Access Vegas Insider Vibe – January 29, 2003

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Newkirk’s Notes – comments on Las Vegas from AccessVegas.Com publisher Ted Newkirk:

Hello from Las Vegas! We’ve continued to have beautiful days around 70 (F) but I won’t rub it in. (Our) spring is a great time to be in Las Vegas.

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Reader Feedback

Joe La Banca wrote:

This is the best site I have found for Las Vegas Wallpaper and Screensavers. Las Vegas is my town and plan to move there this year. Keep up the good work.

We are proud of our Photos/Wallpaper/Screensavers section! We have more Las Vegas photos than any other site, as well as some great wallpaper and screensavers to bring Las Vegas to you. As always, no fee or registration. Enjoy!

T Walker wrote:

Your tipping guide was incredibly helpful on our recent trip to Vegas. We were prepared to tip the front desk clerk, but we were satisfied with the room we received. We did tip the maitre d’ at a show with general admission seating (and a full house) and got a great seat. (We didn’t see anyone else tipping, and they all were shuttled to the outer tables.) Your advice on tipping the maid daily is something we will do in every city from now on.

Glad we could help! We invite everybody to enjoy our Tipping Guide which also has links to many other Frequently Asked Questions about Las Vegas.

Message Board Member “ralfrick” wrote:

Stayed Nov. 22-29 at the Jockey Club: the wife (51), the boy (7) and myself (41).

He went on to write a great trip report detailing more activities, thrill rides, buffets, and shows that most people hit in 3-4 visits and well worth the read. View this and other trip reports, or better yet tell us about your last Las Vegas visit on our Las Vegas Travel > Trip Reports board. A great way to get advice and help others who love to visit Las Vegas!

Also, if you feel Las Vegas is a great place for kids, or that people should never bring their kids here, contribute to our ongoing Kids In Las Vegas board.

Message Board Member “justguy47” wrote:

I will be in Vegas Feb. 2 at the Imperial Palace. I am wondering what tower of rooms should I ask for. Which one has the newer rooms , or are all the rooms about the same. I am a new member and thanks for your insight.

We know many of our readers love the great location and modest rates of Imperial Palace. Help him out with your room suggestions on our Las Vegas Strip Hotels board.

Message Board Member “MAMACETA39” wrote:

Hi everyone, I have a quick question, I am going to Vegas in February and was wondering if anyone has every used the $20.00 trick at Circus Circus or Fitzgerald’s and if so how do I go about it. Any suggestions would be appreciated. This is my second time to Vegas and I will be there for five days this time and just want a bigger room for my duration.

The $20 Trick she refers to is a way to tip the desk clerk for the possibility of a better room, room with a view, etc. Details are available at our Tipping Guide. Have you tried the $20 room tip? Did it work or fail? What kind of upgrade did you get? Let us know in our Travel Questions/Trip Suggestions forums!

Message Board Member “UKali” wrote:

My boyfriend and I are visiting Vegas this September. It’s a holiday of a lifetime for us and I doubt we’d ever do it again as we are from England and its quite an expensive holiday (sorry vacation I forgot!). We intend to make this one a BIG one! We are saving our money up (staying for 2 weeks!!!) and want to try and plan our stay. We want to do all the best things and go to the best places.

Obviously I don’t expect anyone to plan our entire trip, but we don’t want to travel all that way and then miss things we should have done. We went to Florida in year 2000 and this happened. There is nothing worse than coming home and meeting someone who has been there and they say ‘didn’t you go to this place or that place???’.

“UKali” is smart to plan ahead. Las Vegas has so much to do and see and most know that overwhelming feeling of “did we do and see the interesting things”? Help her out by letting her know what attractions you feel are a “must see” or which you would never go back to on our Travel Questions/Trip Suggestions.

Message Board Member “Vern” wrote:

I always rent a car. I find the rates cheaper than taking a cab. Just having the freedom to go where and when you want is worth the effort, rather than confining yourself to a small area, and then having to rely on expensive cabs just go a few miles. It is very easy to get around Las Vegas if you get to know the roads that run parallel to the strip. Just stay off the strip while driving.

We’ve already had great input on our Getting Around Town > Renting a Car forum, including experiences with various rental car companies. If you have rented a car in Las Vegas, help share your experiences. If you are looking to rent a car on your next trip, check out our Low Rate Rental Car Search and check out the board for more advice.

See you on the boards!

Live From Las Vegas,

Ted Newkirk

Senior Content Editor

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