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November 17, 1999

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1. NAME CHANGE – We are now Access Vegas News and Reviews and have moved the newsletter to it’s very own web address at In addition to the sign-up form and past issues, we’ve added a search feature so you can search the archives. If you are a new subscriber or wish to track down something from a past issue, head to

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This Issue: Comdex Las Vegas

Curious about a restaurant, event, or other Las Vegas attraction that looks fun? Let us review it for you first! Suggestions are always welcome at:

LAS VEGAS NEWS – of interest to tourists:TITANIC EXHIBIT AT THE RIO – is now open, featuring 200 pieces including a bottle of olives, silver and china dinnerware, clothing, jewelry, and delicate paper objects such as letters and sheet music as well as the 1,200-pound D-deck door. You can read the more at Tickets at (702) 474-4000 and Rio discount rooms are available at (Rio link).

EBAY – has launched a new Las Vegas auction site at featuring everything from Nevada Collectibles to Slot Machines.

BELLAGIO GALLERY OF FINE ART – has has been moved to an area twice to size of the original in the convention area to allow for both more visitor comfort and more viewers. Full story is at and Bellagio discount rooms are available at (Bellagio link).

BLIND DATE – The TV show that matches up couples on blind dates and shoots the whole date for broadcast recently just did a week in Las Vegas that should air soon. Specific dates of the airing were not available. The UPN Las Vegas filmed action show “The Strip” continues production and looks like it will be picked up for an extended run. Full story at

BABY’S – This night club at the Hard Rock is drawing rave reviews despite opening with little publicity. You can read a recent review at and Hard Rock discount rooms are available at (Hard Rock link).

NEW YEARS EVE LAS VEGAS ROOMS – are still available! Call Hotel Reservations Network at (800) 666-5268 for a free price quote! NOTE: You MUST stay on the line until you get a person. HRN is NOT booking these specific dates online. We will be leaving this notice up as long as rooms continue to be available, but they are starting to go fast.

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Quick Concert and Show Notes:

Want to see which shows are playing during your stay and book reservations EVEN if the tickets aren’t on sale yet? ShowVegas takes care of all your needs directly online! Search by dates at

MANDALAY BAY – CHEAP TRICK on Nov. 30, COUNTING CROWS on Dec. 5, ZZ TOP and LYNYRD SKYNYRD on Dec. 7, BROOKS AND DUNN Dec. 9, 19, and 11, KC and the SUNSHINE BAND on Dec. 18, AL GREEN on Dec. 30, and STEVIE NICKS on Dec. 31. Tickets at (702) 474-4000 and Mandalay Bay discount rooms are available at (Mandalay Bay link).

Even though this is a Las Vegas newsletter, Comdex Las Vegas (a computer convention) is the biggest convention in the world and while we don’t usually cover computer information, many are interested in hearing about Comdex. If this is of no interest to you, skip down to the letters to the editor. If you are new to this newsletter, this Comdex article is NOT typical. We are a Las Vegas newsletter. You may wish to enjoy our searchable archives at and wait for next weeks “back to normal” newsletter.

FEATURE STORY: Comdex Las Vegas


On a side note, we just got cable modem and we LOVE it. We downloaded the entire Internet Explorer 5.0 (18 MB) in just 12 minutes. This takes well over 2 hours on a 56K modem. Note to AOL users — do upgrade to AOL 5.0 but then go to and download Internet Explorer 5.0. Why? IE 5.0 is under the hood of AOL, but AOL left a ton of stuff out. Also, if you want to use AOL 5.0 with a cable modem (and yes, you do get that incredible speed), information is at AOL Keyword: BYOA

We found cable modem very cost effective at $40 a month because we were able to get rid of Earthlink ($20), a second phone link ($18) and our DMX box ($6). With cable modem, you can take advantage of the free CD quality internet radio offered at without suffering the slowdowns.


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November 17, 1999

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