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This Issue: Jerry Lewis

Curious about a restaurant, event, or other Las Vegas attraction that looks
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LAS VEGAS NEWS – of interest to tourists:

IMPLOSION TIME? – Rumor is floating around that the El Rancho (north end of
the strip) is going to be imploded the first week of October. As soon as we
can confirm, we’ll let you know!

NOT THE BEST WEEK – for a few tourists. A shooting in Harrah’s left one
person dead, and a bus overturned about 4 hours north of Las Vegas,
injuring all on board (many seriously). Harrah’s story at
and the bus wreck story is at Our
poll for this week asks you how safe you feel coming to Las Vegas in light
of news like this. Poll is at

SOUTHWEST AIR – is launching new service from Birmingham, AL to Las Vegas
and for a limited time are offering an introductory fair of $198. You need
to book by Dec. 10 at

RESTAURANTS – Here are some various recent restaurant reviews from various
local media:

Grand Lux (Venetian) –
House of Blues (Mandalay Bay) –
Postrio (Venetian) –
Spago (Caesars) –

TOM JONES IMPRESSION – From the quirky file: A man was arrested at (Las
Vegas’) McCarran Airport for smuggling a dozen lizards into the country …
in his underwear. Story at

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WINNERS! – Charles R. Beck II or Minooka, IL won the Review-Journal special
section about the Aladdin opening.

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Quick Concert and Show Notes:

SHOWS – See which shows are playing during your stay and book reservations
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MEN ARE FROM MARS, WOMEN ARE FROM VENUS – The John Gray best-selling book
as been turned into a musical revue and debuts at The Flamingo on Sept. 17.
It is billed as “A musical revue about love — the good, the bad, and the
funny.” Tickets available at (800) 221-7299 and full story at

SKINTIGHT – or a strip club? The Review-Journal reviewed this new show at

CONCERTS and HEADLINERS – Our listing is available online anytime at

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LAS VEGAS WEATHER – This 5 day forecast is courtesy of Weather.Com:

Thursday – 103/71 Sunny
Friday – 103/69 Partly Cloudy
Saturday – 104/66 Mostly Sunny
Sunday – 104/65 Mostly Sunny

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Rarely do you get a chance to see a living legend — someone who both
transformed comedy and has ties to old Las Vegas. And as someone in my
mid-30’s, my only knowledge of Jerry Lewis has been the telethons and his
goofy comedy movies from long before I was born.

As noted here a few weeks ago, Jerry Lewis recently inked a 20 year deal
with The Orleans hotel, and relatively new off-strip property located about
10 minutes from the Strip on Tropicana. Since he is going to be a regular
headliner (3-4 times a year), I decided it would be great chance to find
out what he is all about. Boy, am I glad I did!

Jerry Lewis took the stage to a standing ovation, and you could tell that
he was in his element. He was essentially his own opening act, spending the
first 20 minutes or so telling some (by his own admittance) corny jokes and
then singing a couple of numbers. Not unlike what you might see on the

After an instrumental by his 21 piece orchestra, he came back and really
kicked it into high gear. There was no specific theme, but more of a
nonstop intertwining of entertainment. He’d do some of the impressions he
made famous over the years, live bits from his films, and sing songs.

If you want to know who Jim Carrey borrowed his act from, go see Jerry
Lewis. This man’s physical humor wasn’t a creation for the silver screen,
and he still was just about as quick and agile as ever, including brushing
himself off from a nasty (unplanned) fall and going on like a trooper. He
pulled off everything from catching a spinning, tossed cigarette in his
mouth to his funny faces and antics, all the time doing banter, jokes, and
commentary in his many unique voices.

Those who long for old Las Vegas, or just wonder what it would have been
like would enjoy the time he spends reminiscing about Dean Martin and Frank
Sinatra, which included personal thoughts and stories as well as a few
short video clips. As a tribute to Frank, he sang Sinatra’s infamous
arrangement of “I’ve Got You Under My Skin.”

Jerry is 74 years old, was very ill last year with spinal meningitis, was
only one week removed from the grueling MDA telethon, and on his fourth of
four nights. And yet, he did an energetic 2 hours 15 minutes virtually
nonstop, roughly twice the length that most Las Vegas shows now run. And,
you could see his joy of performing and love toward the audience shining

Go see Jerry Lewis. If you are a little older, and you enjoy some of the
classic songs from that era and remember his films, go see Jerry Lewis. If
you want to see how a single performer can command a stage and an audience
in a way few do today, go see Jerry Lewis. If you wonder what is was like
back in the Rat Pack days when Las Vegas was a little more swinging, and
the performers truly looked like they were having a great time onstage, go
see Jerry Lewis.

Go see Jerry Lewis.

Jerry is scheduled to perform 3-4 times a year at The Orleans and we’ll
print future dates as the information is available. Tickets started at
$54.95 plus tax for this last run, and The Orleans runs a free shuttle from
the Barbary Coast on the Strip to the Orleans 365 days a year.

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Dean King from MN wrote:

> I receive another famous Las Vegas newsletter
>three times monthly and I must say this newsletter is
>so much better it is really no contest. It is obvious
>that a whole lot of effort is put into this
>publication. The reviews are extremely interesting
>along with the news articles and entertainment
>listings. Not long ago I asked for a restaurant review
>for a place behind the hotel we were staying at and I
>had an answer and excellent review—-within minutes.
>Again congratulations for the excellent

Thanks for the kind words. If you are hard-core for Las Vegas and you want
more info than you get here every week, let me suggest the Everything Las
Vegas newsletter. This twice-weekly newsletter is packed (and I mean packed
— about twice as long as this one) with any and all news pertaining to Las
Vegas tourism. Unlike mine, it provides substantial coverage to casinos and
restaurants away from The Strip and Downtown. Subscribe information is at

Michele in Dallas wrote:

>Hi Ted
>A hint for your readers.
>My friend Maria and I were very pleased when we got a last minute deal
>for a hotel room at the Bellagio. It is beauty. As is typical, we
>were running late. We were on our way to see Mystere at Treasure
>Island. We went downstairs and stood aghast at the long line of
>people waiting to eat at “Cafe Bellagio.” We had no time to waste
>waiting in line.
>I decided to ask how long the wait. She mentioned
>that we could go to the counter and eat. They have about 10 or so bar
>stools at the counter (much like a diner) but in the main restaurant.
>It is first come first serve. Prices are the same as eating at a
>table/booth. We were able to eat and leave within 20 minutes. You
>can order breakfast all day long too.

Lynda Loipersbeck wrote:

>Dear Ted, I just have to comment about this Roger Radjeski’s e-mail to
>you concerning his trip to Las Vegas. How it would have been a “waste
>of time” had he not seen the canyon, valley, the dam and the
>wilderness. After 30 trips
>from Canada we have never seen the canyon, valley the dam or the
>wilderness and never want to. We come to Vegas like most people, for
>the excitement, the shows, the food, to gamble, to eat, to SMOKE, and
>to drink. To be alive and throw our hard earned money away and enjoy
>doing it. Vegas is the best city in the world as far as I’m
>concerned and I wouldn’t trade it for all the wilderness in
>Canada…and I AM CANADIAN

Certainly, I think the majority of people come for the gambling. For those
interested in the scenery, browse the tours at and
for those who don’t have an interest in gambling, we have non-gaming
activities listed at But, I agree
that 99.9999% come here to get a little wild and reckless and maybe hit it

Lorraine Child from New Zealand wrote:

>Your newsletter of 06 September mentioned that Circus Circus is one of
>five worst buffets in Las Vegas. We are visiting in October so could
>you tell us the names of the other 4 please. We do not get to visit

>as often as we would like as we are from New Zealand and need all the
>help we can get to not make a mistake while there. Thanks for the
>newsletter which we enjoy immensely.

While this is subjective, these are the five I’d avoid at all costs: Circus
Circus, Imperial Palace, Holiday Inn Boardwalk, Westward Ho, and Lady Luck.
The best? The Aladdin (hands down), but with Bellagio a close second.
Downtown? Main St. Station, although it doesn’t hold a candle to the other

Stephen Wark of Venice, CA wrote:

>I am going to be in Las Vegas during Halloween this year. Where can I
>find current information about any special events that may be
>occurring for this “holiday?”

The MGM Theme Park usually does a “Haunted Park.” I’ll post info on it when
available. The Tropicana is home to the Fetish & Fantasy Halloween Ball.
More info on that available at
(Warning: adult content).

>Thanks for the informative newsletter. Its a pleasure to read about
>the going-ons in America most extraordinary and spectacular
>playground. Can you give out a little extra information in one of the
>upcoming newsletters? I think a lot of people bet horse racing when
>they visit Vegas. What sportsbooks handle the “Sport of Kings”, and
>make a point to really place emphasis on the betting of thoroughbreds.

Most of the major hotels have a race book in the sports book area. I have
virtually no knowledge regarding horse racing. Readers, if you bet the
ponies, drop a line to and let us know which are the
better race books and why!

Barb from Alberta, Canada wrote:

>I have been to Las Vegas on a couple of occasions. I am returning mid
>October with my daughter for her 21st birthday. I would like to make
>this trip as special as I can for her. She would like to see a male
>strip show and I can only find one at the Olympic Garden. Do you have
>any info on what type of place this is and is it safe? In other words
>would you bring your 21 year old daughter there? Also I would like to
>book a spa for us on the day of her birthday (Oct.16). Any info on
>where the deals on spa packages are? Where’s a good place to have our
>hair done (without it costing us our whole weeks budget)? Any other
>info you can give me would be appreciated. Thanks

I’m a guy, but I know women who have checked out the male revue there and
had a good time. Call ahead — I’m not sure if it plays every night or just
weekends. That area of town is marginal, but security around the venue is
fine and they have on-site parking.

I’m also the wrong person to ask about spas and hair … so readers, help
us out! Tell us about your favorite spa and the best hair salon on the
strip at

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