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September 22, 1999

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We want to congratulate John Michalowicz who won our August Green Chip contest. John opted for a $25 chip from the Golden Nugget. Good luck, John!

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LAS VEGAS NEWS – of interest to tourists:

THE BIG FIGHT – was a bust in the later rounds as De La Hoya backed off, but it was a HUGE weekend here in Las Vegas. Here is a list of stories worth reading:
General Story –
Celebrities –
More Celebrities –

IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU! – Recently a gambler walked into the Gold Coast with $600 in his pocket and beat them for $400,000 at baccarat over the next 22 hours. No kidding. Full story at (middle of article).

MISS NEVADA – Gina Giacinto won the preliminary swimsuit competition at the recent Miss America pageant. Congratulations to Gina on a great showing in the contest! You can view her photo at and her story is at

DRINK AND EAT TOO! – It’s tough to pick a nightclub to check out when in town. Not every club is hot every night, but CityLife magazine recently did a quite factual article on “The Drink” and if you attend clubs, it’s worth the read at

NEW YEARS EVE LAS VEGAS ROOMS – are still available! You can check price and availability online with TravelNow at Enter the city and date information. NOTE: Most hotels are only taking reservations for Dec. 30 – Jan 2. We suggest you note TravelNow’s prices and then call Hotel Reservations Network at (800) 666-5268 to compare. NOTE: You MUST stay on the line until you get a live human. HRN is NOT booking these specific dates online. We will be leaving this notice up as long as rooms continue to be available, but they are starting to go fast.

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Quick Concert and Show Notes:

Want to see which shows are playing during your stay and book reservations EVEN if the tickets aren’t on sale yet? ShowVegas takes care of all your needs directly online! Search by dates at

RICKY MARTIN – has added a second show Sept. 11 at Mandalay Bay as the first one sold out within hours. Tickets at (702) 474-4000 and Mandalay Bay discount rooms are available at (Mandalay Bay link).

OCTOBERFESTIVAL – Sept. 30 – October 3 at Boulder Station. Billed as “Four Exciting Days of Food, Music and Fun”, they will have a “Battle of the Bands” on Thursday evening, all the weekend football action on Jumbotrons, German bands, strolling entertainers, rides, foods, crafts, and more. Admission is free with purchase of $10 in food or beverage tickets. Boulder Station discount rooms are available at (Boulder Station link).

AMY GRANT CHRISTMAS – with the Nashville Symphony Orchestra, MICHAEL W. SMITH and POINT OF GRACE plus THE KANTINAS play the Thomas and Mack Center Thursday Dec. 16. Tickets go on sale this Saturday, 10 AM (Pacific time) at 1-888-464-2468. THE HARD ROCK is within walking distance of Thomas and Mack (and also has a free shuttle to the Strip). Hard Rock discount rooms are available at (Hard Rock link).


If you went to buy something and the cashier said “Guess what, there is an unadvertised instant rebate of $20 on that item,” would you take it? Of course you would! And yet the average gambler easily gives $5, $10, $20 or more every single day with a combination of playing games with poor rules, general poor play, and not taking advantage of the casino freebies.

SLOTS – A few weeks ago we were walking through Binions and noticed a lady that had just hit a top quarter jackpot. Bells went off. She seemed happy. Her husband looked incredulous. Noticing my glance at the action, he turned to me and said “I told her to play full coins in”. This lady had one quarter in and had to settle for a 2000 coin jackpot when that extra quarter would have triggered a 5000 coin jackpot.

Even worse are the people who play progressive slot machines like Megabucks with only one coin in. Every time Megabucks gets way up, it is on the backs of people who hit with only one coin in, collecting $5000 or absolutely nothing (depending on the machine). Can you imagine the sinking feeling of knowing that you would have been set for life?

We can’t say it enough: DON’T PLAY A SLOT MACHINE UNLESS YOU CAN PLAY FULL COINS IN. Period. If you can’t afford it, or your budget is running a little tight, move down a denomination. If you play dollars, move to quarters. If you play quarters, move to nickels. But, you say, “the lower denomination machines are tighter.” Very true, but you lose that gain by playing only one coin. When they advertise 98% payback, they factor in the top jackpot when the machine is played LOADED.

SLOT CLUBS – You’ve seen the cards. People stick them in the slots before they play. You may even have a couple from the casinos you usually play out. Only a couple? No self-respecting slot player should have just a couple! You shouldn’t put a nickel in a machine without one. Anywhere. Even if it’s not your usual casino. Why? Because you never know what will happen.

Our office is close to Sam’s Town and we enjoy grabbing a bite to eat there from time-to-time. Not long after their slot card club started, I went in and decided to play a roll of quarters at video poker before eating. I took the 5 minutes to go out of my way to get a card first, and dutifully stuck it in the machine. Boy, am I glad I did! I got on quite the roll, playing for over a half hour and still cashing out almost $100 ahead. That play was recorded on the card and I was sent free buffet tickets for months after that. We live here, but for you out-of-town, the casinos send things like discount (or free) room offers and the like.

You came to Las Vegas to get lucky. You want to get lucky. You are expecting to get lucky. So, take the 5 minutes to get a card before playing anywhere. If you get lucky, you don’t want to miss out on those possible deep discount or freebie offers. And at the very worse, you get on the mailing lists of all the casinos and will have a nice little stack of coupons or offers to use on your next visit!

We’ll cover the “skill” games like blackjack, craps, and video poker in a future newsletter. In the meantime, Vegas Saver has a great page of Las Vegas money-saving tips at and we have a page packed full of information and reference material for just about every game at

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Your input is welcome. Want to hear more about a subject? Don’t agree with something we said? Write us a “letter to the editor” at Guest article submissions are also welcome with full credit to you, your website, etc. if accepted.

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Note: You may enter every contest, but only one entry to each. Please note the expiration date and only enter if you will be in town and can use them. The 10’th entry to each contest will be the winner (unless otherwise noted). Just sent a blank email to the specified email address — we’ll get your mailing address from you only if you win (you have 72 hours to respond or we pick another winner).

TRIP FOR TWO TO LAS VEGAS – The package includes air fare and hotel accommodation for four nights. Enter at (this is not our contest and thus has separate rules).

TEXAS STATION COUPON BOOK – contains $5 match play coupons, free keno, 2 for 1 food (various restaurants, including every meal at The Feast Buffet), 2 for 1 drinks, tons more. Expires Nov. 15, 1999 Enter at (contest closed)

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September 22, 1999

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