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December 29, 1999

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This Issue: Live Las Vegas Millenium Webcams

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LAS VEGAS NEWS – of interest to tourists:

POLL – Help us test our new poll. If you live in Southern California, will you ride that new Talgo train service between L.A. and Las Vegas? Vote at

ALL ABOARD TO LAS VEGAS – Amtrak is launching service from L.A. to Las Vegas this fall. The upscale Talgo trains will feature nice dining, amenities, and even gaming lessons on the 5 1/2 hour trip. One trip daily will arrive early afternoon and depart late afternoon. Story and photos at and another story at Don’t forget to vote in our poll at if you live in Southern California.

TOP 10 – The Sunday Review Journal published a Las Vegas Top 10 in different categories categories:

Top 10 Nevada News Stories –
Top 10 Shows –
Top 10 Concerts –
Bottom 10 (general) –

TOP LAS VEGAS RESTAURANTS – You can still get a $5.49 dinner buffet (Holiday Inn Boardwalk, and it looks like the buffet from the film Vegas Vacation), but if upscale dining is more your pleasure, the annual Zagat report lists and rates the best. Story at

LAS VEGAS HISTORY – David Noll turned us on to the Las Vegas Strip History site at — it’s an unbelievably comprehensive text and photographic history of the city.

CASINO CHEATS – The latest advance is a facial-recognition program that helps casinos identify a player even if they don’t know his name or background. If you have even thought of coming here not to play fair, check out the story at,1976,500144299-500172550-500629788-0,00.html

WINNERS! – Robert C. Stoffers of Tonganoxie, KS won the NFR Guide.

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Quick Concert and Show Notes:

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FEATURE STORY: Live Las Vegas Millenium Web cams

It’s about 24 hours away from the New Years Eve here in Las Vegas. People have flooded into town and that anticipation is unbelievable! As usual, we’ll be with 300,000 of our “closest friends” on the Las Vegas Strip enjoying the festivities. Since Las Vegas sits in Pacific Time (U.S.) most of you from around the world (we have readers in 25 countries) will have already finished your celebration by the time our clock strikes midnight. If you want to peek in our our party live via the internet, here’s the list of resources:

Our own Las Vegas webcam page at has links to all of the webcams on the Strip. Check the celebration out!

KLAS TV (channel 8 in Las Vegas) is going to feed the internet with live streaming video of their New Year’s Eve coverage at

CNN, FOX and NBC will be providing coverage from Las Vegas, including Connie Chung (ABC) from a floating platform on Bellagio’s lake. Story at

The Little Chapel of the Flowers is now broadcasting weddings live on the internet for friends, family, and anyone else interested to view at


J. Williams from Tennessee wrote:


Randy Pendleton wrote:


Walter Soto Encinas, jr. of Brazil wrote:

>I would suggest you include the e-mail of the hotels in the hotel’s
>pages.á I need desperately the e-mail of Monte Carlo Hotel and I
>couldn’t find it even in Monte Carlo home page…
>May you get the hotel e-mail to me?á It is very important!á If you
>could do it, it would be great!

We don’t have a list of them. Hotels are usually poor at answering email in the first place, and if their is no email address on their site, they you can guess they REALLY don’t want to bother with it.

Believe it or not, most casinos have had sites online for less than 2 years. This town is way behind the curve on the internet. We are possibly one of the most unwired cities in America, and the hotels were very slow to embrace anything online until word got out that Caesars was doing a solid number of reservations off of their website.

On the other hand, we offer secure online reservations with hotel discounters, and you do get top notch customer service. Most of them were taking hotel reservations online long before the hotels themselves knew what “internet” was and understand the need for prompt answers to inquiries.

++ ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ ++

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December 29, 1999

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