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Newkirk’s Notes – comments on Las Vegas from AccessVegas.Com publisher Ted Newkirk:

Hello From Las Vegas! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and your families from Las Vegas this year. This slightly abbreviated edition (due to the holidays) still contains piles of the latest news you need to know, plus two new giveaways!

We have a great new photo set of the Bellagio Christmas display for those of you who can’t make it here this season. If you have have seen the display in the past will recognize a few familiar themes along with some great new ideas and themes in this spectacular display. Click to view Bellagio Gardens Holiday Display 2006

Forgot to send a few holiday cards this season? It is never too late! Any of the photos from our Las Vegas photo gallery including the Bellagio Christmas Display pictures can be emailed to friends and family with the click of a computer mouse. Surf to the photos of your choice in our gallery and use the Send As A Postcard link below a any photos you like. Click to view our Las Vegas Photo Gallery

The countdown to New Year’s Eve is going strong, and this is literally getting to be “last call” for booking rooms, tickets to the nightclub parties, or that special New Year’s Eve concert. Two words of advice:

  • Still need a room? Do not wait. Book now. End of story. The rates aren’t exactly going down as rooms get scarce heading into the final week. Let us suggest our friends at Las Vegas Hotel Deals where you can search your dates and what availability is left at the various hotels. Special Note: Most hotels are requiring a Friday arrival. If you try to check for a Saturday or Sunday arrival, it will limit your options and cost even more.
  • We have a huge listing of concert and nightlife events on our December 31, 2006 Concert Listings. Tickets are going quickly for the events not yet sold out. If you want expert help choosing which nightclub party is best for you, call our nightlife experts at 800-696-5721.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

New Year’s Eve:
All The Details On The Coming Spectacle

Calendar Giveaway:
Fantasy at The Luxor and Thunder From Down Under

These two hot shows sent us a stack of Christmas cheer to spread with the rest of you in the form of 15 calendars per show that we are giving away! Unlike most contests, we let you increase your odds of winning by letting you enter once per day, per contest through January 5, 2007.

More Las Vegas News – Concerts – Events

Special Section: Nevada Smoking Ban Stories Updated

Coming Hot Holidays – The following dates are huge times to be in Las Vegas, and rooms are in high demand. Booking in advance is the best way to save. Visit our friends at Las Vegas Hotel Deals and spend one of the following hot dates having fun in Las Vegas:

  • 2006

  • Christmas December 22-25 (3 day weekend – Christmas on Monday)
  • New Year’s Eve-Day December 29 – January 1 (3 day weekend – New Years on Monday)
  • 2007

  • Martin Luther King Day January 13-15 (3 day weekend)
  • Presidents Day February 17-19 (3 day weekend)
  • Christmas December 22-25 (3 day weekend)
  • St. Patricks Day March 17 (Falls on a Saturday)
  • March Madness (NCAA Basketball Playoffs) March 15-18, March 22-25, Final Four March 31-April 2
  • Victoria Day (Canada) May 19-21 (3 day weekend)
  • Memorial Day May 26-28 (3 day weekend)
  • Mothers Day May 13
  • Fathers Day June 17
  • Independence Day July 4
  • Civic Holiday (Canada) August 6 (3 day weekend)
  • Labor Day September 1-3 (3 day weekend)
  • Columbus Day (USA), Thanksgiving Day (Canada) September 6-8 (3 day weekend)
  • Christmas December 25 (4 day weekend – Christmas on Tuesday)
  • New Year’s Eve-Day December 29 – January 1 (4 day weekend – New Years on Tuesday)

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Access Vegas Insider Vibe – June 12, 2002

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THIS ISSUE: “O” by Cirque du Soleil


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NEWKIRK’S NOTES – comments on Las Vegas from AccessVegas.Com publisher Ted Newkirk:

Hello from Las Vegas! I screwed up last newsletter. I failed to note that Celine Dion had just announced the opening of her new show at Caesars and that limited tickets were going on sale. How could I make such a huge error? She starts performing … drumroll … hold your breath for this one … March 25, 2003. Don’t worry too much about ticket availability. She’s performing in a 4000 seat theater and word on the street is that she’ll have a tough time selling it out every night.

Please, no hate mail. We aren’t taking a swipe here. Just telling it like it is. We are excited to eventually see the new show and think the attention it focuses on Las Vegas is fantastic. We wish her the best and will be talking much more about the show as March 2003 gets closer.

DINING AND RESTAURANTS – We’ve just completed an overhaul on our dining page! Restaurants are now listed by hotel, each with a brief overview and note of cuisine. We’re also proud to announce a partnership with Las Vegas based to provide in-depth dining reviews which will be available starting next newsletter. Visit our new dining page at

BEST OF LAS VEGAS – We have a winner in last month’s “Best Luxury Hotel” readers poll. Bellagio came in #1 with 38% of the vote, Venetian at #2 at 27%. No surprise there but the race for third place was very tight: Caesars (10%) edged out Mandalay Bay (9%). See, your vote does count. This months poll is “What is the best place to view Las Vegas?” Go to and get your vote in! A future category will be “Best Buffet.” Email nominations and suggestions to (click)

MORE PHOTOS – We continue to add photos to our Las Vegas photo section! Over the past two weeks, we’ve added photos for Bellagio (including the fountains), Venetian, Aladdin, and Caesars Palace hotels. Grand Canal Shoppes and Forum Shops. Caesars Magical Empire. Red Rock Canyon and Valley of Fire. Go enjoy all the new photos at

MEGABUCKS – finally hit! Johanna Heundl, a 74-year-old retired printer from Covina, CA won the $22,618.156.67 jackpot at Bally’s on May 27’th. She decided to run $100 through the machine on her way to breakfast. When that was gone, she decided to give it one more shot with another $100 bill and hit with 23 credits left on the machine.

HOTEL STRIKE – A handful of smaller properties (mostly downtown) have yet to reach an agreement with the union and a July 1 strike is certainly a possibility at those hotels. The union wants the same deal the major Strip hotel workers got. These mostly older and less profitable hotels feel they can’t afford the demands.

Although word is that replacement workers are ready to go, you may wish to avoid booking these hotels until the dust has settled (either with a contract or with replacement workers getting into the groove of their jobs). List of possible affected hotels at

SELF-GUIDED TOURS – We are pleased to endorse two new recorded driving tours that let you enjoy the scenic wonders just a few miles outside Las Vegas. Travelog has put together driving tours of both Hoover Dam/Valley of Fire and Red Rock Canyon. Being familiar with both of the routes, I listened to them and was please with these professional, in-depth tours.

Each tour comes with both CD and cassette as well as a detailed tour map. The narration goes into significant and helpful detail for each area you are driving through. If you want to explore the beauty of the Desert Southwest, these are well worth the money. And for those who don’t have a car when visiting, we continue to offer one of the largest selection of guided tours available for our area:

* Travelog Hoover Dam / Valley of Fire:
* Travelog Red Rock Canyon:
* AccessVegas.Com Tour Page:

COMEDY, TRICKS AND NAKED CHICKS – starring Fielding West is moving up to an 8 PM time slot at the Bourbon St. Hotel Casino (1/2 block off The Strip on Flamingo). If you missed our review here a few months ago, it is archived (with photos) at

THUNDER FROM DOWN UNDER – This popular “girls night out” male cabaret revue from Australia has moved down the street from New Frontier to Excalibur. Ticket info at

CHICKEN TIC-TAC-TOE – The Tropicana is giving people a chance to play tic-tac-toe against a chicken for the chance to win $10,000. We were unable to attend the press premiere today but will check it out soon. The promotion will go on for at least one year and is modeled after a similar Atlantic City promotion.

SOUL OF MAGIC – Producer Will Roya continues to bring affordable afternoon entertainment to Las Vegas, the lastest being Victor and Diamond. This magic duo primarily uses a background of jazz music to enhance their unique illusions. Among many accolades, Victor and Diamond have been voted the best act for television by NHK, the Japanese Broadcasting Association. They play at 2 PM Saturday through Tuesday at the New Frontier (formerly The Frontier, just north of Treasure Island and Fashion Show Mall) and the price is right: $14.95 which includes two drinks.

FOOD SPECIALS – Arizona Charlie’s (both locations) is offering a 14 oz. Porterhouse Steak Special for $6.95 in the cafe available seven days a week from 5-10 PM. Here at AccessVegas.Com we have heard your feedback. Many of you drive in or fly and rent a car and stay at the many hotel/casinos around the Vegas Valley. We will be covering more events at many off-Strip hotels. For those who never set foot off of The Strip, don’t worry: We’ll continue to have you covered.

ZAX – is the new “contemporary continental” restaurant at the Golden Nugget. With a modern feel and lunch starting at $10 it looks to cater to the downtown power lunch crowd as well as visitors who want a nice lunch experience. Dinner is also served, starting at $18 and including selections like Mojo New York Steak, Knob Creek Honey Salmon, sushi, pizzas and pastas, hot and cold deli sandwiches and more.

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“O” by Cirque du Soleil – How do you really accurately describe the most stunning sunset you have ever seen? A majestic snowcapped series of mountains out of an airplane window on a clear day? Modern marvels such as Hoover Dam or the Golden Gate Bridge? No words do them justice. This is my challenge as I try to describe Cirque du Soleil’s “O” at The Bellagio.

Las Vegas hotel visionary Steve Wynn was going to build Bellagio and was dead-set on making it the most spectacular hotel in the world. He had already partnered with Cirque du Soleil to bring the fabulously successful Mystere to his Treasure Island hotel. But Bellagio needed a show that would top what was already the most spectacular show in town. Out of that vision and desire, “O” was born.

“O” is performed on a stage that is water. A 25 foot deep, 1.5 million gallon, 150×150 ft. pool with hydraulic stage sections lets the 81 member cast alternate between standing on dry land, “walking on water,” swimming, and even spectacular dives. No canned music here — live musicians create the soundtrack. A $70 million theater gives the utmost in creature comforts from the seats to the climate (maintaining a comfortable environment despite a room focused around a body of water). And, all that attention to detail before the first performer entertains.

Be in your seat 15-20 minutes early as they suggest. We don’t want to give anything away … except to say that the warm up sets the mood for the show. Once the curtain drops, we are treated to synchronized swimming. However, this isn’t the Olympics. These world class performers do it in a way to set the stage for this journey that links fire, earth, air, and water.

Cirque du Soleil is a name obviously derived from circus, and I’m not talking about the pink casino at the North end of The Strip. The next act featured twins who performed a spellbinding duo trapeze act above the pool while enveloped in the music and atmosphere of this spellbinding production. The journey continued.

Imagine if you will gymnastics performed on water. Gymnasts who spring, twist, flip and turn on an island in a remote sea, able to spring themselves into the water and then back to land again and again to display varied acrobatics. Imagine a steel framed ship high above water where aerial cradle acts and gymnastic parallel bars coming together to create a mesmerizing spectacle.

Imagine island-inspired, fire-based rituals that you may have seen on vacation in Hawaii or on television, brought to life in a slightly twisted concept, and incorporated into a human fire stunt the likes of which you may never see anywhere else. This right before your very eyes. Imagine performers entering the theater from all angles to take part in an aquatic celebration of love and life.

The depth of “O” is like that of a great movie. As spectacular as the circus-inspired performances are (far more than I’ve listed), and as amazing as this unique room is, this show is deeper. “O” is theatre. It has quiet moments and special characters that bring life’s most intimate quirks to our attention. It has activity not just for the sake of activity, but because different people are drawn to different things. You may see an entirely different show than the person sitting next to you, but you both have seen a show to remember.

For those wondering, the show is well worth the $100-plus ticket price. If you’ve never splurged on an extravagance such as this one, and if you never do it again, do it just this once. You won’t be disappointed. You’ll probably want to go back. I know I do.

“O” by Cirque du Soleil plays at Bellagio. “O” sells out night after night, and well in advance. This is one show worth planning your entire visit around. For current times and ticket prices, please click and enter the dates of your visit to display prices and availability.

Try to book well in advance. Play with different dates (the beauty of online reservations). If no tickets are available during your next visit, you can call Bellagio when you arrive and find out how to wait in the standby line. Tickets set aside for high rollers and other invited guests sometimes go unused. Please understand that standby is first come, first served with no guarantees.

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