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September 29, 1999

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LAS VEGAS NEWS – of interest to tourists:It’s another beautiful day in Las Vegas. We had an overnight low of 60 and are looking at a high of 90. We just got back from the $4.49 all-you-can-eat Feast Buffet at Boulder station, enjoying a full salad bar, made-to-order omelets, a complete array of breakfast foods, and (for those inclined) deserts. Whenever people ask us how we deal with the summer heat, I note that we get “summer” weather twice a year (spring and fall), we don’t shovel snow in the winter.KIDS IN LAS VEGAS – Before you call up U-Haul and toss the kids in the car for a “big move” because Las Vegas sounds like paradise, please consider that while this is a great place for singles and retirees, statistically speaking Las Vegas is no place to raise a child. You can read the cold reality in an article at Also, the Review-Journal just published a story regarding Nevada students ranking near the bottom at

HOUDINI LIVES AGAIN – starring Dixie Dooley and featuring Houdini style magic kicks off an afternoon run in the showroom at The Plaza hotel downtown with a free publicity stunt that sounds like a must-see. Mr. Dooley will attempt to escape a regulation straitjacket at high noon in front of The Plaza on October 5. He will be suspended 60 feet in the air by his ankles. This event is free.

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FOUNDATION ROOM – at Mandalay Bay is THE place to rub elbows with the movers and shakers of Las Vegas. This members-only club costs $2000 a year to belong and offers quiet, uncompromising top-floor views from Mandalay Bay. Story at

LAS VEGAS BLVD. – you know it as The Strip, and the Review-Journal just did an interesting piece on the portions of the road that stretch miles north and south of the resort district. This interesting read (with photos) is at

NATIONAL AIRLINES – the Las Vegas based airline just started serving DFW, offering the Dallas – Ft. Worth area their trademark low fares with great service. You can check fares at their site at

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LETTER TO THE EDITOR:K. Johnson and Family write:>My husband and I were out in Las Vegas with our 3 children for 3 weddings
>during the week of Aug. 13 – 20.á We were visiting as many of the casinos we
>could during the time we were out there. We have heard so much about how
>beautiful the Bellagio Hotel and Casino were, that we just had to go see it.
>We were ALL disappointed that we were unable to get thru the front door. The
>door guard would not let us go into the casino, because we were UNREGISTERED
>GUESTS with children under 21.
>We came all the way from Conn., and were NEVER treated like that by ANYONE.
>That is discrimination, and should NOT be tolerated..
>There wereá7 of us that had to turn around and exit the building.
>Do you know how hard it is to go anywhere this day and age with that many of
>us – we considered ourselves lucky that we were able to afford a trip to go
>anywhere. Here weáhad the opportunity to go to Lake Tahoe for a wedding
>there, and then Las Vegas, for 2 more weddings, and we were treated ROTTEN
>by the people of the Bellagio. There wasn’t any hotel and casinoáthat we
>entered, and didn’t walk out without buying anything to remember our trip
>by, so we took our money and spent it at Caesar’s Palace.

>I think they should drop that rule about unregistered guests not entering
>the building with
>children, and can it. There were other people, who were told the same thing,
>and they were quite unhappy being turned away like we were.
>My husband heard some senior citizen comment on how children shouldn’t be
>allowed in any of the casinos, and I think they should have shut their
>mouths.á They were probably there because of all the discounts the hotels
>give to them.á I would be out there more often if I could afford it, and
>given all the breaks they get.
>I heard that the rooms start at $400 a night. For the amount of us that
>came – I will stick with the $30.00 a night room downtown, and not have to
>worry about how we were going to feed the rest of us during our stay.
>I hope that by the time we return to Las Vegas during the summer of 2000,
>that we will find that the Owners and Managers of the Bellagio, change their
>minds, and let anyone enter their shops and casinos.
>All we heard was how Las Vegas was now Family Oriented – it certainly wasn’t
>that feeling with the Bellagio.á Many of the other casinos made us feel
>welcome, and they would politely tell the children to step away from the
>slot machines if they got a little excited when the quarters came out if you
>hit. That is expected!á Living in Conn. they don’t get to see that – it was
>new to them – you know, something they only saw on television..
>That was their first REAL vacation, and the Bellagio didn’t leave a good
>impression on them..
>They were fascinated with EVERYTHING they saw – except the Bellagio.á If you
>these 3 children this BAD impression, think of all the others that got the
>same idea.
>Wise up, Bellagio owners – change the policy – don’t forget – these are
>future visitors to your State….

Thanks for the input. Many people have been in the same situation and share your concern.

Let me tell you where they are probably coming from. You may or may not agree, but these are the cold hard facts (I’m just the messenger — don’t shoot me — I’ll list Bellagio contact info at the bottom):

Bellagio was built for adults. While they were still in construction, they made it a point to note that this would be an adult resort. People with children don’t tend to gamble, and gift shop profits don’t keep the lights on. They are a gaming company. In fact, many of the casinos realize that they made a big mistake earlier this decade in their attempt to cater to families. Theme parks don’t turn a profit. Not like slot machines, anyway. This town has once again decided (for the most part) to leave the family tourism to Orlando. In fact, the advertising slogan for The Tropicana last year was “Rollers, Not Strollers.”

In addition, many of those who pay $200 or more a night to stay at Bellagio specifically do so because Bellagio is generally child free. They are happy to pay for the ambiance of adult surroundings. And Bellagio is happy to have them playing $25 to $100 (or more) a hand at blackjack and craps. These “higher rollers” do receive discount or free rooms.

We understand that in Atlantic City, one must be 21 to enter all gaming areas. So, what Bellagio is doing is not without precedence, but it is a different policy from other Las Vegas hotel casinos.

The above is our take on this situation. We are not associated with Mirage Resorts (their parent company) in any way. We encourage you to write them with your complaint and let us know their answer:

Bellagio Las Vegas
3600 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, NV 89177

Also, we’d enjoy hearing thoughts (both pro and con) about bringing children to Las Vegas at Please include your name if you allow us to consider it for publication.

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Your input is welcome. Want to hear more about a subject? Don’t agree with something we said? Write us a “letter to the editor” at Guest article submissions are also welcome with full credit to you, your website, etc. if accepted.

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September 22, 1999

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