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This Issue: “Master Magician” Lance Burton

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LAS VEGAS NEWS – of interest to tourists:

THE THREE TENORS – are taking the stage in Las Vegas, and you can watch it free on your computer live this Saturday night! You have to sign up to become a member at but membership is free. It also allows you to watch their other special events and even take part in choosing who you want them to feature.

MR. WYNN – The Mirage Resorts boss has been looking at the Desert Inn now that he’s out of a job (and a company) at the end of the year. He could probably buy the place out of this wallet (i.e., no investors, no stocks, no Wall St. wanting answers) and the 34 acres behind the resort give him plenty room to expand if he chooses. Full story at and our poll this week as asks you if you have ever been to the Desert Inn and would you check it out if Steve Wynn took it over?

SAM’S TOWN – is in the middle of an $86 million dollar renovation. They aren’t totally eliminating the country theme, but with new chandeliers, flat screen TV’s showing sporting events above the gaming tables, and a more upscale carpeting design, they are looking to attract a new audience. Their $6.99 prime rib with complete salad bar (and it is complete) served 24 hours is still one of the best deals in town. Full story at

EASTER DINNER – If you are going to be in town this weekend, there are plenty of great options for enjoying a great Easter meal. Story at

NASH BRIDGES – is in town filming at the Desert Inn and a thief took a liking to Don Johnson’s Mercedes, stealing it and taking it for a high speed joyride and police chase before totaling it. A related story about a new CBS pilot shooting here is at

REBOOT – The new Imax RideFilm has opened at the Circus Circus Adventuredome. This is a must for both computer “geeks” (I fall into that category) and those who want a fun motion simulator ride. This simulated rollercoaster ride has a storyline taking place entirely inside a computer in a computer-generated imaginary world. Full story and photo at and you can read our archived Adventuredome review and photos at

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Quick Concert and Show Notes:

See which shows are playing during your stay and book reservations EVEN if the tickets aren’t on sale yet. Let ShowVegas takes care of all your needs directly online! Search by dates at

Rat Pack – This David Cassidy produced show recreating the days and shows of the infamous Rat Pack has resurfaced at The Sahara to continued good reviews. Story at and advance ticket purchase online at

Hard Rock – Methods of Hayhem on April 28, Aimee Mann and Michael Penn on May 23, Macy Gray on May 25, and Ringo Starr and his All Star Band on June 17. Tickets at (702) 474-4000 and Hard Rock discount rooms available at (Hard Rock link).

Mandalay Bay – LYNYRD SKYNYRD on April 25, CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVISITED on April 28, Moby on April 28, REO SPEEDWAGON, Los Van Van on April 30, STYX and SURVIVOR on May 5, Classical Mystery Tour (Beatle’s Tribute) May 12 – 14, TOWER OF POWER on May 13, DAVID SANDBORN on MAY 19, Kenny Wayne Shepherd on May 20’th, BARRY MANILOW May 25 – May 28’th, JEFFERSON STARSHIP on May 26, Cowboy Junkies on June 3, and RICKY MARTIN on July 22. Tickets available at (702) 474-4000 and Mandalay Bay discount rooms are available at (Mandalay Bay link).

The Orleans – Jerry Lewis on April 21-24, and Roy Clark on April 27-30. Tickets at (702) 365-7075 and Orleans discount rooms available at (Orleans link).

Sam Boyd Stadium – EA Sports Supercross Series Finals on May 6, and X107.5 “Our Big 3.5 Concert” May 20 with Stone Temple Pilots, Godsmack, Cypress Hill, System of a Down, Papa Roach, Dope, Staind, Static X, Kittie, The Flys, Snake River Conspiracy, Phatter Than Albert, Inside Scarlet, Left Standing, God Among Men, and DJ Scotty Boy at Sam Boyd Stadium. Tickets at 1-888-464-2468. Sam’s Town is the closest major hotel casino to Sam Boyd Stadium and Sam’s Town discount rooms available at (Sam’s Town link).

Thomas and Mack – Nine Inch Nails on June 2, and Bob Dylan with Phil Lesh on June 27. Tickets at 1-888-464-2468. The Hard Rock Hotel is within walking distance of the Thomas and Mack. Hard Rock discount rooms available at (Hard Rock link).

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FEATURE STORY: “Master Magician” Lance Burton

lance-burton-01.jpg (10752 bytes)I’ve seen Lance Burton on T.V. countless times. He’s been a semi-fixture on The Tonight Show, dating back to Johnny Carson who called Lance “the best magician I have ever seen.” He’s graduated from an ongoing guest spot in Folies Bergere (reviewed to his own gig at the Hacienda and now to his own show in the Lance Burton Theater of the Monte Carlo.

The show started with the clip from his last television special in which he was chained to the tracks of the infamous Desperado rollercoaster in Primm (40 miles south of Las Vegas). It is arguably the tallest and fastest in the world. While he was able to work his way free, he couldn’t hear his assistant’s time counts and was nearly killed. Even in slow motion, you could see the coaster missing his feet by inches as he jumped free.

Lance it a traditional magician, not relying on lasers and tigers so much as classic magic taken to a new level. We were first treated to vanishing candle routine which earned him his “World Champion” title in 1982. While familiar to anyone who has seen his TV specials or the commercials, it was even more impressive live and close up. Lit candles appear and vanish, turning into scarves in a blur of fire.

One of my personal favorites is the finale of this trick where he makes decks of cards appear and vanish. Just when you think you are starting to figure out how he does it, he literally starts to flick cards out of each hand, one at a time, card after card. With his sleeves rolled up and the ability to see each card drop to the floor, one can only be amazed!

lance-burton-02.jpg (13608 bytes)After introducing his assistants only to make them vanish one-at-a-time in his cape (another trick from one of his specials — as most of them are), he brought out his bird “Elvis” for a lighthearted bit involving a vanishing bird and cage along with the participation of a number of young children. I should note that this is very much an all-ages show. No overly risquÚ costumes, dirty jokes, or foul language.

Comedy Magician Mac King was taking the place of Lance’s regular guest artist the past week. Mac performs at Harrah’s in his own afternoon shows, and he didn’t let anyone down with a short, tight routine that left all both amazed and laughing as he put a few new twists on the classic “pick a card, any card” trick with an audience member invited up on stage. We’ll be checking out Mac’s own show soon and giving you a report!

After the teepee trick made famous on Jay Leno a couple of years ago, he segued into a series of illusions with a Masque Ball setting, which was probably influenced by the 9 years he spent at Folies Bergere. This unique trick involved everything from sawing the limbs off of a clown to making ducks and geese vanish and reappear, all while giving him an opportunity to poke fun at his friends with the tigers down the street saying “geese are much harder to train than tigers”!

His extended finale and now signature trick involves not only making a fully driveable sports car appear on stage, but making it also disappear in a unique way with a “special guest” in the passenger’s seat. This one has to be seen to be believed!

My only complaint is that it seemed at times he was on auto-pilot, just going through the motions, especially early in the show. Chalk it up to the fact we saw it on a Tuesday evening (his Monday), or maybe he was just having a bad night, but I’m used to seeing a little more energy and enthusiasm.

Lance Burton plays Tuesday – Saturday in the Lance Burton Theatre at the Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino. Tickets are $54.95 for Mezzanine and $49.95 for balcony. We suggest paying the extra $5 to get a more intimate view. Discount Monte Carlo rooms are available at (Monte Carlo link) and you can book Lance Burton tickets online ahead of time for a small service fee (especially suggested if seeing him on a weekend — this Tuesday late show was just shy of a sell-out) at



Sam Profio wrote:

>To Janice about Harrah’s rooms:
>I have stayed at Harrah’s a couple of times and while the rooms are
>not the newest or greatest in town they are fine.á Some have bedrooms
>with mirrors on the ceiling and walls (don’t ask me).á I have not
>stayed in a suite.
>You get a lot more than a nice reasonably priced room at Harrah’s
>though: It has a great location with access to everything “mid-strip”.
>And, you can walk to Bally’s and take the tram to MGM and have access
>to everything on the south end.á The staff is very friendly and the
>dealers are some of the best in Vegas especially blackjack.á Try the
>party pit.á Noisy but fun.á Their player’s club mailings and specials
>seem to be better than some others I have.á For example, I get free
>rooms for less play.á The Garden Cafe serves up a great breakfast
>(it’s open all day).á Fresh fruit, the best granola we’ve ever had,
>etc.á The Carnival Court always has a good swing or jazz band.á They
>have a comedy club on the property which we go to even when we are not
>staying there.

Shelli Wolis wrote:

>blower, large screen TV, security at elevators, etc.).á THE ROOMS ARE

Ray Ambrose wrote:

>I will be returning to LV in early June after an absence of 10 yrs.
>So need your help…it’s great to have found your site.á QUESTION 1:
>I’ve decided to stay downtown; 4 Queens or Gold Nugget, any real
>difference?á QUESTION 2: where is the best place to play low to medium
>stakes poker?á You know, are the players any different in one joint
>compared to another.á Where do the locals play?á Best comps, etc.á I
>will look forward to learning from you and your other avid readers.

The Golden Nugget is the class of downtown. While the Four Queens is nice, it’s not the Nugget. I’m not a poker player but I bet some of our readers are! Poker players, any advice? Fire us a line at

Thierry Groueix wrote:

>hi, I’m looking for an hotel where pets are allowed in Las Vegas.
>I’ve planned to book in Circus Circus but they didn’t accept.á could
>you help me please?á thanks in advance

I don’t have a clue, and have never seen any animals inside a casino except seeing eye dogs. Input from anyone would be appreciated at

Mary Messina wrote:

>Thought you would like a bit of trivia about the Bellagio.á Did you
>know that they sell their bread and baked goods to at least five
>different casino restaurants?á They have gotten so many orders that
>they are opening a bakery off sight to accommodate all the business.
>I haven’t seen the back “room” of any other casino but theirs is as
>nice as the casino.á The people that work their have their own
>restaurant and stores.á When we went back for a tour I thought I was
>still in the casino with the exception of not having slots or tables.
>The people their are very nice and I was glad to have the experience.

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I don’t like baseball to begin with 38%
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