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Newkirk’s Notes – comments on Las Vegas from AccessVegas.Com publisher Ted Newkirk:

Hello from Las Vegas! No newsletter last week — I was a little under the weather but happy to report doing fine. Ton of reader feedback will wait until next week. However, that didn’t stop us from adding great new features and this week we are proud to announce our new photo gallery. Plus, I guested on AM Springfield radio this morning so things are going nuts. Weather is still great, room rates are way down. Great to be in Las Vegas!

Las Vegas News: Of Interest To Tourists

Over 1,000 Las Vegas Photos Gallery – We are excited to announce our new Access Vegas Photo Gallery with over 1,000 Las Vegas photos! This is state-of-the-art with photos divided by category, and quick-loading thumbnail photo previews to save you time and let you see exactly what you want.

In addition, we have a hot new “Favorites” feature: If you like a photo, simply click the “Favorites” box below it. This saves it, and when you want to view all your favorites, click the top main “Favorites” button. From there, you can view them slideshow style, email them to a friend, or even download them as a zip file all at once!

We aren’t going to be greedy, either. If you have a Las Vegas page or site, feel free to post up to 25 of them on your pages. The only rules are 1. You don’t alter, crop or remove our name from them,á and 2. Put a link somewhere that says “Photos Courtesy Access Vegas” and links to

Megabucks Jackpot Over $19,000,000, Play Smart – Nevada progressive slot Megabucks is well over $19 million dollars. Important warning: Play three coins in or you are screwing yourself. I can’t believe how many times I see people playing only one or two credits on a Megabucks machine. The big jackpot is only available with full coins (three dollars) in play. The machine makes this clear, but many play without looking.

New Web Poll – Vote for our November question “What is the best Las Vegas Downtown hotel?” in the poll on our main page AccessVegas.Com

R.I.P. National Airlines – Las Vegas’ hometown airline had to pack it in last week, a victim of high fuel prices soon after they launched and the post 9/11/01 tourism downturn. If you are still holding a National ticket, you can find details regarding refund possibilities or use on another air carrier at the National website. To help fill the gap, Jet Blue has accelerated plans for the New York – Las Vegas market.

Flying Getting Easier – If you have stayed out of the air since 9/11/01 or even have not flown since all the new security rules have been decided on, this article has some great advice on getting yourself through security quickly and hassle free: US unveils plan to reduce airport security delays

Zagat Top 10 – Congratulations to two Las Vegas hotels for making the Zagat survey’s 2003 Top 10 U.S. resorts: Four Seasons Las Vegas came in at #4 and Bellagio Las Vegas came in at #8.

Cash Blast at Imperial Palace – The Imperial Money Machine will be “blasting” money at 3:30 p.m. every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in November and December. Five lucky customers will be drawn at random and have two minutes to get to the Kabuki Lounge and one minute to “grab” their share of over $3,000 in cash! To qualify all you have to do is “stay” or “play” at the Imperial Palace. Click For Details

Wolfgang Puck Book Signing and Dinner – Wolfgang Puck will be available to autograph his new book Live, Love, Eat: The Best of Wolfgang Puck in the Wolfgang Puck CafÚ at the MGM Grand on December 5, 2002. You can get an autograph or participate in a special dinner as well. Click For Details, Click For Book Info

Cocktail Waitress Photo Contest – A little advance notice so you can get involved in this. In January, we’ll celebrate the official launch of our photo gallery (yes, we still have much to add to it) with a Las Vegas cocktail waitress photo contest. There will be cash and other Las Vegas prizes to the winning photographers. The contest will run over a number of months, but many visit only once a year so we wanted to let you get started!

Some advice: Photos can be posed or candid, and obviously many of the outfits are sexy, but let’s show a little respect. Good rule of thumb: their head should be in the shot. No butt-only close-ups, guys. Also, different casinos have different rules on photos but generally you can’t shoot into “the pit” (live gaming area). Slot area usually OK unless you are going nuts taking tons of flash photos.

Many waitresses are very friendly and not at all camera shy. If you ask and it isn’t a super busy time, you might be surprised at how many will pose for a shot or two! And it is perfectly acceptable to honestly tell them “I just wanted to show my friends back in (your town here) how truly pretty Las Vegas waitresses are.” Complete contest details in late January. Start shooting!

AM Springfield – We had a great time this morning (even though it was 5 AM Las Vegas time) with Sam Madonia and the guys of AM Springfield on Sports Radio 1450 AM in Springfield, the capital of Illinois. The show was broadcast live from the sportsbook at the Imperial Palace.

They brought out two planeloads of people to Las Vegas and were having more fun than should be allowed! They actually had a live band playing in the sportsbook, and plenty of listeners enjoying the festivities. Plus, Sam is funny as they come. I was watching/listening to the show before my slot and he had my rolling with laughter.

We always love to talk Las Vegas, but also appreciated the opportunity to warm up for a planned media blitz early spring that will promote our continuingá AccessVegas.Com expansion. Also, thanks to Amy from Vegas Du Soleil for helping arrange the guest spot.

Calendar For Charity – Now is the time to get a 2003 Las Vegas calendar and help a good cause. These are the same high quality Las Vegas calendars you find in hotels and gift shops at or below the gift shop price with all proceeds going to charity. See the beautiful photos and purchase info atá 2003 Las Vegas Calendar.

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Featured Review: Dice Angel

Dice Angel by Brian Rouff – We seldom review books because most Las Vegas books are a little too “insider” (only of interest to someone who knows the life story on the town’s key players) or “mathematical” (how to win at blackjack). I can’t even chow through more than a couple chapters at a time with many of them.So when I found a Vegas book that I literally could not put down, I had to tell you about it. Dice Angel is the (fictional) story of Las Vegas bar owner Jimmy Delaney and he’s got problems. With his ex-wife, the IRS, his bar getting robbed, and an embezzling accountant who happens to be part of his family. He’s not a model citizen but a hell of a likable guy.

The cool thing about his book is that both locals and visitors can relate to it. You don’t feel like an outsider reading it because this could be a guy in Cleveland or Atlanta. But what makes it extra fun is that the backdrop is Las Vegas. Who is Armaris, what happened to the accountant, and what is it like to gamble high stakes at craps? You’ve gotta read to find out!

I read it cover to cover in one sitting. The story was captivating, and a true picture of the quirks of life in Las Vegas, but written in a way that will entertain everybody. It is unfortunate that the characters are fiction. It made me want to drive over to Sahara and Jones (location of the fictional bar), look for Jimmy D’s, play a roll of video poker, and order a burger.

Read this on the plane trip here and you’ll not only be landing before you know it, but be revved up to take fresh look at everything you are going to do and see. Dice Angel is available at Amazon.Com (click) for a reasonable $14.95.

Featured Tour: Sky Dive in Las Vegas

Sky Dive in Las Vegas – Our airplane will take you all the way up to 8,000′ feet above sea level for your exit. The first tandem includes pre-jump explanation, demonstrations, video training, practice, rehearsal, & all of the how’s & why’s of what will happen and what to expect (available in Japanese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Chinese). The training lasts about 30-40 minutes, and you will be here a total of about 2 hours complete for your first jump.

Additional Tours Including Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, City, Scenic, National Parks, and Adventure

Featured Golf Course: Angel Park

Angel Park – Voted Best of Las Vegas, Angel Park Golf Club is 20 minutes northwest of the Las Vegas Strip. Angel Park Golf is commonly referred to as “the world’s most complete golf experience.” Here you can enjoy the challenge and beauty of two Arnold Palmer-designed 18-hole championship golf courses, experience the thrill of the game’s most famous par-threes on the Cloud Nine Short Course, and test your mettle against the intriguing putting course.

Additional Las Vegas Golf Courses and Golf Vacations

Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Scenic Southwest Tours – by plane, bus, or even helicopter! You’ve seen the glossy ads in the tourist brochures. You’ve thought about it. You come all the way to Las Vegas — why not see one of the some of the most famous landmarks in the world! Don’t by tricked by web sites & magazines that offer discount tours. Taxes, park fees, permits can almost double the price. Our prices are inclusive – no hidden charges! Best Las Vegas Tours

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Live From Las Vegas,

Ted Newkirk

Senior Content Editor

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