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This Issue: Second City

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LAS VEGAS NEWS – of interest to tourists:

$5.1 MILLION JACKPOT – A Cypress, Calif. man returned to his lucky Wheel of Fortune(R) dollar machine at Paris Las Vegas Friday evening and walked away $5.1 million richer. Jim Fowler said that on a previous trip he had won $1,750 on the same slot machine and had since made it a point to play it when in Las Vegas. Full story at

CHAOS – is the name of the new ride at Adventuredome (Circus Circus). Similar to the popular thrill park ride The Zipper, this ride rocks, rolls, and rotates in a unique way each time, assuring riders that no two rides are the same. Story and photo at

BASKETBALL TOURNAMENTS – are headed to Vegas this fall. A Thanksgiving weekend event will have Illinois, Iowa State, Georgia Tech, Saint Louis, Hartford, Pennsylvania, Southern Illinois and Eastern Illinois and the pre-Christmas tournament fields Cincinnati, Purdue, Mississippi State, Texas A&M, Richmond, Southwest Missouri State and Illinois-Chicago, with an eighth team to be announced. Full story at

CSI – CBS’ highest ranked new show will be in town shooting for the next couple of weeks. Although set in Las Vegas, the majority of the shooting is done in LA. This Sunday night, Speed — The Ride at The Sahara will be shut down from 5 PM to midnight for shooting with cast and crew. Story at

MAKE THE CALL – A friend brought to my attention that some of you may prefer talking to a reservations agent instead of booking online. We now have a Toll Free 24 Hour Hotel Hotline you can call for questions or to place a hotel reservation at 1-800-666-5268

VEGAS SAFETY TIPS – Howard Schwartz, marketing director for Gambler’s Book Club in Las Vegas, has written what I consider a “must read” for those coming to visit our city. Go to, print it out, and read it on the plane.

SURVIVOR – Oddsmakers have installed Texas cowboy Colby Donaldson as the favorite to win the $1 million grand prize on the CBS reality-based series “Survivor.” Donaldson is the 3-2 favorite at the Stardust hotel-casino and the 2-1 favorite at the Bally’s and Paris hotel-casinos. The odds are only hypothetical because state law prohibits wagers on events in which the outcome already is known. Full story at

IF BETTING ON COLLEGE SPORTS IS BANNED – “(Illegal) bookmakers are going to prevail bigger than ever,” ESPN’s Dick Vitale warned. “That will happen behind the scenes like you can’t believe, big time. I sing the praises of those trying to eliminate the problem, but does this create a nightmare of shady guys getting more involved?” Full story at

EASTER IN VEGAS – Villanova student Joelle Jackson wrote a fun and humorous story on what it was like as a Catholic to spend Easter week here in “Sin City.” This funny column is at

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LAS VEGAS WEATHER – This 5 day forecast is courtesy of Weather.Com:

Friday – 90 ░F ░F / 64 ░F Partly Cloudy
Saturday – 90 ░F ░F / 61 ░F Partly Cloudy
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Celebrating it’s 40’th year, the famed Second City improvisational comedy troupe has expanded to Las Vegas at the Flamingo Hotel. Second City presents comedy revues filled with satire of sex, politics, and religion as well as the improvisational skits.

While never going out of style, improv comedy has seemed to make quite a comeback lately with Drew Carey’s ABC show and the reemergence of Second City’s own SCTV following Conan O’ Brian weeknights late night on NBC. I had only seen improv on TV and it wasn’t really my thing. While attending the show with an open mind, I wasn’t sure how much I would enjoy it, and I was pleasantly surprised.

The night started with audience interaction. The troupe asked a gentleman in the crowd his name and what he did for a living then went on do to an improv song totally based on the information they had just learned. This similar segment was done twice during the show and to some pretty funny results.

There were typical “Vegas” bits that seem to be mandatory for any comic act in Las Vegas. “Frank and Bob’s Motel and Casino” was a pretty amusing bit that presented what it would be like if two used car salesmen made their own commercial for a second rate casino. As good humor should do, their jokes about the casino buffet and other “amenities” rang very true to someone who has played and dined at some of the more run down casinos on Boulder Highway and in other parts of town although some of it may have been lost on tourists.

“Leopold and Ray” took a nice dig at the legendary magicians with the tigers that play across the street from the Flamingo. In keeping with the theme of the property, the “magicians” made flamingos vanish all while noting that they were “definitely not gay” and using purposely bad misdirection during the illusions. This piece was one of the many highlights.

“Win, Lose, or Draw” took pot shots at couples, relationships, marriage, and camaraderie between the sexes. Other bits included “Las Vegas Driver Education” where the instructor rates the driver on hell well he can do things like eating, running yellow lights, and finding lost items on the car floor during driving. While all the props are minimal, it is refreshing in Las Vegas to see talented performers shine without the elaborate production used to help prop up many run-of-the-mill shows.

The Las Vegas cast consists of nine total members, rotating five for each show so even with the set bits, you are never going to see exactly the same show twice. They put on a solid 70 minutes and while improv is always at the mercy of the unique factors of audience and performer mood, very few of the bits fell flat. With the reasonable admission price, this is a great “What the hell, let’s check it out” show and you can go home telling friends you have seen the famous Second City troupe.

Second City Ticket Info


Jack Hart wrote:

> My lasting impression of Las Vegas will be the taxi drivers. They are the
> worst in the country. I always thought New York City was the worst until now.
> I got stuck in a cross walk, pushing my 10 month old son, with the light
> changing. They cam speeding at me with horns blowing and yelling profanities.
> I have always received very courteous gestures form motorists out west. I was
> shocked and outraged at this. It happened a couple of times so I know that
> this was not an isolated incident. The city of Las Vegas should prohibit this
> type of behavior by the taxi drivers. They should be fined for blowing horns
> and displaying such an aggressive behavior. Just because they had a green
> light does not justify threatening me with running me and my baby down.

I agree that cursing at you isn’t proper, and I’m not a big fan of our taxi drivers. They don’t always take the shortest route, and they often refuse to take calls to pick up people in the suburbs because shuttling tourists around the Strip is more profitable even though they are legally required to service the entire valley.

However, I’m personally shocked I myself haven’t yet hit a tourist with my car on The Strip, and I’m not driving a cab 12 hours a day. Tourists get relaxed and forget to cross in the crosswalks, with the walk sign, etc., when the cars (taxi’s or otherwise) DO have the right-of-way. I see cabs lay on the horn all the time because people are crossing against the signal. They tend to do this well before they reach the crosswalk and the other alternative is jamming on their brakes in the middle of busy traffic and creating wreck after wreck.

The Strip isn’t Disneyland, but a very busy road. I encourage everyone to play it safe and not cross against the light (or better yet, use the pedestrian bridges when possible). If the “don’t walk” sign has even started to flash, the average person probably won’t make it across, especially on The Strip where you are crossing 7-8 lane widths. Trust me: that casino across the street is still going to be open when you get there, and we want you to stay happy and healthy for many return visits to our city!

Tom Beaven of Garden City, Michigan wrote:

> A few years ago, we were in Vegas over the 4’th of July. We stayed at
> Binion’s Horseshoe downtown. This was before they built the canopy for the
> light show. There was a brief, but major display across the street at the
> Golden Nugget. We could see it from our room.
> But what we really enjoyed was spending some time in the evening on the
> roof (by the Shoe’s pool) and watching fireworks displays pop up here and
> there all over the valley.
> I’m sure the same could be seen from any high building downtown or on the
> strip.

Mary from Texas wrote:

>Will be visiting Las Vegas again in May. Want a great meal
>with a great view of Las Vegas. What do you suggest —
>Top of the Tower, Horseshoe Steak House?

You can’t go wrong with either of those or Voodoo at Rio. Binion’s is a little more “down home” although all of them will set you back a few bucks.

Top of the Stratosphere is elegant with a view not for those squirmy of heights, Voodoo is very nice but a little more modern / funky, and Binion’s is a straight-ahead steakhouse. All three respectively have great views of The Strip. Binion’s menu is traditional while the other two have more modern culinary variety. The only one we have published a review of so far is Binion’s at Our poll this week at asks “What is your favorite view of Las Vegas?”

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Results from last poll: “Are you rethinking your Las Vegas vacation plans in light of the economy?”

Vegas is Vegas — I’ll cut back somewhere else in life if I have to. 47%
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I’m actually skipping a planned trip. 9%

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