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Newkirk’s Notes

Access Vegas Founder Ted NewkirkHello From Las Vegas! – So, Las Vegas hotel casinos are open! Many of you might already know that. What we’ll be doing is giving you the details to what you need to know, especially based on all of the questions that have been coming in. With continued bad internet rumors out there (like “the bars are going to be closed”, which is entirely false, bars all over Nevada have reopened and the casino bars will very much be open), we’re here with the knowledge and facts.

The opening announcement was not without drama. Those of you who followed my suggestion to head to the Review-Journal’s website on the date specified got there to find out that the governor’s 5:30 PM press conference was called off, with just a promise of a video announcement later that evening. Seriously? We all had to cool our heels until well after 9 PM to get a written statement of the June 4 reopening. Don’t get me started…

Let’s dig in on need-to-know stuff:

Masks – Masks are not mandatory in the State of Nevada. However, they are encouraged. Each casino property will decide on their own if masks are mandatory.

For our Supporting (Paid) Members, we go into significant detail about masks use, availability, and other social distancing protocols to expect.

Temperature Checks – This has brought truckloads of questions and some confusion. Especially since was hotter than normal, and we’re getting right into the time of year we see 100+ F on a daily basis.

While every property may have a slightly different way of going about things, they will be using a scanner that can scan multiple people as they walk in. If you read high, you will be asked to step aside so they can check your temperature. If you read high, you will be asked to move to an area where you can cool down.

Full details, first-hand experience report (by me) on getting screened and FAILING due to heat (more of what to expect), including how long you get to cool down, how that works, what happens if you don’t pass again, and similar is available in our Members Edition.

Shows – This has been a fairly common question. Shows do NOT have an opening date. At issue is trying to comply with current social distancing rules while putting enough people in the audience for the show to make a profit. While we’re big advocates of enjoying a show during each visit, that could easily be a number of weeks off.

Crowding On The Strip – Some are worried that there will be no social distancing on The Strip. As we’ve noted, Las Vegas will maybe be at 30% occupancy. And, that is a high guess in the early stages. Hello elbow room! If some people get into your space, you’ll be able to distance yourself, or simply say “Would you mind giving us some space so we call can stay safe?”

Riots – As of now, this is moving to be a non-factor. However, for our Supporting (Paid) Members, we went into great detail about what to expect, how to stay safe, what actions are being taken, and more.

At The End Of The Day…

If you won’t be visiting for a while, stay tuned. We get it. You might be older, in poor health, don’t want to fly, fully believe that a second wave is going to kill millions (and don’t want to be part of it)… whatever floats your boat.

However, the demand is of the charts. While only planning to open two hotels, Caesars Entertainment first bumped it up to three (Harrah’s, Caesars, Flamingo) based on demand. And now, are scheduling many more of their properties to be open THIS MONTH. Boyd Gaming initially thought they would keep their downtown properties shuttered. All but Main Street Station are opening NOW. (We love MSS and hope it opens soon). Downtown Grand was holding off. Not anymore.

Temperature checks, masks, not everything open, no shows… we still have pools (yes, open with social distancing), booze, pretty girls and hot guys (waitresses, bartenders and such), and no shortage of gambling. (Based on visitation expectation vs. social distancing for gambling, you should have no shortage of finding the ways to wager you’ve always enjoyed).

As the famed Michael Buffer says, “Let’s Get Ready To Rumble…“.

Hope you are enjoying this issue!

PS Yes, our 20% off offer for a full year of our Access Vegas Insider Vibe Membership offer is over. As we noted it would be upon us getting an announcement date of when Las Vegas would open. Although, to be honest: Many of our members gladly play full price ($34.80 for an entire year) and feel that they get their monies work just with a small portion of all our membership offers.

You can keep coming to Vegas going “I wonder” or “I’m not sure” or hoping all the stuff you are spending hours reading on the internet is good info, and not some spammy promotion.

OR… you can support us with (literally) the cost of a “cup-of-joe” (cup of coffee) per month, know that we 100% have only your best interests at heart, and that part of our guarantee is to answer your questions (in a direct response to you) to the absolute limit of our abilities.

And… there is little that myself and our advisory team don’t know. We have nearly 100 years combined “boots on the ground” experience here in Las Vegas tourism. Join us here:

Ted Newkirk
Founder/Managing Editor

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Members Mania

We have two questions/thoughts, which posted it in our Members Facebook Group. Since not all Members choose to be part of the group, we are posting it with my answer here.

As always, we always post everything here in the Members issues. You only miss out on commenting on Facebook and the occasional breaking story. IE, if you are not a Facebook type of person, you are not missing out. 100% of everything (except what gets quickly dated) is here in the newsletter editions!

Ok… I’ve been asked a few questions by others I know whom are contemplating visiting Vegas in the next few months.

One of those questions is about slot machines. Many of them play slots.. which (in my opinion) tends to have a higher house advantage than any of the table games (with the exception of possibly poker slots). If the casinos are down in revenue.. won’t the slots be that much more tighter than ever? Fremont always had looser slots than the strip.. but will this be different during the pandemic era?

There is talk about reducing the number of machines and spreading them out in the casinos… that means less choices to play. Also.. what about the usual casino resort fees.. will they stay the same, go up, or go down? (I do know they eliminated parking fees just recently).

That also goes for the usual charges on drinks, foods, etc. The general thought process from those who’ve I’ve talked to say… tighter slots, more expensive drinks, foods, etc… but they’ll entice you to come and stay by lowering the costs of the rooms. What does everyone else think?

Patrick Magee


Ted Responds:

They would be insane to tighten the slots. They are not looking at opening as a way to generate huge cash. They just want something coming in. And, want to show the world (and their stockholders, when applicable) that things are going to be back to normal.

Basically, every other machine will be turned off in many casinos. So, if there are 8 of your fave machines, 4 will be working. Which is no big deal because occupancy will only be (give or take) 25%.

Resort fees unfortunately won’t budge at this time. However, if they are luring you in with a comp, it never hurts to tell them you will take it if they also comp the resort fees.

They have no reason to raise the price of food and beverage. It was already high on The Strip, and Fremont Street will not sully their reputation for being more wallet-friendly.


What will be open on Fremont?

Vaughn Sutton


Ted Responds:

Except for Main Street Station, it appears pretty much everyone is opening back up. Downtown Grand, who had initially stated that they would remain closed, is opening due to demand.

While we initially heard that the live bands could be back on Fremont Street right away, as live entertainment, and given the current social distancing rules, Fremont Street Experience has elected to hold off on that for now. Have no doubt that they will be bringing back the live music as soon as permissible.

For now, what they are indicating is that they will have videos of the bands playing on the stages instead. Or, something along those lines. I guess it is better than nothing for now!

We have answers to your Vegas questions!

But, you have to ask the questions.

Email us at, and let us know, what YOU want to know!

Las Vegas Sports


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