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Ballroom Dance Champion Mary Murphy Spotted At ABSINTHE at 8:00 pm


Former judge and choreographer for So You Think You Can Dance, Mary Murphy was spotted attending the hit show ABSINTHE at Caesars Palace on Sunday, April 17. The accredited dance judge, was spotted at the 8 p.m. performance taking in the hilarious antics and outlandish acts. Murphy met with The Gazillionaire, his raucous assistant Joy Jenkins and the ôGreen Fairyö Melody Sweets following the show for a photo and to express her enjoyment of the performance.

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R&B singer Tank Spotted At ABSINTHE at 10 pm


R&B singer, songwriter and producer Durrell Babbs a.k.a. Tank, was spotted attending the hit show ABSINTHE at Caesars Palace on Sunday, April 17. The R&B singer, took in the hilarious antics and outlandish acts at the 10 p.m. performance. Tank met with The Gazillionaire, his assistant Joy Jenkins and the ôGreen Fairyö Melody Sweets following the show for a photo and to express his enjoyment of the performance.

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Las Vegas Dining And Drinking

Unprecedented Culinary Offerings Unveiled At Hyde Lounge Inside Las VegasÆ T-Mobile Arena


Hyde Lounge, the exclusive nightclub inside Las VegasÆ T-Mobile Arena, is continuing to transform the way in which fans enjoy live entertainment by presenting a contemporary American menu with a savory choice of gourmet dishes and hand-crafted cocktails. With two platforms stretching over the arena seating for unequalled viewing possibilities, a state-of-the-art sound system and table-side bottle service, the 18,000-square-foot venue guarantees a 1-of-a-kind experience during all concert and sporting occasions. Furthermore, revelers can celebrate following the end of the event as Hyde Lounge remains open to have an memorable after-hours scene.

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Brunch Expands To Fridays At GIADA At The Cromwell


Because of overwhelming demand, GIADA in the Cromwell has broadened brunch to Fridays, in addition to weekends. With brunch having been an immediate success, Giada De LaurentiisÆ namesake restaurant will offer visitors a much greater chance to sample the famous chefÆs California Italian twist on brunch, featuring sweet, savory and all things in between.

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Las Vegas Tours And Attractions

Seven Priceless Artifacts From RMS Titanic Will Be Displayed In Las Vegas & Retired In July 2016

news-titanic-declaration-compressorSeven priceless items retrieved from the wreck site of RMS Titanic are going to be retired from public view and returned to the conservation facility following a 3-month special engagement at Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition at Luxor Hotel & Casino in Vegas. Beginning April 15, 2016, 104 years after Titanic hit an iceberg within the Atlantic and sank, taking the lives of just 1,523 travellers and crew, and nearly 3 decades after the organization first introduced items from the wreck site to the surface, these priceless treasures are going to be displayed for the final time.

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Las Vegas Hotels

It May Only Be The Beginning
For Wynn’s Paradise Park Plans


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Of Interest To Tourists

Las Vegas’ Nightlife Explosion In The 1950s


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  • 4-Wheel Drive Titus Canyon Road, Death Valley – Let’s go on a 4×4 adventure into Death Valley! This is the drive on Titus Canyon Road, which starts in Nevada, crosses into California, then over scenic Red Pass and through twisty, narrow Titus Canyon, before entering the valley. Sorry the clip is so long… you may want to skip a few minutes ahead to the best parts!

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