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June 3, 1999

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This Issue:Megabucks Hits! plus piles of current Las Vegas information

MEGABUCKS – Well, someone else is a instant millionaire, and it’s not you or I. Tuesday night, a 49 year old man from Illinois hit for $21,351,116.56 at Caesars. He stuck $10 in the machine and hit on the first pull. In fact, when they showed it on TV, you could see that he still had 7 credits left (like he cares about those now)! He’s single with no kids and just quit his job due to health problems. He will have little income concerns for a while, collecting $853,878.08 every year for the next 25 years. He’s living proof that it never hurts to stick a couple bucks in and try your luck.Interestingly enough, a tourist from Hawaii hit for $4.5 million on a quarter Jeopardy game just a few days earlier at the Mirage.MOB LAWYER FOR MAYOR – Oscar Goodman is now the shoo-in for mayor next Tuesday. He has ran on populist themes, none of which he has presented a plan to institute. In addition, our weak mayor system gives the mayor little power outside of the bully pulpit. On the other side, the publicity and outspoken leadership qualities generally seem to make him preferable to his opponent (whose name isn’t worth clogging your memory with unless you are a trivia buff).

LAS VEGAS AIRLINE UP AND FLYING! – National Airlines, an upstart headed by former management of America West (and having appeared to learn from that airline’s mistakes) has taken to the air. This Las Vegas based airline has partnered with investing hotels Harrah’s and The Rio to offer truly unique service. Quoting from their website: “If you happen to be staying at either Harrah’s or the Rio, just let us know when you check in for your flight to Las Vegas and we will send your bags directly to the hotel. Just get off the plane and head for the fun!” Plus, if staying at either you can check in right at the hotel. Hey, I don’t mind if you skip baggage claim … gives me more elbow room when I have to fly back home here!

National is serving Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, and New York with planned service to 15 more cities over time. They are looking strongly at Miami, as it is under served both in general and for flights to Las Vegas. National Airlines website is at

COMDEX – Believe it or not, hotel rooms are already starting to fill up for Comdex. If you or your company are thinking about coming, do your boss a favor and pass our web address along to the person making the travel plans for Comdex or any other convention anywhere in the country. Your boss will appreciate the money you save and you’ll appreciate not staying in some overpriced dive. During Comdex, it is common for fleabag motels on the wrong side of Fremont St. downtown (you know, the ones that are generally overpriced at $99 a week) to charge a non-refundable $100 a night during Comdex. You can also secure your rental cars early and save through

SUMMER IS HERE – With the temperatures generally climbing (Memorial Day weekend saw highs close to 100 and lows in the mid-60’s), we can’t stress enough the importance of drinking plenty of water while out there. Because of the very low humidity, you perspire greatly but don’t realize it because it evaporates off of your body immediately. Drinking booze dehydrates you further. Either way, we suggest stopping by the hotel bars on a regular basis and grabbing a bottled water. Your body will thank you, your stamina will by higher, and you’ll enjoy your vacation a lot more. For those of you that live in Las Vegas, or stay for extended periods of time, you may with to check out Water and Ice at Unlike those unregulated machines that bake in the sun, Water and Ice is a Grade A, regulated establishment.

PRIME TIME LAS VEGAS TV SHOW – The UPN Network (also seen on most cable systems on WGN out of Chicago) has bought 13 weeks of a new TV show called “The Strip”. It will shoot in Las Vegas, and the basic premise will be 2 ex-Metro police officers working as security for the Tropicana hotel and solving crimes, etc. Seems like they had a similar series like that here once …. something with the word VEGA$ in the name …. We wish the new series well and hope it give you all a great weekly shot of your favorite vacation destination.

HARD ROCK HOTEL EXPANSION – The Hard Rock has completed their $100 million expansion, featuring 330 rooms, a new pool area, nightclub, and much more. A full report is coming soon, but in the meantime they need to fill those rooms and get the word out and are offering rates as low as $65.95 a night. Stop by , click on the Hard Rock’s link, and you can do a free price and availability search. If you have thought about staying at the Hard Rock, don’t pass up this opportunity!

NEW AIRPORT – One of these days, those baggage tags might not say LAS on them when you fly in. The quiet push is on to acquire land just south of Jean (about 30 miles south of town) to build a second airport for the area. Even at slow growth estimates, McCarran will be maxed out by 2014. The plan is to move on the new airport in the next few years, moving all cargo and some charter service down to it. The only real objection is from environmentalists worried that the jet noise over the barren desert will have negative consequences. Like it’s better to have more jet noise over the city instead?

SAMS TOWN – Sam’s Town is going to dump $78 million into renovation and expansion soon, adding movie theatres, more gaming space, and a new buffet. This is an attempt to keep up with neighboring Boulder Station whom tends to draw a little more upscale crowd with the themed buffet, movies, and the like. Sam’s Town continues to offer 100x odds on craps and some of the looser slot machines in town. A personal fave: the $4.99 prime rib dinner in Mary’s Diner upstairs (served around the clock). You get salad, rolls, your choice of potato (baked, homemade mashed, or fries), and a good sized slice or prime rib.

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June 3, 1999

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