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This Issue: Las Vegas News

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LAS VEGAS NEWS – of interest to tourists:

PAY IT FORWARD – This film starring Helen Hunt follows the life of a single mother living in Las Vegas who holds down jobs as a small casino cocktail waitress and change person to survive. This film sounds like it is one of the more “true to life” stories about living in Las Vegas ever made, and full story is at

NEONOPOLIS – The food, movies theater, and retail complex downtown has been on hold because of financial difficulties, but it looks like they are ironed out and the project is full speed ahead, with plans to make it even larger than originally planned. This will be a welcome addition to the Fremont. St. Experience. Full story at

ROOM RATES – The intense hotel building of the past few years along with the opening of the Aladdin has started softening up the room rates, making you “Las Vegas fix” a little less straining on the budget. Full story at

VEGAS CALENDARS – Many of you enjoy keeping Las Vegas in mind by picking up a Las Vegas calendar or two while in town. Now, you can buy your 2001 Las Vegas Calendar and contribute to a worthwhile cause at the same time. These are the same beautiful, high-quality calendars you see in the gift shops at a comparable price. Order info as well as all 12 photos are available for viewing at and you can read more about the Shade Tree shelter they benefit at

HAWAII – Aloha Airlines today announced it will inaugurate service between Hawaii and Las Vegas starting February 14, 2001. Aloha’s new service will include two daily roundtrip flights: one between Honolulu and Las Vegas and the other between Kahului, Maui and Las Vegas. Full story at

SPORTS BOOK LIMITS – In at attempt to discourage illegal bookmakers and fixers from attempting to use Nevada’s legal sports books to place bets, Nevada regulators are proposing putting a limit of $550 on college sports bets. (Note: The “odd” number was arrived at because most sports bets need to be made in multiples of 11.) This is an attempt to get federal government to drop proposed legislation banning legal betting on college sports. Full story at


ARKANSAS – Southwest Airlines is inaugurating nonstop service from Little Rock to Las Vegas. Story at

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Winners! Perry L. Turner of Crossville, TN won the Review-Journal special golf section. Diane VanSach or Redford, MI won the Station Casinos coupon book.

Quick Concert and Show Notes:

SHOWS – See which shows are playing during your stay and book reservations EVEN if the tickets aren’t on sale yet. Let ShowVegas takes care of all your needs directly online! Search by dates at

Rita Rudner – continues to pack them in at the MGM and her run has been extended through November. Full story at

Paris – Don Rickles Dec. 29-31. Tickets available at (800) 237-7469 and Paris discount rooms are available at (Paris link).

CONCERTS and HEADLINERS – Our listing is available online anytime at

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LAS VEGAS WEATHER – This 5 day forecast is courtesy of Weather.Com:

Wednesday – 81/58 Partly Cloudy
Thursday – 87/53 Mostly Cloudy
Friday – 86/54 Mostly Cloudy
Saturday – 81/49 Partly Cloudy
Sunday – 74/45 Mostly Sunny

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No review this week because the World Gaming Congress 2000 is in town. We are looking forward to meeting many business colleges we correspond with throughout the year, as well as networking and getting a preview of what the next year holds in gaming (gambling) technology and gaming-related tourism. Full story at and info on WGE is available at

We’ll be back next week with a review of Legends In Concert. If you are new to list, or just have not availed yourself of our archives, we invite you to enjoy our back issues online at

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Max from Windsor, CT wrote:

>We are thinking about running away and getting married in Vegas.á Have
>you heard any feedback on couples doing this?á Our only “must have” is
>photographs.á We are looking for someplace short, sweet and

I am single, so this is out of my area. Readers, have you “run off” to Vegas to get married, or had a Vegas wedding? If your wedding fit the bill that Max is looking for, drop us a line at

RE: Kids in Vegas

Ellen in Los Angeles, CA wrote:


>IMO, Vegas is not for children.á 30 years ago, you would NEVER see kids in
>the hotels, then some marketing genius got the bright idea to market
>it to families and the town has gone to rack and ruin ever since.
>Families don’t gamble, consequently the hotels have to make their
>money in other ways, therefore, room rates and meals are higher now
>than ever, and comps are less, they have to meet the bottom line
>somehow.á I see TI has started charging $25 extra for more than 2 in a
>room, Rio has reduced their Sky Parade by 2 days, the MGM is selling
>off its rides, could it be, we will finally return to a town for
>adults?á I hope so.á Ted, I enjoy your letter and promote it every
>chance I get.á You do a wonderful job, thanks for your time!á Ellen –
>Los Angeles, CA.

RE: Jacuzzi Suites

Sherry wrote:

>The only place we have stayed at with a Jacuzzi was the Luxor.á We got
>married 2 years ago in Vegas and wanted a nice Jacuzzi suite.á The
>suite is in the pyramid and the Jacuzzi is at the window so you can
>look out very relaxing and private.á Our room overlooked where the
>Mandalay Bay is now (they had just started construction) and the
>airport area.á I would recommend it and can’t wait to go back.

Roy L. Flush (a pseudonym — he it a frequent Las Vegas visitor with a page at ) writes:

>Greetings; I was offered a room at the Las Vegas Hilton a
>couple of years ago and, since I had never stayed there, I accepted.á As
>I was trying to get my key in the door, a female voice, from INSIDE
>the room, says who’s there?!á I went back to the check in clerk and
>told him what had happened. He apologized profusely and gave me another
>room key.á When I opened the door I stood there with wide eyes. HUGE
>living room, 32″ TV, electric drapes, raised king size bed, mirrored
>ceiling and a bathroom out of a magazine. Glassed in shower, dual
>everything AND a Jacuzzi for two!á I have no idea what this suite
>should have cost but it was gorgeous.á Even better than the Venetian.

John from Washington, DC wrote:

>Hey Ted,
>I have been to Vegas several times and have only experienced the
>Jacuzzi suites at Luxor and Treasure Island.á The one at Luxor was a
>distant second to the comfort, cleanliness and appearance of the one
>at Treasure Island.á The staff was much friendlier at Treasure Island
>also.á Our view at Luxor was of the airport.á The view at Treasure
>Island from the top floor was to the Northwest giving a wonderful view
>of the mountains to wake up to in the afternoon and offered a great
>shot at sunset.

RE: Cheap golf near the Strip

Marc wrote:

>I would highly recommend the Las Vegas National course.
>It’s the old Sahara course and has been there for
>along time. American Golf owns it now. I played it
>back in September of 1999 and it was in good shape.
>Great staff.
>If money is not object, by all means go play the
>Desert Inn before Wynn turns it into a lake. God, I
>can’t believe he is going to bulldoze one of the great
>golf courses in the US, but he is.
>This is a fabulously designed course. Lots of history
>there and it won’t be there much longer. Play it in
>the next few weeks and it should be in terrific shape
>as the PGA Tour is there this week.
>I would skip Desert Pines if someone suggests that.
>It’s sorta in town, but I didn’t care for any aspect
>of that facility and I am in the golf business.

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