Access Vegas Insider Vibe – February 26, 2002

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THIS ISSUE: Showgirls Of Magic

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NEWKIRK’S NOTES – comments on Las Vegas from AccessVegas.Com publisher Ted Newkirk:

We are rolling into March here in Las Vegas! The weather has been pushing 70 degrees for a week now, and slated to be right around 70 for the next 10 days at least. Remember a jacket for the evenings.

All Vegas TV March episode is online at and a great episode it is this month! We covered the grand reopening of Wolfgang Puck’s Spago Las Vegas and Mr. Puck was very gracious in granting us a nice interview. We also have a feature on Showgirls of Magic playing at the San Remo, including an interview with showgirl Theresa Marie. Guys, don’t miss this one! I’ve also included the print review of Showgirls of Magic later in this issue.

Our friend Cook E. Jarr is back from his winter break on March 15’th, resuming his midnight shows on Friday and Saturday nights outside at the Carnival Court at Harrah’s. Cook is ageless, but his crowds get younger and younger every year to enjoy his versions of standards, “old school” hip-hop, pop and dance from today’s charts, and more. It is no coincidence that he’s back in action when Spring Break cranks up in Las Vegas and you’d better believe we’ll be covering him on All Vegas TV in the near future! If you are going “Who is Cook E. Jarr” then check out

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“Tony ‘n’ Tina’s Wedding” has launched at The Rio. This is a true version of the long running Off-Broadway show. The interactive dinner theater concept has the audience attending an “actual” wedding ceremony, reception, guests, and plenty of improv on the part of the actors. Ticket and show info available at

The Bellagio appears to be going after Binion’s Horseshoe to take the title as THE poker place in Las Vegas. Nine different tournaments are slated for this year with buy-ins ranging from $3-10,000 depending on the tournament. Unlike Binion’s World Series of Poker (which lasts for weeks), these are going to be short tournaments taking only a few days.

Speaking of tournaments, the Las Vegas Hilton has just announced a $1 Million blackjack tournament to take place in 12 monthly rounds over the next year. Entry fee is $1000 and includes two nights lodging and other goodies. Each month, 16 players will advance to the finals and eight players will be chosen in a wild card drawing. Contact the Las Vegas Hilton at (800) 457-3307 for more info.

Syndicated radio “hot talker” Tom Leykis does his show live from The Palms Resort Friday, March 8. I’d love to tell you more, but the local affiliate didn’t have specifics as we go to press, nor has The Palms sent out a press release yet. If the broadcast isn’t available in your area, you can tune online his Phoenix affiliate KFNX live March 8 from 3-7 PM Pacific at (simply click on the KFNX “Listen Life” button). If you are in Las Vegas, Leykis airs on 1140 AM on tape delay starting at 4 PM Pacific.

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Showgirls Of Magic:

I won’t deny that I’m pretty jaded. I know virtually every casino layout like the back of my hand, and have seen almost every single show, some multiple times. All Vegas TV reporter Elizabeth Rizzo will confirm that I was checking my watch during a recent visit to EFX, and this despite the fact that Rick Springfield has kicked it up a notch and EFX is once again a show worth seeing.

This makes it an even more pleasant surprise when I run across a show that delivers the goods for a decent price, and Showgirls of Magic keeps the promise. Take an intimate showroom, four beautiful ladies, magic, dancing, and hilarious specialty acts you are have a winner. You won’t be checking your watch — you’ll be forgetting time exists enjoying this fast-paced entertainment.

Showgirls have been a part of Las Vegas since the Rat Pack days and before, but generally in “window dressing” capacity. This is one of the first real attempts to capitalize on the complete performing talents of a set of showgirls and actually make them the stars of a magic revue. It’s worked unusually well as they run through a variety of eyebrow-raising illusions such as Houdini’s Metamorphosis, levitation, and a double rendition of “sawing the girl in half” with an interesting clothing switch thrown in.

Because of the modest showroom size, you won’t see larger-than-life scale illusions but this actually works in their favor. When sitting 42 rows back in the middle of 3000 people, it is tough to tell what is truly happening on stage (with regard to “magician’s secrets”). Here, you are close enough to see the area around the illusions and see the entire stage. If you ever thought these tricks were just camera angles when you saw them on TV, now is the chance to be truly mystified “right before your very eyes.”

Long time cast member Antonio Hoyos, one of the specialty acts, provides comic relief as “The Great Antoine.” Hoyos is “vertically challenged” and his mime-like shtick as a second-rate vaudeville magician provides some good laughs. Showgirls also features other specialty magic acts in addition to Hoyos which are subject to change, as many seem to rotate from one show to another. However, they always seem to get top acts.

Although the magic is great, they give equal attention to the “showgirls” moniker with well choreographed dance numbers performed in a variety of sexy costumes (topless during the second show). For a smaller showroom, they have gone to great care to provide good lighting and sound to give the show a “big production” feel.

Showgirls of Magic features both family (covered) and topless performances. It is the same great show, but geared at slightly different audiences. The covered version is still sexy with some bare buns and double entendres from the comedy acts, but generally suitable for both teens and grandma.

The topless performances (later show) tend to draw more of the “party crowd” specifically looking for the classy adult entertainment that Las Vegas is now known for. The dancers are naturally beautiful, fun, sexy, and tasteful. Although NOT a strip club atmosphere, the topless show is a good alternative to hitting a strip club for that group of guys out on the town. Everyone will have fun, no one will have to lie to their wife, and the ticket price still leaves plenty of cash in your wallet.

Showgirls of Magic plays at the San Remo Hotel Casino, just across from the main entrance to the MGM on Tropicana Avenue (next door to Tropicana Hotel). Side Note: The San Remo is a “best kept secret” as a nice, comfortable, slightly upscale property with great dining values and a friendly staff.

Showgirls of Magic is a production show (six nights a week) with a very moderate ticket price, providing one of Las Vegas’ great show values. For current times and ticket prices, please click and enter the dates of your visit to display prices and availability.

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