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THIS ISSUE: Showgirls Show at The Rio


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NEWKIRK’S NOTES – comments on Las Vegas from AccessVegas.Com publisher Ted Newkirk:

Hello from Las Vegas! Summer is heating up and cold nights are a thing of the past with overnight temperatures rarely dipping below 65 degrees. We’ve been making the rounds: Sunday night we were at Carnival Court (Harrah’s) right on The Strip and we’ll be doing a photo feature on that soon.

We were at the grand opening of Skin poolside Lounge at The Palms recently and had a blast. Owner George Maloof continues to hit home run after home run with this hot new hotel property. You know we’d never leave you out so we had the camera and snapped a pile of great photos from this sexy new spot! Check them out at

POOL PARTIES – As the weather heats up, a number of hotels are having regular pool parties open to the public! These are the latest details we have available:

* Skin at The Palms – The Palms opens up their resort pool area at 7 PM each evening. Cover is $10 but can vary depending on events. Pool attire is not only allowed but encouraged, although traditional club wear or resort casual dress is also fine. Four full-service bars, strolling entertainment, and DJ or a live band round out the mix. See photos:

* Big Al’s Fat Tuesday Poolside Parties – The Orleans pool party return every Tuesday from 7 – 10:30 PM. $2 for women, $5 for men and that includes two free drinks, hot and cold hors d’ oeuvres, and more.

* Whiskey Beach – at Green Valley Ranch opens at 7 PM nightly. Full service bar, swimming allowed, no cover charge. Green Valley Ranch has a spectacular view of the Las Vegas Valley from their pool area.

* Hard Rock – Pink Beach is evenings at 7 PM. More information pending. (We hate to publish secondhand stuff and Hard Rock has been a little slow with requested info).

* Suncoast – The Suncoast pool party returns every Wednesday from 7 – 10:30 PM. $2 for women, $5 for men and that includes two free drinks, hot and cold hors d’ oeuvres, and more.

* Swim-Up Blackjack – While not pool party, The Tropicana’s famous “Swim-Up Blackjack” has returned for another season. Pool guests can enjoy this game with towels to keep hands and chips dry as well as money dryers.

More to come and we’ll update you as we get concrete information!

HOTEL STRIKE – You might have heard the rumblings of a Las Vegas hotel strike. The great news is that all of the major gaming companies have come to a deal with the union. We understand those who haven’t do have replacement workers ready to go. These contracts expire June 1, 2002.

If you are the worrying type, we have a list of the hotels who have NOT reached a settlement at and you may wish to avoid booking those hotels until they settle or hire permanent replacement workers.

BEST LUXURY HOTEL – You only have a few more days to vote in this month’s “Best Of” poll. We are asking you which Las Vegas luxury hotel is best. You are the visitors — your voice should count! If you have yet to vote this month, poll on the right hand sidebar of

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SHOWGIRLS – If it seems like we’ve been reviewing quite a few topless shows lately, welcome to Las Vegas. Nobody is putting Barney the Dinosaur into hotel showrooms. For those seeking some balance, you’ll be pleased to know that the next few weeks will bring reviews of Cirque du Soleil’s “O” and Mystere.

Showgirls is the new entry into a crowded Las Vegas topless show market. Not to be confused with the movie Showgirls or previously reviewed Showgirls of Magic ( ), this show is the distilled essence of the showgirl segments contained in other shows.

The show features 12 showgirls, each of which has an impressive resume. It is a self-described “ooooohh” and “aaaaahh” show. The women look at the truly incredible different costumes in each segment and go “ooooohh” while the men see that the showgirls are topless in each segment and go “aaaaahh.”

This show takes us on a ride through showgirl history from the Ziegfeld Follies and early Vegas shows to Madonna and Britney Spears, encompassing a tip of the hat to all entertainment that includes elaborate showgirls and dancers. Each segment features incredible costumes and dance numbers which fit the theme of each era.

The show stars Sunny, who ties the show together with her parody impersonations of Mae West, Marylyn Monroe, Joan Rivers, Madonna, and Britney Spears. Hair and costume brings the true resemblance of the stars she impersonates. A side note: she is married to the show’s producer (something she jokes about once during the show), but nepotism in this case does no harm. She is attractive, sexy, has a great voice, and is an all-around talent.

As May West, she tells bawdy jokes. Her Marilyn Monroe works the men in the audience with the breathy voice. The Joan Rivers is a bit of a weak spot. Although perhaps thrown into because Sunny does a great Joan Rivers, this style comedy impression just doesn’t seem to belong in this show. She does rebound later with the Madonna and Britney performances, actually performing “with Madonna” (via video footage) and pulling off the youthful but sexy Britney nicely.

A nice added attraction is the showgirls exhibit displayed in the theater entrance. History of 100 years of showgirls features costumes, memorabilia, and stunning photos. A real live showgirl in beautiful, full regalia is also at the exhibit to pose for photos nightly from 10 – 11 PM (except Sundays). Put this on your list of Las Vegas photo ops!

This show is a perfect match for the Rio hotel, one that markets itself with a sexy Mardi Gras theme and was the casino that set the standard for sexy cocktail waitress outfits. The show performs in the Rio’s Samba Theater, truly one of the nicest facilities in town playing host to Penn and Teller as well as national touring comedians and acts.

Showgirls is a production show running nightly (dark Sunday) at the Rio hotel. The showgirls exhibit is free to the public (all ages) and open for viewing daily from noon to midnight.

Show tickets and show time information available at Must Be 21 To Attend.


Show Review Criteria: We understand that Las Vegas attracts visitors of varied budgets and interests. Shows are reviewed on the basis of value for dollar spent as well as to present the reader enough knowledge of the content to make an informed decision.

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