Access Vegas Insider Vibe – August 20, 2003

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This Issue: Deals, News, Reader Questions Answered

Also In This Issue – August 20, 2003: Newkirk’s Notes, Cheap Rooms, News Of Interest To Tourists, More

Newkirk’s Notes – comments on Las Vegas from AccessVegas.Com publisher Ted Newkirk:

Maverick Las Vegas Wins Travel Channel Awards! – Our friends at Maverick Helicopter Tours were selected by the Travel Channel as having not only one, but two of the Top Ten World’s Best Helicopter Thrills. They were the only company to nail two slots in the top 10.

Labor Day Rooms – It’s not to late to book a room and party three days here in Las Vegas! And if you can’t join us then, keep in mind that summer is just beginning here. Average high temperatures:

September: 94
October: 81
November: 66

Summer doesn’t have to end if you check out our discount room specials. Plus guys … psssst: Football season plus legal sports betting plus our fabulous sports books make fall the exciting time of year! (And ladies, what better excuse to do some shopping if he’s spending his travel “allowance” at the sports book).

Vegas Flood – You probably saw shots of Las Vegas washing away last week. The flood was severe, but only in the far Northwest of our valley. Far away from any areas the average tourist will ever visit (30+ minute drive from The Strip).

Unlike the tourism areas, the far Northwest is still growing , meaning lots of open land and uncompleted flood control. You can view photos: KLAS TV 2003 Flood Gallery

DSL for Low Monthly Cost

Las Vegas News: Of Interest To Tourists

Travel Agents – We have a special offer of you. Please read it at the end of this newsletter.

See the Grand Canyon in a Jet Helicopter! For years Maverick Helicopters has been providing a true VIP Helicopter experience of the Grand Canyon. We do things a little different than any other helicopter Company. We give you an adventure of a lifetime and not just another tour of the Grand Canyon. Las Vegas Strip tours plus Helicopter Weddings also available!

Featured Story: Reader Questions Answered

Mira Hickey from Germany wrote:

Thank you very much for the newsletter. It’s a pleasure to view your great website from Germany! 🙂

We really appreciate our readers from around the world who take an interest in our crazy, unique American city. Because of the distance and cost, we know it is important to find as much information as possible. That is why we go further than other travel sites, offering huge online photo galleries and streaming videos. No matter where in the world, if you have internet, we bring you the neon!

Message Board Member “vegaswannab” wrote:

Hello, I am a new member and I must say that I am impressed with the hard work that went into making this site exciting and helpful. My husband and I are planning a second honeymoon possibly next year to celebrate our 2nd honeymoon he is 44 and I am 43.

We may be older but we love still to do young things such as dance and listen to oldies 70 & 80’s we are not that old. BUT we feel we may be uncomfortable at some of the clubs that we have seen posted on here as well as advertised, can u tell us if there is a place for older yet not fossils men and women can go and let their hair down as we say.

We are considering either MGM or NYNY or Mirage, which is my personal favorite. We will be there for 10 days and nine nights, and are also seeking a on strip small wedding chapel to renew our vows, can u at all anyone be of help to us.

OK members, all hands on deck! I gave her a few of my suggestions in our Travel Questions/Trip Suggestions forum. With all of our varied reader experiences, I’m sure we can find nine days of great suggestions for them as well as some wedding chapel suggestions. Post away!

June and David wrote:

Due to work schedules and great discounts on air travel and hotels during Christmas that make going to Las Vegas affordable, we come here each year during this time. It seems that most all of the shows we want to see are dark.

Last year we were disappointed when such shows as Skintight, Penn and Teller, Folies Bergere, and Scintas, just to name a few, were all dark. We realize there is lots to do in Vegas, and that performers are entitled to have vacations, but do shows ever vary their schedules and switch vacation days? Will any of these shows be available during this time of year, or are we condemned forever never to see many of these hot shows in Vegas?

Vacationing the 10 days before Christmas is a double-edge sword. It is the lowest demand time of the year, offering dirt cheap room rates and plenty of elbow room here in Las Vegas. The downside is that most shows close. Partly because of the lack of tourists in town, and partly because many of the tourists who do visit before Christmas are budget minded with no interest in spending on a show.

Let us suggest making a second visit on the summer (or alternating every year). August heat brings fairly low room rates, but the shows are in full swing! As always, use our Vegas Show Search and Headliner/Concerts Calendar to play check out what is playing during your trip here.

Message Board Member “sarae” wrote:

7 of us stayed at the Lady Luck last month and were pleased. We felt comfortable gambling, dining, and sleeping. The hotel is not fast paced. I liked being able to walk right out my hotel room to the pool. 5 of us stayed in the Garden rooms and the 2 honeymooners stayed in the tower room with a Jacuzzi. Their room was fancy, rate was reasonable, and had an awesome view. We would all definitely stay there again.

We have some active posts about downtown going on in our Downtown/Fremont St. Experience forums. Join in with questions or share your experiences.

Vegas Questions? Post to our message boards and get great advice from people who have been here and done it.

For comments or questions regarding Las Vegas, our content, or this newsletter write us a “letter to the editor” at Include your city — we have readers worldwide!

Live From Las Vegas,

Ted Newkirk

Senior Content Editor

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