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In This Issue: Special Report: Las Vegas On A Spring Break Budget plus Tons of Exclusive Las Vegas Travel Tips ….

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Newkirk’s Notes – comments on Las Vegas from AccessVegas.Com publisher Ted Newkirk:

Hello From Las Vegas! This is a special edition of the newsletter. I was recently asked to contribute to an article about doing Las Vegas Spring Break on a budget. My spring break years are behind me, but you are much more likely to find me still out hitting the most fun drinks and places that don’t cost a fortune and I’m never far from a party!

Special Notes: While this article is aimed at the Las Vegas spring break crowd, it has tons of information that will help any budget traveler or those just trying to spend wisely when in Las Vegas. This contains helpful information that every visitor should read!

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Las Vegas For The Spring Breaker On A Budget

General Advice – Las Vegas is very, very strict about 21 and over. No clubs are 18 to enter, 21 to drink. Casinos and clubs/bars have seen ID from every state and nation in the world. A nice smile and that half-assed fake ID isn’t going to work.

There are still things to do and see in Las Vegas for those under 21, and obviously your older friends may be insuring that the entire groups has liquor available (in the room). But to do “The Vegas” that you see on TV (bars, gambling, hanging out in casino areas), you really need to be 21. Oh … and you need to be 21 to book a room.

Gambling: What is your advice for those would like to gamble on a limited budget? – You are coming to Las Vegas. You are going to gamble. 1. Divide up your gambling budget by day. If you are bringing $200 to gamble with on a 4 day trip, you’ll be miserable if you blow it all the first day. 2. Don’t play games you don’t understand (except for some of the basic slots where you simply push a button over and over).

Blackjack and craps have a very low house edge (win percentage for the casino) if you know what you are doing. If you don’t, you might as well just hand them your money and walk away. If you plan to play table games or video poker (a skill based game), buy one of those basic “how to gamble” books in a bookstore and a cheap Vegas games software program (bargain section of any department or computer store). Practice on your computer until you get the feel of it.

Specific Games? – Don’t play roulette or the big money wheel. Both look fun and easy … and they should. They are cash cows for the house.

Don’t expect to win, but when you do, it is OK to quit! It is not just a pile of chips or credits, it is your money. If you get ahead on a good run and then the machine or table takes back 1/3 of what you have won, walk. Go have a drink, get something to eat, take a walk and people watch. If really late, go to bed (Vegas will be there when you get up). All of those options are cheaper than losing all your money back to the casino right away.

Once again, money won is your money. They don’t feel bad about taking your money when they win. You should feel great about taking their money and being able to tell your friends “I got on a good roll and left $40 (or $400) up!” You can’t brag about giving it all back.

Ways to spend a good deal of time and have a good time with a small bank roll? – The Las Vegas Strip is about five miles long and by itself is one of the most incredible experiences on the face of the earth. Just spend some time walking through as many casinos as possible (which will take hours and hours … and is fun)! One of the main, huge mistakes first time visitors make is acting like they are chained to their hotel or their little part of The Strip or downtown. Get out and explore!

Double Decker buses run up and down The Strip (and all the way to downtown Fremont Street Experience) every few minutes, 24/7 and an all-day pass is $5.00. So no reason to limit yourself. If you walked way too far down The Strip, just hop a bus back!

Any suggestions for finding low priced cocktails? – Boozing is important in Las Vegas … part of the experience! It can be expensive if you buy drinks at most hotel bars. You can have an open container anywhere on the Las Vegas Strip or Fremont Street Experience (where all the hotels are downtown).

My four tips for boozing:

1. Stock up at a convenience store and/or liquor store. Much, much, much cheaper than buying drinks out and about. However, you’ll often find yourself nowhere near your hotel room. So …

2. There are convenience and sundry stores both downtown and every few blocks along The Strip. Virtually all have huge beverage sections with a wide variety of ice cold booze. The prices are a little jacked up (think $3.00 for a 24 once ” tall boy” beer that will cost you $1.29 at the grocery store), but 24 ounces of beer is going to cost you $7-12 at the hotel bar.

It is 100% allowed to walk right into a casino with beer you bought at the store somewhere (or bought at another hotel). Not a problem. Even if it is a 24 once beer. They might have a problem with a 40 just because it is a big piece of glass. But 24 once can of Bud, Fosters or similar … not a problem.

3. Only buy your drinks at a hotel bar as a last resort. Except for a couple of exceptions (which I’ll get to in a minute), drinks at hotel bars are expensive. Usually $5.00 and up. Way up. If you are in a hotel and need booze, instead go to the gift/sundry shop in the hotel. Most sell cold beer, wine, Mikes (and similar), and hard liquor.

4. Even though spring break features moderate temperatures here (generally in the 70’s or low 80’s*), we have a dry climate. Combine that with booze and you get dehydrated quickly without realizing it. Which compounds your hangover and general energy level. Have a few bottled of water throughout the day and night in between the cocktails or you’ll hate life the next day.

* The weather is rarely “average” here. Look up the 10 day forecast online the day before you come so you can pack properly.

Food: Are there any cheap buffets left in Vegas? – Few and far between. Cheap now means $10 for dinner. When you are walking through the other hotels close to yours, scout out the buffet entrance. A sign with prices will be posted.

A buffet is much more preferable than the coffee shop. Even if there is a line to get into the buffet, once you are in you chow right away. And on decent to very good food. Except for the celeb restaurants, hotel kitchens usually service the buffet, coffee shop, and room service. So the food is all the same decent stuff.

Does someone always have to sacrifice quality for low cost? – Quality is a relative term. Not much in Las Vegas is really, really lousy. And some of the really high end stuff is over-priced. So when it comes to Las Vegas, no. Provided that you don’t go overboard gambling, you are going to have a great time for the money!

Where are the deals and how do you find them? – Las Vegas rooms are booked and sold a little differently than in other places simply because of the sheer number of rooms (130,000) that need to be sold each night. So just hitting one or two major travel sites isn’t going to find you the best deal. We keep a list of some of the current Las Vegas Discounts on and here is the real secret to that page:

Scroll down past the current discounts and you will see our exclusive information on how Vegas rooms are sold as well as multiple links to booking sites you should check and compare, including some of the bigger Vegas room companies that move large numbers of rooms a year here, but aren’t a national travel site brand name. Sometimes the best deals are Vegas specific companies!

Drink: If you’re a low roller, will you actually get free drinks? – Yes … if you are gambling. Here is the Catch-22: If you are sitting and playing a machine (and I mean actually playing it, not simply keeping the chair warm and hitting the play button once every 10 minutes), you will get a free drink from the cocktail waitress. Even if you are playing a penny or nickel machine. You are expected to tip the waitress $1 per drink when she returns with your free drink. Tip her more, you might see her more. Stiff her and it might be a while.

This is especially true if you are playing penny or nickel machines, as these players usually are the worst tippers and yet the most demanding with their drinks. (Vegas is going high-end for a reason: People buying $500 a night suites get what they pay for, and don’t bitch). So you already have one strike against you. Also, you can ask for whatever drink you want, but they won’t be pouring you the good stuff in the nickel area unless you are tipping big time.

Waitresses tip out their bartender at the end of the shift and they have all the control in the world. They can say “vodka and cranberry” or they can say “Grey Goose and cranberry.” And … they can say “I need a good rum and coke.”

Vegas is about cash, even with budget travel. If you are tipping the waitress well, the bartender gets more from the waitress at the end of the night. So the bartender works with the waitress to make sure the best tippers are getting the best drinks (within reason).

Couple of things: You can’t order two drinks at one time for one person. Don’t even try. Also, be nice to the waitress. You can be tipping her well and if you are a jerk, it won’t mean a thing.

Having said all of that, losing $20 (or a lot more) at a machine just turned your drink into a $20 drink. Plus tip.

How Free Is That Drink? Think about it: You sit down and start playing. Unless you start winning right away, you are losing money. Plus, you might not see a waitress for 10-20 minutes. Then she comes and it will be another 10-20 minutes before she gets back with your drink. Remember, she has a large area of the floor to cover, has to get orders from everyone, has to wait while her drinks are made, then has to deliver to everyone.

If you are winning or even breaking even, that is fine. But if you are losing, that gets expensive. Let’s say you start winning and you are up when you order. You are conveniently (for the casino) stuck playing until your drinks arrive. Giving the machine or table plenty of time to take back all of your money. And then some.

My advice? Buy your booze at a convenience or sundry store (whether on the street or the one in the hotel), then go sit down and play. If you are winning, you can enjoy that drink while you order up a new one from the waitress.

It is fine to order another before you finish your first one (even if it is a tall boy you bought at the store). But you can’t order two drinks per person from the waitress. And at table games, you are often allowed to have only one drink on hand. So when you see her coming, finish your first drink.

Hotels: Is it always best to book in advance from a travel website? – Las Vegas sells hotel rooms the way airlines sell plane tickets. The further ahead you book, the better the price you are going to get, within reason. Some hotels don’t release rooms for normal dates (except big events like New Years, NASCAR, big conventions) more than six months ahead. When possible, target 3-6 months out, but even 2-3 week ahead of time beats booking the week you want to visit under most all circumstances.

Can you haggle for room prices or free upgrades? – No and Yes. The prices are all computerized. Heavy gamblers and high rollers get cheap or free rooms. The rest of us simply pay the price listed.

But … there is the “$20 Trick” for room upgrades. Many Las Vegas hotels charge a premium for a Strip view or similar upgrade. Front desk staff have some latitude on upgrading guests. Place a folded up $20 bill on the counter partially under your ID and/or credit card so that the denomination is visible. As you slide them across when asked for your credit card, ask if a room with good view or something slightly nicer is available.

If they can’t accommodate you or insist on an extra charge you can simply retract the bill. If they accommodate you, this is a small price to pay! has these and many other helpful tips at our Las Vegas Frequently Asked Questions page.

What hotels are the best bargains? – The cheapest hotels are flea-bag motels blocks away from the action downtown. And guess what … they aren’t always going to be cheaper than some of the more inexpensive hotel casinos. Remember, the casinos are thinking you’ll lose a few bucks so they try to keep the rates reasonable.

What is more important is what hotels are good for Spring Breakers and in general for 20-somethings on a budget!

1. The Plaza downtown always goes after the Spring Break crowd. Rooms are usually very moderately priced, and downtown Las Vegas is the best place to do Las Vegas on a budget. Hotels are older (anything over 15 years old is “old” by Vegas standards), but in good shape.

Anywhere on the Fremont Street Experience downtown will usually be cheaper than The Strip. You get much more of a party atmosphere (not quite Mardi Gras, but close sometimes) because all these hotels are on the same few blocks. Drinks are cheaper. $5.00 you can buy 24 hour bus pass to get you to The Strip (about 4 miles away … and don’t walk it … your time is valuable in Las Vegas … much more valuable than saving $5.00). Plus remember, the bus runs 24/7. See Fremont Street Las Vegas Photos

2. The Stratosphere is at the top of The Strip and tends to go after the Spring Break crowd with moderate hotel rates. The hotel is only a few years old, so it is nice for the money. And the tower is cool! 1000 feet above The Strip. (You don’t stay in the tower, but as a guest you get to go up to at discount). Plus, cool rides at the top of the Tower.

3. Imperial Palace is in the heart of The Strip, a fun party place, and right next door to Harrah’s Carnival Court (best outdoor party spot with live music all afternoon and night). Moderate rates, absolute best location on The Strip. Reference our Las Vegas Strip Map.

4. New Frontier has the best location … across from Wynn Las Vegas and in the heart of The Strip. Gilley’s in in the hotel with bikini bull riding, female mud wrestling, and similar. Place to party even if you aren’t country although I wouldn’t walk in dressed all hip-hop. It caters to a more middle-of-the-road and country crowd.

Honorable mention strictly based on price and being on The Strip: Sahara and Circus Circus. Probably won’t be party central, but will keep you closer to the Strip action than staying downtown.

Hotels to avoid for the budget Spring Break traveler:

1. The Palms. Yes … it is as cool as it looks on TV. And as expensive as it looks on TV. The women the ones Kanye West talks about in Gold Digger (with looks and fake body parts to match) and you guys have to compete with a bunch of rich Californian’s. Plus, it is too far from The Strip to really walk.

2. Hard Rock. See above, except that the guys are a bunch of “Vinnie’s” from Philly and the Hard Rock is almost two miles from The Strip.

3. Hooters. Unless you want to be hanging around 90% guys (most of whom are over 40). Yes, the Hooters girls are cute. But the cocktail waitresses at places you’ll want to visit like The Venetian and Mandalay Bay are much smoking hotter. And ladies … do you really want to stay at Hooters with all those cute girls in shorts running around? Stay somewhere the attention will be on you!

Please … no hate mail if you are a wealthy Californian, a “Vinnie” from the east coast, or a female hottie with a good plastic surgeon. If you can afford to stay at the trendy places, that rocks! And hotties … we are looking for calendar girls. But this article is for budget minded travelers, specifically spring breakers.

Attractions: What are the best ways to enjoy free entertainment? How about low prices/discounts? – In your hotel room will be a magazine (or two … or three) with plenty of ads for attractions, many with coupons. That is a good place to start. But don’t fall into the coupon trap! The “coupon trap” is where you spend two hours of your time going out of your way to do something just to save $5.00. Remember … your time is valuable!

You are paying all that airfare and hotel costs to be in Las Vegas, and you only have so many hours. If you spot a coupon for something you really want to do, that is great. But the quickest way to piss off your group is to drag them somewhere for something marginal just because you saw a coupon for it.

And think about it: The stuff really worth doing and seeing sells out ahead of time. If there is something you really want to do like seeing a certain show or getting a limo, book online ahead of time.

Anything that simply must be included in a Vegas trip regardless of cost? – Outside of a Cirque show, dinner at a celeb chef restaurant, or something high-end like that (which may not be something everyone appreciates anyway), here are a couple of things you should try to scrape up the money to do:

1. Get a limo. Either from the airport to your hotel, or just to ride up and down The Strip in for an hour or two. If you get it for two hours, have them take you over to Palms, go in for a lap around the hotel and a quick, expensive drink at the bar, and then say in front of all the gold digger women (or cute but snobby rich guys) … “We gotta go! The limo was supposed to be waiting for us out front 10 minutes ago!” Do remember that you are paying for the limo by the hour, so don’t start wasting time at the hotel you are visiting. Have them get back to cruising you up and down the entire Strip where the real party is!

Limos only seem expensive until you realize that you are splitting the cost with your friends. But due to availability and the problem with getting everyone on the same page after you have arrived, you should book one online in advance of your trip. We have some of the best limo rates and packages: Las Vegas Limos

2. Take a helicopter tour of The Strip at night. Cost is about $85 which includes transportation to and from your hotel and is money well spent. Don’t go with a company located on middle of The Strip. You aren’t doing this to go around the block. We suggest Maverick Helicopter Tours. You fly from the very bottom of The Strip (starting well past Mandalay Bay and the Welcome To Vegas sign, which you will see on your way to their private terminal) all the way up The Strip, past the Stratosphere Tower, all the way downtown to see the Fremont Street Experience from the air, and then all the way back again.

Maverick Helicopter Tours can be reached at 800-571-6037 or online at Maverick Helicopter Tours. They are the company that many hotel concierges recommend to their clients. Maverick has a perfect safety record, and some of the most comfortable and modern aircraft. This is a memory of a lifetime.

Things you should do even though they are cheap or free?

1. The Bellagio Fountains play every 15 minutes after dark until midnight. Must be seen, and the price is right: Free. View Fountains of Bellagio Photos

2. Sirens of TI (Treasure Island) pirate show. Hot lady pirates battle buff guy pirates in this over-the-top spectacle which features stunts and plenty of pyro. Times vary depending on season, so call over to Treasure Island when you arrive to see when show times are. Insider tip: Get out there in front of the hotel 30 minutes before the show, or most of what you see will be the back of someone’s head in front of you. See Sirens of TI Photos and special bonus: Sirens of TI Computer Wallpaper

3. Stratosphere Tower (if not staying there). $10.00 to get up, but pay the $30 for unlimited rides on top of the tower if you are a thrill seeker. Rides that hang you over the edge or shoot you high above the top of the 1000+ foot tower and you’ll want to go more than once.

If not a thrill seeker, the $10 is well worth the incredible view. Try to time your arrival for about an hour before sunset and watch The Strip light up. Great way to relax for a short while (drinks are available in the lounge) and watch Las Vegas come alive. You will get chills just seeing it happen. See Stratosphere Hotel and Tower Photos

Where To Party An Night – Stay out of the clubs. Sure, they look great on The Travel Channel and MTV. But you will wait in line for hours, pay $20-30 to get in, pay $10 for a beer, and it will be so noisy you can’t meet anybody (which is why you went on spring break, right)?. The clubs are full of rich guys buying $500 bottles of liquor in hopes of attracting the hot women (who are usually locals getting in for free to create atmosphere, but aren’t planning on going home with anyone). Once again, unless you guys want to compete with really wealthy guys for the girls, skip it, Ladies … unless you want to compete with a bunch of women are are an 11 on the 1-10 scale and spent more on body enhancements than your tuition costs this year, stay away.

But then where to party? Right in the dead center of The Strip is the best party scene around, and it is very budget conscious. Start off at Casino Royale (between Harrah’s and The Venetian) where they have $1.00 bottles of beers (brand varies), $1.00 margaritas, reasonably priced shots and mixed drinks (think $4-6 instead of the $7-10 at other hotels), cheap table limits, and a great party atmosphere. Get your buzz on there, at these prices.

Head next door to Harrah’s and catch a little bit of the dueling piano show. Hilarious and fun … and free. But keep moving along .. remember … this is Vegas, baby! Always more to do and see and you can always come back to something that looks good. Walk out (south) towards Imperial Palace, passing Carnival Court on your left. Great party atmosphere later at night, flair bartenders, live bands … just one of the best places to party. But don’t go in there yet.

Just past the Imperial Palace is O’Sheas. Inexpensive and strong drinks, decent table limits, a fun Irish theme … just a great place to party and meet people. In fact, Casino Royale and O’Sheas are famous as fun, bargain places for college and 20-somethings all year long. Always happening on any evening and well into the night.

Just past O’Sheas is Margaritaville. Now … this is no budget place. Drinks are not cheap. But a great atmosphere and there will probably be someone in your party who wants to check it out. Take a swing through it. Head up to the very top floor for a great laid-back view of The Strip, and maybe even get a drink if you need to kick back or chill out for a few minutes. The drink won’t be cheap, but you are paying for the view and vibe in a laid-back atmosphere. After 10:00 PM, a live band cranks up for a party vibe.

Now you’ve checked it all out and you can just work your way back, stopping where you are inspired to. Want to save on liquor costs? Between the Carnival Court and Imperial Palace is (drum roll please … you guessed it): A sundry store that sells cold beer and liquor! If you are losing that buzz from Casino Royale and don’t want to pay the drink prices at the dueling piano bar and/or Margaritaville, simply stop and and reload. Just don’t open the booze in the store! Even Vegas has pesky little laws like that. Or … head right back over to Casino Royale for a few more dollar beers and margaritas! Then off to Carnival Court!

Do the above over and over and over and over and over and over … you get the picture!

Tipping Your Bartender -á Just because beers and margaritas are $1.00 at Casino Royale and you are on a budget doesn’t mean that you should stiff the bartender. They are your friend. You are probably going to be in town for a few days. The better memory they have of you, the better your cocktails will be. I don’t care how tight you are with money: Tip $1 a drink at any bar ($5 is fine for a round that is bigger than five drinks). And the bartender might just pour a little extra liquor in your mixed drinks next time as his way of saying thanks.

Special Note About Strip Clubs – Guys, leave those to the old dudes who have hundreds of dollars to spend and no game (or are married). Here is why this is important: Strip clubs pay taxi and limo drivers $20-50 per person that they deliver to a strip club. These clubs are off the Vegas Strip, and think about it: If these places were the hot party spot, they wouldn’t have to bribe drivers to take you there.

When getting into a taxi anywhere (if you are a group of guys), the driver will try to get you to go to a strip club no matter where you are headed! Don’t! You’ll pay a cover charge, expensive drinks, and … you’ll be facing a pretty expensive cab ride to get back to your hotel on top of it!

Even if you have a couple hundred dollars burning a hole in your pocket to spend on women, you just take that to the Carnival Court at Harrah’s, or the bar at places like O’Sheas or Casino Royale, or even Shadow Bar at Caesars (not cheap, but nice … fun and happening bar). Spot a cute group of girls. Have a little conversation and if they aren’t dissing you … buy them a round for drinks.

Think about it: you will never go home with any of the strippers (and frankly … you may not want to … there is a reason they keep the lights so low in those places). But you may hit it off with one of the cool women that hang at the fun party bars and casinos!

Getting Advice From Cabbies -á Don’t do it. Las Vegas has almost 2 million people. The suburbs stretch as far as the eye can see. Only a small handful of us actually hit The Strip like a tourist on a regular basis. (Hey … it’s tough work, but somebody has to do it). Virtually everyone who works on The Strip (hotel workers, taxi drivers, etc.) gets the hell out at the end of their shift. They put in their 8-12 hours and want to go home, not keep mingling with tourists. Asking a taxi driver about anything you want to do or see is like asking Donald Trump what it is like to drive a Hyundai. They have no clue. They will tell you anything just to seem helpful and get a bigger tip.

Bottom Line: Las Vegas is a great place for Spring Break. Enjoy your stay! Oh … and the minute you get back home, start making plans for Las Vegas New Year’s Eve!


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VegasTalk Radio - The only Internet Radio variety show about Las Vegas broadcast from Las Vegas Vegas Talk – is the new internet radio show just for the Las Vegas tourist! Each week, guests talk about what’s hot with celeb sightings, gambling tips, show reviews, dining information and more from some of the top Las Vegas experts. I mean the big names you’ve seen on those Travel Channel shows or read in our local papers.

We are pleased to be a sponsor, and our Vegas Minute is included in the show. We also produce the convention segment so you can know where the crowds may or may not be when you visit!

Vegas Talk airs live at 9:00 AM Pacific time on Friday, but each show is archived and can be listened to anytime. Enjoy this week’s show and the archives so you can come to Las Vegas informed!

The Manhattan Express Roller Coaster now offers the All-In-One Fun Package, available for $39.99. The package includes an all day unlimited roller coaster ride wristband; a souvenir T-shirt; a 5 x 7 souvenir picture; choice of hot dog, cheeseburger or slice of pizza; small fries and small drink at Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs; an all day unlimited use wristband for the Coney Island Emporium for participating games; 500 points at the redemption center and a 20-inch clown doll.

The Manhattan Express is located at New York, New York Hotel Casino and is the worldÆs first coaster to feature a 180-degree heartline twist and dive maneuver, providing riders with heart-stopping action and thrills. The roller coaster is open daily from 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 a.m.

Gambling Talk – You’ve heard about basic strategy and proper play. This is where a gambler follows the most scientific way to play a given game for the best expected outcome. But are there times you should break the rules? Read our gambling expert Victor H. Royer’s article A Little Math and Some Reality

Fashion Show Mall – Phase III opens Friday Oct. 21, 2004. All of that massive construction in front of Caesars Palace is finally about done! We’ll have a report soon.

See the Grand Canyon in a Jet Helicopter! For years Maverick Helicopters has been providing a true VIP Helicopter experience of the Grand Canyon. We do things a little different than any other helicopter Company. We give you an adventure of a lifetime and not just another tour of the Grand Canyon. Las Vegas Strip tours plus Helicopter Weddings also available!

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We read our feedback, and many of you are saying “Hey Ted, it’s nice to hear about The Bellagio and Celine Dion, but not all of us fly in on a Lear jet. How about some of the value that Las Vegas has always been famous for?”

We went out and lined up some great deals for you, including a couple of coupons just for our readers. One of which is for a free show!

Larry G. Jones: $6.95 Includes One Drink (no coupon needed) – The Man of 1002 Voices is back at The Plaza Hotel Casino downtown nightly at 6:00 PM (dark Friday). Larry is awesome. His fast moving show will leave you laughing non-stop and his impressions are dead on. If Danny Gans is a bit our of your price range, treat yourself to the equally talented Larry G. Jones. Click for more info: Larry G. Jones: May Of 1002 Voices

Spotlight: $9.95 With Our Coupon – We just saw this show at Bourbon Street Hotel Casino and really enjoyed it. So I strong-armed producer Will Roya (who also produces the Michael John’s Comedy Magic Show below) and said “Cough it up for our readers … We want a great price.” (OK, I actually bought him dinner).

If you love all the high-energy specialty acts in the big production shows, spotlight is the show to see with the best up-and-coming talent in town. On any particular night you may see the world’s best magicians, jugglers, comics, impersonators, dancers, singers, contortionists, fire eaters, Elvis and surprise guest stars.

This is usually a $39.95 ticket, but click to get our Spotlight Coupon and you are in for $9.95. Can’t beat that. Well … maybe we can …

Michael Johns Comedy Hypnosis Show: Free With Our Coupon – This is the adults-only, late evening show at Bourbon Street. This is the same show that Johns has been performing around the country in comedy clubs to amazing rave reviews. Fast paced, comedy club style humor with cutting edge hypnosis techniques make this a fun event.

This is usually a $39.95 ticket, but click to get our Michael Johns Comedy Hypnosis Show Coupon and you are in for $0.00. That is right. Free. No bull. Nothing else to do. Print the coupon, enjoy the show free just for being one of our readers!

While we are in value mode, good time to remind you that Bourbon Street continues to have a great Steak and Lobster Special, served 24/7 for only $7.77. Thirsty? Buckets of Corona are only $10.00. Bourbon Street is one block from The Bellagio. See our Las Vegas Strip Map for location.

Vegas Comments and Questions? Post to our message boards and get great advice from people who have been here and done it. And don’t forget our comprehensive Las Vegas Frequently Asked Questions area.

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