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This Issue: The Dream King

Curious about a show, restaurant, or other Las Vegas attraction that looks fun? Let us review it for you first! Suggestions are always welcome at:



EDITORS NOTE: Coming reviews (all shows we have seen) include Blue Man Group (Luxor – funny and wacky, not a traditional Vegas show but well worth the money for those up to sensory overload in a good way), Mac King Comedy Magic (Harrah’s – this is a must see if you have even one ounce of humor in your body, best show value in town), Viva Las Vegas (Stratosphere – good afternoon budget traditional Las Vegas show), and Clint Holmes (Harrah’s – good jazz and soul influenced standards and originals tied together by a true entertainer and talented band).

Full reviews of each will appear over the next few weeks but I wanted to give a synopsis for those visiting sooner. Mini-reviews and ticket purchase info for each show available at

LAS VEGAS NEWS – of interest to tourists:

THE VENETIAN – continues to be a huge success for owner Sheldon Adelson despite a rough opening (the hotel wasn’t quite ready), union pressure (it is non-union), and higher interest notes (construction funding) than a large corporation would have been able to garner. The hotel is showing a profit, and they are finally getting serious regarding the expansion that will double the hotel’s size. In addition, expansion and remodeling of high roller suites will place the hotel in competition for “whales” (the highest of the high rollers with casino credit lines starting at $1 million). Story at

MGM THEME PARK – is changing its focus and the name. Except for the Sky Screamer and a couple of other rides, the rides will be removed and the focus of the park will shift to hosting movie premieres, concerts, and TV shows. The new moniker is “The Park at MGM Grand”. The potential of the park was never fully realized, and ended up not fitting into the new “adults only” theme that many Las Vegas resorts are marketing. Full story at

SNOW – As recently reported, Mt. Charleston gets snow during the winter providing a winter wonderland less than an hour from Las Vegas. It is also a popular spot to live for those who want to be reletively close to Las Vegas but don’t want to deal with the summer temperatures and don’t mind the winter snow. Story and photos at

GUGGENHEIM – The infamous museum is on track to open a Las Vegas location at The Venetian by Sept. 15’th of this year. Story at

HOLYFIELD VS. RUIZ 2 – Tickets for this much hyped March 8 rematch taking place at Mandalay Bay are on sale now at (702) 632-7580. Mandalay Bay discount rooms available at (Mandalay Bay link).

TAILGATE PARTY – Local NBC affiliate KVBC 3 is throwing a free tailgate party this Saturday at Sam Boyd Stadium before the kickoff of the Las Vegas Outlaws vs. Los Angeles Xtreme game (5:00 PM tip-off, national broadcast). It is free to the public and will feature food and drink, classic cars, and a bungee run. If you are going to be in town from Southern CA this weekend and want to go, you might wish to buy your tickets online at as a sellout is expected.

BEST HOTEL – The Bellagio was picked as the #1 hotel with the most perfect settings and amenities for honeymooning couples by 100 travel agents. The survey was commissioned by Harlequin Enterprises (the publishers of the romance novels). Story at




BROADWAY – The Aladdin Theatre for the Performing Arts is going to present a four-show subscription season featuring performances of “Forever Swing,” “Fame,” “Fosse” and “Les Miserables.” Dates are: “Forever Swing” March 21-24, followed by “Fame” April 18-22, “Fosse” May 22-26 and “Les Miserables” Sept. 19-22. Full story at

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* Kenny Kerr –
* Scintas –

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LAS VEGAS WEATHER – This 5 day forecast is courtesy of Weather.Com:

Friday – 59 ░F 41 ░F Partly Cloudy
Saturday – 62 ░F 41 ░F Mostly Cloudy
Sunday – 66 ░F 39 ░F Scattered Showers
Monday – 67 ░F 40 ░F Partly Cloudy
Tuesday – 68 ░F 39 ░F Partly Cloudy

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Elvis has returned to the building. His legend never left Las Vegas, but now when we think “Elvis impersonator” we think of a guy with a bad dye job, gold sunglasses, and very long sideburns who has seen way too many trips to the buffet. If that is your impression of a “Vegas Elvis”, you have not seen Trent Carlini.

Carlini’s show starts with a video tribute to Elvis, mixing clips of Presley with a Carlini narraration that is part tribute to Elvis and part the story of Carlini’s devotion and love of the music. When Carlini hits the stage, you have to do a double-take because he is virtually a head-to-toe living replica of the younger Elvis.

Throughout the 70 minute show, Carlini takes you through a journey of the various stages of the life of Elvis in song, and does so in matching costume. He appears first as the young Elvis, then performs more work from his early career in a military uniform, after a short but insightful video montage of actual Elvis army footage and interviews. From there, he dons leis and a hawaiin shirt to sing hits from Elvis’ movies.

After another short video, he performs a tribute to the ’68 comeback “Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite” special complete with the black leather outfit. No tribute to The King would be complete without the “Vegas Years” with the big white jumpsuit and a lighthearted lauging version of “Are You Lonesome Tonight”. Elvis fans are probably familiar with the live Las Vegas version of said song done by Elvis where something got him going and he couldn’t stop laughing throughout a part of the song. This segement also included him handing out scarves to some of the lucky ladies in the audience.

If you are a big Elvis fan (or just learned quite a bit watching the many TV specials and documentaries shown on cable TV), you will appreciate many of the nuances like the laughing part that Carlini tosses in.

I’ve seen plenty of Elvis impersonators here in Las Vegas, and most of them get by on the look and moves, with vocal’s that are just in the general vicinity of Presley. Even if you are just a casual fan, you can’t help but to be impressed not just by the physical appearance and moves, but by the voice. Just for fun, I looked well away from the stage a couple of times and just listened. Carlini sounds like Presley. Every note, every cadence, every breath. This was confirmed as I popped his CD in my car during the drive home.

My only complaint? The Boardwalk Showroom is pretty intimate and I thought the sound was well mixed but a touch too loud (in fact, causing he microphone feedback a couple of times). Although Carlini tours the U.S. with a complete backing band (and a ticket price to match), this show is sung live to a backing track but Carlini’s stage presence makes you forget the lack of a band. On the flip side, there isn’t a bad seat in the room. In fact, I sat toward the rear and apprciated that aspect for taking in both the show and his interaction with the crowd.

Obviously, you are going to enjoy this show quite a bit more if you have even a remote interest in Elvis. It is a true tribute show, so don’t expect some guy up doing jokes or magic tricks. This show is Elvis. While there were plenty of couples and guys in the audience, it especially appeared to be a great “girls night out” show as the front row was filled with women doing a little screamng and hollaring.

The Dream King plays Tue. – Sat. evenings at 8:30 PM in the showroom of the Holiday Inn Boardwalk (between Monte Carlo and Bellagio). Tickets are $27.95 and available daily at the hotel box office. We are giving away one copy of both Carlini’s CD and video in our contests section. The Dream King ticket info at

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Joanne P. of Groton, NY wrote:

>While on vacation in Las Vegas (2/4-7/01) I became quite ill and
>needed medical attention.á If you find yourself in the same situation,
>I highly recommend The Harmon Medical Center at 150 E.á Harmon St
>(between MGM and Aladdin).á It’s a bit of a walk down Harmon St.á so
>don’t think you’ve missed it.á I had to return a couple of times for
>treatments so I used taxi service….á fare was about $6.00 to the
>Excalibur.á The level of professional medical care (and caring) that I
>received from Dr.á Joe and his staff was far beyond all
>expectations….it was superb.á Unfortunately I didn’t get to see much
>of LV, so I hope to go back again!á Always remember to take your
>health insurance card and prescription card with you when you travel,
>even though you can’t imagine that you’d need it!!!!

Judy Reitz wrote:

>Hello Ted, Love your newsletter.á Sorry to hear that you had the flu
>and hope you are feeling better.á We went to Las Vegas Downtown last
>November and looked everywhere for an “all you can eat Filet Mignon”
>special because one of the people we were with said he read about it
>somewhere.á Would you know where such a special is offered and if so
>have you ever done a review on it?á We’re planning a return trip for
>the NASCAR race next month and we’d like to find it if it exists.

Thanks, I am indeed feeling better but as a “one man band” (I write this newsletter as well as editing, updating, and maintaining the websites) I fell behind on my schedule. I’m happy to say I’m getting caught up.

Fitzgeralds downtown has an “all you can eat” filet mignon buffet. Don’t waste your time. The quality of the buffet is sub-par, the offerings are meager, and the fillet isn’t that great. While I don’t believe they offer filet mignon, Main St. Station buffet downtown continues to be excellent with almost unlimited variety every night.

Linda & John wrote:

>We had a great time in Vegas last November and are returning in May.
>We just want to recommend Earl Turner to everyone (lounge performer at
>The Rio.á We are entertainers and have seen many big shows and stars
>in our lifetime, but we have never seen such a wonderful performer.
>We are not gamblers, but enjoyed Las for everything else it provides.
>Many thanks Las Vegas!

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