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This Issue: David Copperfield

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LAS VEGAS NEWS – of interest to tourists:

TERRIBLE’S HOTEL CASINO – This hotel which sits on the site of the old Continental Hotel at Paradise and Flamingo (about a mile from the Strip) is worth checking out if you drive to town or rent a car. The casino is very nice with a roomy sports book (for a smaller property) and both the buffet and coffee shop are located upstairs away from the casino noise. Plus, a number of food specials (posted both outside and throughout the casino) are available 24/7 in the coffee shop.

The big news? They are using coinless slots that let you take the paper voucher you receive when you cash out and insert it in another machine for play. My early complaint about coinless slots is that you had to go redeem the voucher every time you switched machines but that is a moot point here. Story on these latest coinless slots at

FILM AND PRINT – If it seems like you can’t turn on the TV or check out the movie listings without seeing Las Vegas, you are right. Production companies are flocking here to shoot commercials and launch products, and rarely a week goes by without work on a major motion picture. Stories at ,, and

LOW PAY – Las Vegas placed 82nd out of 125 metropolitan cities in a recent study of which cities are the best places to make and save money. Despite the growth, we ranked low in job quality, education, wealth, household income and housing costs. Despite low unemployment, many blue collar jobs don’t pay the big bucks and professionals can expect to start out at a lower rate of pay than the national average. Story at

ART AND ARCHITECTURE – The Smithsonian is sponsoring trips to Las Vegas to explore an oft-ignored side of Las Vegas. No one is pretending that Las Vegas is a Mecca of culture, but there are a surprising number of things to see for the highbrow visitor. Story at

CRAPS LESSONS – A LA Times writer wrote a fun piece about his recent trip to Vegas, including what it was like to participate in one of those free casino gaming lessons. Story at

ROMP THROUGH DOWNTOWN – The Review-Journal just published an interesting article with photos about the Fremont St. Experience (better known to some as “downtown” or “Glitter Gulch”). They put together a simple walking tour of the casinos including interesting highlights to check out. Story at

XFL and WWF – owner / promoter Vince McMahon seems to have a love affair with Las Vegas. The debut XFL game last Sat. night was broadcast live from Las Vegas, drawing 17% of all viewing households (about twice what they expected and more than the much touted NBA double-header the same day.) In addition, the WWF Feb. 25’th Pay-Per-View “No Way Out” will be broadcast from Las Vegas (4:45 PM Pacific).

The XFL was a big hit in the sports books as well, drawing much more wagering than expected. Las Vegas has embraced the team in a large way, but part of that is our way of lashing back at the NFL and NBA. Despite having a metro area population larger than Indianapolis, Orlando, or New Orleans, the leagues frown at owners even thinking about moving here (or awarding an expansion franchise) because of the legal sports betting.

Whether the XFL turns into a hit nationwide remains to be seen. We will report on the XFL when it brings Las Vegas to the spotlight as it did this last weekend, but not regularly.

WWF No Way Out Tickets –

XFL Stories (related to the opener with the Las Vegas Outlaws):



SHOW REVIEWS – Recent reviews appearing in the media:

* EFX Alive –
* Steve Wyrick, Melinda The First Lady of Magic (separate shows, one review) –

ESPY’s – The ESPN award show broadcasts from the MGM this Monday evening. Check local listings for time.

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RESTAURANT REVIEWS – Recent reviews appearing in the media:

* Smith & Wollensky (next to MGM) –
* Tommy Rocker’s (one block from Rio) –

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LAS VEGAS WEATHER – This 5 day forecast is courtesy of Weather.Com:

Saturday – 55 ░F / 37 ░F Mostly Cloudy
Sunday – 54 ░F / 33 ░F Mostly Cloudy
Monday – 56 ░F / 32 ░F Showers
Tuesday – 60 ░F / 35 ░F Scattered Showers
Wednesday – 60 ░F / 35 ░F Scattered Showers

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FEATURE STORY: David Copperfield

by Sarah Swain

When you are going to see the show of the most famous illusionist
since Houdini, expectations are bound to be high, but I must confess that
David Copperfield lived up to my every hope.

From the moment he appears on stage (from nowhere of course), till he
takes his final bow, the entire audience is on the edge of its seats.

The tour, titled Unknown Dimension is designed to allow the audience
to be involved — so watch out because there’s a good chance you might
be picked like I was!

So what did he do to me? Make me disappear? Levitate me? No, he
changed the colour of my pants.

In the cheekiest trick of the whole show, the man who vanished the
Statue of Liberty, levitated across the Grand Canyon, and walked
through the Great Wall of China, swapped the colour of my underwear
with another girl, in a trick which included his classy joke; Should
I do it the hard way … or the easy way. The hard? OK, I’ll take her
out to dinner first. Great.

You could be lucky though. Two members of the crowd were levitated
whilst sitting on a huge red sofa, others had a tissue changed into a
mouse in their hands. This is nothing though, compared with the
finale acts. One sees him picking thirteen members of the audience at
random, and making them disappear (some of them, apparently appear
miles, away, though I’m not sure if that’s all hype), and in the
other, he transports someone anywhere they want to be.

Tonight, he invites on to the stage a teenage boy, who, we are told,
has always wanted to go to Bali. And, believe it or not (literally),
he takes him there. A video screen appears. We see a beach, the sea,
and cameras and crew. A clock shows the time and Bali live is in
the corner.

Yeah, yeah, you’re thinking. That’s ridiculous. The piece in Bali is
all prerecorded. They went and filmed it. We thought the same.
Until he began throwing silver balls in to the audience, with his back
turned. If you caught one you had to go on the stage. He lines the
people up, and takes a Polaroid of them, which he gets one of them to
date and sign. Next, we gets one of then to think of two random
letters, and write them on his arm.

He puts the Polaroid in the boy’s pocket, and leads him to sit on a
throne-like chair. It is on an arm, which moves off the stage, and
suspends over the audience. He throws a silver sheet over them.
Flash. Bang. They are gone … all eyes move to the video screen. A
similar sheet is held over the sand on the beach. Flash. Bang.
There they are. David shows his arm to the camera … with the same
letters on it … the boy takes the Polaroid out … the same audience
members, and signature.

People around me start to scream Ahhhhh! Its raining!!! Spray
covers the audience. Flash. Bang. Mr. Copperfield stands on the
table in front of us, with a grin on his face, throwing sand from his
pockets. Wow.


Sarah Swain is a 20 year old aspiring journalist from Sheffield, England who can’t wait for her next trip to Las Vegas. You can reach her with comments or questions at

EDITORS NOTE: David Copperfield returns to The MGM Grand Feb. 22 to March 7. This show sells very well and advance ticket purchase is strongly suggested. You can purchase tickets online at Our entire listing of shows and upcoming headliners is at

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Cathy & Curt Satter from Gardena, CA wrote (regarding last week’s poll, results in the Online Poll section):

>Last Tuesday evening (Jan.á30th) my husband and I had dinner at the
>Top of the World Restaurant (Stratosphere Tower).á I made reservations a week
>in advance as we were celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary.
>The food and the service was excellent.á The atmosphere, along with
>the view was exceptional.á I was leery at first because I was told
>when we made reservations everything would be a la carte and our
>experience at other restaurants that serve a la carte have not been as
>good.á Sure the Steak & Australian Lobster (AKA Surf and Turf) was $58
>as was their two Australian Lobster Tails, but they also offered one
>tail at the price of $30 which was plenty of food.á The vegetables and
>potatoes that were served (extra charge) was large enough servings
>that we could split it between the two of us.
>Thank you for supplying this feedback page.á I would recommend this
>restaurant for someone that wants to celebrate a special occasion or
>have a real nice intimate dinner with special friends.

You just did!

Denny Ankomeus of Fort Atkinson, WI wrote:

>I didn’t vote in this subject’s poll because my reason
>for choosing a certain hotel is different than those
>listed.á Perhaps this is a bit unusual but I always
>stay at The Gold Coast.á Yes, the staff is very
>friendly, etc. but the main reason is the “Kinda Dixie
>Jazz Band”.á I’ve been following some of these superb
>musicians since they played at The Barbary Coast.á I
>know of absolutely no other place where a music lover
>can spend five and a half hours Mon. through Fri. for
>such a minimal cost.á These are some of the finest
>musicians in Vegas and I’ve witnessed many a well
>deserved standing ovation from a packed room after
>another great number.á I expect my reason for picking
>this particular hotel is different from most but there
>it is.á Thank you for allowing me this opportunity.

For those interested in visiting the Gold Coast, a free shuttle runs from the Barbary Coast on The Strip (departing at the side entrance) to the Gold Coast from 9 AM to Midnight every 15-20 minutes. (This is also a great way to get over to The Rio for free as you don’t have to be a hotel guest or produce any ID.)

Kevin Kuwahara wrote:

>Hi, Do you know of any casinos that are going to set up a
>large viewing area for the first weekend of the NCAA Basketball
>Tournament (March 15 thru 18)?á As most of the sportsbooks
>have a rather small seating area, we are looking to find
>accommodations somewhere where we will be able to comfortably view
>all the games.
>Thanks in advance

Every year, I hear stories about people who stake out their seats in the sportsbooks as early as 5 AM to make sure they have a spot for that weekend. I am not aware of any hotel that sets up a separate or expanded area showing all the games, but I don’t pretend to have visited every casino during March Madness. Readers, if you are aware of a property that accommodates the crowds in this manner, let us know at I know a number of people in hotel and gaming management read our newsletter … so how about it, guys? Set up a tent with 50 TV’s and a satellite better area and you’ll gain a lot of happy new customers!

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Results from our last poll “What most influences which Las Vegas hotel you stay in?”

Low Room Rates 27%
Location 25%
Amenities (restaurants, pool, spa) 22%
“Lucky” Games 15%
Friendly Staff 9%

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