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LAS VEGAS NEWS – of interest to tourists:RACING – the big race weekend is upon us us culminating with the CarsDirect.Com 400 on Sunday. You can catch pretty much everything on TV: Friday afternoon ESPN2 covers the qualifying heats for Sunday’s race, TNN features the Penzoil World of Outlaws on Friday night, ESPN2 covers the Sam’s Town 300 on Saturday, and Sunday the big race is on ABC. Check your local listings.

The NASCAR Cafe is opening tonight at The Sahara as I write. My schedule didn’t permit attending it although we did give advance notice of the event a few days ago at This is the second race-themed eatery to open here in a few months, joining downtown’s Race Rock. Full story at

THE ALADDIN – is already preparing for it’s August 17, 2000 opening. The $900 million dollar, 2,600 room project is booking rooms and they have opened an employment center
to fill the 3900 jobs needed. You can inquire about employment at (877)
421-9474 Story at and discount Aladdin rooms available at (Aladdin link).

IMPROVE YOUR ODDS – Gaming writer Mark Pilarski wrote a great article for novice gamblers on how to look for the more advantageous games. While it talks about the differences between Detroit and Nevada casinos, if you scroll down he has some great basic advice about how to look for the best odds in the most popular casino games. Story at

TV – Saturday evening on The Learning Channel is “Las Vegas Uncovered”. Check local cable listings for times.

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Quick Concert and Show Notes:

See which shows are playing during your stay and book reservations EVEN if the tickets aren’t on sale yet. Let ShowVegas takes care of all your needs directly online! Search by dates at

NOTRE DAME DE PARIS – Michael Paskevich reviewed this new show at Paris Las Vegas at

CIRQUE DU SOLEIL – The Dallas Morning News reviewed this show at

MGM – JIMMY BUFFET brings his Beach House on the Moon tour here on April 15 and BRITTNEY SPEARS is live in concert on August 4. Tickets available at (702) 474-4000 and discount MGM rooms available at (MGM link).

MANDALAY BAY – LUIS MIGUEL on April 29. Tickets available at (702) 474-4000 and discount Mandalay Bay rooms available at (Mandalay Bay link).



I knew I forgot to take my family to see something when then were in town last year. They are car lovers. Cars, cars, cars. And the Imperial Palace Auto Collection has them with over 200 rare automobiles on display at any given time. They rotate them in and out, and it is a working gallery as all automobiles are for sale.

I had the pleasure of viewing rare cars like a 1933 Lincoln Brougham (1 of only 3 built that year), the 1998 Corvette Indy 500 pace car with only 3,801 actual miles, a 1939 Lancia Astura Ministeraile convertible (priced at $375,000 and rare because no two were built exactly alike and this one was used by Mussolini during his reign of Italy), the 1982 Range Rover “Pope Mobile” (built specifically for the Papal visit to Europe — yours for only $250,000) and plenty more.

Celebrity cars included a 1961 Lincoln Continental convertible assigned to the White House for the personal use of Mrs. JFK, a 1952 Chrysler Imperial Presidential Parade car used by both Eisenhower and Nixon ($400,000), a 1966 Chrysler Imperial originally purchased by Elvis, and a 1955 Lincoln Capri Convertible owned by Marilyn Monroe ($200,000 and one of only 1200 built).

The collection also features the largest collection of Medal J Duesenbergs in the world, showcased in their very own room. This Duesenberg collection is valued at over $50 million dollars and words simply can’t describe it.

imperial-palace-auto-collection-02.jpg (19098 bytes)

Just one part of the extensive collection!

imperial-palace-auto-collection-01.jpg (15541 bytes)

1952 Chrysler Imperial Presidential Parade Car used by Eisenhower and Nixon. Valued at $400,000

imperial-palace-auto-collection-03.jpg (13312 bytes)

1961 Lincoln Continental Convertible assigned to the White House for the personal use of Mrs. John F. Kennedy

imperial-palace-auto-collection-04.jpg (15511 bytes)

1939 Lancia Astura Ministeraile Convertible. No two were exactly alike. This car was used by Mussolini during his reign of Italy. Valued at $375,000

imperial-palace-auto-collection-05.jpg (17061 bytes)

Mercedes-Benz 300 500SEL. Imelda Marcos gift to Ferdinand features bullet proof door panels, roof, flooring and armor plated doors and windows.

imperial-palace-auto-collection-06.jpg (17809 bytes)

1911 Chadwick Touring car valued at $750,000

imperial-palace-auto-collection-07.jpg (20297 bytes)

The world famous Duesenberg room.

The collection is open from 9:30 AM to 11:30 PM and admission is basically free. You can print out a free entry coupon at or usually get one as part of the packet handed out to tourist in front of the casino as you walk by.


KOMP – is the “Rock of Las Vegas”. It is generally regarded as one of the better hard rock stations in the U.S. playing 80’s and 90’s rock and metal.

KKLZ – is a classic rock station that hasn’t changed their format or their playlist since I moved here in 1993 (or so it seems). 70’s classic rock and that’s it. Their site is down right now.

KXPT – is another classic rock station, but with a little wider playlist and more variety.

KDWN – this is the talk station that made Art Bell famous. It can be heard in much of the western US at night and he used that for a springboard to national syndication and fame. Conservative talk would probably best describe this eclectic station.

KKVV – the local Christian AM station features a combination of Christian talk radio and religious programs.

Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Scenic Southwest Tours – by plane, bus, or even helicopter! You’ve seen the glossy ads in the tourist brochures. You’ve thought about it. You come all the way to Las Vegas — why not see one of the some of the most famous landmarks in the world! Don’t by tricked by web sites & magazines that offer discount tours. Taxes, park fees, permits can almost double the price. Our prices are inclusive – no hidden charges! Best Las Vegas Tours

Note: David Humphrey Dallas, TX wrote a letter concerning when the elevators, escalators, trams between casinos, etc. are shut down for maintenance as almost every one he encountered was not working during a recent visit to town. That was happenstance but it did bring up something I suggest: Avoid the monorail between Bally’s and the MGM unless you just want the ride or it’s really hot / cold out. By the time you walk to the back of Bally’s, wait for the monorail, ride, and then walk all the way from the back of the MGM to the Strip, it’s faster to just walk the Strip. Plus, Paris Las Vegas is beautiful on the outside and you don’t want to miss that as you walk down the Strip.LETTERS TO THE EDITOR:

David M. Noll of Panama City, FL writes:

>Ted: Your review of Star Trek: The Experience mentioned the motion
>simulator portion of the ride and cautioned that certain folks may
>want to avoid it.á My wife and I don’t like “shaker” rides, but there
>is a solution (thanks, I imagine, to the Americans With Disabilities
>Act).á When we did the Luxor simulator ride, we were directed (upon
>our request) to a separate studio with a huge screen and about a dozen
>or so seats securely bolted into the floor.á We got to see the film
>without “experiencing” it.á Since Star Trek is newer than Luxor’s
>ride, I suspect they may have something similar.
>By the way, since we are in Florida, we often go to Walt Disney World.
>The MGM park has a motion simulator ride with a Star Wars theme called
>Star Tours.á If they’re not too busy, we ask for a “test flight” and
>they give us a space shuttle of our own and turn off the shaker to
>watch the movie.

I contacted the Star Trek Experience and they don’t have an alternate way to view the show. You can go through the adventure and sit out the 4 minute simulator ride.

Diana of Bloomdale, OH wrote:

>We are planning a trip to Las Vegas on Labor Day weekend to be married
>at the Tropicana on 9-2-00.á Have any do’s and don’ts for us?á Have
>you heard anything good or bad about the Tropicana?á I also was
>wondering about how long we can expect to have to wait at the marriage
>license bureau if we go there on Friday night?á I would love to have a
>small wedding cake delivered to the hotel, but the cheapest I can find
>is $75 dollars for a small round cake for only 10 people.á Any
>suggestions?á My fiancÚ LOVES BUFFETS.á Which one do you consider to
>be the best food?á I would really appreciate your thoughts.

O.K. readers, I need your help here. Any comments to help this lady should be sent to

I can address two issues: people who want a nice cake without paying through the nose tend to just rent a car and order it from a local grocery store the day they hit town and then pick it up the next day. You’ll make back the car rental with what you save on the cake and you can actually talk to the bakers. I have heard good things about the Albertson’s at Flamingo and Maryland Pkwy. (about 2.5 miles east of the strip — 702-733-2947). Best buffet? Bellagio. Hands down. We reviewed it at

Don Davis of Edmonton, Alberta wrote:

>Hello Ted,
>We have been going to Las Vegas regularly since 1972 and thought we
>knew most of all there is to know about LV.
>But we have never heard of a casino host.á Please inform your readers
>as to what a casino host does and where do you find one if you want

Darn it, Don — then you aren’t losing enough money! A casino host is generally assigned to medium and high rollers. The host arranges their comps, checks up on how they are doing, and cultivates a relationship with them between visits, calling them and inviting them to town for special events (i.e. “Hey, we’ve got a room with your name on it Labor Day weekend and we know you like such-and-such performer — they are playing so we’ll toss in tickets and a pre-show private buffet with an open bar”).

Our take on comps? Get all the comps your play merits, but NEVER play for comps. If you are anything above a low roller, call a casino ahead of time and ask for a casino host. Tell them your level of play (how much and how long per day you usually gamble) and ask if they can do anything for you. But whether it be one more pull on the slot handle for one more slot point, or 5 more minutes at a blackjack table where you are getting killed, never ever EVER play to get a comp. A comp is based on the percentage of your expected loss. The casino pockets the other part of that percentage. Play as you always do and take whatever you can get based on that.

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PRESS PHOTOS – black and white photos of Rita Rudner, Reba, Sinbad, and Steven Wright (all 4 go to the winner). Enter at (contest closed)

STAR TREK – When I visited the Experience, I did one of those machines that presses a quarter (U.S.) into a design. I chose the one with the Enterprise on it. It says “USS Enterprise / NCC-1701-00” Enter at (contest closed)

RACE WEEKEND – The Review-Journal’s special race weekend pullout featuring info on the CarsDirect.Com 400 goes to the tenth entry at(contest closed)

HOUSE OF BLUES – has an ongoing contest for free tickets at

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