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THIS ISSUE: Midnight Fantasy

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NEWKIRK’S NOTES – comments on Las Vegas from AccessVegas.Com publisher Ted Newkirk:

Hello from Las Vegas! After I sent out the last issue (April 6, 2002 – available in archives) I headed downtown to Fremont St. to have the Binion’s late night steak. (Whaddya think … I fly in to do this stuff? I’m live in Vegas 24/7)! Saw a print ad shoot for the new 2003 Chevrolet Monte Carlo right there next to Binion’s and the Golden Nugget, and yes they had the car out there. Bright red, with a blonde model sitting in it. You never know what you will see in Las Vegas!

Speaking of, Binion’s has reopened their original coffee shop downstairs from the casino after using the upstairs buffet area as a substitute for the past couple of years. They still have the full steak dinner for $4.99 from 11 PM – 7 AM and well worth stopping in for.

We are making a publication change. Nothing startling. This present twice-monthly, mid-length format has been unbelievably well received. However, breaking hotel specials and updates happen more than twice a month. So on the “off” week from the full newsletter, we will send our new Access Vegas Update:

A quick, simple one page bulletin of late breaking specials and updates to help you with your Las Vegas vacation planning that you can read in a matter of minutes.

E! MODEL SEARCH – Were we at the Maryweather / Castillo fight Saturday night? Maybe Tiger Jam? Heck no … E! invited us to Rain Nightclub at The Palms for the one of the casting calls of E! Wild On. They are looking for a replacement for Wild On host Brooke Burke. Hundreds of women from all over the West coast were interviewed in this hot new nightclub. Full details and info on coming casting locations at We’ll try to keep you posted for when this casting special airs. In the meantime, E! airs all of the “Vegas Showgirls: Nearly Famous” episodes back-to-back May 4. Check local listings for time.

MAN OF 1002 VOICES – I’m proud to be one of the first touting comedic impressionist Larry G. Jones right here in this newsletter, and his accolades keep growing. The Las Vegas Sun (afternoon daily) just said “If you can’t afford Danny Gans go see Larry G. Jones.” That must be put in perspective as Gans’ tickets start at around $80. Jones’ talent is right up there and it’s nice of Fitzgeralds to offer this show at a one drink minimum. More info is on Jones’ site at

For all the people who say there are no good deals left in Vegas … go enjoy Jones (Tue. – Sat. at 5 PM upstairs at Fitzgeralds), $1.25 beers at Las Vegas Club, 99 cent shrimp cocktails at Golden Gate, see the free Fremont St. Experience light show (top of every hour after dark), then finish off the night with Binion’s $4.99 complete steak dinner. Where else can you get a night of entertainment and food for less than a $20.00 bill all within 4 blocks?

GRAND CANYON – Contrary to popular belief, the Grand Canyon isn’t at 20 minute drive from The Strip. If you drive, you have just begun when you hit Hoover Dam (45 minutes from The Strip). Hence, we don’t suggest bus tours unless you want to spend the majority of your day on a bus, only to see a small corner of the Canyon. And save Hoover Dam for a visit when you can spend an hour or two enjoying it.

We do suggest helicopter tours and are proud to continue our affiliation with Maverick. We could have gone with anybody, but Maverick is simply the best. Unlike many companies quoting bargain prices (then tacking on substantial “taxes and fees”), Maverick quotes you the entire price right up front. They have the best safety record, most comfortable ASTAR Jet Helicopters, and they fly further and deeper into the Canyon.

Your vacation time is very valuable and seeing the Grand Canyon is worth doing right. Many of the concierges at top area hotels call Maverick first. Check out the Maverick difference at Like a good restaurant, Maverick flights fill up fast and early so consider booking online in advance of your visit. If you call, make sure to mention promo code “Access Vegas” to get our special rates.

FREE POOL PARTY – Join 105.7 FM Wednesday nights for Smooth Jazz at the Whisky Sky Bar by the pool in the Green Valley Ranch. The Oasis’ Gwen Abbott will be your host and have lots of Oasis prizes as well. Wednesday, May 1 features Turning Point including Native American, and Middle Eastern dancers. Wednesday, May 8th, Gregg Karukas will perform. His single, ôNight Shift,ö just spent two weeks at number one on the national Smooth Jazz charts. Parties are scheduled to continue on Wednesday evenings and the view from Whisky Sky Bar must be seen!

CABBIES – Just a reminder: Las Vegas cab drivers get kickbacks from various shows, clubs, strip joints and more. If you ask to go somewhere, they often firmly try to persuade you to go somewhere else by telling you that your selection isn’t as good. Also keep this in mind when asking them for general advice on what to go, see, or do. We have a host of show reviews online at so check with us first and make up your own mind!

CLINT HOLMES – launches his third year at Harrah’s. They have christened the showroom as the “Clint Holmes Theater” and it is a well deserved honor. He continues to rack up accolades with his mix of contemporary, pop, jazz, and calypso selections that make up a complete, fantastic performance. If you are sitting there going “who” or just wondering about his show, please read our archived review at

TRAVEL TIP – Sun Country airlines has resumed service post 9/11 and are hubbing out of Laughlin, Nevada (90 miles south of Las Vegas) on the West Coast. If you are traveling between cities they serve you’d be wise to check out their fares. Using Laughlin as a hub is a great cost-saver because of the isolation of the area (little air traffic or military airspace to dodge which means less time in the traffic pattern).

Sun Country serves Minneapolis, Laughlin, Orlando, Ft. Myers, Miami, Phoenix, Las Vegas (from Minneapolis only), Denver, Seattle, Portland, and Dallas. Their number is 1-800-359-6786.

CELINE DION – Yes, she is coming for an extended run at Ceasars. Yes, she is already living in town. Yes, the show is said to be moving along well. No, we don’t have a launch date for it. Yes, we will let you know the minute we know and make tickets available.

TYSON / LEWIS FIGHT – isn’t going to be in Las Vegas. Memphis, TN gave it the green light. If you’ve never experienced a big fight live you can check out fight package pricing and availability at

MESSAGE BOARDS – A big thanks to those who are starting to participate and help fill up our new message boards. This is the place to post any questions you have, then post your comments when you return from Las Vegas! We already have some great people giving comments and I’m in there ever few days to help answer questions as well. Come visit and post at

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MIDNIGHT FANTASY – Las Vegas seems to have a topless show on every corner now. The old standbys like Folies Bergere and Jubilee have it as part of a bigger production. Crazy Girls makes it the centerpiece of a bawdy production. La Femme features the “artistic value.”

Midnight Fantasy has taken a different angle. There is just about as much topless time as can be squeezed into a production show, and even the comedian jokes about it being a “t*ttie show.” However, the Midnight Fantasy title doesn’t describe male fantasies, but female fantasies.

Each vignette starts with narration setting up a scene of a breathless female fantasy that is played out through choreography, staging and costumes. Although the limited stage keeps the props to a minimum, this actually works as fantasy is more about the mind and acted out by the dancers.

They have avoided the traditional “showgirl” look, instead paying great attention to the unique and provocative wardrobe worn by the dancers and cast. Red leather chaps and cowboy hats, rhinestone bustiers, filmy negligees and business suits are a few of the elements that add to the storyline. As the fantasy story heats up in each vignette, the costumes become more revealing.

I’ve got to hand it to the cast which features vocalist Charidy Sullivan LaFontaine, dancer / impressionist Sean Cooper, and comedian John Padon plus nine beautiful dancers. When there is a weak spot, whether with the main performance or the specialty acts, it can bog down an entire show. LaFontaine has a nice voice and connects with the audience on a solid level. The crowd fell in love with Cooper, who’s comedic impression of Tina Turner was memorable, as was his entire routine.

John Pardon had the standard “Vegas” jokes mixed in with quick-paced comments on life. While no Andrew “Dice” Clay he does use some adult language. But like he said … “Hey … what do you expect … you are at a t*ttie show.” The cast of dancers and choreography was strong throughout the performance, something not always expected from a mid-priced show. Because the show delves into female fantasies from a woman’s prespective, Midnight Fantasy is a fine couples show (provided the lady is comfortable with this subject matter to begin with).

Midnight Fantasy is a production show running nightly (dark Monday) at the Luxor hotel. Pricing and advance reservations available at

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