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This Issue: Race Rock Supercharged Restaurant

Curious about a restaurant, event, or other Las Vegas attraction that looks fun? Let us review it for you first! Suggestions are always welcome at:


LAS VEGAS NEWS – of interest to tourists:

CHANGES – In our efforts to improve readability, we have moved our concert and headliner listings off of the newsletter and onto the internet at We will still make initial announcements regarding headliners here. Also, we are going to start including the 5 day weather forecast. Nothing to temp those of you from the cooler climates like the visions of warm sun and palm trees! Or right now, those of you wishing to escape the record heat wave in Texas and other parts of the South.

BELLAGIO ART – “Masterworks from The Phillips Collection” has put 26 major paintings on loan to the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art. Featured are works by Picasso, Monet, van Gogh and many others. Cost is $12 ($10 for NV residents) and the gallery is open daily from 10 AM – 10 PM. Full story at

PARIS LAS VEGAS – is celebrating their first year anniversary with “Festival De La France” (French Street Festival) featuring strolling mimes, jugglers, stilt walkers, French Can Can dancers, acrobats, and French-styled Dixieland jazz. The festival will be held in the outdoor area between Paris and Bally’s Sept. 8 – 10.

HOT DOGS – Reader Joe Copeland spent some time researching where to find the best hot dogs in Las Vegas. If you are hooked on hot dogs, this is a must read at

AIRFARES – How about some cheap airfare — we can’t help you with rooms and rental cars if you don’t get here first! Please remember that these fares are limited time sales and are subject to restrictions.

Frontier Airlines: Off-peak introductory prices (for Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday) for flights between Washington, DC (Reagan) and Las Vegas ($159). Flights begin September 7 and stop in Denver. Details at

Legend Airlines: today announced that effective immediately it is offering for five days only special fares for all its destinations from Dallas Love Field, including Las Vegas: Dallas Love Field to Las Vegas – $119.00
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US Air: to Las Vegas from Albany, Boston, Charleston, Dayton, Jacksonville, Louisville, New York, Pittsburgh, Raleigh/Durham, Syracuse and West Palm Beach for just $99 each way. For more information, go to

Delta: Special fares this week to Las Vegas from Tampa, DFW, and Boston. Info at

SUNCOAST CASINO PREVIEW – On Thursday, Sept. 14, Century Cinemas is hosting a
fund-raiser for The Shade Tree, the Las Vegas area’s only shelter dedicated to
serving women and children in crisis. For $25, you will be treated
to the showing of a soon-to-be-released film directed by Sally Field, a
pre-film cocktail hour, food sampling from Suncoast’s many restaurants,
and free munchies to enjoy during the movie. If you will be in Las Vegas
on Sept. 14 and would like to attend this casual-dress event, just
contact David Berman via e-mail to The Suncoast is a beautiful, new “locals” casino located in NW Las Vegas.

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WINNERS! – Jon and Lynn Coe of Brocton, NY and Bill Osbourne of Lindenhurst, IL were the winners of the Aladdin Implosion video!

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Quick Concert and Show Notes:

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CONCERTS and HEADLINERS – Our listing is available online anytime at

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LAS VEGAS WEATHER – This 5 day forecast is courtesy of Excite.Com:

Wednesday – 91/71 Very windy. More clouds than sun.
Thursday – 94/70 Warm. More clouds than sun.
Friday – 99/70 Sunny
Saturday – 99/68 Sunny
Sunday – 98/61 Mostly Sunny

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FEATURE STORY: Race Rock Supercharged Restaurant

race-rock-01.jpg (35087 bytes)If you are a fan of motor sports, you have a “home away from home” in Las Vegas. Race Rock is 30,000 sq. ft. of every kind of racing machine, photos, outfits, and memorabilia there is. NASCAR, Indy Car, drag racing, motorcycle racing — you name it, they have it! NASCAR cars along the walls, jet boats hanging from the ceiling, and drag cars standing upright are just a few of the thousands of artifact that will surround you as you dine while various racing videos play on TV monitors throughout the building.

Usually, theme restaurants are high on flash, high on prices, and low on food quality and service. If you are looking for “Vegas Deals” like $5.99 prime rib, keep walking because this isn’t a cut-rate joint. You can view the menu and prices online at But, the service and presentation as well as the food quality justified prices that would be considered normal in any other part of the country.

I started with the fresh garden salad ($4.95), which was my only complaint. The greens weren’t shredded very well (I was cutting the salad with a knife) and the tomatoes and carrots looked like they were added as an afterthought. Fresh, but not a salad worthy of the a la carte price.

The main course, however, did help make up for it. “The King” (billed as racing legend and part-owner “King” Richard Petty’s favorite) was a healthy sized char-grilled sirloin steak smothered in mushroom sauce and sweet Burgundy onions. It came with “crashed” (mashed) garlic potatoes and fresh veggies. Forget needing a salad — this big plate was full of good tasting food, justifying the $17.95 (the most expensive thing on the menu).

race-rock-02.jpg (21588 bytes)For those just interested in a little “nitro,” guest are welcomed to enjoy the surroundings at either of two bars. Don’t be shy about heading upstairs where the bar area features two-story windows and a variety of racing arcade games. Specialty drinks are available in souvenir containers, and I mean containers. Racing themed containers like fuel cans!

The verdict? Not a Vegas “must-see,” but certainly a fun place to eat downtown for the general public. However, if you are into motorized racing of any kind, you’ll love the place. In fact, they probably have more NASCAR related displays alone than the actual NASCAR Cafe (reviewed ) at The Sahara does.

Race Rock is located at the eastern end of the Fremont St. Experience downtown. Hours are 11 AM – 11 PM Sun. – Thurs. and until midnight on weekends. Phone: (702) 382-RACE Website:

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Jim Scheetz of Bethlehem, PA wrote:

>Dear sirs: I am almost positive i read an article that there is going
>to be some kind of event going on while we are visiting Las
>Vegas(9/12/00–9/19/00) involving the food TV network.á Emeril Lagasse
>is supposed to be there and I remember the cost was $30.00.á the
>problem is that i don’t remember where it was and on what dates.á Also
>can we get tickets on line from some web site.

Here are the details from 2 newsletters ago:

FOOD TV – is having the “Food Event of the Year.” Live cooking demos by Food Network personalities, samples of a wide variety of dishes from Las Vegas’ hottest restaurants, and a chance to be part of an Emeril TV special that will air Sept. 30 are just a few of the festivities taking place at the Las Vegas Convention Center on Sept. 17. Tickets are $30 and available at (800) 949-CHEF

Jean Haka of Waukesha WI wrote:

>Hi Ted!
>Hey–what’s up????á Do travelers think that just because they’re in a
>major tourist vacation spot that they’re never going to get poor
>service?????á I have received poor service all over the
>world–including many parts of Florida (couldn’t even hardly speak
>English.á .á .á .) to Chicago and foreign countries, too!!!á If you
>enter a restaurant and have to wait and wait for your server to
>acknowledge you–just get up and leave!!!á The rest of the meal
>probably isn’t going to be much better.á If you walk into any place
>and don’t like the vibes–leave!!!á (This goes for any casino table
>game, too!)

>When we visit Las Vegas we often return to the same restaurants over and
>over again–because we are familiar with their service and enjoy their
>food.á ..á .if you aren’t sure where these are, search the web, there
>are many sites that rate the food and service in Las Vegas and it can
>give you a handle on where to go once you get there!!!á If nothing
>else, eat at your hotel.á If you have problems, write a factual letter
>when you get home.á They’ll usually compensate you in some manner.

Good advice. DineSite at is where I go to research restaurants when traveling.

Andrew Tarascio wrote:

>Just returned from Vegas and I felt I had to warn your readers to stay
>away from the buffet at Circus Circus.á The meat was either dry or
>tough.á Because of this, I had to eat mostly salad and a few of their
>desserts (which also were a disappointment).

We agree. Circus Circus buffet is consistently one of the 5 worst buffets in town. It may be on par with many of the chain buffets around the nation, but you are in Las Vegas. Expect more!

Zira Schiffer of NJ wrote:

>We are arriving in Vegas on Labor Day and had booked tickets for the
>Venetian show, Nebulae.á The box office just called to let us know the
>show is canceled for technical reasons.á Have you heard that the
>closing is more than technical?á I know it didn’t get the best of
>ratings from the “critics”.á Glad to see the temperature is below 100
>for the upcoming week.

Technically speaking, ticket sales were lousy. It is a moot point as the entire C2K showroom is temporarily closed because of legal wrangling. That includes the nightclub and Melinda Magic Show. My guess is that they will get it open reasonably soon. Too much lost revenue every day it stays closed.

Lynette from WI wrote:

>Hi Ted Newkirk~ We are going to be in Las Vegas (Yeh!!) Dec 1~4th.á We
>planned our trip around a football game.á We are hoping to be able to
>place a bet (or 2) and then watch the game in their sportsbook area.
>We don’t know what hotel/casino we will be at yet but preferably a big
>main one, and it won’t be a Monday night game, so my question is: do
>you think they will turn on our game if we ask them to????á We sure
>hope so, that is what we are really looking forward to.á If you have
>any suggestions for the “nicer” sportsbook casinos, the ones that will
>turn the channel, would you please let me know??á I really enjoy
>getting your newsletter, thank you.

Every major sportsbook has enough TV’s to show just about every halfway important game on at any given time. If your game is not the most important (general interest) game at the moment, you might have to watch it without sound (which is reserved for the biggest game). You didn’t mention college or pro, but the Imperial Palace shows every single pro football game on Sundays in their showroom.

Some of the nicer sportsbooks include Bellagio and Las Vegas Hilton. If you are interested in a lesser known college game, it never hurts to ask if they will show it. Sometimes they have way more TV’s than they need tuned to one game, but it depends on how busy they are and their satellite limitations.

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