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Newkirk’s Notes – comments on Las Vegas from AccessVegas.Com publisher Ted Newkirk:

Hello From Las Vegas! NASCAR weekend came and went with a big bang… as in a number of top drivers plowing into the wall with a flat tire or simply “getting loose” with the high winds. It wasn’t cold, but our desert can have unpredictable high winds in the early Spring.

One of the highlights everyone could enjoy was the parade of these huge NASCAR “haulers” right down The Strip! These oversized vehicles (even by truck standards) haul two race cars plus all the crew gear from race-to-race.

You can click on the above photo to see our complete photo gallery set of this unique event!

My favorite driver is Las Vegas native Kurt Busch, who pilots the Miller Lite #2 Dodge car. I moved here before Kurt was old enough to drink and have enjoyed watching both he (and his brother Kyle’s) rise through the ranks of racing.

I couldn’t pass up the chance to be front-and-center at the Kurt Busch autograph signing at the Sierra Gold “ultra-lounge” last week. Close to a thousand people (maybe more) lined up around the building to wait their turn. Inside, the Miller Lite and Jack Daniel’s girls were handing out free beer and swag in probably one of the most festive atmospheres ever for a NASCAR driver signing. We have the pics:

Las Vegas Native NASCAR Driver Kurt Busch

Click on above photos to view this entire photo set!PT’s Pubs (a chain of bars around the Las Vegas area) owns Sierra Gold and is a sponsor of the Kurt Busch car, so they went all out to do it up right. You can view the PT’s/Kurt Busch commercial (YouTube) that has been in heavy rotation on local TV here in Las Vegas.OK… OK… hold the emails and complaints. We realize everyone isn’t a NASCAR fan. This is a once-a-year deal. As always, we have our usual huge newsletter with everything you need to know about all the latest happenings in Las Vegas, plus our regular Members Mania and News sections.

Enjoy This Issue!

Ted Newkirk
CEO/Managing Editor

Associate Editor: Amy Rayner-Cooley
News Researcher/Editor: Mark Jacobs

Featured Review – Hooray for HATS!

Reviewed March 2008
by Terri Feld

A life-affirming musical review inspired by the The Red Hat Society. Founded 10 years ago in California, the RHS is a diverse network of women 50 years and older who meet for outings dressed in colorful purple clothing crowned with red hats. Today nearly 40,000 chapters exist throughout the U.S. as well as 30 other countries. HATS! the show promotes the organizations’ mission of maintaining a positive outlook on aging, by emphasizing sisterhood and the empowerment of maturity.

At least a dozen genuine Red-Hatters in full regalia comprised part of a recent Sunday matinee audience dominated by fellow female fifty-somethings. The intimate venue consists of floor seats and table banquettes, giving audiences optimal accessibility to the performances throughout this one-act production. Ushers point out the bar located at the rear, however, purchasing drinks is not required. In fact, despite signage to the contrary, they gallantly wave me and my Starbucks to our seat. Click to read the entire review…

Comedy Superstar David Spade Returns To Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino – After successfully completing his first two shows to a packed house, comedy superstar and long-time Las Vegas headliner, David Spade, will continue his 2008 series at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino from March 14-15, with two more nights of hysterical comedy. (Tickets) A Las Vegas favorite, Spade joined the Planet Hollywood entertainment line up for a series of weekend dates through 2008: March 14-15, April 11-12, July 25-26, August 30-31, October 10-11, October 24-25 and November 28-29. Click to Read The Full Story …

‘La Cage’ Plays Celebrity Judges For ‘Next Best Food Star’ – CELEBRITY JUDGES – From left Crystal Woods as Diana Ross, Frank Marino as Joan Rivers along with Steven Wayne as Cher were selected as judges recently for the Food Network’s next big show “Next Best Food Star” to begin airing this coming August and September. The gentlemen from “An Evening at La Cage” (Tickets) at the Riviera Hotel & Casino judge the finale held in Las Vegas by taste testing the various dishes. Frank Marino is on a self-proclaimed mission to become the next wax figure in Madame Tussaud’s. Marino is photographed with his mannequin but says, “Rue Paul is in NYC and Dame Edna is in London. Why not?”

Banned for Decades, Forbidden Cocktail Now Available at Luxor – Nicknamed the “Green Fairy” for its occasionally milky green color and mythical hallucinogenic effects, absinthe is legal in the U.S. after a 95-year ban. Patrons of LuxorÆs new center bar, Liquidity, now can experience the once-forbidden liqueur for themselves. Available for $300, “Absinthe Envy” is served in an elaborate tableside presentation that offers a modern take on the tradition of serving the illicit concoction with a sugar cube and chilled water.

Venetian Headliner Wayne Brady Extends Hit Show Through August 2009 – Wayne Brady has captured the hearts of Las Vegas audiences with his one-of-a-kind show, Making It Up, at The Venetian Resort-Hotel-Casino. (Tickets) Due to the show’s success, BASE Entertainment and The Venetian are pleased to announce Making It Up has been extended for another year, which will keep Brady entertaining on The Las Vegas Strip through July 2009. “I couldn’t be happier being in Las Vegas doing what I do best, entertaining audiences,” says Brady. Click to Read The Full Story …

Nevada Ballet Theatre Set For Creative Exchange With The Seoul Ballet Theatre – Nevada Ballet Theatre continues its 2007-2008 season with the most cultural of all productions — the highly anticipated East Meets West. Nevada Ballet Theatre will host members of the Seoul Ballet Theatre of Korea for a unique exchange production — uniting dancers from two different continents on the same stage! This stylized and distinctive performance will take place on Friday, February March 21 at 8pm, and Saturday, March 22 at 2pm at UNLV’s Artemus W. Ham Concert Hall. Click to Read The Full Story …

Ago Officially Opens At Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas – AGO, the elegant Italian trattoria named after its celebrated Executive Chef Partner, Agostino Sciandri, officially opened its doors at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, hosted by Robert DeNiro and Sciandri. The opening of the Las Vegas restaurant coincides with the tenth anniversary year of the landmark Los Angeles eatery. Click to Read The Full Story …

Circus Circus’ Carnival Midway Debuts New Acts In 2008Circus Circus’ hallmark is the wonderful array of circus acts that perform center stage at the Carnival Midway. Performers from around the globe grace the Midway stage under Circus Circus’ big top, comprising the world’s largest permanent circus. From the dazzling aerialists to the fearless trapeze artists to the amusing clowns, the performances on the Midway stage take place daily, twice every hour from 11 a.m. to midnight with complimentary admission. Several amazing new acts will entertain audiences at Circus Circus this year. Click to Read The Full Story …

Gambling Talk: Video Keno – Part Seven – with Victor H. Royer. Four Card Keno – This is currently my all-time favorite keno game, and the one on which I have won the vast majority of my most recent Video Keno jackpots. It was on this game that I have hit numerous 8 out of 9 hits, for $4,700 plus all the other pays, as well as solid 9s for $5,000 pays (2 coins) plus all the other pays in the “wheel”, many, many 8 out of 10 hits for $500 (2 coins) and $1,000 (four coins), plus all of the many other pays this provided for the combination hits. Click to Read Complete Article…

Members Mania – We Love Our Readers!

Reader Rick Bobst submitted a number of amazing Las Vegas photos. Enjoy these, and see the rest in our Reader Submitted Photos Gallery!

My nephew is going to Vegas in a couple of weeks for his 21’st birthday. He wants to go to clubs like Pure and Studio 54. What is his best chance of getting in? They are staying at The Palms. Is he better off trying to get into Rain or Ghostbar?



We are going to get into a lot more club stuff this year. In the meantime, the best bet is to hit our friends at Have him hit that link and punch in the dates to see what is happening and what is available.

Staying at a hotel is no sure way to get into their club. And… unfortunately if you are a group of guys, it makes it even more tough (as the clubs want plenty of women in the club also). Even if you are a mix of males and females, that won’t always speed things up.

The bottom line is that the non-VIP line can be 1-2 hours (or more). Purchasing VIP tickets usually cuts the wait substantially.. (A club can only hold so many people… virtually no one except celebs get in right away). Also, tell him NOT to club hop. Las Vegas is huge, traffic is a problem. He should pick the club he and his friends want and do the night there.

Hi Ted,My name is Ed Robinson from Manchester, Michigan and I read one of your articles about the traffic on the Vegas strip and the monorails design to help it. My question/comment is why I never hear or read anything about running the monorail right down the center of strip itself instead of behind the hotels. Being elevated, it would not take up much space and would be a hundred times more efficient and convenient.For starters, just being out front, people would see it and I am sure use it instead of driving. The way it is now, nobody in my family or any of our friends ever uses it because in the time it takes to walk through the casino and find the stop, we can just as easily and for free, walk to where we are going or use the bus system (which I think its the Best way to get up and down the strip for a small fee).

I am willing to bet that the monorail could be built to utilize the existing overhead crosswalks and maybe build some more to get people from crossing the side streets and further congesting traffic. Imagine walking out of the Mandalay Bay and having a monorail right there that could get you all the way downtown or just up to the Monte Carlo or any stop along the way and never have to worry about cars on the strip. It will never be that way with the monorail behind the buildings as it is now, never.

Right now it is just an inconvenience to use the system. Even when my wife and I stayed at the MGM last year, our one ride on the monorail was an expensive pain in the butt and probably won’t happen again.

I love going to Las Vegas but I always thought the monorail was a mistake and one that was not planned out enough to be worthwhile.

Ed Robinson


I couldn’t have said it better myself. The monorail is on reserve funds and may face either a demise or an expensive local government takeover.

Rebuilding it down the center of The Strip (no matter how much sense it makes) may be cost prohibitive. Especially since people are gun-shy about the failure of the current one.

I keep touting an elevated cable tram, just like they have in Palm Springs and Albuquerque. Cars holding 50+ people, running above the traffic lanes, making stops at selected casinos with one car running after the other after the other. The cars would stop on (what amounts to) the third floor of various casinos and the ride above traffic would be scenic with great photo-opts without the need for an unsightly structure disrupting the center of The Strip.

Our local officials and the gaming companies better figure something out. If we can’t get our loyal visitors around when you are here, you might not want to come back so often.

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