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Newkirk’s Notes

Access Vegas Founder Ted NewkirkHello From Las Vegas! – Not to be a broken record, but the 10 day weather forecast is in the mid-70’s. Although we may see some party cloudy days after this week.

Lots of news and commentary to make sure you are really in the know, so let’s dive in:

The Devil Is In The Details – Visitors are flocking back, but mid-week occupancy has been flat. Despite increased room rates. How does the cost go up if demand is flat? Simple:

This column, breaking down:

– What’s Up With The Future Of Hotel Rates

– Book Your Flight Now, Or Wait?

– The Hotels Up For Sale, and What This Means To Players

– Will There Ever Be A Better Way To Get From The Airport To The Strip?

– KISS It Goodbye

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Newkirk’s Notes has been published by Founder Ted Newkirk continuously (in one form or another) since 1995.

Ted is a noted and quoted Las Vegas analyst, having been quoted and sourced multiple times in 2020 along in publications ranging from the Las Vegas Review-Journal (Nevada’s largest newspaper) to U.S. News and World Report.

Newkirk’s Notes go well beyond the basic news, rumors, and (often questionable) thoughts and proclamations floating around on the internet. Our Supporting (Paid) Members know not only what is happening, but why, and how they can benefit (or know what to avoid).

For example countless Members have had incredibly enjoyable and successful visits to Las Vegas during COVID simply because they were truly in the know, and not only knew what was happening, but what was on the horizon.

Saving them money, time and inconvenience.

At $34.80 for an entire year (only $2.90 per month), we distill down what you really need to know, so that your trip this spring, summer, or even later in the year turns out to be your best ever. And, we GUARANTEE it.

Especially in these unprecedented times, find out what it is like to ACTUALLY be in the KNOW this time around:

Hope You Are Enjoying This Issue!

Ted Newkirk
Founder/Managing Editor

Las Vegas Shows

Lady Gaga’s Back in Las Vegas! An Up-Close Look at Her Residency and Its Knockout Wardrobe

Before visiting Las Vegas for the first time-to see Lady Gaga’s “Jazz & Piano” residency, which has returned, post COVID-19 shut-down, to Dolby Live at the Park MGM-I thought of the city as a place powered by big corp hucksterism, cash burn and drunkenness, fish-hooking those prone to chasing long shot fantasies. In pop culture, Vegas’s scamminess has been lionized (the Ocean’s franchise), satirized (Ken Jeong’s Leslie Chow in The Hangover), and sexualized (Showgirls). And yeah, Vegas has packed heavyweight punches when it comes to entertainment (Céline, Britney, et al.), yet much of the city’s programming has felt manufactured for surface thrill in the same way a slot machine’s neon burns through the dimness of the casino floor, advertising its next payout ($12,650!). As such and for so long, Las Vegas was a no-go. But I was wrong to be so dismissive.

Full Story/Details/Info/Video

Las Vegas Dining

Where to Find Buffets Open Inside Casinos in Las Vegas

Culinary trailblazers back in the 1940s found a way to keep gamblers inside the resorts with cheap food, and lots of it. El Rancho Vegas, the Strip’s first resort, came up with the chuck wagon, the earliest version of the modern day buffet to turn up in Las Vegas. As UNLV’s Center for Gaming Research writes, “quantity was usually emphasized over quality.”

Full Story/Details/Info/Video

Las Vegas Gambling

Lucky guest Wins Nearly $110K on Slot Machine at Downtown Las Vegas Casino

One lucky person just moved to Las Vegas and already has struck it rich. Boyd Gaming says Danilo won a jackpot of $109,732 while playing at the California Hotel and Casino in downtown Las Vegas on Sunday. The winning payout came on a $10 spin on a Red White & Blue slot machine.

Full Story/Details/Info/Video

Members Mania

After the sale of the Cosmopolitan to MGM Resorts, a number of our Members Facebook Page sounded off with their thoughts:

Mark Pickup said: Not good news for any Cosmo fans. In fact this has “disaster” written all over it.

Patrick Magee said: I thought MGM was trying to unload properties in Vegas… and now this? I’m confused. I just don’t see this acquirement by MGM Resorts being a good thing for so many reasons….

Christine Monaghan said: NO!!! Say it ain’t so!

Candace Winters said: Everything is ruined!!!

Owen McGarrell said: Another one down the pan of greed.

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Las Vegas Tours & Attractions

These New Attractions Have Las Vegas Buzzing Again

The city that was once the poster child for the crushing realities of the pandemic – sharp unemployment, casinos closed then curtailed, restaurants and bars starved for customers – is reclaiming the upper hand. Visitors are flocking back to Las Vegas, and parts of town, including Freemont Street and Las Vegas Boulevard, now look much like they used to before COVID-19.

Full Story/Details/Info/Video

Other Las Vegas News

The Palms’ New Owners Share Property Plans For The 1st Time

The Palms’ soon-to-be owners are ready to get to work. Several months after announcing a $650-million deal to buy the Palms from Red Rock Resorts, the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians shared details for the first time publicly about its plans to reshape and reopen the off-Strip resort. San Manuel is targeting the first half of 2022 to reopen the Palms for the first time since the COVID-19 shutdown last spring, and the tribe has plans to run the property with a focus on gaming and Las Vegas locals. The San Manuel Gaming and Hospitality Authority, a subsidiary of the tribe, must receive gaming regulatory approval before it can own and operate the hotel-casino. Upon approval, which the authority hopes will come in November or December, San Manuel can begin working.

Full Story/Details/Info/Video

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Inside the Liberace Garage – His Fabulous Car Collection, Plus a Visit to His House & Old Restaurant

(Video Publishers Notes) My girlfriend Susy invited me to visit her at her new place of work — the fabulous Liberace Garage, where many of Liberace’s notoriously over-the-top custom blinged-out cars are displayed! I was lucky enough to get special permission to go behind the ropes and check these beauties out up close & personal….WOW!!

Then, after checking out the cars, we drive across town to take a look at Liberace’s old mansion…and the site of his old restaurant, Tivoli Gardens.

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Best Sportsbooks in Las Vegas

(Video Publishers Notes) Here’s the Best Dayclubs in Las Vegas! Bring your swim suit and ID!

(Video Publishers Notes) Here’s my absolute favorite Sportsbooks in Las Vegas! Get your money ready…. Ok I’m kidding, you guys know I don’t gamble, but I know a lot of people come to Vegas to gamble, so if you’re coming to bet on sports, then I want to show you some really cool Sportsbooks to do it at.

Pretty much every casino has a Race and Sportsbook section, some big, some small, some old, some new, but all of these have something special. If you are looking for a place to lounge with your friends, or simply you want the largest TV screens in the world, then you have to go to the places on my list.

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Lots of Major Changes at Bally’s and Paris Las Vegas – A Tour of the Airfield

(Video Producer’s Notes) In this video we show you all of the changes at Paris and Bally’s as of October 2021. We just stayed at Bally’s last week and were shocked to see our favorite restaurants closed! We walked over to Paris and saw the same thing, lots of closed restaurants and bars.

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