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Newkirk’s Notes – comments on Las Vegas from AccessVegas.Com publisher Ted Newkirk:

Hello from Las Vegas! It is a sunny 71 (F) today and that weather is supposed to hold through the weekend. Plenty off time to get over and enjoy a couple days sun and fun.

The message boards are starting to fill up with some really great posts and we thank you. Always takes a couple of months to get new boards cranking. As an added benefit, we are continuing to post press releases in the appropriate areas of the boards.

Bellagio Fountains Wallpaper and Screensaver – We keep adding great new things to our photo galleries (at no charge, of course). I know my frustration when looking for great photos online and it’s always nice to have cool photos on your screen when you aren’t using the computer.

Our latest addition is the Bellagio fountains wallpaper and screensaver. Choose from 11 stunning views to use as wallpaper and download the screensaver to enjoy them rotating on your screen. As an added bonus, this screensaver fits on a floppy disk and is perfect even for those who may not be Vegas fans but love waterscapes and spectacular fountains. Feel free to make copies for friends or send them directly to the photo galleries.

Reader Feedback

Frank Pepe from Connecticut wrote:

I have visited Las Vegas twelve times since 1997. Since I made my first trip (which I was not excited about) I fell in love with this place. Now five years later we are planning to move to Las Vegas in January of 2003.

I have to tell you, and all the other readers out there, that your news letters are the most informative about what’s going on in L.V. I have subscribed to others in the past but have cancelled them since I started reading yours. My new nickname here is the Las Vegas King because people come to me to ask questions on where to stay and what to do. And of course, I send them your site to read more info than what I give them. Keep up all the great work!

Paul from Hermosa Beach, California wrote:


I love what you’re doing with the newsletter and the site. You are giving me what I want, and constantly adding new things that I want and didn’t even realize that I wanted. As a Southern Californian and self-admitted Vegas fanatic (I’ve been there exactly 51 times), as well as a Ph.D. who likes some substance and correct grammar in what I read, I am very satisfied with your work.

Thanks for the kind words! In my effort to get this out, we sometimes have a grammatical error but try to keep them to a minimum. More importantly, we are really proud of the things we continue to add. The message board is starting to pick up steam (they always take a few months), the new entertainment calendar makes it easier to map out the concerts and headliners, and the new photo gallery is the largest online for Las Vegas that we know of. And we still have a few tricks up our sleeve …

Thanks to Paul and everyone else for reading!

Angie Reid from the UK wrote:

Some friends and I are getting together over Christmas in Vegas, but one of the friends is coming from the UK, and was wondering about getting British travelers cheques and cashing them at a casino. Are there any problems or should she get US travelers cheques, and if she gets UK cheques will she get a better exchange rate like we poor lowly Canadians do at the casino cashiers?

Thanks and love the new format of the newsletter. I tell everyone who has questions about Las Vegas to subscribe.

OK readers … I know that most casinos will exchange money but I live her so I’m not the expert. What are your experiences? Where did you find the better rates, and what kind of checks did you buy?


Because of limited newsletter space, please post your comments to our message boards in our Travel Questions/Trip Suggestions – Xchanging Money area. Angie will thank you, I thank you in advance, and we will note the highlights in a couple weeks so that others can read and enjoy your help!

Message Board Member “mizzya1” wrote:

For those of you who just can’t seem to go home with any of the casino’s money — or your own — after several days of battling the video poker:รก here’s a hint. Set goals for each session, reach them and walk around for a few hours, then play again if you’d like. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people tell me that they wished they had quit when they were ahead.

That is some fantastic advice, and we’d love to hear from you about your gambling experiences. What games do you like to play? Do you have any techniques that you feel help you win, or ways to watch your money so you can be a winner, but not lose too much? Or did you play and play and play and never, ever see any luck on one trip? We need to hear both the good and bad and you can give us your inside scoop in our Message Boards Gambling Forum.

Becky Papke of Woodruff, WI wrote:

Is it possible to also put some details regarding the current monorail system. I know in previous it ran from Bellagio to New York/New York and thought there were plans to expand it along the strip. Or if there is information on your website – let me know where to look. Thanks for your help.

There is some confusion on this issue so let’s clear it up. Presently, free trams/monorails run between:

The current Strip monorail under construction will run from the MGM to Sahara with stops along The Strip as well as the Las Vegas Convention Center. Completion is scheduled for early 2004, and work is very much underway on the entire stretch of track. Right now, it is operational between MGM and Bally’s and you can ride for free.

Kathy from Michigan wrote:

Just spent 5 nights at Excalibur and it was a pleasant surprise. The rooms were clean and had the basics. We got some pretty good rates too. The biggest surprise was that everyone (employees) we had contact with was extremely helpful and gracious, which is certainly not the case everywhere!

We used to enjoy the buffet at the Rio, but a disappointment these days. More reasonable is the buffet at their sister hotel – Harrah’s.

Message Board Member “NYCool” wrote:


I had a terrific trip last week that was highlighted by two great nights at The Orleans and Gold Coast. I usually stay on the strip at higher end properties (Caesars, Bellagio, Venetian…depending on whether its biz or pleasure) but always do my serious gambling off-strip.

I did quite well on LIR (Let It Ride) at The Orleans and really well at Gold Coast on Video Poker (4A w/2) and Wheel of Fortune $1 slots (1G). I also had a great craps sessions Monday afternoon at The Flamingo. (Hadn’t been there in years but plan on making it a regular part of future trips … especially when I stay at Caesars).

I dragged several friends to the Orleans and they loved it. Not surprisingly, they all won. None of them won anything at their respective hotels and were amazed at how nice these off-strip properties were.

Gold Coast looks gorgeous, BTW. They really spruced up the place.

There is a lot to be said for the “Near Strip” and “Off Strip” casinos. Many regular visitors make it a point to hit their favorites, party with the local’s and take advantage of the better odds. If that describes you, tell us all about your favorite local’s casinos in our Off-Strip and “Local’s Forums!


“Pmccarthy5064” wrote:

In your recent news letter I was given an opportunity to vote on what I though was the best hotel downtown. However, all the casino’s were not listed. I knew before even looking at the voting results that the Golden Nugget would be far and away voted the best Casino. I realize that people want a little luxury when visiting Las Vegas and the Golden Nugget is best at providing that. However, for your best chance of winning money my choice would have to be the El Cortez.

Our poll gives us 10 slots. We on the staff have to decide the top ten to get voted on, and past that it is all reader’s input. While the El Cortez has loose slots, cheap food, and a recent remodel, we knew people would be the least familiar with it.

For what is it worth, I drop by the El Cortez and have a couple of beers and play some craps every few months. It is somewhat of a best kept secret. We do certainly have it and the rest of the downtown casinos mapped on our Las Vegas Hotels Downtown Fremont St. Experience page.

See you on the boards!

Live From Las Vegas,

Ted Newkirk

Senior Content Editor

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