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Great Casino Slots – Volume 2
“Vegas Vic” – Victor H. Royer


Our gaming author and gaming editor, Vegas Vic – Victor H Royer – has written a new book. Featuring the Latest, Hottest and Best New Casino Slots, this book will take you for a ride among the world of today’s newest and greatest casino slot machines.

We asked Vegas Vic why he wrote this book, and here’s what he had to say:

I wrote this book for the following reasons:

  • To save you money – by showing you what these games are, what does what, what pays what, how to play them, what they look like, and how to tell which are the better versions – BEFORE you go to the Casino and play with your own money!
  • To help you WIN more money – by giving you a list of the newest and best of the casino slots that you will find in your favorite casino, and by showing you what the pays are, how much it will cost you to play all the available Options and Bonuses, how this all works, what to expect, when, and how long it will take before you can expect that win and that Bonus.
  • To save you time – by showing you the actual games, what they look like, and giving you the detailed descriptions of what they pay, how, when, and how much – BEFORE you go to the Casino and waste your time wandering around looking for something that “might be OK” to play. With this book, you won’t have that problem, because you will now know exactly what to look for, and what the game looks like.
  • To give you confidence – by showing you which games are High-Volatility, Medium-Volatility, and Low-Volatility, and explaining what this is and why it is important for you to know it – BEFORE you use your own money in the Casino!

Yes, these are some of the reasons. There are more, of course, but these are those that I think are the most important – IF you WANT TO WIN!

As crazy as it sounds, some people DONÆT want to win. They just want to wander into the casino and stick their money into anything willy-nilly, and then they go around complaining that
“nothing pays” and “I can’t ever win anything.”

But you DON’T have to be one of them! Now you can know all you need to find the best game there is, and how to play it – before using your own money in the casino!

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Great Casino Slots – Volume 2:
The Latest, Hottest, Newest and Best Casino Games!

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Ted Newkirk, Publisher

Editor: Rick Ziegler

Associate Editor, News Researcher, Concerts and Headliners: Amy Rayner-Cooley

Associate Editor: Rubi Monga

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Actress Rumer Willis Spotted At ABSINTHE


Actress Rumer Willis stopped by ABSINTHE at Caesars Palace on Friday, Nov. 6 for the 10 p.m. performance. The recent Dancing With the Stars winner met with The Gazillionaire and his cast following the show for a photo and to express her enjoyment of the production.

Full Story/Details/Info

button8 Absinthe Las Vegas

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Las Vegas Dining And Drinking

New Daily Breakfast Menu Debuts
At Pete Rose Bar & Grill


The brand new Pete Rose Bar & Grill, situated on the Vegas Strip directly across from Aria Resort & Casino, features breakfast now available from 7 to 11 a.m. daily.

Full Story/Details/Info

Grand Opening Of Carbone At Aria

news-Aria-Carbone-Mai-Tai-166x250New York CityÆs Carbone introduced the The Big Apple vibe to Las Vegas as Major Food Group showcased its first West Coast endeavor at Las VegasÆ ARIA Resort & Casino. Celebrating its grand opening, Thursday, October 29, Carbone Vegas hosted a memorable party using its signature Italian-American cuisine and famous showmanship.

Full Story/Details/Info

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Jersey Boys Tickets – Click Here!


Jersey Boys Tickets – Click Here – $40 Off!

Downtown Las Vegas

MTV’s Real World Filming In Downtown Las Vegas
(with photos and videos)

news-MTVs Real World Filming In Downtown Las Vegas

Full Story/Details/Info

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Uber, Lyft, And Taxi Cabs

Hi friends! Rick “Ziggy” Ziegler here with some more ride-sharing news

Q: Can I get a ride to and from the airport?

A: As of this writing on November 17th, 2015, there was a county meeting held to discuss this very issue.

As of right now, Lyft can pick and drop off at the Las Vegas (McCarran) Airport. Uber cannot. We have been told that we will soon, but Uber drivers must purchase a county business license. We already paid Nevada $200 for a state business license.

Because Nevada has no state tax, this is one of the ways they generate their revenue.

I’ve heard two rumors so far. One is that it will cost us $25. Another rumor says $275.

People are discussing this back and forth in the forums.

Q: I have Uber, is there any way my driver can take me to the airport?

A: There are really only three options here.

1. Take a taxi or get a Lyft account

2. The Uber driver might take you, but they risk getting a $100 citation if caught. Some Uber drivers have risked it.

3. Ask the Uber driver to take you to Hooters Hotel. From there you can catch a short taxi ride to the airport.

Uber questions? Email me at

Latest Concerts Added This Week!

There is no better place to see your favorite acts then in Las Vegas! You’re relaxed, can enjoy a fine meal, have some cocktails without the worry of driving, and no alarm is going to jar you awake all too early the next morning.

Top Tickets For United States Events

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This Week’s Top Tours


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    WWW-Ariel Drove View Of The Las Vegas Strip

  • Ariel Drove View Of The Las Vegas Strip – This is an AMAZING 4k view of the Center Strip including Bellagio Fountains. A true Must See!
  • WWW-Luxury Pet Hotel in Las Vegas

  • Luxury Pet Hotel in Las Vegas – Las Vegas is known for being extravagant and over the top from its people and food to its hotels. When it comes to the Luxe Pet Hotels… it is no different! No need to leave your pet at home when you vacation to Las Vegas. Your fur baby deserves to be treated like royalty! This luxurious pet hotel takes pampering to another level!
  • WWW-Colin Cowherd Brings You The Best Of The Bunch In 1992

  • Colin Cowherd Brings You The Best Of The Bunch In 1992 – Before becoming the dominant Sports-talk personality of ESPN, Colin was our beloved SportsGuy here at KVBC News 3 Las Vegas, Nevada. Nowadays, Michelle Beadle and Colin wow Cable viewers with the funniest and most outrageous clips from the World Wide Web on SportsNation. But, as you see here in the Spring of 1992, Colin highlighted the “Best of the Bunch” each week on Channel 3. This mix of Sports Highlights and Lowlights was the closest thing to YouTube we had. Recorded from KVBC Channel 3 Las Vegas Nevada, 1992. Cameo by Wayne Newton!

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