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THIS ISSUE: Guinness World of Records Museum

EDITOR’S NOTES: I’m making a slight format change. Instead of providing a short summery of each story then linking to the full text, I’ll make a few comments on the more interesting happenings of the past week then have headlines with links to full stories.

I spoke with Vanna Lace (Penthouse, Miss Nude World) last weekend about her upcoming role in Skintight at Harrah’s. She will be replacing former Playboy Playmate Cynthia Brimhall and tells me the show is being revamped for her role.

Our video tests continue to go well. I found three short Las Vegas tourism commercials from a few years ago which I put back-to-back at just for fun. Word of warning: these will give you that “Vegas Vibe” and you’ll be booking your next trip here after watching them!

Finally, my apologies to the new Nectar restaurant at Bellagio for last week’s typo, where a typo noted the Dungeness Crab as “Dungeness Crap.” A number of you caught that error — at least you had a good laugh! If you try Nectar, please post your comments of the dining area of our message board at

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LAS VEGAS NEWS – of interest to tourists:

McCarran airport is noting flight operations at 90% of normal and the delays are dwindling.

* STRATOSPHERE TOWER: Resort proposes 120 mph ride –
* Stratosphere: Amusement device will be quiet, tasteful –
* Powerball winner heading for (where else?) Las Vegas –
* Valley sales boom: LV housing market setting record pace –
* Golden opportunity: Disgruntled Californians set sights on different horizons, in Nevada and elsewhere –
* Yuma first, Vegas second on list of nation’s best weather –
* Locals hail plan for golf course: Desert Inn layout long on tradition, quality, they say –
* Stage set for mall: Fashion Show adds elevated runway –
* Madonna concert love-hate affair –
* Madonna stuck to the script for her weekend in LV –
* Iskoe’s College Football Angle Analysis: NFL Record/Fact Book Super –

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SECOND CITY – alum and Emmy-Award winner Joe Flaherty will join the Las Vegas Second City ensemble for a special series of performances at Bugsy’s Celebrity Theatre in The Flamingo Sept. 14 – Sept. 16. Shows are at 8 and 10 PM Tickets are still available and can be obtained online at (Show is listed as “The Second City”)

CONGRATS – goes to both Clint Holmes and Mac King for their (separate) new five year contracts are Harrah’s. Full story at Both shows are worth seeing and you can read our archived reviews:

Clint Holmes:
Mac King:

RAHMAN vs. LEWIS – billed as “Judgment Day”, these two fighters meet November 17 in their WBC and IBF rematch at Mandalay Bay. Tickets available at (702) 632-7580

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FEATURE STORY: Guinness World of Records Museum

You have to go out of your way to find the Las Vegas version of this world famous Museum. And unlike the Liberace Museum or others that have loads of authentic items, this museum leans more on displays, facts, and videos. However, if you (or your kids) are curious about the world we live in, this is a reasonably fun and inexpensive stop on your Vegas itinerary.

You enter to a replica of the world’s tallest man, and move on to the world’s heaviest as well as the shortest twins. Then to food and drink: the largest shot glass collection in the world (seems appropriate for Vegas), replicas of the biggest fruits and vegetables in the world in a giant fruit basket, and information on a variety of food eating records. Although in a different area, that might tie in with the world’s largest “air sickness bags” gathered from airlines all over the world!

Other sections of the museum include graphical or interactive displays for tallest structures, highest mountains, entertainment and music, and space achievements. Of special interest were displays with videos of the world’s largest domino fall records that were fascinating to watch as well as a video of the worlds longest rope slide (two guys strung a rope almost a mile up a mountain and slid all the way down together on a pulley).

A special Las Vegas section notes the records set by the Luxor Beam (strongest light — can be seen from space), Stratosphere Tower (highest thrill rides), Fremont St. Experience light show, Hoover Dam, and others.

For sports buffs, they have an interactive sports record database where you can look up just about any record every set in any sport. This is part of a good-sized sports record display.

Las Vegas Guinness World of Records is located at 2780 Las Vegas Blvd. South (The Strip — halfway between Circus Circus and The Sahara across from Wet N’ Wild). Open daily, admission is $6.00 for adults, $5 for students, seniors, and military, and $4 for children under 12.


Bob Larson wrote:

>Ellis Island is the best food deal in town if you don’t mind
>being off strip and in a place populated by the locals. We were there
>21-25 July and the $1.99 steak and eggs and the $4.95 24/7 steak
>dinner are great. Also they brew 7 kinds of their own beer. A round
>of a tall weiss beir and a bloody mary was only $3.

Ellis Island is on Koval behind Bally’s. Not only do they have great food specials (the ($4.95 steak is an “off menu special” last I checked — ask for it) and microbrews, but they are famous for the nightly Karaoke.

Denise Brewer wrote:

>Taxi’s are expensive, the bus and shuttles are usually
>crowded and stop frequently which makes a short hop down the strip
>take much longer. Our solution? We rent a car. The hotels offer
>free parking but if you park the car yourself, you usually have to
>walk a long way from the garage. Use valet parking instead! It’s
>free! And, the valet lane is always next to a main hotel/casino
>entrance — very convenient. We always tip the driver who brings our
>car to us a buck or two. We don’t tip when dropping it off. It’s
>wonderful knowing we have our own transportation any time you want it
>and the money we spend on the rental is always less than what we would
>have spent on taxi’s.

Graham Steel wrote:

>I have returned home today to England after a wonderful week at the
>Luxor, and found the CAPS service to be invaluable. It meant that our
>last day in Vegas could be a proper ‘vacation’ day, instead of sitting
>around after the compulsory checkout time with luggage just waiting
>for that time when you have to leave. It worked superbly; checked in
>our suitcases at am, left our hand baggage at the hotel safety deposit
>room, and fully enjoyed our last day in Vegas.
>The only thing to remember, though, is this; when checking in as
>normal at the Airport, a passenger can request an ’emergency exit’
>seat, to give more leg room on a long flight. This is done on a
>’first come, first served’ basis. However, CAPS does not have this
>option; it is left to airline staff at the departure gate to
>distribute these highly sought-after seats. So, you have virtually no
>chance of getting one if you use the CAPS service!

Nikki wrote:

>I wanted to know why they changed the name of Grand Slam Canyon and
>why the tram the park or whatever it was closed I want to know the
>truth about it. I have been told that the car’s on it smashed together
>causing a very bad accident is that true? I know the park has it’s
>problems my mother was hurt and the water ride when the park opened
>some years ago it went of the track and hit the wall instead of the

The name change to Adventuredome was just a marketing decision. I’ve lived here almost a decade and have not heard of serious injury at the park. You didn’t include anymore details or outcome. Both the park and the tram are operating normally and you can read our review of Adventuredome (with photos) at

Dan & Deanne wrote:

>We recently spent a week in Las Vegas and had a good time, except for
>the phone call we made home to our son. We made a collect call from
>the Gold Strike and we talked seven (7) minutes. When we returned
>home and received our phone bill it cost $19.30!! That is absurd!! I
>called to inquire as to why we had received this ridiculous charge and
>was told that it was because of the carrier that picked it up. I feel
>we should have been warned that they were charging an outrageous fee
>and we would have made the call from somewhere else. You can be sure
>we’ll NEVER make another phone call from a casino. Actually the best
>part of our trip was our tour of the Las Vegas Speedway and Red Rock

Much of the charge is based on the carrier the hotel uses, and you will find yourself getting zapped the same way if you make a collect call from a pay phone (hence, the success of those TV ads encouraging you to save money using their service for collect calls). We strongly suggest buying a phone card before your trip like the one we advertise at and use it at pay phones.

Joanne of Ithaca, NY wrote:

>I am visiting Vegas in early October and interested in see some of the
>nearby sites. Is there a review, recommendation or warning for the
>trips available to Red Rock, Grand Canyon, etc.? Also, is the Fremont
>Street area as safe as the Strip area?

Despite the recent helicopter accident, we suggest air (plane or helicopter) trips to the Grand Canyon. It is hours from Las Vegas by bus. You spend far more time on the bus than seeing the Canyon. We are going to be taking a ‘copter trip this fall and will have first hand reports and info then. I just haven’t had the time to take the tours yet! Red Rock Canyon is about 30 minutes from The Strip — worth the car rental for the day as it is well worth seeing. Info at

Fremont Street Experience is a very safe provided you stay within a block or two of the canopy light show area.

Shelli Wolis wrote:

>For your information, I’m spending two weeks in LV from August 25th
>through September 8th and will be taking a copy of your newsletter
>with me. Your information is more than helpful in some of my planning
>and I forward it to friends as they travel.
>Thank you for the wonderful work you do!

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