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December 8, 1999

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This Issue: Top 10 Free Things to Do in Las Vegas

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LAS VEGAS NEWS – of interest to tourists:

CLINT BLACK – the country music superstar is doing an in-store fan meet-and-greet at the Virgin Megastore (in the Forum Shops at Caesars) this Saturday Dec. 11 at 1:00 PM.

THE FOUR SEASONS HOTEL – in Las Vegas became the first Strip property ever to receive the American Automobile Association’s Five Diamond Award. If you are scratching your head wondering just where on the Strip the Four Season’s is, it occupies the top part of Mandalay Bay but is run separately. Story at

DAVID CASSIDY and SHEENA EASTON – are teaming up in a yet-to-be-named Broadway style show that debuts at The Rio on Jan. 18. Easton has been a mainstay of Las Vegas showrooms for the past number of years. Full story and photo at Rio discount rooms are available at (Rio link).

WILD 2K – Metro (Las Vegas police) are gearing up for the expected swirling crowds, drunks, and women pulling up their tops as well as those who climb light poles or vandalize along the strip this New Year’s Eve. Get all the details in two stories in the Review-Journal: and

NEW YEARS EVE LAS VEGAS ROOMS – are still available and some of the prices have dropped! Call Hotel Reservations Network at (800) 666-5268 for a free price quote! NOTE: You MUST stay on the line until you get a person. HRN is NOT booking these specific dates online. We will be leaving this notice up as long as rooms continue to be available, but they are going fast.

WINNERS! – Marie Gordon of Skokie, IL won the Siegfried & Roy Calendar. Debra Barnes of Santa Ana, CA is the winner of Sahara Speedworld Motion Theater passes. Steve Current, John Pennisi, Laurie Grinbergs, Sarah Adams and Lisa Ceslikoski each won a Siegfried & Roy postcard.

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Quick Concert and Show Notes:

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BRIAN BOITANOS HOLIDAY SPECTACULAR – featuring KRISTI YAMAGUCHI, OKSANA BAIUL, ALEXEI URMANOV and others plays one night only at Mandalay Bay Dec. 18. Tickets start at $15 and are available at (702) 474-4000. Mandalay Bay discount rooms available at (Mandalay Bay link).

HARD ROCK – has BILLY IDOL with STEVE STEVENS on Dec. 28, MEGADETH on Dec. 29, and SANTANA on Dec. 30, 31, and Jan. 1. Tickets available at (702) 474-4000 and Hard Rock discount rooms available at (Hard Rock link).

MANDALAY BAY – STEVE VAI on Dec. 17, KC & THE SUNSHINE BAND on Dec. 18’th, MORRISSEY on Dec 19 and 20, THE EAGLES with JACKSON BROWN Dec. 28 and 29, STEVIE NICKS on Dec. 31 JONNY LANG on Jan. 26, and GEORGE JONES on Feb. 26. Tickets are available at (702) 474-4000. Mandalay Bay discount rooms available at (Mandalay Bay link).

CROSBY STILLS NASH & YOUNG – play the MGM on Feb 19. Tickets available at (702) 474-4000 and MGM discount rooms available at (MGM link).

FEATURE STORY: Top 10 Free Things to Do in Las Vegas


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Michael Smith wrote:

>hello Ted,

>My wife and I will be visiting Vegas in April 2000. we are
>staying at Ballys and are taking my mother along with us. she does have a
>problem getting around at times and I was wondering if you knew of any places
>to rent those electric 3 wheel scooters? I’ve seen them on previous visits
>there. never thought to inquire as to where to rent them, cost etc.any help
>from you or readers of your news letter would be appreciated.

>thank you, Michael Smith

If anyone has had any experience with this, please drop us a line at so we can tell everyone.

Thelma Brady wrote:


We understand that the above was NOT one of the companies that advertises with us. Anyone else with good or bad experiences on Grand Canyon or other tours out of Las Vegas?

Tedd Adamek wrote:

>áá Read you every week. Just decided to give one of
>your advertisements a shot for air fares. What a
>joke!! No matter what times I put in they stated that
>they couldn’t fit my criteria. Even put in days and
>times I didn’t want and got nothing. I have better
>ways to spend my time then reading advertisements in
>the guise of booking Las Vegas vacations.

We understand that company is having problems with their fare-search software and we pulled the link off the top of this newsletter until they get the problem corrected.

With all due respect, we have never hidden the fact that we publish this free newsletter filled with the best unbiased information we can offer in hopes that our readers will book their hotel, car, shows, and tours through us or the sponsors. In fact, the paragraph after the free contest section notes that each and every week.

However, we do go out of our way to make sure that we offer good, solid deals and discounts in all departments and are very responsive when we hear of a problem with a sponsor. We dropped Prodigy Internet a few months ago as a sponsor because they didn’t get the free discs to people that requested them.

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December 8, 1999

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