Access Vegas Insider Vibe – June 8, 2005

In This Issue: Wynn Las Vegas Photos: Part Two, Free CD With Ticket Purchase, July 4’th Fireworks Announcement, Cook E. Jarr and the Twin Keys, Chef Live … From Las Vegas, Table Games and Slots: Best Games To Win At, New Comment Line, more ….
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Newsletter Going On Hiatus – We are going to take a few weeks off to soak up the sun and watch the off-duty cocktail waitresses sun by our complex pool.

OK, actually we (the staff) will be hard at work making some major upgrades to and this newsletter. And we can’t do both at once. So … Coming Soon:

  • We’re splitting this newsletter. It’s just too out-of-control with so much happening in Las Vegas! This version will get back to a focus on tourism: What to do, go, and see. The newsletter we are spinning off will deal with news of gaming, the condo boom, real estate, insider opinion and commentary, and other dirt on what makes Las Vegas tick. You’ll have to sign up for it separately. We’ll let you know how.
  • Expanded, upgraded nightlife and VIP areas of where you can buy nightclub passes, get set up for tables and booths (bottle service) with our VIP hosts, or just learn everything you need to know about our city’s famous nightclubs and nightlife.
  • Ted Newkirk will be returning to the helm. As many of you know, toxic residential mold exposure and a “perfect storm” of other environmental issues and mis-diagnosis kept our publisher gravely ill for months. He’s on a long, slow comeback trail and looking forward to getting back in the saddle here on a limited basis.

We here at the newsletter will see you in July, but will be going strong so don’t be a stranger! Take the time to surf some of the hundreds of streaming Las Vegas videos or thousands of Las Vegas photos we have online for you.

Scroll down for the Wynn Las Vegas photos and the rest of this issue!

Wynn Las Vegas Photos: Part Two – We now have over 50 new photos of Wynn Las Vegas online taken by Photographer Tom. These in addition to the photos sent in by reader Rick Bobst give us (what we believe is) more photos of Wynn Las Vegas than you’ll find on any other travel website! Click to Wynn Las Vegas photos and don’t forget: Below each photo is a Send As A Postcard link. Send as many as you want to show your friends!

Shop Our Logo Store – Just for being a great guy and sending us some of the first Wynn Las Vegas photos that were made available to the public anywhere, we’re giving reader Rick Bobst his choice of any item in our Logo Shop. If you are getting ready for your next trip, or just want something that tells everyone “I Know Las Vegas,” stop by our Logo Shop and grab a couple of treats for yourself or that special someone.

Free CD With Ticket Purchase – Our friend Larry G. Jones – Man Of 1002 Voices is offering a free CD with purchase of two tickets online. Click over to Larry G. Jones – Man Of 1002 Voices for details.

July 4’th Fireworks On The StripImportant notice … if you crane your neck on The Strip on July 4’th, you’ll be a day late and a dollar short. OK, hopefully you’ll be a few thousand dollars ahead for the visit but you won’t see any fireworks. The Stratosphere Tower is shooting them off … on July 3’rd.

So we suggest heading up to check out Wynn Las Vegas and then continuing to make your way north around dusk. Because The Strip has a bend in it, you won’t be able to see them south of Treasure Island. Fireworks usually go off around 9 PM when it’s completely dark but that can vary (wind at the top of the Tower delay). Grab a beverage and get yourself out on The Strip, soak up Vegas, and wait for the bangs!

Cook E. Jarr and The Twin Keys – One of our favorite things to do is to hit Harrah’s on a Tuesday or Wednesday because we get to see two of the best lounge/party acts in town, playing steps from each other at Harrah’s!

Twin Keys are Kimberley & Tamara Pinegar. These identical twins take the stage just inside from the Carnival Court Tuesdays – Saturdays from 9 PM to 2 AM. They have you laughing, singing along and dancing in no time. Keeping tradition of the dueling pianos genre, the show is an all-request, sing-along that incorporates audience participation and comedy. Twin Keys plays requests that range from the Andrews Sisters to Aerosmith and AC/DC! Check out their streaming video (not from Harrahs but you get the idea).

Cook E. Jarr is the ultimate showman. He’s the entertainers’ entertainer and he’s at Harrah’s on the fabulous Las Vegas Strip. Cook E. Jarr has been voted Number One lounge performer more times than any other performer in the history of Las Vegas. He is well known for attracting big-name celebrities to his phenomenal performances. Cook E. Jarr, King of America’s Lounges is performing at upstairs at Harrah’s Carnival Court on Tuesday and Wednesday nights at 11:00 PM. For more information and to hear streaming sound clips of his live show, visit our Cook E. Jarr – Las Vegas Legend page.

Chef Live … From Las Vegas – Over time, we’ve talked about this exciting new concept in streaming video and our friends at Chef Live are on a roll! Their Board of Directors is a literal who’s who of famous Las Vegas Chefs, they have already launched their first show locally, and things are going national and international soon. We’ve been involved with the development of Chef Live for almost five years and are thrilled to see it come together!

Take a Taste of Chef Live with the following links:

Gambling Talk: You Can Bet On It – Best Games To Win At: Table Games and Slots – with Victor H. Royer. is the last of our four part audio series. In this segment, Victor gives some tips and suggestions for the best games to win at, and how to play informed and maximize the ability to win! This week, click to learn all about Best Games To Win At: Table Games and Slots.

Listen to all four parts of this free series:

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