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Newkirk’s Notes – comments on Las Vegas from AccessVegas.Com publisher Ted Newkirk:

Hello From Las Vegas! As usual, both the Las Vegas Strip and Fremont Street were jammed over Memorial Day weekend. The cool weather (partly cloudy, mild temps) keep the mood slightly more subdued than usual but hey… 70 degrees (F)á beats the 108 we had the week before!

A big congratulations goes to Mac King for being named the top Comedy Magician in the world according to Magic Magazine (April 2008 issue). I have the actual issue and was very impressed that this wasn’t just some “award” but a careful, scientific, peer-chosen determination.

He actually beat out both Penn and Teller and The Amazing Johnathan, two names which have had far greater media exposure. Plus, the price is right. Mac King is an afternoon show that will be both easy on your wallet and get you our of our pending summer heat.

Tickets for Las Vegas’ top comedy magic shows:

Las Vegas Rio Sky ShowThe new Rio “Show in the Sky” has just (and I mean JUST) launched. We haven’t even had time to pop over and see it, but the press stuff they sent out notes it is much more sexy and sensual, including three different shows:

With three different shows, guests are encouraged to stay a while for an all new experience to see a unique show each time. The bedroom style performance will feature a 17 foot-long bed with high-energy performers of seduction. The bath/spa style performance will encompass a glamorous stage with sexy girls in towels. The modern-day club performance brings the feeling of old Hollywood glamour meets classic burlesque with accents of rhinestones and feathers throughout.

Shows play nightly on the hour from 7 PM to Midnight.

Las Vegas Second Most Digital Savvy – I never thought I’d see this day, but Las Vegas recently ranked second (behind Austin, TX) as the nation’s most digitally savvy city. This is a huge turn-around. When I launched in 1997 (and the predecessor two years earlier) as strictly online publications, casinos didn’t have websites and it seemed rare to find someone in upper management who knew what the internet was.

The Scarborough Research study cited the relatively young average age of residents, median household income of $53,000, higher tech penetration of warm, Western (US) cities, and the transient nature of the residents. This makes sense as people in their 20’s and early 30’s move here thinking they’ll have some fun, make some cash, then move back home (or move on to Southern California, Phoenix, or San Francisco). More of this story available here: Digital Savvy In Sin City

On the party front…

Dick’s last resort is brewing up beer pong, putting a silly spin on this infamous drinking game. They note:

DickÆs Last Resort invites you to test your skills at Bar Pong, the restaurantÆs very own rowdy rendition of the popular past time that is beer pong. With DickÆs entertainer extraordinaire Taco acting as the rambunctious referee, the game has never been this fun.

A touch of truth or dare is tossed in to add a twist as missed shots result in kooky challenges that will have everyone laughing. Whether flying solo or with friends, pick one of DickÆs 18 draft beers and join in the everlasting excitement where everyone is a winner.

Where: DickÆs Last Resort at Excalibur. When: 7 pm û Late, Wednesday û Sunday.

June 5 brings another edition of “Cinco de Taco” at the Pink Taco inside the Hard Rock Hotel offering $2 Coronas and Corona Lights, $3 Sauza Hornitos shots, $3.75 Sauza Hornitos margaritas as well as half-off appetizers from 4 p.m. until closing. “Cinco de Taco” features a live Mariachi band beginning at 6 p.m., and girls dressed in lingerie will be participating in three unique Pinata bashings filled with Love Jones lingerie. Click the above photo for previous “Cinco de Taco” photos.

Enjoy This Issue!

Ted Newkirk
CEO/Managing Editor

Associate Editor: Amy Rayner-Cooley
News Researcher/Editor: Mark Jacobs

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Featured Review:
Take a Plunge Into The Mystical World Of Cirque du Soleil’s Mystere

by Denise Almas

The circus is coming. The circus is coming! Don’t be late or you may find yourself following an unconventional looking clown instead of an usher to your seat — or perhaps someone else’s seat. Thus begins the stunning and surrealistic Cirque du Soleil production of Mystere. As soon as the doors close, the ringmaster takes over and the true action begins with a baby playing ball and looking for his “papa”. After finding a “papa” in the audience, the story begins to unfold in a vibrant and visually stimulating performance.

With the exit of the ringmaster, the performers come alive with unusual costumes, dancing, and death defying acts that only highly trained professionals could deliver with poise, grace, and beauty. As music heightens the performances, these athletes fly through the air, balance on top of each other, and bring to life the mysteries of human emotion and capabilities. Without missing a beat, these international athletes perform feats such as the aerial high bar, bungee, and Chinese Poles.

Click to Read Entire Cirque du Soleil’s Mystere Las Vegas Review…

Featured Review:
Elton John Songs Improve With Time In Red Piano

by Lincoln Hudson

Stepping out onto the stage at Caesars Palace one can only gasp at the enormous enigma that Sir Elton John has become. Clearly older and wiser this superb and universal entertainer has lost none of the talent and passion that makes him easily one of the worlds greatest performers.

Red Piano is a magnificent show that beautifully uses the technology of both multi-media and film to tell the story and sub text of his songs. Elton John is not just a talented rock star but he is also quite clearly an Artist whose talent also includes writing hit musicals and adapting opera’s. Most amazing of all I find is the forever deepening sub text of his songs that go back almost thirty years.

Click to Read Entire Elton John Red Piano Las Vegas Review…

Harrah’s Hosts World’s Most Esteemed Flair Bartending Competition June 3 – 5 – Bartenders vie for cash and the coveted Ultimate Flair Bartending Championship Title. Harrah’s Carnaval Court welcomes the world’s most skilled flair bartenders June 3 -5, for the fourth annual international bartending competition, Ultimate Flair Bartending Championship (UFBC). The outdoor, Strip-side venue has earned the reputation as the world’s premier flair bar, thus it is fitting that the best-of-the-best flock to Carnaval Court to compete for the title of UFBC champ. Click to Read The Full Story …

Legendary Entertainer Wayne Newton Will Perform At MGM Grand July 31 – August 6 – “Mr. Las Vegas” Wayne Newton will light up the stage inside MGM Grand’s Hollywood Theatre for a seven-night engagement July 31 û August 6. (Tickets) Show time is 8:30 p.m. nightly. Additional performances will go on sale later this year. This appearance marks Newton’s first performance at MGM Grand since 1999. Newton has been entertaining audiences worldwide for more than 60 years having started at the age of four years old. After several appearances on ABC’s popular hit series “Dancing with the Stars,” Newton returns to MGM Grand to perform alongside a 22-piece orchestra. Click to Read The Full Story …

Love Bites at Shark Reef Aquarium – Imagine tying the knot as sharks and other dangerous predators float by. Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay offers couples the chance to say “I do” in this unforgettable setting. Coordinated by the professional staff of “THE wedding chapel” at Mandalay Bay, the Shark Reef Wedding Package includes a bouquet and garter for the bride, boutonniere for the groom, minister, pianist, a wedding album and more. Priced at $1,175, tax excluded. Call 702-632-4555 for more details.

Star-Studded Lineup Gathering For Ladies No-Limit Hold’em Poker Event June 8 At The World Series Of Poker – Stars Teri Hatcher, Joely Fisher plus Cheryl Hines, Camryn Manheim and Mindy McCready among Celebrities Scheduled to Participate at Rio Las Vegas. While poker continues to grow worldwide, one of the biggest areas of growth is coming from female participation. Thus, the anticipation for this year’s World Series of Poker female-only event, the $1,000 buy-in No Limit Hold’em World Championship, is greater than ever before. Click to Read The Full Story …

The Time Reunite At Flamingo Las Vegas – All-Time Greatest Party Band Together Again For The First Time In 18 YearsFlamingo Las Vegas presents special limited dates of legendary Minneapolis funk band, The Time, June 24 – July 5 and July 29 – Aug. 2. (Tickets) These exclusive performances mark the first time the original band members have performed together in 18 years, following their acclaimed appearance at this year’s Grammy Awards. The master of cool, Morris Day, will reunite with his original band mates, valet Jerome Benton, drummer Jellybean Johnson, bass player Terry Lewis, guitarist Jesse Johnson and keyboard artists Jimmy Jam and Monte Moir to perform all of their classic hits. Click to Read The Full Story …

Gambling Talk: The King and I Part Two – with Victor H. Royer. Neither Lady M nor the King ever had to worry about announcing themselves, or about reservations. They just showed up whenever they felt like it. In this case, the King had a problem with Lady M, and so the casino thought they had a problem. But the King was very well adjusted. He wasnÆt fretting about it. He simply did whatever it was that he did in his suite, and when Lady M finally left, he came down to play his machines.á

Me being there must have, at first, seemed like it was going to be another problem for everybody, but the KingÆs graciousness and understanding resolved the situation and rendered a potential problem totally moot. I was actually quite impressed by him, the way he acted, and his royal persona. Click to Read Complete Article…

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Members Mania – We Love Our Readers!

Just reading your news letter and especially the part about the planes. This bit made me smile: “However, many of you are flying 12-16 hours to get here and that commitment to come visit isn’t lost on us either.”á

Not lost on you but for many of us Brits who used to come over regularly ( I came at least once a year ) we’ve decided that enough is enough and we are no longer prepared to queue for two hours or more once we get off the plane at Chicago or Atlanta or Washington, as we crawl towards the Immigration desk where we are finger printed and photographed.á

12 hours on a plane, then two hours to pass thru Chicago. Normally you miss your connecting flight to Vegas and then have to kill another 3 or 4 hours before making the next 3 hour leg of the journey.

I tried going direct last time ( not a lot of cheap direct flights for those of us living in the North of England ) and the wait to pass thru Immigration at McCarran was nearly two hours as well. I love Vegas but I just can’t do the immigration- Homeland security bit any more.


Dave Kendall

Ted Responds:

I appreciate the note and understand the hassle. We call the TSA here the Transportation Screw-Up Administration. And something should be done to speed up the immigration lines here, especially with the number of international flights.

May I suggest sending the same note you sent me to our local paper as a letter to the editor? They have even an bigger voice than I do (politicians generally don’t read tourism publications like ours, but they read the newspaper). You can even submit it online at

In fact, I suggest all of our international readers frustrated about this to spend just a couple of minutes doing so. A barrage of complaints will have to be noticed by our newspaper and it might even create extra coverage (or a feature story) that the politicians can’t ignore.

My husband and I have been coming to Vegas for the past 15 years and if you can believe it our latest trip in April/08 is the first time we have been to Fremont Street and we fell in love with it.

My questions is this-is Fremont Street a safe place to stay for a few days at one of their hotel/casinos? This concern for safety has been the reason we have never ventured downtown before now but we spent 3 days of our trip playing/eating/shopping/enjoying the shows during our latest visit and really enjoyed the atmosphere. Keep up all the wonderful work you all on the newsletter, we look forward to it and have learned so much from it. Thanks so much,

Wayne and Sandy M.
Rochester, NH

Ted Responds:

Downtown is as safe as The Strip provided you stay in the tourism areas. But one should never wander off (on foot) well away from normal tourism areas anywhere unless they specifically know the area. The upside of downtown is the more reasonable priced rooms, food, and entertainment. Also, the casinos are all right next to each other. No long walks when you want to change scenery.

The downside is the bus or cab right to The Strip. What many do is buy an all day pass on The Deuce (bus running from downtown to The Strip every few minutes, 24/7). For those looking at the price of airfare and Strip hotel rooms and cringing but still really wanting to come visit, I suggest this: Stay downtown where you’ll still find the Vegas that everyone used to talk about where prices are much easier on the wallet.

Do you have any insight into valet parking at Las Vegas hotels? Reason, we were in town a week ago and valet parked at every hotel. Our camera and GPS unit were stolen from our car and the only time it was unlocked is when we valet parked.á

We didn’t discover they were missing until a couple of days later when we went to use them and there is no damage on the car. Is this a problem in Las Vegas? Any ideas of what can be done? Any help would be appreciated.

Evelyn Dotson

Ted Responds:

This is the first time we’ve had anyone bring this issue up in the 9 years of the newsletter so it probably isn’t widespread. Valet parkers make really good money and would be stupid to jeopardize it. Also, they have casino surveillance cameras on them pretty much at all times.

However, it is a good reminder for people to check their stuff after they valet. If something is missing, security can roll back all the cameras that your car was on and probably catch who did it. If you know the license plate on the car you were driving, you can write the property and tell them your problem. Don’t delay as I don’t know how long they keep surveillance video.

In the future… for any theft on a casino property (purse/wallet theft or anything): Keep track of your stuff the best you can (so you know when it is missing) and report any theft as soon as possible. Pretty good chance they can roll some video back and try to see who did it. At the very least, they can then keep an eye out for the thief.

We love to hear from you, and value your feedback! Here’s how to participate:

  • Call our recorded comment line at 702-507-0055. We listen to every call.
  • Drop us an email at – We read them all!

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  • Labour Day, Canada August 30-September 1 (3 day weekend)
  • Grandparent’s Day September 7
  • Jewish New Year September 30
  • Columbus Day October 11-13 (3 day weekend)
  • Thanksgiving Day, Canada October 11-13 (3 day weekend)
  • Halloween October 31
  • Veteran’s Day November 11
  • Thanksgiving Day November 27-30 (4 day weekend)
  • Hanukkah Dec. 22 – Dec. 29
  • Christmas December 25
  • New Year’s Eve-Day December 31 – January 1
  • Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, U.S (Observed) January 19-21 (3 day weekend)
  • Chinese/Lunar New Year January 26
  • Lincoln’s Birthday, U.S February 12
  • Valentine’s Day February 14
  • President’s Day, U.S (Observed) February 14-16 (3 day weekend)
  • Washington’s Birthday, U.S February 22
  • St. Patrick’s Day March 17
  • Easter Sunday April 12
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  • Mother’s Day May 10

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Access Vegas Insider Vibe – January 16, 2008 Insider Vibe

Welcome to the Insider Vibe! This is the official newsletter of AccessVegas.Com. We talk about the Las Vegas activities you really care about.

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Newkirk’s Notes – comments on Las Vegas from AccessVegas.Com publisher Ted Newkirk:

Hello From Las Vegas! Happy to be back this week. My how time flies when you don’t know what you are doing. Got a sneak peek at…

Palazzo, Palazzo, Palazzo, Palazzo! – The new monster hotel next to Wynn Las Vegas has been open for about a week and celebrates its grand opening this weekend. Palazzo is somewhat interesting as the property has an understated elegance that sinks in and becomes deeper as you spend time inside the property.

We’ll let others tell you about it. Instead, we’ll show you Palazzo with our exclusive pictures taken just days ago!

Send this photo as an ecard to a friend (click photo)
and let a friend know their seat in Vegas is waiting!

We are going the extra mile for you, trying something new: In addition to our usual photo gallery presentation, we have combined selected photos into a new screensaver. Plus… something we’ve never done before: We’re making the entire photo set available full-sized as a zip file download. Once again, no charge to our readers! Our photos cover the outside, inside, gardens, fountains and casino interior. Here you go:

Right-click to download screensaver or zip file. Detailed instructions for screensaver and zip files, plus usage limitations at bottom of this issue. No registration needed, contains no shareware or viruses.

Nevada Caucuses are a joke – We don’t often get political here (skip this section of politics bores you), and I need to make it very clear that I am writing this prior to the Nevada political caucuses. As I write, I have no clue about the outcome so please don’t read support of any particular candidate into anything I note. If I could predict the future, I’d be making millions a year betting sports!

For those of you that follow politics, don’t put much (if any) stock in the outcome of the Nevada caucuses. Turnout won’t be representative of the voting population here in any way, shape, or form. Here’s why:

Nevada has a large tourism-oriented workforce. What are the busiest days and shifts for this workforce? Friday and Saturday swing shift. When is the caucus scheduled? On a Saturday morning at 9 AM. Which means… a significant portion of the population would have to literally attend in what is the middle of their night (sleep time).

Then, you have people who work traditional hours Monday through Friday who just aren’t going to get up at the crack of dawn on Saturday. Add to that a pretty sizable number of devout Jews who don’t conduct business on Saturday. Bottom Line: Whoever chose 9 AM on a Saturday morning for this event was off their rocker.

Side Note: To accommodate the varied workforce here (plus the number of people who travel), Nevada has both early voting and easy-to-request absentee ballots in other elections. This presidential primary should have been handled the same way here.

Enjoy This Issue!

Ted Newkirk
CEO/Managing Editor

Associate Editor: Amy Rayner-Cooley
News Researcher/Editor: Mark Jacobs

Bon Jovi And The Lost Highway World Tour Will Rock MGM Grand Garden Arena Saturday, April 12, 2008 – Concert To Feature Special Guest Daughtry – Bon Jovi’s “Lost Highway World Tour” will make its way to the MGM Grand Garden Arena Saturday, April 12, 2008 along with special guest Daughtry. (Tickets) The concert is scheduled to begin at 8 p.m. Bon Jovi has established itself as one of the world’s most successful live rock acts by delivering their fans dynamic performances and the best tour production imaginable. Click to Read The Full Story …

Wildest Irish Pub On Earth Comes To The Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino In Las Vegas – McFadden’s Restaurant and Saloon, the “Wildest Irish Pub on Earth,” has crossed the great Mississippi River to land in the wildest city on Earth, Las Vegas. Throwing open its doors today, McFadden’s 7,000-square-foot-plus tavern at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino will be Sin City’s newest pub-hub for crowds seeking out an unpretentious party bar where both men and women can roll up their sleeves and have a great time. Click to Read The Full Story …

The Longest Running Full Broadway Show Ever To Play The Las Vegas Strip Extends Stay At Mandalay Bay To January 4, 2009 – 5th Anniversary Celebrated On February 13, 2008 – MAMMA MIA!, the global smash hit musical based on the songs of ABBA, will extend a record-breaking run at the Mandalay Bay Theatre through the end of 2008. (Tickets) Due to popular demand MAMMA MIA!, which was previously scheduled to end in August after more than 2,300 performances, will now play through January 4, 2009. Click to Read The Full Story …

New Lobby Aquarium Features Sea Creatures From Around The World – After a two-month transformation, The Mirage’s famed lobby aquarium û already one of the most elaborate and technically advanced in the world û now offers visitors a new sensory escape. The addition of hundreds of new sea creatures to the exhibit provides a rare glimpse into the aquatic wonders of our planet. Nearly 1,000 marine life forms now comprise a thriving undersea community within the 20,000 gallon display. Click to Read The Full Story …

Orleans Arena Hosts The 2008 AVP Hot Winter Nights Volleyball TourThe Orleans Arena will transform into a sandy beach this winter when it hosts the final stop of the first-ever AVP Hot Winter Nights indoor volleyball tour. More than 200 tons of sand will be brought in for the three-hour competition and “winter beach party.” The most popular and talented professional volleyball players including Kerri Walsh, Jake Gibb, Elaine Youngs and Stein Metzger will compete as teams of two in a round robin play format. Click to Read The Full Story …

Gambling Talk: Video Keno – Part Two – with Victor H. Royer. Similarly to Big Board Keno, Video Keno has been equally misunderstood. Although this machine is often among the best paying slots on the casino floor, many casual players have so far avoided this game because they think it’s too intimidating, or perhaps because no one has ever explained what a really great, fun, and profitable game this can truly be. With new advances in computer technology, many new variations on Keno games are now possible. Click to Read Complete Article…

Members Mania – We Love Our Readers!

Reader Submitted Photos:

Enjoy the newsletter. We will be in Las Vegas in January when it gets cold enough to wear heavy jackets and coats and that brings up the problem: I don’t recall any cloak rooms in the casinos. Do we have to wear our jackets etc. or am I wrong about cloak rooms?


I. Rudyard Stone

No question it is coat weather for the next couple of months still. You know… in almost 15 years of living here, I’ve never thought about that! If I’m headed to a specific show, restaurant, or club I just leave it in the car and deal with the cold for a couple of minutes until I’m inside. If I’m casino-hopping in the cold, I hang it on the back of my chair (making sure nothing valuable is in the pockets).

Readers, have you seen a coat check area in a casino, restaurant, or club here? What was your experience? Drop us a note at

You and your staff do a great job on keeping everyone informed of all the Vegas happenings. I will be making a trip next year to celebrate a milestone birthday. Will be staying a week, and we can’t wait. Girls only trip! The planning is in the works and we always check your newsletters for the latest information. Any suggestions for ladies turning the big 50?

Any truth that Harrah’s is being sold? Do most hotels in Vegas charge you a daily deposit on top of your hotel price?

Terri Culver

Have fun and act like you are turning 30 (within reason… don’t kill yourself). Many ladies (and quite a few men) like to have a spa treatment. My hint for that: Services and prices will vary greatly so stop in check out the spas (and prices) of various hotels. (Unfortunately, we don’t have spa listings yet, but are working on it). Since it is a girls-only trip, go to a show (whether a male revue or a “Broadway” style show) that the men might otherwise not find so interesting. Watch our concert listings in the newsletter and go see a concert of interest to you if one happens during your visit.

Harrah’s corporation may be in transition to a private equity firm if everything works out. Many hotels charge various extra fees that are mandatory (usually a few dollars a night). Hotels do often place a hold on your credit card that is released upon your departure.

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  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day January 18-21 (3 day weekend)
  • Chinese/Lunar New Year February 7
  • Lincoln’s Birthday February 12
  • Valentine’s Day February 14
  • President’s Day February 16-18 (3 day weekend)
  • Washington’s Birthday February 22
  • St. Patrick’s Day March 17
  • Easter Sunday March 23
  • Cinco de Mayo May 5
  • Mother’s Day May 11
  • Victoria Day, Canada May 17-19 (3 day weekend)
  • Memorial Day May 24-26 (3 day weekend)
  • Father’s Day June 15
  • Canada Day, Canada July 1
  • Independence Day July 4-6 (3 day weekend)
  • Civic Holiday, Canada August 2-4 (3 day weekend)
  • Labor Day, U.S August 30-September 1 (3 day weekend)
  • Labour Day, Canada August 30-September 1 (3 day weekend)
  • Grandparent’s Day September 7
  • Jewish New Year September 30
  • Yom Kippur October 9
  • Columbus Day October 11-13 (3 day weekend)
  • Thanksgiving Day, Canada October 11-13 (3 day weekend)
  • Halloween October 31
  • Veteran’s Day November 11
  • Thanksgiving Day November 27-30 (4 day weekend)
  • Hanukkah Dec. 22 – Dec. 29
  • Christmas December 25
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Instructions for Zip file. Download the same way you would the screensaver, but simply double click on the zip file (Windows XP and Vista) to open up the photo folder. Then, copy/paste (or drag) all the photos to another computer folder. This will “unzip” them back to normal.

Important Note: We create our screensavers “in house” here. No spam, no viruses, no registration, no nothing. Just the screensaver. Plus, if you tire of the screensaver you can go to the Add/Remove Programs area of your computer (where you would go to remove any other programs) and you’ll find it listed. You can uninstall it just as you would other programs.

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This Issue: Shark Reef

LAS VEGAS NEWS – of interest to tourists:HILTON SALE – Silverton Casino owner Ed Roski, Jr. has agreed to buy the Las Vegas Hilton. Rosky is a part owner of the L.A. Kings, Lakers, and Staples Center has plans to change the target audience from higher end players to convention visitors. Stories at:

SUNDAY NIGHT PARTY – If you are a weekend warrior here who enjoys our “mega-clubs,” you are used to the long lines and crowds. So what happens the rest of the week? Many of those dealers, cocktail waitresses, and other service workers that worked so hard all weekend serving you have Mon. and Tue. off, and there is an all-out war for their business on Sunday night among the hot clubs. Book yourself a Sunday arrival and enjoy the club hopping on the night they go all out. Story at

COCKTAIL WAITRESS LAWSUIT – Six Imperial Palace cocktail waitresses sued after being temporarily given other, lower paying positions during their pregnancies. Settlements ranged from $21-30,000 and they waitresses continue their employment at the resort. Story at and this weeks poll asks what you feel the role of a cocktail waitress is. See our poll section.

HIGH ROLLERS – Ever wonder what your Las Vegas vacation would be if you had a gambling credit line of a million dollars or more? The R-J just did a great story with photos on some of the many high roller suites these big players are housed in at

REAGAN NATIONAL – America West and Las Vegas’ own National Airlines just got approved for new nonstop flights from the central D.C. airport to Las Vegas, and America West was approved for two flights from Reagan National to Phoenix, giving our friends in the nation’s capital more (and hopefully cheaper!) nonstop and one-stop options to Las Vegas. Full story at

WAYNE – Las Vegas Magazine has a nice write-up on the Mr. Las Vegas at

ALADDIN PREVIEW – Gaming today is running a two-part series previewing the soon-to-reopen Aladdin Hotel at We are booking Aladdin rooms at discount at (Aladdin link).

Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Scenic Southwest Tours – by plane, bus, or even helicopter! You’ve seen the glossy ads in the tourist brochures. You’ve thought about it. You come all the way to Las Vegas — why not see one of the some of the most famous landmarks in the world! Don’t by tricked by web sites & magazines that offer discount tours. Taxes, park fees, permits can almost double the price. Our prices are inclusive – no hidden charges! Best Las Vegas Tours

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Nebulae – The European hit show has opened at The Venetian. The R-J’s review is at and general show details and tickets available at

Hard Rock Hotel – L.A. Guns, Ratt, and Warrant on July 22, “Weird Al” Yankovic on July 27, Lenny Kravitz on July 28, No Doubt with Black Eyed Peas on July 31, B-52’s on Aug. 5, K.D. Lang Aug. 11, Deftones on Aug. 13, Jimmy Page plus The Black Crowes on Aug 16, and Culture Club on Nov. 14. Tickets at (702) 474-4000 and Hard Rock discount rooms available at (Hard Rock link).

Las Vegas Hilton – Engelbert Humperdinck July 11-16, Tim Conway and Harvey Korman in their “Together Again” tour July 28-29, Reba McEntire Sept. 14-17, Kenny Rogers Sept. 22-23, Face To Face Sept. 30, Steven Wright Oct. 7-8, and Tim Conway and Harvey Korman in their “Together Again” tour Oct. 19-21 (return engagement) and Jeff Foxworthy Nov. 30 – Dec. 3. Tickets are available at (800) 222-5361 and Las Vegas Hilton discount rooms are available at (Las Vegas Hilton link).

Mandalay Bay – Dan Folgelberg on Jul. 14, Hall and Oats on July 21, The Fixx on July 22, LeAnn Rimes on Jul. 28, Tim McGraw & Faith Hill on July 29, the BB King Blues Festival 2000 on Aug. 1, Kiss with Ted Nugent Aug. 2, Brian Setzer on Aug. 8, Earth, Wind, and Fire on Aug. 16-19, Duran Duran Aug. 25-26, Little Feat Sept. 22, and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy on Sept. 29. Tickets available at (702) 474-4000 and Mandalay Bay discount rooms are available at (Mandalay Bay link).

MGM – Penn and Teller July 27 – Aug. 9, Sting on Aug. 19, Carrot Top Sept. 7 – 13, and Pearl Jam on Oct. 22. Tickets available at (800) 929-1111 and MGM discount rooms are available at (MGM link).

Riviera – Rich Little on Oct. 6 and 7, Tony Orlando on Oct. 13 and 14, Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling on Oct. 20 and 21. Tickets at (702) 794-9433 and Riviera discount rooms are available at (Riviera link).

Station Casinos – Paula Poundstone on July 28 at Sunset, and Southside Johnny & the Asbury Dukes Aug. 4 at Sunset. Tickets at (888) 464-2468 and Station Casinos discount rooms available at (various Station Casinos links).

The Orleans – The Little River Band on Sept. 1-3, and The Everly Brothers Oct. 25-29. Tickets at (702) 365-7075 and Orleans discount rooms available at (The Orleans link).

Thomas & Mack – Korn, Powerman 5000 and Papa Roach on Aug. 9, Up In Smoke tour featuring Dr. Dre, Snoop Dog, and Eminem on Aug. 11, Red Hot Chili Peppers with Stone Temple Pilots on Sept. 13, AC/DC on Sept. 14, and Phish on Sept. 29. Tickets at (888) 464-2468. The Hard Rock hotel is within walking distance of the Thomas and Mack and Hard Rock discount rooms available at (Hard Rock link).

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mandalay-bay-shark-reef-2.jpg (24789 bytes)Have you ever been to one of those seaside aquariums? “Baby, this ain’t one of those.” Mandalay Bay’s new Shark Reef features some of the most exotic and dangerous aquatic animals in the world and puts you right in the middle of it. They have built one of North America’s largest displays of sharks and other salt water predators.

The first part of the tour is through a tropical jungle, complete with lush green surroundings. You weave your way through a maze of a number of reptile displays, giving you possibly the closest ever safe look you’ll ever have at these intimidating creatures.

From there, you continue to walk through what looks like an ancient temple that has been claimed by the sea, eventually ending up underwater in part of a wrecked ship, surrounded by 1.6 million gallons of ocean water right here in the middle of our desert. These dangerous sharks, schools of fish, and displays of some of the most exotic marine life known to man aren’t just beside you, but above and below you as you walk through clear walls, floors and tunnels. (For the claustrophobic, let me note that the central rooms in the aquarium are very large — this isn’t like being stuck in an elevator).

mandalay-bay-shark-reef-3.jpg (27099 bytes)Shark Reef includes almost 100 different species including:

Sharks: Include blacktip reef sharks, bonnethead sharks, nurse sharks and lemon sharks. Some species of sharks at Shark Reef will grow to be more than 12 feet long.

Tropical and Fresh Water Fish: Include several species of angelfish, puffer fish and tang fish. Venomous tropical fishes include such species as the radiated lionfish and coral catfish.

Reptiles: Crocodiles, green sea turtles and ravenous water monitors are among the reptile species displayed at Shark Reef.

mandalay-bay-shark-reef-4.jpg (27925 bytes)Eels/Marine Invertebrates/Rays: Eels, invertebrates and rays each have exhibits to showcase their species at Shark Reef Moray eels, southern stingrays and hundreds of moon jellyfish are among these creatures.

We have a few minor complaints. Shark Reef is quite a hike from the main casino area (past the pool, the arena, convention area and then a little farther). They are looking to expand the resort in that part of the property, which will eventually feature a duplicate of their guests-only swimming area that will be open to the public. We hope they have some airport style people movers in the plans also.

mandalay-bay-shark-reef-5.jpg (15684 bytes)There are flat screen monitors throughout the display but they don’t say much. Perhaps more informative multimedia displays are planned. Also, the $12.95 price was drawing a few grumbles from people at the ticket booth (although none once they were inside). Perhaps a $10 ticket price in line with the Secret Gardens of Siegfried and Roy would be in order. (Our Secret Garden review with photos is available at ).

Still, it is a pretty captivating experience and if you have even a remote interest in natures more exotic displays, it will be money well spent. There were plenty of children and teens who were thoroughly enjoying it but it left us adults just as much in awe.

Shark Reef is at the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino. Open daily from 10 AM until 11 PM, admission is $12.95. Children 12 and under and Nevada residents with ID are $9.95.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR:Dina Pellatier wrote:

>The “Dr.á Naughty Comic Hypnotist” show at Bourbon Street is a
>terrible waste of money.á He and his staff are rude and physically
>abusive to those on stage.á For the sake of all those who come after,
>please do not promote the show — it should be closed.

We have yet to receive any requests to review it, and it’s not on our long term calendar. For those who want more info on Dr. Naughty the X-rated Comedy Hypnotist, you can find it at

>Hi Ted,
>I enjoy getting your e-mails about Las Vegas! á My friends and I go
>fairly often.
>We just got back yesterday evening & had a somewhat disappointing
>time.á We wanted to go salsa dancing but no one knew of any place.
>Although, we were recommend Rum Jungle at Mandalay Bay.á When we got
>there they weren’t playing anything in Spanish.

Good question and I have no answer offhand. Readers, if you can help, please drop us a line at

James R. Clayton wrote:

>Hi ….á I understand the reason for the casinos wanting to go
>coinless …á reduction of personnel in the cages, the floor cashiers,
>and their money handlers in nearly every aspect.á Also, just the
>removal of all of that coinage they have to mess with is a relief to
>them and I’m certain to their banking institutions.á And on, and on,
>and on ……
>HOWEVER!á ….á We have a relatively large “Indian reservation casino”
>near here and it is 100% coinless.á It sucks!á It is nearly no fun at
>all to go there and play.á We immediately miss the clank and clatter
>of the LV style of casinos when we enter there.á In fact, we have
>nearly abandoned going to play anything there in the past 18 months.
>It may be a pain for the LV casinos, but, that’s what makes it Las
>I suspect that most of the people who voted in your survey “for
>coinless” have never been in such a casino.á They will be the first
>and the loudest to cry when the casinos go “silent”!á Believe me: it’s
>like going to shop for a black suit at a funeral parlor.
>P.S.: Last words for you Las Vegans: There have been a couple of
>recent articles about “rowdies” and “rude players” in the LV casinos.
>Most of the time they are drowned out by the casino background noise
>(coins!).á When they go coinless, your nerves will be shot in ten
>minutes from the whooping and drunken yelling which will carry
>throughout the casino!

++ ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ ++

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ONLINE POLL – “Do you believe a cocktail waitress’ job involves their looks?” Let’s hear your opinions at — results will be published in two weeks! This is controversial — remember you are anonymous when you vote. I’m simply going to report the results.Results from last weeks poll “If offered, would you prefer coinless slots?”

Give me coins — I love the “ping, ping, ping”! 67%
I’m not particular as long as I get paid. 10%
Coins are dirty and heavy — coinless is for me! 22%


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