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Newkirk’s Notes

Access Vegas Founder Ted NewkirkHello From Las Vegas! 

Allegiant Stadium NFL VIP Seat Hack – I’d heard about this, and we got a chance to try it out. (It worked, but don’t tell the world. We’re only telling our Members). The 50 yard line club seats at Allegiant Stadium (and only those, not the other club seats) are labeled as VIP, All Inclusive seats. And guess what, they are!

This column, breaking down:

– This little-known Allegiant seat hack (which will save you money and get you the top VIP perks)

– The little-known town an hour from Las Vegas that should be on your relocation list, and why.

– What your rights are when a casino machine malfunctions or a dealer makes an error. Even if the casino won’t make it right!

…and Much More, continues for our Members HERE.

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Newkirk’s Notes has been published by Founder Ted Newkirk continuously (in one form or another) since 1995 .

Ted is a noted and quoted Las Vegas analyst, having been quoted and sourced multiple times in 2020 along in publications ranging from the Las Vegas Review-Journal (Nevada’s largest newspaper) to U.S. News and World Report.

Newkirk’s Notes go well beyond the basic news, rumors, and (often questionable) thoughts and proclamations floating around on the internet. Our Supporting (Paid) Members know not only what is happening, but why, and how they can benefit (or know what to avoid).

For example countless Members have had incredibly enjoyable and successful visits to Las Vegas during COVID simply because they were truly in the know, and not only knew what was happening, but what was on the horizon.

Saving them money, time and inconvenience.

At $34.80 for an entire year (only $2.90 per month), we distill down what you really need to know, so that your trip this spring, summer, or even later in the year turns out to be your best ever. And, we GUARANTEE it.

Especially in these unprecedented times, find out what it is like to ACTUALLY be in the KNOW this time around:

Hope You Are Enjoying This Issue!

Ted Newkirk
Founder/Managing Editor

Las Vegas Shows

Wayne Newton Is Back To Guide Audiences Through His Legendary Career In Las Vegas

As the first hotel and casino to open on what is now the world-famous Las Vegas Strip, the Flamingo made its debut the day after Christmas in 1946. That means the pink-hued landmark just passed its milestone 75th birthday, as if it needed anything else to cement its legacy as an icon of Las Vegas.

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Las Vegas Dining

Resorts World Las Vegas Offers Rooftop Nightlife

A groovy winter wonderland awaits on the rooftop of Resorts World Las Vegas’ southeast wing of the property. Open through Feb. 27, the pop-up experience Rose Rooftop, presented by Zouk Group, welcomes guests to imbibe and nosh while kicking back inside a private igloo or seated around a fire pit. Sounds are provided by a rotating lineup of Zouk Nightclub’s resident DJs.

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Las Vegas Gambling

$1.1M Wheel of Fortune slot jackpot hits at Fremont Hotel in Las Vegas

Another Las Vegas visitor became Vegas’ latest millionaire. A lucky guest from Hawai’i hit a $1.1 million jackpot at the Fremont hotel-casino downtown while playing a Wheel of Fortune shot machine on Jan. 21.

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Members Mania

Note From Ted:

Members Mania is a regular feature for our Supporting (Paid) Members. Membership includes our “Your Guy In Vegas” feature, where you can reach out to myself and our paid staff of experts with your specific Vegas questions. We don’t have “canned” answers. We’ll ask you for some details pertaining you your wants and needs. Then, answer accordingly.


Today at the craps machine, something really messed up happened. The machine hit four 6’s in a row, all were when the dice showed 5- The machine locked up on the fourth 6 instead of paying everyone who bet on the pass line. The error message was triggered because it hit the exact same kind of 6 four times in a row, a 5 and a 1 on each dice.

The slot attendant came by and reset the machine. No one was allowed to take down their bets on other numbers besides the pass line. No one betting on pass line or placing the 6 got paid for the fourth 6. The next roll was a 7 out, of course. And everyone was livid. The manager was with the slot attendant and seemed like he did not care. I wonder if people have recourse because of this glitch. It’s not a malfunction if the dice legitimately hit 6 four times in a row as a 5-1. If that occurred at a table everyone would get paid on the fourth 6.

Nick Dee

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For our Members, we go into:

– What your rights are as a player when a machine malfunctions or a dealer makes a mistake.

– What you should immediately do if you feel that the casino has been unfair or cheated you?

Whether it has been accurate information on exactly what is happening in Las Vegas, accurately letting our Members know what to expect as Las Vegas reopened, specific information they NEED to know for their next visit which we answer via our Your Guy In Vegas Membership benefit, or more…

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Las Vegas Tours & Attractions

Why Vegas’ Coca-Cola Store Is So Worth Its Weight In Bubbles

People visit Las Vegas to participate in thousands of unique activities and enjoy the city’s most splendid attractions. From casinos, hikes, and museums to professional sports and excellent theater watching, Las Vegas has everything one can ever wish for. For instance, the city is home to the one of its kind Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. Moreover, people enjoy visiting The Venetian resort and entertainment complex, the Hoover Dam, the Peppermill, the Caesars Palace, and many more places in Las Vegas.

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Las Vegas Real Estate

Builders Add Projects as Luxury Las Vegas Real Estate Surges

The uber Summerlin resort community the Summit Club — the home to Celine Dion, Vegas Golden Knights owner Bill Foley and billionaires of industry — may be expanding beyond its 555 acres as the development seizes upon the strong demand that’s also permeated through the entire new-home luxury segments in Las Vegas.

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Other Las Vegas News

What It’s Like Traveling to Las Vegas Right Now

Las Vegas continues to bounce back nearly two years into the COVID-19 pandemic with big-name performers, acts and entertainment of all types returning to the bustling Strip. While some aspects of the Las Vegas experience have changed over the past two years, some of those changes have been for the better. For now, unless traveling from outside of the United States, visitors won’t require proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test result to visit Las Vegas, nor will they need to quarantine upon arrival.

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