Access Vegas Insider Vibe – September 17, 2003

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Featured Story:
Vegas Nights Helicopter Flight

Also In This Issue – Sept. 17, 2003: Newkirk’s Notes, Jimmy Buffet, Beer Bash, Crazy Girls, The Scintas, Welcome AOL, more

Newkirk’s Notes – comments on Las Vegas from AccessVegas.Com publisher Ted Newkirk:

Hello from Las Vegas! I was one of the privileged guests at a gaming writer’s party put on by Compton-Dancer Consulting this past week. What made it special? This exclusive event was held in the Sky Villa’s of the Las Vegas Hilton. Yes, the same ones you have seen on the Travel Channel.

No, they aren’t as nice as they look on TV. They are 20 times nicer! Mind-bendingly luxurious almost beyond earthly compare. I understand you can stay there is you have close to $20,000 a night, or a few million to gamble.

Great writers with great books that I met and can recommend first hand:

Hello AOL Users! – If you use AOL, you haven’t seen us for a few months (or not at all if you’ve signed up the past few months). In AOL’s quest to block spam, they blocked the vast majority of email newsletters, across the board.

Our biggest complaint the past five months? AOL subscribers saying “I’m not getting your newsletter anymore.” Once we found this out, we applied for accepted status. They were great about getting it taken care of, and we are thrilled to see so many new and old friends again.

What is a Scinta? – Only one of the longer running acts in town now! And with good reason: This family act is a must-see. In fact, see a streaming preview for yourself: Dial-Up or Broadband

New Year’s Eve – From last week, many asked about what various organized events happen for New Year’s Eve. We’ll start receiving that info soon, and let you know. The “big” party is actually in the middle of The Strip, totally closed to traffic as a four mile long fireworks display goes off! We have the scoop at Las Vegas New Year’s Eve. Fireworks streaming video: Dial-Up or Broadband

Hypnolarious – The Most Crazy Show In Las Vegas!
See World Famous Hypnotist Terry Stokes and “Hypno-Pup” Deogee
Free Hypnolarious Streaming Video: Dial-Up or Broadband

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Ring in the New Year in Vegas

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Featured Story:
Vegas Nights Helicopter Flight

Maverick Helicopter Vegas Strip – I recently took the opportunity to ride with Maverick Helicopters for one of their stunning night tours over The Las Vegas Strip. On board were a small group of great people from all over, two of whom were celebrating their second anniversary!

Don’t wait for a special occasion to try this out. Even though I live here, and am pretty jaded to the brightly lit strip, my jaw drops on this ride.

This isn’t like being on top of the Stratosphere, or craning your neck toward the airplane window as you fly in. The wrap-around windows of the helicopter give every rider a spectacular, unparalleled view of our beautiful Las Vegas Strip.

The ride takes you all the way: From the very bottom of The Strip (south of Mandalay Bay), past the Stratosphere, to the Fremont St. Experience experience downtown and over the light show and hotels of “Old Vegas.” You fly about 1000 feet off the ground, high enough to see everything smoothly move before your eyes but close enough to enjoy the details.

As you move past all of the brightly lit hotels and the beauty of their entire properties, the odds are you’ll catch the Mirage Volcano, Bellagio Fountains and maybe even the Fremont St. Light Show … from overhead!

Worried about heights? This isn’t a thrill ride, nor designed to be one. Maverick has a perfect safety record, the best helicopters, and most experienced (but informative and fun) pilots. Leather seats, heat and air, elbow room, and a wrap around vista make this a highlight of your trip.

Beware; some companies sell discounted Strip helicopter tours and they basically take you up in a small circle and you are done before it started. You get what you pay for, and Maverick gives you your money’s worth. Whether a first time visitor, your “once in a lifetime” Vegas trip, or you drive in every month, this should be a “must do” on your next trip.

Reserve early. This popular sightseeing flight can fill up well in advance.

Information and Reservations:

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Live From Las Vegas,

Ted Newkirk

Senior Content Editor

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