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This Issue: Coco Palms “All You Can Eatery”

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LAS VEGAS NEWS – of interest to tourists:BINION TRIAL VIDEO – We are following this closely with updated stories when they become available at If you don’t have Court TV in your area and want to catch the proceedings as they happen, KLAS TV is streaming video of the trial online at

SPRING TRAINING – Las Vegas continues to attempt to lure a number of Major League Baseball teams to move their spring training here. Story at Our online poll this week: “Would you plan an additional trip to Las Vegas each year to watch spring training games”? Vote at

“NEW” SHOWS – 3 shows or performers which were absent for a little while are back! DANNY GANS has just started his run at The Mirage in a theatre specifically built for him. A recent story on the man and his past is detailed at THE RAT PACK has moved from the Desert Inn to The Sahara – story at WAYNE NEWTON is a month into his long-term run at The Stardust. Story at Tickets for WAYNE or THE RAT PACK can be reserved online at

BELLAGIO CONSERVATORY – If you have been to town since the opening of Bellagio and have yet to see the conservatory, shame on you! I’m not even a flower fan but this is not to be missed. Great story and photos at

ART BELL – A big tip of the hat to the infamous late night talk show host upon his pending retirement. He took a late night shift at Las Vegas radio station KDWN and turned it into a nightly “strange-fest” on over 400 stations nationwide, broadcasting from Pahrump (60 miles west of town).

Fans of his might be interested in reading David Thompson’s IN NEVADA: The Land, the People, God and Chance. Besides talking about the crazies and conjecture surrounding Area 51, he details exploits of Howard Hughes, Bugsey Siegel, Hoover Dam, and more. 30% discount available from Amazon at

SPEEDWAY CASINO – We found this new local’s casino to be a little bit of a letdown. Although nice and new with high ceilings and a racing theme, there wasn’t much in the way of memorabilia. They have the traditional Las Vegas food specials like 99 cent shrimp cocktail, $4.99 rib dinner and $5.99 16 oz. t-bone steak. The bar and grill area does feature a 10 foot TV screen on which they show every NASCAR race. Race days feature food and drink specials, cash drawings, and prizes. The verdict? Don’t go out of your way. The NASCAR Cafe (at the Sahara) and Race Rock (downtown) are much better. The Speedway Casino is located 5 minutes north of downtown at I-15 and Cheyenne.

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Quick Concert and Show Notes:

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THE SUPREMES – will be ending their reunion tour here in Las Vegas. Tickets are not yet on sale but you can read more at

BOULDER STATION – BLUE OYSTER CULT on April 15’th, DIAMOND RIO on April 28’th, and TRACE ADKINS on May 5. Tickets at (800) 464-2468 and Boulder Station discount rooms available at (Boulder Station link).

HARD ROCK – THE CURE on May 27. Tickets at (702) 474-4000 and Hard Rock discount rooms available at (Hard Rock link).

MANDALAY BAY – LIT on April 9, THE REVEREND HORTON HEAT on April 12, BIG BAD VOODOO DADDY on April 14, JOE SATRIANI on April 16, TYPE O NEGATIVE with COAL CHAMBER on April 18, LYNYRD SKYNYRD on April 25, CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVISITED on April 28, REO SPEEDWAGON, STYX and SURVIVOR on May 5, TOWER OF POWER on May 13, DAVID SANDBORN on MAY 19, BARRY MANILOW May 25 – May 28’th, JEFFERSON AIRPLANE on May 26, and RICKY MARTIN on July 22. Tickets available at (702) 474-4000 and Mandalay Bay discount rooms are available at (Mandalay Bay link).

MGM – BLINK 182 with BAD RELIGION on June 24. Tickets available at (702) 474-4000 and MGM discount rooms are available at (MGM link).

THE ORLEANS – RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS now through April 16. Tickets at (702) 365-7075 and Orleans discount rooms available at (Orleans link).

SUNSET STATION – DAVE MASON with LEON RUSSEL on April 22’nd, and 38 SPECIAL with EDGAR WINTER BAND on April 28’th. Tickets at (800) 464-2468 and Sunset Station discount rooms available at (Sunset Station link).

THE VENETIAN – ANDREW DICE CLAY on April 14’th and 15’th. Tickets available at (702) 414-2225 and Venetian discount rooms are available at (Venetian link).


FEATURE STORY: Coco Palms “All You Can Eatery”When I moved to town, the Stardust buffet was called the Warehouse buffet. And it sure wasn’t (Mirage Resort Chairman) Steve Wynn’s warehouse they were getting their food from. While not one of the “Big 3” worst buffets (Circus Circus, Imperial Palace, and Holiday Inn Boardwalk), it wasn’t making anyone’s top 10.

My how times have changed! Now called the Coco Palms, the Stardust is the only buffet offering weekday champaign brunch 7 days a week. The food is fresh, service is attentive, and the champaign is free flowing. The music was a little loud for my tastes. (It usually is in buffets as they want to move you through and get you back to the gaming floor). The decor was reasonably subdued and pleasant for a Las Vegas buffet.

They full salad and pasta bar has something for everyone. Penne pasta with broccoli, egg flower or chicken noodle soup, sliced melons, strawberries and whip cream, shrimp, yogurt and more. Oh yes, and salad!

Breakfast lovers can grab a made-to-order omelet or the standard eggs, hash browns, and Portuguese sausage fare. Lunch specialties like Italian beef stew, baked catfish with peanut and bacon butter, pork chops ala orange, rotisserie chicken and chicken tetrazinni will suit the tastes of those having their second meal of the day. Asian selections like sweet and sour chicken, pepper steak, moo goo gal pan, and pork chow mien were also available.

If you have a sweet tooth, you won’t be left out! The dessert bar is quite the spread, containing an excellent selection of donuts, fresh cinnamon rolls and other assorted pastries as well as the standard ice cream. Hot and cold puddings were also available.

The Coco Palms brunch buffet is open from 7 AM to 3 PM every single day. At $9.50 it’s a pretty good value, and compares very favorably with with other weekend brunches in a similar price range. While not worth going way out of your way for, but if you are staying in that part of the Strip this beats the out of the buffets at Circus Circus, The Riviera, and The Sahara by a significant margin.



>I love your newsletter.á But you need a proofreader.á I will proofread
>it for free if you email it to me ahead of time.

This is still very much a hobby for me, and I often have limited time to do it, which means barely getting it out late Thursday night after finding the latest info to include (which precludes the time needed by an outside proofreader) but thanks for the offer. I do print it out and proof it but I miss things and I do appreciate everyone’s patience at the couple of typos that seem to get by me every week.

I want to take a minute and thank everyone who is patronizing our sponsors! I’m seeing bookings for hotels and rental cars not just for Las Vegas but for all over the place, and a truckload of people have signed up to get paid to listen to internet radio. Let me tell you, with 200+ stations, that one is a no brainer!

The best part is that the newsletter is really gaining in subscribers and generating notice, which is why we can start reviewing higher end restaurants like Delmonico and shows like EFX in the very near future. I’m almost to the one year anniversary. I had no idea if anyone would subscribe or care, and I want to thank you all!

>Great work on the newsletter and many thanks for the reviews!á It is
>the only newsletter I subscribe to for Vegas highlights.
>Just about two weeks ago, I took a trip to Vegas to throw a birthday
>party for my mother.á She grew up near the ocean and absolutely loves
>seafood.á I was really excited about showing her a good time and
>letting her try the best Vegas has to offer.á However, I gotta confess
>that my selection, Piero’s, did not really hit the spot for her.
>Don’t get me wrong, the restaurant and staff were top notch.á I had
>the great porterhouse steak.á But I noticed that my mother was not
>truly enthusiastic about her dish.á So, please help me here!á She
>loves seafood and her absolute favorite is Alaskan King crab.á We used
>to go to the Bellagio seafood buffet but heard it has gone down in
>quality.á Now, we go to Makino’s which is decent but not great.
>What place in Vegas has the best seafood, especially Alaskan King
>crab, in Vegas?!

O.K. — I enjoy seafood but I’m crab legs expert. I’ve always enjoyed Bellagio Buffet (reviewed at ) and can’t say I’ve noticed a decline in quality, but we all look for different things. Readers, help us out: where do you like the crab legs? Send to

Robin Skeen wrote:

>Just got back from a stay at the Trop.á It’s pretty decent, clean
>rooms, good service.á I would stay there again.á If you get the
>chance, go see the Folies.á I was totally awed and will see this show
>for sure on the next trip.á It was very classy, fun and entertaining.
>I took your advice and stayed away from the buffet at the Trop.á I
>would recommend the buffet at the Monte Carlo for breakfast.á Best
>food I’ve had anywhere.á The eggs are so fresh, it’s as if they just
>cooked them and handed them to you that moment.á Great service, but
>get there early because the lines are out the door after 9:00 a.m.
>We rented a car for the first time and we had a ball.á Once you learn
>to drive like a native (nuts!) it’s easy.á I would recommend it as we
>got to see a lot more of The Strip and went to Hoover Dam.

Most people that rent cars are very happy they did, even if they don’t go see Hoover Dam, Red Rock Canyon, etc. Cab fare ads up quick and the bus and trolley takes forever. You can see and do so much more and the freedom is unmatched. We are pleased to offer discount car rental at

Elaine from New Jersey wrote:

>Just returned from 10 days in Vegas.á Five at the Venetian and 5 at
>the Riviera to participate in the National Open Chess Tournament.
>Venetian was big and beautiful, but can’t help feeling at home in the
>small but homey Riviera.á Could it be that my husband and I were
>married there awhile back?á Great Italian restaurant is Batista’s Hole
>In The Wall which is a couple of blocks behind Bally’s.

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