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October First Las Vegas Tragedy Remembered


* ‘Vegas Strong baby’ turns 5, family celebrates miracle

* Medical teams, concertgoers pulled together on 1 October

* Nearly all of 1 October shooter’s weapons to be destroyed after judge’s ruling in estate court case

* Survivors return to Las Vegas for their 1 October healing journey

* 1 October survivor’s song sparks inspiration, excitement as memorial plans progress

* Service dogs remain a crucial support to 1 October survivors

* Las Vegas family that survived 1 October using their story to help others

* Lantern ceremony honors 1 October victims and survivors

* Vegas Stronger Champion – 1 October victim’s family honors legacy by giving back to community

* ‘You remember it like it was yesterday,’ 1 October survivors create special wines to fundraise in honor of victims

* ‘We feel her’: Sister of 1 October victim gives back to children of those killed

Las Vegas Dining

The 31 Best Las Vegas Bars And Lounges You Need To Visit

Las Vegas is one of the top destinations in the country for the beverage industry. Top-tier mixologists and bartenders paired with stunning spatial concepts and views create one-of-a-kind celebrations and experiences. With so many spots to choose from, we collected the best bars and lounges you must try.

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* Las Vegas Mandalay Bay And House Of Blues Host Gospel Brunch

* Everything to Know About Martha Stewart’s New Las Vegas Restaurant

* 19 Outdoor Bars to Visit Right Now in Las Vegas – Head outside for a cocktail or beer

* The Menu at Martha Stewart’s New Las Vegas Restaurant Couldn’t Be More Perfect

* Martha Stewart’s Las Vegas restaurant is a caviar-topped crowd-pleaser

* This Very, Very Fancy Las Vegas Dinner Will Cost You $10,000

* PBR Rock Bar to leave its Las Vegas Strip location after 12 years

* 15 Fall Openings to Get Excited About in Las Vegas

* Inside The English Hotel, Celebrity Chef Todd English’s New Vegas Property

* The 20 Best Breakfasts In Las Vegas

* Plaza Hotel & Casino renovates Oscar’s Steakhouse

* The Best Outdoor Bars And Lounges In Las Vegas

* High-Tech Dart Bar and Restaurant to Soon Open on Las Vegas Strip

* A Guide To Bottle Service In Las Vegas

* Here Are All The Las Vegas Restaurants With Michelin Stars

* The 16 Most Romantic Restaurants in Las Vegas

* 11 Secret Spaces, Bars and Lounges in Las Vegas

* Las Vegas’ 9 Most Anticipated Fall 2022 Restaurant Openings

* Where To Watch Sports Games In Las Vegas This Football Season

Las Vegas Gambling

Study says 1-in-5 U.S. adults bet money on sports in past year

Nearly one in five U.S. adults bet money on sports over the past year, according to a survey released Wednesday. The report from the Pew Research Center shows that 19% of adults surveyed said they had wagered on sports. The most common way they did so was by placing bets with friends or family, such as a private betting pool, fantasy league or a casual bet; 15% of respondents said they bet in this manner.

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Members Mania

Note From Ted:

Members Mania is a regular feature for our Supporting (Paid) Members. Membership includes our “Your Guy In Vegas” feature, where you can reach out to myself and our paid staff of experts with your specific Vegas questions. We don’t have “canned” answers. We’ll ask you for some details pertaining you your wants and needs. Then, answer accordingly.

I was in Vegas recently and I need some advice as to what I should have done in the following scenarios that I experienced.

Scenario #1:

I was playing the automatic craps machine where all players share the outcome of the large dice that roll in an acrylic tube in the center. During a roll, one die did not lay flat causing “no outcome”. When I’ve seen this in the past, everyone would wait about a minute, and the machine would “bump” the dice automatically to cause an outcome and that is fair. But on this occasion, a player did not wait and rose up, physically shook the center portion supports to force an outcome. The server saw this and told the guy, “If security sees you do that, they will talk to you.” Security didn’t come by. I was displeased with what I witnessed because my money was in play and a player interfered with the dice roll. Question: What would’ve been the best course of action for me to take? Final note: This was at a casino on Fremont street during the week in the afternoon (i.e. it wasn’t busy).

Scenario #2:

Same casino, same machine, same day. I was the shooter and I have to press the wide red button to roll the dice. The point was already established and my money was in play. I hit the button with the butt of my fist and it didn’t shoot. I hit the button a second time and it didn’t shoot. I hit it a third time and it comes up as “7 out” and I lose on my bets. I “felt” cheated because my intent was for the dice to roll when I physically hit the button the first time and I would’ve readily accepted that outcome. Question: Besides leaving, should I have notified someone on-site what happened to me and/or what were my options?

I’ve been to Vegas many times over the past 20 years and this is the only awkward gaming experience I’ve ever had.

Thanks for your advice!


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For our Members, we go into:

– Current staffing levels, dining situations, and similar. Plus, a fun, new “must try” fast casual place right on the Las Vegas Strip!

– Our “Members Only” tips of two highly effective ways to bust the line (without doing a “$100 Handshake”)

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Las Vegas Tours & Attractions

Sites To See This Fall In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known for its casinos, restaurants, clubs, and live entertainment. Most visitors to Vegas spend time enjoying the infamous Las Vegas Strip, as well as the always entertaining Fremont Street Experience Downtown. While these areas are both a lot of fun, there’s so much to see outside of these popular destinations. While Las Vegas locals know all about the great outdoors of the Vegas Valley, it may be a surprise to those visiting Vegas that we have so many outdoor attractions.

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* Popular sites in Death Valley to reopen after massive flooding

* Grand Canyon Hikes – 11 Trails to Add to Your Bucket List

* Officials Seek “Absolute Idiots” Who Were Photographed Vandalizing the Grand Canyon

* Death Valley National Park will be reopening most roads and popular sites to visitors, officials say

* Below the Dam – Hoover Dam to Willow Beach

* Las Vegas longtime hikers share crucial hiking tips for safety

* Flood-damaged Death Valley will reopen popular sites to the public

* The Grand Canyon’s Phantom Ranch Turns 100 This Year

* 18 Best Things To Do In The Valley of Fire, Nevada

* Aug. 5 named rainiest day in Death Valley’s history

* Grand Canyon Railway from Williams, Arizona

* Hiking among Mount Charleston’s bristlecone pines – PHOTOS

* Death Valley officials say Hurricane Kay left heavy damage to park

* This Hidden Gem in Las Vegas Reveals a Secret Side to Sin City

* The best times to visit the Grand Canyon

* Omega Mart Unveils Exhibit Expansion, “Mega Art Zone”

Las Vegas Real Estate

Other Las Vegas News

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* Progress made on restoring neon lights at historic Las Vegas hotels

* Fontainebleau Las Vegas announces plans for new luxury shopping district

* Nevada remains a leader in water conservation but faces more cuts

* Durango Casino & Resort model previews new location

* Earnings strong as Red Rock Resorts looks to future after closing Texas Station, Fiesta casinos

* City votes to approve demolition of Siegfried and Roy’s Las Vegas home

* Woman accused of stealing $35K Rolex watch from Strip tourist

* Lake Mead up more than 2.25 feet

* Las Vegas Strip’s first magician turns 100, honored with Key to the Strip

* Goodbye, Bally’s. Hello, Horseshoe – Name removed from historic Las Vegas Strip hotel as rebrand progresses

* False alarms led to mass panic in several Las Vegas incidents. Why are we so on edge?

* 50-foot showgirls on city’s gateway to downtown Las Vegas lit for first time Wednesday

* Cannabis consumption lounges move one step closer to opening, operating in Las Vegas

* Lake Mead mysteries – Multiple discoveries of human remains

* Low-cost startup airline Breeze is adding 8 new routes to Las Vegas from $29 one-way – see the full list

* A Tale Of Two Las Vegas Luxe Pool Experiences

* How to Have a Wellness Weekend Filled With Relaxation in Las Vegas

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Best Outdoor Bars & Lounges in Las Vegas

(Video Publishers Notes) It’s cocktail time!! Finally summer is over and we are no longer in the scorching heat. So now it’s time to enjoy the outdoors before it gets too cold and sip on a nice refreshing adult beverage. Whether you like beer, wine, cocktails, or even shots, I’m going to show you some of the best outdoor bars and lounges that you can find in Las Vegas. These are all located on the Las Vegas Strip too! We’re going to El Segundo Sol at the Fashion Show, Beer Park at the Paris, Cabo Wabo at Planet Hollywood, Rhumbar at Mirage, and Aft Cocktail Deck at the Wynn. Hope you enjoy!

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Everything you need to know about Treasure Island Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas!

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Gordon Ramsay Burger – Worth the Wait? Gorgon Ramsay Burger Vegas Review

(Video Publishers Notes) We have stayed at Planet Hollywood Las Vegas many, MANY times and always notice the very long line to get into Gordon Ramsay Burger. On our last trip we decided to see what all the hype was about so we stopped by to make a reservation and learned that the reason the line is always so long is because they don’t take reservations. Thats, right first come first serve so get ready to wait OR if you’re Diamond or higher you can pretty much walk right in like we did.

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South Rim or West Rim Grand Canyon Tours? what’s the difference?

(Video Publishers Notes) So you want to take a one day tour to the Grand Canyon? Do you go to the Grand Canyon West Rim or do you go to the Grand Canyon South Rim? What’s the difference?

That is a question I get asked every single day on my tours. So I made up this little video to give you a quick look at what each tour is and why they are different, yet the same!

Either tour will give you some spectacular views of one of the greatest natural wonder on earth, The Grand Canyon. Each Rim is a different experience.

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I Tried the $20 Rampart Casino All You Can Eat Buffet in Las Vegas

(Video Publishers Notes) Here is my full review of Rampart’s All You Can Eat Buffet in Las Vegas. Today we are trying the cheapest buffet option at $20 for lunch. Is it worth it?

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