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Newkirk’s Notes – comments on Las Vegas from AccessVegas.Com publisher Ted Newkirk:

Hello From Las Vegas! – I’d like to personally apologize if you visited over the weekend into the early week. Temperatures struggled to make it to 50 degrees F and we had numerous overnight lows below freezing. If you are a regular reader, you know that I’ve reminded everybody over the past few months that our average Dec. and Jan. low temps are 57 (for both months). Fortunately, we’re pretty much getting back to those numbers. And, that the actual temperature can easily be 10+ degrees of average.

Working Pretty Well – Posting the newsletter online (instead of delivering it in email) is a nice step forward. So many more are enjoy it because it doesn’t get caught in spam filters. Additionally, the look and feel stays intact for ease of reading. Even more importantly, I don’t have to kill myself trying to censor it. We have to use words like strip (as in Las Vegas Strip), casinos, gambling, poker, topless (as in shows) and similar. And those are some of the exact words which spam filters use to keep email from getting to you.

Sahara Officially Renamed – A Bloomberg interview with Sahara owner Sam Nazarian indicates that he will be changing the name of the property to SLS Las Vegas and the property will be remade as a trendy, boutique hotel. Which (as I’ve stated before) won’t work in that location in a million years. In related news…

Fon-Tain-Blu-(Goes-Boom)? – The Fontainebleau (spelled phonetically in the blurb title) is seeing quite a bit of hard hat action lately. As exclusively reported by Scott Whitney on Living in Las Vegas #133, discovery is being done to figure out whether it is cheaper to implode the building or take it apart and sell the steel. However, given the resurgence of the Las Vegas economy and solid projections of visitor growth over the next few years, I have to think that finishing the property is still an option.

I have mixed emotions. The building is very out-of-place for the location, boring looking, and and way too tall. Having said that, demolition would be a black eye on Las Vegas at a time things have really turned around. As always, we’ll keep you posted! Speaking of Las Vegas turning around…

You Don’t Say – Analysts are noting modest revenue increases for Las Vegas tourism in 2012 on the heels of gains in the past few months. We didn’t need analysts to figure this out. How about you walk around downtown or The Strip and look with you own eyes. Las Vegas is jammed again!

Biggest growth for 2012 will be in the affluent traveler segment. For those of you complaining that Las Vegas is becoming just for the rich (completely not true, and we give examples of room and food bargains on a regular basis), certainly the segment catering to the wealthier visitor will increase. Look for every steepening rates at places like Wynn/Encore, Venetian/Palazzo, CityCenter, and even Bellagio.

Regardless of the level of your accommodations, prices are on the rise. If you are even thinking about a 2012 Vegas vacation, I’d strongly suggest clicking over to visit our friends at Las Vegas Hotel Deals and enter some dates looking to lock something up. Waiting will only bring higher prices.

Many of you saw an article titled Is Nevada recovering? Depends on who you ask in your local papers. Considering that the article was written by someone from out-of-state, they actually did a pretty good job of nailing it. If you are on tourism, you’re probably doing fine. The sector is starting to return to normal. For those in construction, forget about it. Years will go by before the foreclosure housing is absorbed (prompting new home construction),áno resorts are on the drawing board, and we have a glut of commercial space.

Thank You Steve Wynn – According to a recent published report, it was Steve Wynn who at a routine meeting with Clark County (Las Vegas) Sheriff Doug Gillespie brought up the issue of how intimidating the pornslappers (adult escort service handbill distributors) were to visitors. Gillespie and the companies who do the “handbilling” have evidently come to an agreement.

Police won’t harass the pornslappers (who are protected under their right to free speech) if the distributors agree to doing things like not slapping the cards (which makes a noise and gets people’s attention), not shoving them in people’s faces, cleaning up after themselves and similar. We’ll see how this is going. As I’ve always noted, the best advice is to literally ignore them. Treat them like they don’t exist.

50/50 – Las Vegas is now attracting just as many female visitors as male. This is a sharp cry from when I first moved here in 1993 and Vegas was a “boys vacation” town. Lots more things for girls to do to get in trouble then there was back then…

Take A Ride On The Wild Side – Motley Crue is slated to do 12 dates at the Hard Rock during the months of February. This is an experiment to see if a hard rock act can make a residency work in Las Vegas a la Celine Dion. This won’t be a typical Motley concert date (which are pretty theatrical to begin with). They promise to use the fact that they’ll be in one spot (they don’t have to break the show down each night) to add all kinds of twists and turns to the show. Tickets are now available: Motley Crue Las Vegas Tickets

Enjoy This Issue!

Associate Editor: Amy Rayner-Cooley
News Researcher/Editor: Rick Ziegler

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Holly Madison, Birthday, Chateau Nightclub, PeepshowHolly Madison Celebrated her Birthday at Chateau Nightclub and Gardens – The gorgeous Holly Madison wowed the crowd on the red carpet as she celebrated her 32nd birthday at Chateau Nightclub & Gardens inside Paris Las Vegas, Saturday night. The Las Vegas ”PEEPSHOW” star dazzled in a gold sparkle dress by Versace for H&M collection and red sparkle Christian Louboutin stilettos with gold spikes. Photo Credit: Denise Truscello/WireImage

Railroad Pass, Gingerbread, ChristmasRailroad Pass Hotel and Casino Announces Gingerbread Houses Display – It’s Holiday time at the Historic Railroad Pass Hotel & Casino. And, as part of the year- long 80th birthday celebration, they are bringing back a tradition from the 1800’s with the artistry of Gingerbread Houses.

The Hard Rock Store Supports The Salvation Army – Donate And Win! – ‘Tis the season for giving and The Hard Rock Store inside Hard Rock Hotel & Casino supports The Salvation Army of Southern Nevada by encouraging guests to make donations between now and the end of the year. Suitable items include non-perishable food and cold weather attire.

winter cocktailThe Waterfall, Atrium and Gardens Of The Palazzo Transform Into A Majestic Winter Utopia û Guests are invited to enjoy one of the resorts’ festive Winter in Venice cocktails – As part of The Venetian and The PalazzoÆs (click link to book) inaugural Winter in Venice celebration, the resortsÆ horticulture team put the finishing touches on its unique winter displays in the resortÆs Waterfall, Atrium & Gardens this morning. Guests are invited to enjoy one of the resortsÆ festive Winter in Venice cocktails while enjoying the distinctive scenery including the popular Gondolier Blanco served at The Venetian and The PalazzoÆs bars and lounges.

Dream Catcher Sunset Grand Canyon TourDream Catcher Sunset Grand Canyon Tour û Landing tour with beverages, snacks and Extra Flight Time in the Grand Canyon! Experience the journey of a lifetime. Your journey begins with a flight out of Las Vegas to Hidden Valley to see the arches. Continue your journey to the Valley of Fire, were you will see red rock formations and some of the most remote, desolate, and fascinating desert landscape.

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What We’re Watching – Vegas Videos You’ll Enjoy

  • Las Vegas Cashes In on Reality Television – Las Vegas is famous for its glitz and glamor. The vibrant city oozes sex appeal. Increasingly, the characters on reality television programs set in Las Vegas provide fascinating scripts not even Hollywood could create. From the young, wild and hot on the E! Channel’s ”Holly’s World”, to big spenders indulging at the Hard Rock’s Rehab pool party, to oddballs getting locked up on Tru TV’s ”Las Vegas Jailhouse”, it all adds up to free promotion for the entertainment capital of the world. Read More…
  • Las VegasÆ Over-the-Top Bathrooms – Any self-respecting traveler knows the importance of finding a clean public bathroom. It’s a place not only to take care of “‘business,” but a place to regroup and take a break from the masses. But in Las Vegas some public bathrooms are giving new meaning to the term royal flush. From over-the-top decor, to wall art that keeps customers lingering (maybe a bit too long) –even free language lessons, a trip to the bathroom can be as exciting as hitting the jack pot. Read more…
  • Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat – Living in Las Vegas certainly has many perksà one being the amazing access you get to activities usually planned for vacation trips. One great example that we’ve come across is the Dolphin Habitat at Mirage. Eight magical Atlantic bottlenose dolphins just waiting for you to join them as a ôtrainer for a dayàö You’ll get to feed the dolphins, learn to train the dolphins, and dine with the dolphins.
  • Red Rock Canyon Time Lapse Scenic Drive – Last week, we presented the Red Rock Casino to Blue Diamond time lapse drive. Now see what happens when you take the ultra-scenic Red Rock Canyon loop. A fast drive though the 12.5 mile narrow road of Red Rock Canyon Park just outside of Las Vegas.

Members Mania – We Love Our Readers!

I live in South Florida and visit Vegas every year, sometimes twice. If they build a huge casino complex in Miami it would not change my visiting Vegas. I don’t come to Vegas for the gambling but for the shows, restaurants and fun. The gambling in second. Before I moved to FL (2 years ago) I lived in MD and seldom went to Atlantic City. Not a fun place. No matter how many casinos/resorts they build in the country there is still only one Vegas!!!

Doris Osborne


Ted Responds:

A recent pretty lengthy article in our newspaper was examining this, and the consensus agrees with you. The Miami developers are quoting crazy numbers when they refer to the visitors they’ll steal from Las Vegas. The same point as yours was also made: Las Vegas isn’t just about gambling. It is the excitement of the entire destination!

Don’t get me wrong: People from the east will take the shorter flight for a quick Miami vacation that involves gambling. But most likely not as a replacement to their Vegas trips.

Unless or until Miami or Cuba builds their own version of the Las Vegas strip with miles of gaming resorts, single casinos in various locals a round the country just wet people’s appetite for Las Vegas. I hate to sound like a broken record, but we’re on pace to tie the record for visitors this year and pass it next year. That’s not exactly a sign that other gaming destinations are keeping people away!

Just back from a two-night, three-day stay in Vegas, our first trip to Sin City in two years. We stayed at MGM Grand. No room matching our reservation for non-smoking and one king-size bed was ready upon our arrival, and my wife wasn’t feeling well after the flight, so we had to spend an hour in a bar waiting for a room (our paperwork, by the way, guaranteed our room by 3 p.m., but we didn’t get ours until 4 p.m.). After that, though, we had a great trip, with time poolside, a nice first-day hit at video poker, and an outing to Fremont Street.

My wife had never been to Fremont Street; I’d seen the same shows there a few times and would have skipped it myself. However, the new (to me) Fremont Street Experience shows (we saw the “American Pie” and “Tribute to Queen” shows, plus one more) were a pleasant surprise to me, so we both enjoyed the outing.

During our stay, we enjoyed fine meals at the Wolfgang Puck and Diego at MGM, and a nice lunch at an outdoor table at Trader Vic’s at Planet Hollywood. We thought we’d have a nice view of the Bellagio fountains there, but the view is better from the outdoor tables at Mon Ami Gabi at Paris.

We were very impressed by our first visit to Planet Hollywood. I’d never been impressed by the former Aladdin, but very much like what they’ve done with the place. I spent some time at the Planet Hollywood sports book and found it to be comfortable, with a nice variety of big TVs for football.

The only show we saw on this trip was “Zumanity”, which we thought was great. We hadn’t known about the comic relief in this show, and that really added to our enjoyment of the show. Maybe we just got lucky, but the audience members roped into the show were cooperative and funny…I imagine not everyone would be!

One final point about a merchant we’ve come to feel offers unique, beautiful jewelry at reasonable prices and with unmatched service: Bernard Passman’s black coral jewelry store at Venetian. On top of what I’ve just said, I can add that they stand by the quality of their jewelry without hesitation.

I enjoy the newsletter and look forward to each issue; I also look forward to returning to Vegas sooner next time, as our package at MGM included an airfare credit for our next trip!

Scott from Dimondale, MI


Ted Responds:

First of all, I need to note that we just found a bunch of great trip reports from 2008 that got orphaned in our system. This was one of them. Over time, we’ll be running those which are still relevant.

When you have issues with a property, I still highly recommend sending a polite but pointed snail mail to the hotel in question. I realize that complaining on social media is becoming more popular, but the ease of it often makes business more dismissive of it. For a long time I remember Wynn’s Twitter feed getting filled with complaints. And the response to each was “call us”. I mean… they can’t very well fix things over Twitter (or even Facebook). Do one better and write them and you might be surprised at how they’ll work to make it up to you!

Membership Update – We’re a few weeks away from going to a paid subscriber model for the newsletter. Unquestionably, our information and advice improves your Las Vegas vacations. When you know what is happening, where the deals are, how not to get ripped off and similar, you maximize the time you have here (which doesn’t come cheap when you factor in air and hotel costs).áThe price will be less than $2 a month ($23.95 per year). That’s less than the price of a soda and candy bar at your local mini-mart.

Why this change when we’ve been free for so long? Simple: When I started in 1999, there really wasn’t that much Vegas news to sift through (and the newsletter was much shorter). Over the years, the time it takes to read all the papers, magazines, blogs, news feeds, press releases and similar and distill it all for you has grown intense. has suffered because of our attention to the newsletter. (For example, we just finally got a mobile version going, something we should have done two years ago). While we keep the site updated, the look and usability if more 1997 (when we launched) then 2011. We can’t do a really great job at both the site and newsletter with present staffing, and the site is our flagship.

This left me with two options:

1. I could radically reduce the scope of the newsletter and quit writing my parts so I can work on the revitalization of Access Vegas. You can get generic Vegas news from a million places now (if you have a zillion hours of free time on your hands each week to sift through it all). But, your feedback indicates that the key reasons you read are for my sections and because we distill down to all the important info. Or…

2. We can ask everyone to pitch in a couple of lousy dollars per month and not only continue what we do, but expand on it with special “members only” features we’d like to add over the course of the next year. We’d like to better address many of the common questions you have (which takes research time).áWe have a killer idea for a specialized app that will save you tons while you are in town. It will be free to paid subscribers. (If you aren’t an app type of person, you’ll have access to the information online in a members area so you can print it out and bring it along, or surf it on your phone or iPad).

We’ll also promise a personal response when a paid subscriber writes us with a Vegas question, which we don’t have the staff to do now (especially on stuff that has to be researched). We have the connections to get the right answers on stuff we don’t know off the top of our head. But not always the time to do so.

Hence, we’re going with option #2. We love helping you guys out. We just need a little help from you to do it properly.

Thanks in advance for your support!

We love to hear from you, and value your feedback! Here’s how to participate:

  • Want to comment on a current reader post? Use the comment box on that particular web page. Many of the stories we post also have comment boxes at the end of the story. Make your voice heard!
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  • Call our recorded comment line at 702-507-0055. We listen to every call.

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Access Vegas Insider Vibe – February 25, 2008 InsideráVibe

Serving Las Vegas Visitors and Residents Since 1999

Welcome to the Insider Vibe! This is the official newsletter ofáAccessVegas.Com. We talk about the Las Vegas activities you really care about. Quick Info Menu:

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Newkirk’s Notes – comments on Las Vegas from AccessVegas.Com publisher Ted Newkirk:

Hello From Las Vegas! No question we are in a different climate zone than most of the U.S. Our own I.T. guy Robert works out of Northwest Alabama and is expecting a winter wonderland. Snow may stretch from the deep south up through New York, Boston, and beyond. Here in Las Vegas? We’re looking at temps in the 70’s (F) for the week and finally (hopefully) a break in the partly cloudy weather we’ve had most of February.

Dixie’s Dam Bar Re-Opens At Hooters – We continually hear your feedback loud and strong. You have no interest in going to an ultra-club and paying hundreds of dollars for a bottle of booze just to be able to sit at a table and look impressive for a few hours. Hooters Hotel Casino agrees!

Taking a page out of Coyote Ugly, the bartenders are called “Dixie’s Dancing Divas” andáboth pour the booze and dance to tunes from the jukebox. No bottle service but you can buy a mini-keg of beer for your table. Tables and booths are first come, first served and they note you better check your attitude at the door. There is a $20 cover. Worth it? We’ll tell you first-hand in a couple of weeks as we’re getting ready to do a photo-feature on the place.

No $15 Martini’s Or $90 Steaks Here – So says the owners of the brand new M Resort Casino opening in the very south part of Las Vegas over the weekend. Although the M is very much a Strip resort caliber property, it is family owned and they have been emphatic that they are going to do things old-school Vegas when it comes to both prices and customer service.

Their staff was hired on the basis of friendly, out-going personalities. Prices even at their high-end restaurants are going to be moderate. (Think more in terms of downtown pricing, not Vegas strip even though their rooftop fine-dining venue will have one of the best views in town). Drink stations throughout the casino promise complimentary coffee and soft drinks to everyone.

Is it worth checking out? We’ll let you know soon. Mark is headed down to do a photo-feature which should run in the next couple of weeks. We’ll find out if they have a free shuttle to and from The Strip as well. If they hold to their promises, everyone should make a point to visit and do some gambling and eating just to reward them for getting back to reasonable prices and a focus on the customer.

Cook E. Jarr Still Going Strong – Every once in a while, we get asked if Las Vegas legend Cook E. Jarr is still playing. Yes, still playing and yes, still worth checking out. Catch him at Harrah’s Carnival Court on Friday and Saturday Nights from 6-8 PM. Jimmy Kimmel once said “If you haven’t seen Cook E. Jarr, you haven’t been to Vegas.” I agree. More info at

Hugo’s Cellar – A recent review of this venerable long-time Las Vegas fine dining establishment at the Four Queens brought it to my mind for the first time in years. Hugo’s Cellar has received raves from visitors for decades. With the demise of the Center Stage restaurant (Plaza) and The Burgundy Room (Lady Luck), Hugo’s Cellar soldiers on as an excellent slice of Las Vegas the way it used to be.

Cheap? Not really (check out their menu). But well worth it. Fine dining downtown on more of a budget? Check out The Flame Steakhouse (formerly Roberta’s) at the El Cortez.

Party Like A Local, With The Locals – Blue Martini in Town Square (about a mile south of Mandalay Bay) is offering local industry professionals a 50% discount from 11 PM to 5 AM, 7 nights a week. Jobs are tough to find, but if you live here (or are hell-bent on moving here despite the economy), getting a job is often all about who you know. This ongoing promotion is open to everybody (must be an industry professional with ID get the 50% off). Might be a good place to start networking.

Get Out Of Town! – Many of you have been reading our newsletter and visiting Las Vegas for years, and you’ve always thought about taking the day to see some of the gorgeous Desert Southwest scenery.

If coming in the next 2-3 months, this is the perfect time to do it! Temps will be neither too hot nor too cold and if you get lucky, you’ll catch the desert in springtime bloom. (No, we can’t predict when that will happen. It varies each year due to weather conditions).

Even if you only want to spend half a day, see Red Rock Canyon or Hoover Dam. Both are less than 45 minutes from The Strip. Hoover Dam is amazing. Even if you have seen it on TV and think you have no interest, you’ll be blown away. Pictures don’t to the size and scope of it justice.

zion -! 249---Zion National Park---
Zion National Park

Have a full day? Zion National Park in Utah is about three hours away and will take your breath away. Take a virtual ride via Google. Closer to Las Vegas, the Valley Of Fire state park will make you feel like you are driving across the surface of Mars.

41 Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada
Valley Of Fire State Park

You don’t need to rent a car for your entire stay. Crack open the phone book in your hotel, and you’ll find that many of the major car rental companies have locations in hotels (and you avoid paying the airport taxes and fees when you rent).

Enjoy This Issue!

Ted Newkirk
CEO/Managing Editor

Associate Editor: Amy Rayner-Cooley
News Researcher/Editor: Mark Jacobs

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Aliante from $25, Boulder Stn from $29, Fiesta H from $28, Green Valley from $80, Palace Stn from $25, Red Rock from $90, Sunset Stn from $50, Texas Stn from $29, Wild Wild W. from $23, More Savings At All Vegas Hotels!

Rock Icon Paul McCartney To Headline Grand Opening Weekend At The New Joint At Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas – The legendary Paul McCartney will headline grand opening weekend of The New Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas on Sunday, April 19. (Tickets) “I’m looking forward to Rockin’ The Joint!” said Paul McCartney. “We are honored to have the multi-Grammy award winning artist and rock legend, Paul McCartney, launch us into a new era of rock ‘n’ roll at the all new Joint concert venue scheduled to open at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in April,” said Randy Kwasniewski, President and COO of Morgans Hotel Group Las Vegas and Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. Click to Read The Full Story …

Comedian Vinnie Favorito Ups The Ante At Flamingo Las Vegas – Favorito Extends His Run With A Three-Year Contract – After continued success performing at Flamingo Las Vegas, comedian and celebrity roaster Vinnie Favorito has announced that he will extend his run for an additional three years. (Tickets) Favorito’s edgy, in-your-face style of comedy has made him a favorite among Las Vegas locals and tourists alike. “Anyone coming to Vinnie’s show should check their humility at the door, no one and no topic is off limits in his theater,” said Don Marrandino, President of Flamingo Las Vegas. “Vinnie never does the same show twice and audience members will never forget their turn in the hot seat, it’s a wild show.” Click to Read The Full Story …

Country Rock Legend Kenny Chesney To Play The New Joint At Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Saturday, April 25 – Country great Kenny Chesney will be bringing his Sun City Carnival 2009 Tour to Las Vegas this spring and will be joined by Miranda Lambert & Lady Antebellum. (Tickets) Chesney will play The New Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on Saturday, April 25. Following his Poets & Pirates Tour – the most attended tour in any genre of music for 2008 according to Pollstar – the man who’s already sold out the home of the New England Patriots, Boston’s Gillette Stadium, in less than 10 minutes is looking to pick up the tempo, rock a little harder and increase the fun, friends and music. Click to Read The Full Story …

The OASIS Smooth Jazz Sunday Brunch – The Oasis Smooth Jazz Sunday Brunch is back every Sunday, 11a to 2p, at Panevino Ristorante. (Sunset Road one block of Las Vegas Blvd. literally 5 minutes from Mandalay Bay with a nice view of The Strip in the distance). Treat yourself to a glass of Korbel California Champagne, a delicious brunch and live Smooth Jazz! Call Panevino Ristorante for reservations at 222-2400.

“Hit Man: David Foster And Friends” In Concert At Mandalay Bay Events Center Saturday, May 9 – Back by popular demand, a concert celebration featuring musicÆs premier songwriter and producer David Foster will take place Saturday, May 9 at the Mandalay Bay Events Center (Tickets). The event will pay tribute to the 15-time Grammy winner and will feature Philip Bailey from the chart-topping band Earth, Wind & Fire, Brian McKnight, Peter Cincotti and Oprah WinfreyÆs protÚgÚ, Charice. Foster also will perform some of the hits he has written or produced during his 40-year musical career.. The event is scheduled to begin at 8 p.m.Click to Read The Full Story….

Junior Welterweight Championship Fight To Take Place Saturday, May 2 At MGM Grand – Two of boxing’s biggest stars will meet in the ring for what could be the year’s biggest pay-per-view event. Five-division world champion MANNY “Pac Man” PACQUIAO and Ring Magazine and IBO World Junior Welterweight champion RICKY “The Hitman” HATTON, will fight for Hatton’s World Junior Welterweight titles Saturday, May 2 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. (Tickets) These two boxing artists will have a 20′ x 20′ canvas on which to paint the black and blue masterpiece that the world has been waiting to watch. Click to Read The Full Story …

Members Mania – We Love Our Readers!

Our last issue garnered a couple of very different responses, both of which have merit. For review: I’ve been quite emphatic over the past few months regarding the overblown national and international news accounts that would suggest that Las Vegas is on the verge of demise as a tourist destination. I culminated last week with a published report that Las Vegas was still the #1 U.S. visitor destination and would likely continue.

Responses ranged from those who say “OK, your point is made, move on” to those sharing their excitement about Las Vegas and plans to continue to enjoy the destination. What follows are two very divergent letters in response to last week:

I absolutely love your newsletter for all the information that it provides and all of your insights. However, I do have a little bone to pick with you. You do not have to constantly remind us of how great Las Vegas is and that we should all ignore the gloom and doom that is in the news media. You are preaching to the choir. We get, and read your newsletter because we are interested in the goings on in LV. Stop cheerleading for LV. People will come because we like it there.

If the economy is terrible, well, people will still come, maybe just not as many. LV doesn’t have to be #1 to make it fun to come to. Too much of your editorial is spent on making sure that everyone knows that LV is great and that anybody who says it’s not doesn’t know what they are talking about. Yeah us!!! We get it. Please keep up the great work in informing us of the goings on in Vegas.

There is not a better source available on the web.

Kip Abelson

Ted Responds:

Your point is very well taken and I appreciate the constructive criticism. And we will be moving some of the “how is Las Vegas doing” to the new segment at the end of the newsletter. W

Yes, we have many long-time loyal readers are already sold on Las Vegas and very appreciative of the continued support of our newsletter. But, please keep in mind that we have a churn of readers with new readers all the time, many planning their first visit (or considering planning a visit here). They are truly under the impression that Las Vegas is a dying destination and perhaps they aren’t sure if they want to visit.

Yes, many you would visit regardless of how popular the city is as a destination. But… many first-time visitors (which are the backbone of tourism growth here) visit because Las Vegas is #1 and popular and feel that they should check it out if that many other people are interested in it. Similar to a restaurant or book or popular music artist that people check out because of the buzz. Because the restaurant got a top grade or the book or music artist is #1.

I’ve also emailed journalists and posted on blogs which have propagated the Vegas is dying stories to educate them on how tourism numbers have little to do with the local housing situation (or even our stagnant population growth). I’ve been somewhat of a lone voice on this, but am pleased to report that these types of stories have greatly diminished in the national media and I’d like to think that I played a pretty significant role in that.

Bottom Line: I do appreciate the patience you and other readers have shown with this. The nice thing about our newsletter is you can scan right over a section that isn’t of interest to you, but the continued Vegas is still #1 has obviously been reaching the targeted readers (new visitors and journalists).

As winter turns into Spring, we’re already headed out stronger than ever with our traditional coverage of all that Las Vegas has to offer and back to a 100% focus on the fun and the deals.

Once again, thanks for reading and thanks for the input.

I found this newsletter about a year ago and I really enjoy to read all the news about Las Vegas every time!

At the end of may I will visit Las Vegas again for 3 weeks! I try to do this every year (to be honest, it’s the only reason for me to go to work). We had the first snow this year October 31st and today it’s still snowing. We do have tons and tons of snow and even can’t go outside with the car. Also the last few ‘summers’ were not the best. The last really great summer we had was back in 2003.

I usually travel alone (nobody else stays for 3 weeks in Vegas) and my friends from Switzerland visit me and then travel to other places. This year my boss is in San Francisco and will drive with the car to Vegas for one week. And later another couple visits Vegas for 3 days and we will meet.

Last year I was staying at the Luxor in a tower room. It was so great there that I will stay there again this year. It’s also never a problem to book for such a long time. People here in Switzerland usually stay for 3-4 days in town and then drive or fly away. Back at home they jump in another airplane a travel to a Greek or Spain island and lay in the sun at the beach. That makes no sense for me. I can do all this in Vegas too. The pool areas are so great and relaxing.

Of course I was on several islands in Europe too, but when I went to Vegas the first time in 1998 it was clear for me: that’s the town I will return as often as I can, and it’s every time the best time of the year I have.

I can’t tell you how much I look forward to may 28th when the plane starts!!! There are so much more things to do in Vegas than the Casinos. I travel with empty suitcases and buy as much as I can carry. Then the Motorspeedway is a must too! We also like to walk a lot or drive to Arizona or Utah and visit the National parks. This area is also very interesting. Sometimes I think 3 weeks is not enough…. 😉

Barbara Eichhorn from Switzerland

Ted Responds:

Thanks for the great letter! Sometimes, new readers (who have never been to Las Vegas) will write and say “We are coming for three days… what should we see?” I politely tell them that they could stay for a month and not run out of things to do or see as there is plenty for almost every interest. Simply reading our newsletter is the best way to find out what is currently happening.

May is a great month to be here as our 100 degree (F) temps generally have not hit yet, but it no longer gets cold at night. Every day is a perfect day to hang out by the pool or go see some of the amazing scenery of the beautiful Southwest U.S. and every night is perfect for strolling in the neon or taking in a show.

Thanks again for reading and telling your friends. We have a very loyal international readership base (about 25% of our readers) and are very appreciative of the time and effort it takes to visit us regardless of what part of the globe you transverse to get here.

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Coming Hot Holidays – The following dates are huge times to be in Las Vegas, and rooms are in high demand. Booking in advance is the best way to save. Visit our friends at Las Vegas Hotel Deals and spend one of the following hot dates having fun in Las Vegas:

  • St. Patrick’s Day March 17
  • Easter Sunday April 12
  • Cinco de Mayo May 5
  • Mother’s Day May 10
  • Father’s Day June 21
  • Canada Day, Canada July 1
  • Independence Day July 4
  • Civic Holiday, Canada August 1-3 (3 day weekend)
  • Labor Day, U.S September 5-7 (3 day weekend)
  • Labour Day, Canada September 5-7 (3 day weekend)
  • Jewish New Year September 19
  • Halloween October 31
  • Veteran’s Day November 11
  • Thanksgiving Day, U.S November 26-29 (4 day weekend)
  • Hanukkah Dec. 2 – Dec. 9
  • Christmas December 25
  • New Year’s Eve-Day December 31 – January 2 (3 day weekend)
  • Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, U.S (Observed) January 18-20 (3 day weekend)
  • Lincoln’s Birthday, U.S February 12
  • President’s Day, U.S (Observed) February 13-15 (3 day weekend)
  • Chinese/Lunar New Year February 14
  • Valentine’s Day February 14
  • Washington’s Birthday, U.S February 22

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