition June 3 – 5 – Bartenders vie for cash and the coveted Ultimate Flair Bartending Championship Title. Harrah’s Carnaval Court welcomes the world’s most skilled flair bartenders June 3 -5, for the fourth annual international bartending competition, Ultimate Flair Bartending Championship (UFBC). The outdoor, Strip-side venue has earned the reputation as the world’s premier flair bar, thus it is fitting that the best-of-the-best flock to Carnaval Court to compete for the title of UFBC champ. Click to Read The Full Story …

Legendary Entertainer Wayne Newton Will Perform At MGM Grand July 31 – August 6 – “Mr. Las Vegas” Wayne Newton will light up the stage inside MGM Grand’s Hollywood Theatre for a seven-night engagement July 31 û August 6. (Tickets) Show time is 8:30 p.m. nightly. Additional performances will go on sale later this year. This appearance marks Newton’s first performance at MGM Grand since 1999. Newton has been entertaining audiences worldwide for more than 60 years having started at the age of four years old. After several appearances on ABC’s popular hit series “Dancing with the Stars,” Newton returns to MGM Grand to perform alongside a 22-piece orchestra. Click to Read The Full Story …

Love Bites at Shark Reef Aquarium – Imagine tying the knot as sharks and other dangerous predators float by. Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay offers couples the chance to say “I do” in this unforgettable setting. Coordinated by the professional staff of “THE wedding chapel” at Mandalay Bay, the Shark Reef Wedding Package includes a bouquet and garter for the bride, boutonniere for the groom, minister, pianist, a wedding album and more. Priced at $1,175, tax excluded. Call 702-632-4555 for more details.

Star-Studded Lineup Gathering For Ladies No-Limit Hold’em Poker Event June 8 At The World Series Of Poker – Stars Teri Hatcher, Joely Fisher plus Cheryl Hines, Camryn Manheim and Mindy McCready among Celebrities Scheduled to Participate at Rio Las Vegas. While poker continues to grow worldwide, one of the biggest areas of growth is coming from female participation. Thus, the anticipation for this year’s World Series of Poker female-only event, the $1,000 buy-in No Limit Hold’em World Championship, is greater than ever before. Click to Read The Full Story …

The Time Reunite At Flamingo Las Vegas – All-Time Greatest Party Band Together Again For The First Time In 18 YearsFlamingo Las Vegas presents special limited dates of legendary Minneapolis funk band, The Time, June 24 – July 5 and July 29 – Aug. 2. (Tickets) These exclusive performances mark the first time the original band members have performed together in 18 years, following their acclaimed appearance at this year’s Grammy Awards. The master of cool, Morris Day, will reunite with his original band mates, valet Jerome Benton, drummer Jellybean Johnson, bass player Terry Lewis, guitarist Jesse Johnson and keyboard artists Jimmy Jam and Monte Moir to perform all of their classic hits. Click to Read The Full Story …

Gambling Talk: The King and I Part Two – with Victor H. Royer. Neither Lady M nor the King ever had to worry about announcing themselves, or about reservations. They just showed up whenever they felt like it. In this case, the King had a problem with Lady M, and so the casino thought they had a problem. But the King was very well adjusted. He wasnÆt fretting about it. He simply did whatever it was that he did in his suite, and when Lady M finally left, he came down to play his machines.á

Me being there must have, at first, seemed like it was going to be another problem for everybody, but the KingÆs graciousness and understanding resolved the situation and rendered a potential problem totally moot. I was actually quite impressed by him, the way he acted, and his royal persona. Click to Read Complete Article…

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Members Mania – We Love Our Readers!

Just reading your news letter and especially the part about the planes. This bit made me smile: “However, many of you are flying 12-16 hours to get here and that commitment to come visit isn’t lost on us either.”á

Not lost on you but for many of us Brits who used to come over regularly ( I came at least once a year ) we’ve decided that enough is enough and we are no longer prepared to queue for two hours or more once we get off the plane at Chicago or Atlanta or Washington, as we crawl towards the Immigration desk where we are finger printed and photographed.á

12 hours on a plane, then two hours to pass thru Chicago. Normally you miss your connecting flight to Vegas and then have to kill another 3 or 4 hours before making the next 3 hour leg of the journey.

I tried going direct last time ( not a lot of cheap direct flights for those of us living in the North of England ) and the wait to pass thru Immigration at McCarran was nearly two hours as well. I love Vegas but I just can’t do the immigration- Homeland security bit any more.


Dave Kendall

Ted Responds:

I appreciate the note and understand the hassle. We call the TSA here the Transportation Screw-Up Administration. And something should be done to speed up the immigration lines here, especially with the number of international flights.

May I suggest sending the same note you sent me to our local paper as a letter to the editor? They have even an bigger voice than I do (politicians generally don’t read tourism publications like ours, but they read the newspaper). You can even submit it online at

In fact, I suggest all of our international readers frustrated about this to spend just a couple of minutes doing so. A barrage of complaints will have to be noticed by our newspaper and it might even create extra coverage (or a feature story) that the politicians can’t ignore.

My husband and I have been coming to Vegas for the past 15 years and if you can believe it our latest trip in April/08 is the first time we have been to Fremont Street and we fell in love with it.

My questions is this-is Fremont Street a safe place to stay for a few days at one of their hotel/casinos? This concern for safety has been the reason we have never ventured downtown before now but we spent 3 days of our trip playing/eating/shopping/enjoying the shows during our latest visit and really enjoyed the atmosphere. Keep up all the wonderful work you all on the newsletter, we look forward to it and have learned so much from it. Thanks so much,

Wayne and Sandy M.
Rochester, NH

Ted Responds:

Downtown is as safe as The Strip provided you stay in the tourism areas. But one should never wander off (on foot) well away from normal tourism areas anywhere unless they specifically know the area. The upside of downtown is the more reasonable priced rooms, food, and entertainment. Also, the casinos are all right next to each other. No long walks when you want to change scenery.

The downside is the bus or cab right to The Strip. What many do is buy an all day pass on The Deuce (bus running from downtown to The Strip every few minutes, 24/7). For those looking at the price of airfare and Strip hotel rooms and cringing but still really wanting to come visit, I suggest this: Stay downtown where you’ll still find the Vegas that everyone used to talk about where prices are much easier on the wallet.

Do you have any insight into valet parking at Las Vegas hotels? Reason, we were in town a week ago and valet parked at every hotel. Our camera and GPS unit were stolen from our car and the only time it was unlocked is when we valet parked.á

We didn’t discover they were missing until a couple of days later when we went to use them and there is no damage on the car. Is this a problem in Las Vegas? Any ideas of what can be done? Any help would be appreciated.

Evelyn Dotson

Ted Responds:

This is the first time we’ve had anyone bring this issue up in the 9 years of the newsletter so it probably isn’t widespread. Valet parkers make really good money and would be stupid to jeopardize it. Also, they have casino surveillance cameras on them pretty much at all times.

However, it is a good reminder for people to check their stuff after they valet. If something is missing, security can roll back all the cameras that your car was on and probably catch who did it. If you know the license plate on the car you were driving, you can write the property and tell them your problem. Don’t delay as I don’t know how long they keep surveillance video.

In the future… for any theft on a casino property (purse/wallet theft or anything): Keep track of your stuff the best you can (so you know when it is missing) and report any theft as soon as possible. Pretty good chance they can roll some video back and try to see who did it. At the very least, they can then keep an eye out for the thief.

We love to hear from you, and value your feedback! Here’s how to participate:

  • Call our recorded comment line at 702-507-0055. We listen to every call.
  • Drop us an email at – We read them all!

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Access Vegas Insider Vibe – February 26, 2003

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This Issue: Dirk Arthur: The New Art of Magic

Also In This Issue – February 26, 2003: Newkirk’s Notes, Hotel/Show Giveaway, News Of Interest To Tourists, Hiking – Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas Golf Club



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Las Vegas News: Of Interest To Tourists

Megabucks Will Be World Record – Nevada Megabucks is currently at $34,955,600 and will continue to increase until someone wins it. That lucky person will also become part of history in the next edition of The Guinness Book of Records. Read More …

Fire Safety – In light of the tragic Rhode Island fire, many wonder how safe entertainment activities are. Especially in Las Vegas where many production shows use pyro and so many concerts and events roll through town. Clark County (Las Vegas) has 35 inspectors handling the roughly 200 special events that apply for the use of pyrotechnics. Paperwork is filled out weeks in advance and inspectors preview all effects. The depth of the staff insures that someone is on hand no matter what time of day an event happens.

Boogity, Boogity, Boogity – NASCAR’s UAW-Daimler Chrysler 400 invades the Las Vegas Motor Speedway this weekend and the event has been sold out for weeks. No ticket? Stuck home? Note the 11:30 AM Pacific start time and tune to your local Fox station. The best way to get to the race? Take the Cat Ride Race Shuttle (run by our local public bus service). This is the only way to go, as these busses use special routes that get you to the speedway in 45 minutes. I’m rooting for home-town boy #97 but the #2 is a sentimental favorite.

Rio Abrupt Cocktail Change – When the Rio opened, it was famous for beautiful, young cocktail waitresses in outfits that weren’t much more than a one-piece thong swimsuit. Now they are scrapping the entire cocktail staff to hire drink servers who will perform singing and dancing choreographed routines throughout the gaming area.

Some feel this is a way to get rid of cocktail waitresses who may not look at good in the skimpy outfits as they did a decade ago. Others see it as part of a bigger world-wide resort trend toward performing bartenders and waitresses. You can read The Rio’s press release and let us know what you think in our Rio Replaces Cocktail Servers forum. Think this will fly? Sound like a good change or will you miss the current waitresses? Let us know!

Ticket Advice – We often get asked how to get tickets to the very popular shows like “O”, Mystere, Siegfried and Roy, Blue Man Group, and Danny Gans. Yes we have them (at face value). Yes, they go very quickly. The key is to buy well in advance, but keep this in mind: some tickets are not released for sale more than three months ahead.

Our advice? Once your travel dates are set in stone, visit our Las Vegas Shows page and check availability. If that hard-to-get show has tickets available, buy them. If not available yet, keep checking back every few days and specifically 85-90 days before your visit. Most Las Vegas shows are now reserved seating, so even if you aren’t trying for a tough ticket, buying in advance often insures better seats.

Cook E. Ain’t No Rookie – Infamous club and lounge performer Cook E. Jarr is back at his Harrah’s Carnival Court gig midnight on Friday and Saturday nights. Cook’s 30’th birthday is probably a couple decades behind him, but his audience keeps getting younger.We were at the outdoor venue Friday night as he played to a packed bar area and ripped through both “old school” and recent dance and R & B favorites in his inimitable style.

The dance floor was packed and while the crowd skews younger, no age group is out of place. With the weather warming up, Cook E. Jarr is a party worth checking out. Plus, the Carnival Court bartenders are some of the better “flair” bartenders around. Check out our Cook E. Jarr Carnival Court photo section.

$5000 Palms Bingo Cash Giveaway – The Key West room at the Palms Resort offers bingo every Thursday: March 6,13, 20 and 27. Session times are 1 p.m., 3 p.m., 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. Palms bingo players will receive an entry at each March session to win part of a $5,000 cash giveaway. The drawings for the $5,000 cash giveaway will be held at every session on Thursday, March 27, yielding 28 lucky winners. Read More …

You Are Reading This – and so are over 30,000 others who love Las Vegas, travel, gambling, dining, shopping and enjoying life. People like you who own and use computers and the internet and are more likely to have higher income and education levels. People who enjoy finding information and purchasing products online. Sound good? We now offer advertising in this newsletter! Click For Advertising Details

Featured Review: Dirk Arthur: The New Art of Magic

If Dirk Arthur’s name rings a bell, you may have seen the Bally’s Marquee over the past decade. Dirk was a featured act in Jubilee! and had his name in lights on the Las Vegas Strip. I’d seen him in the show, and he is good. His move to headlining status at The Silverton left people wondering if he could carry a show by himself and others wondering where The Silverton was!In an era with more shows than ever, trying their luck in just about every location and hotel you can try a show, it appears that Arthur’s gamble paid off. The Silverton’s showroom isn’t a converted lounge, but a full-sized, comfortable venue holding perhaps 400-500 people (my guess) and Dirk is filling it up on a consistent basis.

The show is aptly named The New Art Of Magic because Dirk’s specialties are huge scale illusions, the kind you often see with Lance Burton or David Copperfield. He levitates a Lamborghini and makes it vanish in mid-air. He puts a twist on the “saw the lady in half” by cutting her into nine pieces. He has an industrial size drill pierce right through him. And he makes white tigers vanish and switch places. Read More …

Featured Tour: Hiking – Red Rock Canyon

Hiking – Red Rock Canyon – We provide the transportation, water, and an interpretive guide. You choose from a selection of three of our favorite hikes in Red Rock, the White Rock/Willow Springs loop, Calico Hills, or Ice Box Canyon. For all hiking proficiency levels. Lunch is included.

Additional Tours Including Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, City, Scenic, National Parks, and Adventure

Featured Golf Course:
Las Vegas Golf Club

Las Vegas Golf Club – A traditional favorite of Las Vegas, this layout provides a great environment for all golfers. One of the oldest courses in Las Vegas, the Las Vegas Golf Club features numerous trees and is just a few minutes from the strip.

Additional Las Vegas Golf Courses and Golf Vacations

For comments or questions regarding Las Vegas, our content, or this newsletter please post to our message boards so that others may read and help or write us a “letter to the editor” at Include your city — we have readers worldwide!

See you on the boards!

Live From Las Vegas,

Ted Newkirk

Senior Content Editor

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February 26, 2003 ISSN: 1529-2770

Access Vegas Insider Vibe – October 9, 2002

Welcome to Access Vegas News and Reviews! This is the official newsletter of AccessVegas.Com. We talk about the Las Vegas attractions, dining, and shows that YOU really care about.

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Newkirk’s Notes – comments on Las Vegas from AccessVegas.Com publisher Ted Newkirk:Hello from Las Vegas! This is normally an “off” week for the newsletter, but so much great reader feedback and questions came in the past week that we are working overtime. No rest in Las Vegas!


If you missed last weeks issue, click here to read it in the archives. If you are new to the list, hang tight. Your first regular issue will arrive next week.

We Were Featured: Las Vegas Review-Journal “Online Guy” columnist Al Gibes featured our New Year’s Eve Las Vegas site in his recent article. Check out the article!

Reader Feedback

VegasJules wrote:

I love the new format! I’ve enjoyed reading your newsletter for a while now, and I always love getting the scoop on my favorite city. Even though I don’t have a trip in the planning (at the moment, but I’m always hoping!), I can always count on you for some great info! Thanks!

Shanny Aitken wrote:

The new look your newsletter is sporting is great! Thanks for all the helpful information. Each trip to Las Vegas, we arrive better informed than the trip before!

I want to thank everyone for the nice words and great response to our spruced up format. Same great info, same “tell it like it is” philosophy, but with a little more visual spice to bring Las Vegas to you!

Message Board Member “nn23” wrote:

I don’t think kids belong in Las Vegas. Its an adult city, Alcohol, parties, gambling, adult entertainment… I would never bring kids to Las Vegas… I wish other people wouldn’t either. Take your kids to Disney, not Las Vegas… Let us adults have fun, an enjoy ourselves.

Readers, what do you think? Do you take your kids to Las Vegas or do you see it as an adult destination? Tell us your thoughts and experiences in our Kids In Las Vegas forum.

Jim O’Hara from Chicago wrote:

I have to agree with the poll, on the locals casinos, in the recent newsletter. About two months ago we visited the Gold Coast. How or why we went there I don’t know but we were pleasantly surprised. I had been in the Gold Coast a number of years ago ( a whole story in itself) and thought it to be rather shabby. We ate at the buffet, played for a number of hours and really enjoyed ourselves. It certainly didn’t hurt that I hit a royal.

If anyone missed it, go check out the poll results.

Richard and Barbara Paro wrote:

I just want to start off saying I love, love, love your news letter. I’ve only been getting it for a couple of months. I have two questions. One is on comped rooms. We are coming to Vegas in Nov. and are staying at the (name of casino withheld). We have been there before 2 times.

We get our room comped for three nights. We spend anywhere from a thousand to fifteen hundred a day. That’s our money not what we win in between. We would like to go to other places to see some of the things you talk about, and see if we could win at other casinos but feel obligated to spend our time and money where we get comped. How can we do both, and how much do we have to spend to still get comped?

Comps are the big question and source of confusion here in Las Vegas. I withheld the name of the casino involved here not because of any problems, but because this is a general issue.

First of all, casinos aren’t comping you because they are “nice guys.” They are comping you because they realize you will lose more than your comps cost them over time. Think about this: In return for giving you a room that probably would have gone empty and costs them a few bucks a day to maintain, you are giving them heavy play and not even leaving the place. That is no way to enjoy Las Vegas!

You have a number of options. One is to split your play on your next visit between this casino and another two or three that you are interested in. The odds are that the first casino won’t cut your free nights right away. If you were to visit time and time again and not gamble much there, then they would probably pull back the comp offers.

Play at other places and see if you win, and if they offer you anything. Or come to town and take $50-100 of that daily gambling budget and buy a room so you don’t feel obligated and you can go test the waters elsewhere.

Another new option that many take advantage of is the ability to see right away online what casinos are giving away what comps for what level of play. Playsis lets you enter the amount of your bet, how long you play, and they will offer you a comp level at various hotels right up front. No phone calls, no negotiating, no hoping that “Vinnie” at the casino will smile down upon you. So you might want to check out Playsis.

Message Board Member “mytrn41” wrote:

Glad to here you are not tiring of Vegas anytime soon. Hope to retire there some day. Not a gambler, but love the weather, mountains and the mystery of the dessert.

Look forward to your newsletters, keep up the informative mailings. Visit often, but for different reasons. Enjoy driving up to Mt Charleston, or to Red Rock Canyon. Even a trip to a local Wal-Mart with the beautiful Mountain setting behind, something you cannot experience in our town of Hebron, Illinois.

I could not agree with you more. I too like to see an area when I travel, and not just the resort areas. There is so much more to do here than gambling! Mt. Charleston and Red Rock are stunning and we have some great tours where you can see them in a few hours.

For those thinking of moving here, we have two new pages of info:

Message Board Member “fla5h2001” wrote:

My my favorite last fine dining experience was on VOODOO Cafe on top of the RIO! The service was superb and the food, OH my GOD is was truly to die for!

Check out more info on the Voodoo Cafe and tell us about your best (or worst) Las Vegas dining experiences in the dining forums at our Message Boards.

Live From Las Vegas,

Ted Newkirk

Senior Content Editor

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October 9, 2002 ISSN: 1529-2770


Access Vegas Insider Vibe – September 4, 2002

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THIS ISSUE: Bellagio vs. Le Reve and other Las Vegas News


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NEWKIRK’S NOTES – comments on Las Vegas from publisher Ted Newkirk:

Hello from Las Vegas! You guys are amazing. I really appreciate the great response last newsletter with suggestions for helpful information to be added to our site. We are working night and day to get this information up. Some of it is basic, like a gambling primer. Other sections will delve deep into our experiences from spending the past decade living in Las Vegas and frequenting the resort corridor to give you inside information you can use.

The incredible thing about Las Vegas is that we get well over 30 million visitors a year, and no two people have exactly the same experience. You may be a first time visitor, or you may be a regular who just wants to try something new and we’ll walk you through it all!

Finally, we have aligned ourselves with High Logic web hosting. Las Vegas based High Logic is truly the company you need to look at for web hosting, marketing, and more. The price is right and the service is great whether you are a very small outfit or a network of high traffic sites like ours. In addition, their easy-to-use control panel gives you (or your webmaster) simple and instant access to your hosting. Plus, they have a great spam and virus blocker. Our unwanted email decreased almost immediately! Check them out at

BELLAGIO VS. LE REVE – Now that Steve Wynn (creator of Mirage, Treasure Island, and Bellagio) has announced his ambitious $1.85 billion dollar Le Reve hotel project to sit on the site of the shuttered Desert Inn, Bellagio (which he no longer has anything to do with) has announced a $375 million expansion to add new rooms, more spa, salon, meeting, dining and retail space. The completion date? End of 2004, just before Mr. Wynn expects to complete Le Reve.

So what is the story here? I personally know a number of Mirage/Bellagio players who have had nothing good to say about playing there since Steve Wynn left. We are talking the kind of person who comes prepared to lose thousands and thousands and doesn’t exactly play the nickel machines. They are pissed and counting the days until Le Reve opens. Be interesting to watch this hotel war heat up!

BEST SCENIC ATTRACTION – Last month you voted (or should have!) at for the best scenic attraction in the Las Vegas area. Hoover Dam won with 33% of the vote. Runners up were The Grand Canyon (27%), and Red Rock Canyon (20%). Also receiving votes were Valley of Fire, Oatman/Route 66, and Lake Mead. You can take a 1/2 day or full day tour from Las Vegas and enjoy the rugged, breathtaking scenery of the “wild west.” Tour details for all tours at

NEW YEAR’S EVE – If you have not done New Year’s in Las Vegas, you just haven’t done New Year’s Eve. If you are even thinking about it, book now because rooms are already filling up. Unfamiliar with Las Vegas New Year’s Eve or just want to show your friends what they missed last year? Check out our New Year’s Eve site with photos, free steaming video, hotel tips, party tips, parking secrets and just about everything else you’d want to see or know. No watered down second hand info here: Every year we are down on The Strip, enjoying it with you!

RESTAURANT REVIEW – Chef John says about Coffee Pub: “The Coffee Pub over time became the place to be seen and the place to see others. Besides the hundreds of daily regulars, celebrities love to hang out there as well.” Read his full review with photos at

TONY AND TINA’S Wedding – We’ve been hearing some great things about this show, the second longest running off-Broadway show in history. You actually “attend” an authentic Italian-American Catholic wedding including the nuptials, fully-catered Italian buffet dinner, and the reception with live music. Except the wedding isn’t real, it is just really funny! More details and ticket info at Tony & Tina

MORE NIGHTCLUBS – Ortanique Restaurant in Paris Las Vegas has opened the “Ovation” Nightclub Fridays and Saturdays from 12:30 AM to 6 AM. They feature house DJs playing music from the ’80s, ’90s and today. The nightclub scene in town is getting to be staggering, with so many hotels getting into the act. The scene is so swamped that we have put off developing an expanded nightlife section until it all shakes out.

ATTENTION LOCALS – Speaking of nightclubs and nightlife, we have acquired the domain name “” (don’t bother … nothing there yet). If you or someone you know is a twenty-something (at least at heart) who enjoys hitting the clubs and lounges on a regular basis and an OK or better writer, we want you. The pay is lousy but the perks are great. Email us at

FREE TOURS – of Caesars Magical Empire take place Tuesday-Friday every half hour from 11 AM – 3:30 PM. Tour participants receive a $10 discount coupon for early seating at dinner shows. This is worth checking out just to see the lavish, medieval settting that is the Magical Empire. Read our review of the complete dinner and show at

BIKEFEST — The 2’nd Annual Las Vegas BikeFest will be held September 12-15, 2002 in Downtown Las Vegas and the Fremont Street Experience. Over 6,000 bikers and enthusiasts attended the inaugural event in September 2001. The event will consist of the Vendor Village with over 100 manufacturers, free entertainment, and activities such as a Freedom Rally on the Fremont Street Experience in memorial of the 9/11 tragedy, custom bike show, Miss Las Vegas BikeFest competition, two poker runs, Mr. Las Vegas BikeFest competition, tattoo contest, charity chili cook-off, Motorcyclympics, wet t-shirt contest, and more. Some events require registration. More info at BikeFest

ALL THE FOOTBALL – The Imperial Palace is one of the few hotels showing every single NFL game every Sunday for free. Because of licensing fees and restrictions, many hotels choose not the buy the NFL Sunday Package. In their defense, the NFL wants to charge them based on occupancy of the entire casino area, not just the sports book or bars! The Imperial Palace got around this by showing the games in the showroom of the casino.

800 free, comfortable seats are available. Food and drink specials are served, the Miller Girls are often on hand, and their sports book is just around the corner. This is probably your best bet to catch your favorite team play if the game isn’t broadcast in the Las Vegas area on local TV.

BLOW ME UP TOM – Radio talk show host Tom Leykis is bringing his nationwide (100-plus stations) broadcast to the Indigo Lounge at Bally’s this Friday from 3-7 PM Pacific time. His infamous “listener parties” are the stuff of legend. The event is free and open to the public. Locally, the show can be heard on 1140 AM from 3-7 PM live and repeated Midnight – 6 AM. If he broadcasts in your city (check both the AM and FM talk stations between 3-7 PM Pacific), you can hear the mayhem yourself.

AFAN BENEFIT – The Generic Black & White Party XVI, a fundraiser for Aid for AIDS of Nevada (AFAN) that benefits individuals and families living with HIV and AIDS, will be held Saturday, Sept. 21 at 8 PM at the outdoor nightclub SKIN in the Palms Casino Resort. A ticket to the event also includes admission to the pre-party at Ghost Bar at the top of the Palms from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., the after-party entitled “The Lucille Ball” starting at 10 p.m. and the chance to see Grammy-nominated pop star Taylor Dayne performing such hits as “Tell It To My Heart,” “I’ll Be Your Shelter,” and “Every Beat of My Heart.”

Event tickets are $50 per person and may be purchased in advance by visiting or in person at Stuff inside the Palms Casino Resort. Tickets also go on sale the night of the event at 7 p.m. at the door. Additionally, guests can obtain a ticket by donating $40 worth of nonperishable food or toiletries. All food and toiletry items must be dropped off at the Official Generic Black & White Party XVI truck prior to entering the Palms Casino Resort.

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M. Smithson of the Canary Isles wrote,

I know that we will never forget September 11’th but it just occurred to me, I know that you still fly, and encourage everyone to do so, but I visit Vegas and America every two years, would like it to be every two months, what I would like to say to the people of America is, don’t let them win. Keep your Airlines flying, so much heroism so much bravery, and to mention the last words of the guys on flight 93 LETS ROLL, so America lets roll, go enjoy all your wonderful resorts don’t let all those brave people down fly enjoy.

Thanks for the encouraging words! We were out both Friday and Sunday nights over the usually busy Labor Day weekend (last weekend was a three day American holiday weekend) and while always busy, The Strip seemed to resemble just another weekend, and not the throngs usually seen for a holiday. We’ve also seen soft booking numbers the past couple of weeks (people planing future trips).

I think people are concerned and reflective right now and will be for the next week. As noted, I’ll be flying on September 11 this year. No, not because I got a cheap deal, but to enjoy time with my out-of-state family for a few days. Of course, I’m also getting more pleasure out of flying than ever. It is my smack in the face to those who thought their actions were going to change our way of life. Not mine you won’t!

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This Issue: New Year’s Eve Info and Webcams

Curious about a show, restaurant, or other Las Vegas attraction that looks fun? Let us review it for you first! Suggestions are always welcome at


EDITORS NOTE: Where did 2000 go? It seems like yesterday we were celebrating 2000, told our computers (and life as we knew it) would grind to a halt, and Las Vegas was reeling from embarrassment for the Millennium New Year’s Eve BUST. 365 days later, we are ready to make amends. Whether you are going to be here or just catch some of the action online, we have all the info you need this week.LAS VEGAS NEWS – of interest to tourists:

HARLEY-DAVIDSON – has inked a deal with slot maker IGT to put the infamous motorcycle manufacturer’s logo on a line of slot machines. These machines will also feature motorcycle engine noises, which has to be an improvement to the “Wheel of Fortune” sound you hear droning through a casino every 30 seconds. Full story at

RED ROCK CANYON – This area of amazing desert scenery is only about a half hour from the Strip and well worth the drive. The 13 mile scenic loop takes you through multicolored cliffs as well as a great lookout point. Getting there is simple: Head to Charleston Blvd. (just a few blocks north of Stratosphere) and head west about 15 miles. Full story at Don’t have a car? We have Red Rock Canyon tours at

LAS VEGAS FOR DUMMIES – This turned out to be a solid book on book on Las Vegas that doesn’t pull any punches. You can read a recent review at and it is available for $12.79 from Amazon at

WWF HOTEL – Every couple of weeks, someone writes and asks me about the state of the (former) Debbie Reynolds Hotel on Convention Center drive. The World Wrestling Federation bought the property to turn it into a themed resort with live TV production from the property. However, with their involvement in the XFL and their concerns about the location, they sold it (at a profit, mind you — about an 8% return on their investment). Full story on the new owners at

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Note: Our hearts go out to those of you in areas of the Southern U.S. who are getting hit hard by snow and ice storms not common to the area. For you our New Year’s wishes are power, water, and warmer temperatures.

LAS VEGAS WEATHER – This 5 day forecast is courtesy of Weather.Com:

Thursday – 66/39 Mostly Sunny
Friday – 71/38 Mostly Sunny
Saturday – 68/39 Mostly Sunny
Sunday – 65/34 Mostly Sunny
Monday – 61/32 Partly Cloudy

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FEATURE STORY: New Year’s Eve Info and Webcams

NEW YEAR’S EVE – is just about here and things are shaping up nicely. The resorts skipped on the high priced entertainment, finally figuring out that people come to Las Vegas for New Year’s Eve to PARTY. Last year, the Visitors Authority spent their budget on advertising. This year, they are blowing it on the fireworks show. If you are within driving distance of Las Vegas, you can still nail sub-$100 a night rooms around town at decent hotel and motels. Check for rates.

If you don’t mind the crowds and partiers, The Strip is the only place to be for this one-of-a-kind celebration. Forget New York City and Times Square, where reports note that you have to show up at dawn on the 31’st to nail a good spot and public drinking is frowned on. (BTW, for any math buffs, do us a favor: take the number of people reported to attend the Times Square ball drop and divide it by the number of blocks of roads barricaded off for these people. With apologies to our friends in the Big Apple, our best magicians couldn’t squeeze the reported number of people into the reported area).

If it sounds like we have a rivalry with Times Square, you are close. We were encroaching on their claim to fame as the most popular U.S. New Year’s Eve destination until last year when the Visitors Authority and hotels sat on their thumbs and did … nothing … for New Years (sans Paris Las Vegas which dropped confetti off their Eiffel Tower). We WILL eventually claim the mantle, but now we get to play catch-up. Oh, and we are!

We are going to have $500,000 worth of fireworks going off over a 10 minute period starting at midnight and stretching almost 4 miles, so anywhere between Mandalay Bay and The Stratosphere is going to be hot. If you love crowds, get towards the center Strip (Flamingo). Need some air? Head away from that area until the crowds thin out (generally south of Tropicana and north of Sands / Spring Mountain [Treasure Island]). Just don’t bring glass containers or get out of line, and you can drink what you want. In fact, vendors were selling beer on the street last year. Oh, and restrooms (porta-potties): they are usually up by Treasure Island and down near Holiday Inn Boardwalk.

If you are staying elsewhere, and need to drive down to the Strip, it is wise to get parked by about 6 PM (either in a hotel garage or side street) BUT hey, it’s the Strip! I can think of few better places to spend a few hours of growing anticipation.

The fireworks show will be choreographed and synchronized to music simulcast by KLUC-FM 98.5 and KMXB-FM 94.1 (either one — bring your Walkman). Unfortunately, neither of those stations broadcast over the internet, but if you can’t make it here, you won’t be entirely left out in the cold. Las Vegas and The Strip have a record number of live webcams this year, and one is even a streaming cam! We’ve got them all linked at My advice? Try the first one listed (SmartConnect.Net — Flamingo and The Strip streaming). It is very new and few know about it, so it is likely to have the fastest response.

Crowds really start to pick up around 9 PM and center and south parts of The Strip are usually completely closed to traffic by 10 PM with the rest of it to follow quickly. By 11 PM (Pacific Time) you should be able to view the crowds and throngs of people. It is quite a site!

Even though I am a veteran of many of these Strip celebrations, I’m getting excited just thinking about it. I’m enjoying Christmas with my family in the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon but my Alaska Airlines ticket says PDX – LAS, Dec. 30, 2000. I wouldn’t miss this one for the world and hope you can enjoy it either in person or online. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2001!


Note: I want to thank each and every one that sent an e-card or note over the holidays. I’m happy to have a job where I help others make the most of their vacation. I am printing a letter that is representative of the many I received.LETTERS TO THE EDITOR:

Ian from England wrote:

>Thank you for sending me your Christmas Greeting card it was brilliant, we
>all had a lovely quiet Christmas here in England – guess what it actually
>snowed on Christmas Day it looked like a picture postcard.á I am afraid our
>scenery here in Sheffield is not as stunningá as The Nevada Desert!!!áá We
>only got back from Las Vegas on 29.11.00, so it is all still fresh in our
>memory.á We had a brilliant time there, our 5’th visit in the last three
>years, I am afraid we have all got the Vegas Bug!á We love everything, the
>shows, the entertainment in the hotel lounges, the food, the scenery and all
>those shops – it is our paradise!!!áá We are hoping to come out again, maybe
>in February if we can get the flights arranged to suit.á Thank You once again
>for sending me all the info in your newsletters, I can’t wait to read them!!!!
>Merry Christmas once again, Happy New Year 2001!
>Maybe one day I will get to meet you!

I enjoy meeting other Las Vegas “fanatics” but unfortunately, my schedule living and working in Las Vegas is usually as rigid as a visitors is fluid. Because the odds are that a number of subscribers are in town at any given time, I am giving thought to experimenting with “meet and greets” starting later this year. Nothing formal or time consuming — just times and dates in a central, casual location (probably a casino lounge on the Strip) where readers who are in town can stop by, say hello, and compare real time notes with like minded people. I’ll keep you posted.

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