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THIS ISSUE: Harley-Davidson Cafe

EDITOR’S NOTES: We’ll be somewhat back to “normal” this week, although the letters section will feature notes I received regarding the tragedy. I want to encourage you to take advantage of the lower hotel rates and the opportunity to go about your business and show that we won’t be put in fear of our way of life.

Hotel rates are down. The lines at vacation destinations are shorter, the traffic isn’t bad. In fact, I’m going to put my money where my mouth is: We are going to give $1 to the Red Cross for every room night you readers book now through Sept. 26, 2001. No catch, you still get to take advantage of our rebate spectacular, and the guaranteed low rates! Full details at

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Why are we doing this? We feel terrible for the thousands of lives lost in the World Trade Center tragedy. We also feel for the tens of thousands in the hospitality and travel industry who have been laid off. These are hard working people just like you and I, many with families to feed. If you need to get away for the weekend, week, or were thinking about booking a trip for later this year, this is the time to get great rates and show you support at

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Mandalay says it anticipates some layoffs

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Trinidad, Hopkins to fight Sept. 29

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FEATURE STORY: Harley-Davidson Cafe

While coincidence, it seem fitting to be talking about a restaurant which commemorates a legendary American product and has a decidedly patriotic theme and red, white, and blue decor.

This is one of the more successful theme eateries in Las Vegas. Country Star Cafe, Dive!, Race Rock and All Star Cafe have bit the dust (although Race Rock might be temporarily closed), and word is still out on the new ESPN Zone but the huge 28 foot high, $500,000 Harley replica above the door as well as the prime lower-Strip location make them hard to miss.

Whether the restaurant lasts 100 years like the famous motorcycles have remain to be seen, but if you are a biker, weekend biker, or just have a “good ole’ boy” love of the US or things related to it, pop your head in the door for a spell.

Memorabilia includes seven Harley-Davidson Motorcycles displayed hanging from a conveyor belt winding its way through every area of the Cafe. On one wall is a 40′ x 40 American Flag, made from 44,000 chain links and weighing over 7 tons. A theme restaurant must have that celebrity connection, and the Cafe has famous bikes on display which include “Captain America” from the movie Easy Rider as well as Harley motorcycles and memorabilia from celebrities such as Elvis, Ann-Margret, and Billy Joel.

This is a themed restaurant which means the emphasis is more on memoribilia and surroundings (read: the food isn’t bargain-priced but has really cutsy names). However, the quality was good and they don’t skimp on the portions. My only complaint was that everything seemed a little on the salty side, but not terribly so.

They have a very complete menu, and house specialties include:

The Harley Hog Sandwich: Carolina pulled pork sandwich with French fries and Coleslaw $10.25

Chicken Pot Pie: Chicken and vegetables topped with a pastry crust $13.50

Homestyle Meatloaf: With broccoli, mashed potatoes and brown gravy $11.25

Kellogg’s CornFlake Coated Chicken Fingers: Chicken tenders served with your choice of Original, Honey-BBQ or Buffalo Style sauce $7.50

BBQ Baby Back Ribs: House-smoked ribs with baked beans and cole slaw $19.95

Vegetarian Wrap Sandwich: Grilled and roasted carrots, zucchini and yellow squash, with a basil pesto, wrapped in a spinach tortilla. Served with seasonal fruit $8.75

Georgia House Salad: Assorted lettuces with bacon, chunks of blue cheese and candied pecans with a vinaigrette dressing $8.95

Warm Chocolate Chip Toll House Cookie Pie: With vanilla ice cream and hot chocolate syrup $5.95

Tank full of Sundae: served with three scoops of ice cream, whipped cream, a whole banana, lotsa fixins’ and your choice of hot chocolate or butterscotch $7.95

The Harley-Davidson Cafe is located between The Aladdin and MGM, across from Holiday Inn Boardwalk on the lower Strip. They open at 11:00 AM daily, closing at 11:00 PM on weeknights and midnight on Sunday. Their number is (702) 740-4555 and they accept all major credit cards.

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EDITORS NOTE: I was swamped with letters this past week. Although not able to respond to every letter I always read them all and appreciate them. I’m going to post a representative sample here. They all have to do with my last newsletter and the events of last week. Next week, we’ll get back to the “We liked this, but had a problem with that” letters that I trust many find helpful in planning their Vegas vacation.


Melissa Crumly of Springfield, IL wrote:

>Dear Ted,
>My mother, brother, and I have been planning a trip to Vegas for
>months. Even though the recent terrorist attacks have left so many of
>us reeling, I agree with you wholeheartedly that we should not let
>such attacks make us live in fear. If we do that, the terrorists have
>won and accomplished what they set out to do.
>Our trip is about 3 weeks away — so some of the sorrow will have worn
>off — and we plan to have as much fun as possible. After all, none
>of us knows how much time we have . . . so, we should spend it
>enjoying ourselves, our families, and our friends and not waste it by
>worrying where and when the next tragedy is going to happen.
>We are strong people, and we deserve enjoying the wonderful places and
>people our country has to offer.

I hope most US citizens share your view and show their support for our economy by getting out and traveling again. Even if scared to fly, there are plenty of great destinations a days drive from just about anywhere. We are looking forward to making donations to the Red Cross this week for everyone who takes advantage of our offer at

Sandy Abramovich wrote:

>Thanks so much for posting the pictures of the strip on the night of
>remembrance — this whole tragic experience is so soul rending. We’re
>90 miles away from WTC, everyone around here has a story of someone
>they know/are related to that worked there. It’s very unifying to
>know that a city almost 3,000 miles away is mourning as we are.
>Thanks again!

Last Friday night, a number of hotels turned off all nonessential exterior lighting in remembrance of the victims. Sandy is referring to the photos at which I took that evening from the hills above Las Vegas.

Phyllis DeJong wrote:

>I don’t think anyone could have said this better. I think the music
>is so soothing and it does allow us to let our minds relax for a short
>time. I miss Las Vegas and was about to buy tickets and am holding
>off until I see how things go. It will be hard to fly again. Yes, we
>had someone in the Pentagon, but they managed to get out. Enjoy your
>newsletter so much.

Phyllis is referring to the Mirage Waterfalls video I posted last week at The short clip was produced a few weeks ago, but seemed appropriate for the mood.

Wendy & Peter Emond wrote:

>Comments: Hi I am from Ontario Canada (Callander) and my husband and I
>truck drive all across the US I feel so sick for a couple of days
>now on what happened in New York. My husband and I have a lot of
>people in the US that we know relatives and fellow drivers. My heart
>totally goes out to all the Americans and Canadians that have been
>effected by this terrible tragedy. God Bless. Your friends from Canada.

Angela Madden wrote:

>Thanks for the email. I love getting these regularly, as they always
>remind me of the superb holidays I’ve had in your wonderful city.
>We have all been shocked by the horror of Tuesday’s attack,
>particularly here in Northern Ireland. We know the full horror of
>terrorism, and the unspeakable grief it causes. We also know that the
>sprit of America and the will of its people will carry your country
>through this terrible time.

Carol wrote:

>Thanks for the great email about what’s happening in our country. It
>was a nice welcome home letter. I went (to Las Vegas) Sept 8 to the 15th. I thought
>the show of support by draping the American flag outside the casinos
>was fantastic. Please send more info as you get it I am very
>interested in the articles. Once again thanks for the info.

Sandy F. wrote:

>I would like to extend my appreciation to the people of Las Vegas.
>While my husband and I were in Las Vegas when this Attack on America
>happened, we were frantic to get out of Las Vegas. We ran out of
>critical medicine while there but for the patience of the Walgreens
>staff we were able to get our prescriptions within 24 hours. The
>courtesy extended by the staff while waiting in line for the
>prescriptions was overwhelming. They served everyone with free water
>and snacks. We finally were able to get confirmation with our agent
>from Albany, NY with Southwest Airline. While waiting in line for 4
>hours in the sun outside and finally inside, the airline served free
>water, also the Salvation Army came by with sandwich’s for the people
>waiting. In these trying times it is a pleasure to see people come
>together to help others wherever possible.

Maureen Smithson wrote:

>Just a short line from the Brits in the Canary Isles to say that our
>hearts and prayers are with the wonderful people of America we grieve
>with you.

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