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THIS ISSUE: Skintight at Harrah’s

EDITOR’S NOTES: Last week, I miscoded the link for the national and international hotel city list, including our new listings for Hawaii. That page is No newsletter next week: I’m going to meet some friends in the nice little beach town of Destin, FL (which is beautiful and about as far removed from Las Vegas 24/7 craziness as you can get). The concert and event listings on our linked pages (see the “Concerts and Shows” section) have been updated and expanded thanks to some hard work by the staff. See you in two weeks!

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LAS VEGAS NEWS – of interest to tourists:

KIDS IN VEGAS – The R-J just did a detailed story about this and although promoted as the world’s adult playground, Las Vegas still offers a variety of things for kids to do. Story at We have a couple letters regarding kids in Vegas in the “letters” section.

THE NEXT SCOTTSDALE? – Henderson, NV (the SE suburban city in the Las Vegas area) has seen a 500 percent growth in new hotel rooms since 1998 and is now actively marketing the area as a resort destination. Close to Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, and the golf and high end resorts at Lake Las Vegas, Henderson looks to build more cultural events and a resort city atmosphere to attract those who might normally go to Palm Springs or Scottsdale. Story at

CULTURE – is coming to the neon desert a little at a time. On Sept. 15, New York’s Guggenheim Museum will unveil a new 63,000-square-foot, $20-million exhibition space at the Venetian Hotel. At the same time, the Venetian will add an additional 8,000 square feet of exhibition space to house masterworks from Russia’s State Hermitage Museum. Cirque du Soleil, the Montreal-based theater troupe, now resides here permanently in two specially designed $40-million-plus theaters. The avant-garde New York theater troupe “Blue Man Group” settled into a state-of-the-art theater in the basement of the Luxor Hotel. In January, the Smithsonian Institution, one the nation’s premier arbiters of high culture, put Las Vegas on its list of national cultural stops for art and architecture. Full story at

CYBER CAFE – Cyber Stop is now the only Internet cafe on The Strip, offering on-site computer rental, printing, photocopying, scanning, cell phone rental, faxing, food and beverages. I stopped by to say hello and they have a very friendly, helpful staff. Full story at and their site is at

FRONT SIGHT, NV – Gun owners are flocking to buy lots in this new master-planned community about 40 minutes east of Las Vegas. The 550-acre resort plan is built on the premise that 24-hour access to shooting ranges will attract law-abiding citizens and even the rich and famous to a gun lover’s oasis in the desert. Full story at

MCCARRAN AIRPORT – McCarran International Airport is among the nation’s most congested, but it handles the crush of passengers better than most of the busiest hubs in the nation, according to a report issued Wednesday by the Federal Aviation Administration. Full story at

WALK THIS WAY – Former Aerosmith guitarist Jimmy Crespo has joined Las Vegas performer Jimmy Hopper’s band after stints with Rod Stewart and continued behind-the-scenes work with Aerosmith. You can catch both Jimmy’s (Hopper and Crespo) performing Tue – Sat. evenings in Bellagio’s Fontana room. (Hopper will be on vacation May 13-21.)

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Sheena Easton – Grammy award-winning recording artist Sheena Easton has signed an exclusive agreement to perform at the Las Vegas Hilton June 5 through September 2. Easton will perform at the hotel six nights a week (dark Monday) at 8:00 p.m. She is scheduled to open in the NightClub, and will also have the opportunity to perform in the Hilton Theater, based on availability. Tickets for her show will be available for $45 and may be purchased at the Hilton Box Office or by phone at (702) 732-5755.

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* Clint Holmes (Harrah’s) –

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Wednesday – 86 ░F / 52 ░F Sunny
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FEATURE STORY: Skintight at Harrah’s

Skintight is 70 minutes of high gloss breasts and brawn, feathers and jiggle with a heavy Latin / Tribal musical influence. It is one of the new set of Las Vegas shows that doesn’t pretend to be anything but a show filled with fantasy to arouse and amuse.

The star of the show is Playboy Playmate October 1985 Cynthia Brimhall whose performance as emcee is warm and interesting enough, although she’s probably along for the ride for her marquee value more than any specific talent she lends to the show.

Skintight appears to be a reasonably blatant attempt to cross a “Vegas show” with one of the numerous strip clubs that dot the tourism area of town, and it succeeds. The Romanesque staging is interesting, providing a decent backdrop for a show that isn’t meant to require much thought.

One of the scenes actually involves bringing five men from the audience up onstage for simulated lap dances from the dancers, and one lucky attendee gets a personal dance from Miss Brimhall. While interesting, it stops short of being the bump and grind of a “gentleman’s club.”

The dancing is well choreographed and there is a fair amount of Vegas-style (after all, it is in Las Vegas) entertainment with a featured female singer (who keeps her clothes on) and segments featuring dance to songs like Ricky Martin’s “La Vida Loca” and such. The audience contained plenty of couples, and I imagine the fit male dancers (who at one point strip down to g-strings) were reasonable eye-candy for the ladies.

Skintight Ticket Info


Allen Waterman or Johnston, Iowa wrote:

> I started getting your newsletter about 2 years ago. I enjoy reading it
> before heading to Vegas. My wife has only been to
> Vegas once (6 months ago
> when we got married) and it was only for 24 hours. I am going to be at
> Networld+Interop next month and she will come out to join me after the
> conference for 3 days. So my question is, if there were one thing people
> would show a newcomer to Vegas, what would it be and why? I would like
> your opinion as well as that of you other readers.
> Thanks for the info.

Excellent question — readers? Send your suggestions to (click) and we’ll print them next issue.

R. Hirst wrote:

> Jack Hart wrote about rude taxi drivers who honked their horn as he pushed
> his 10 month old son across a busy street.
> Jack, would you please stay home. Vegas is no place for a child and the
> idiotic parents who continually make the decision that little Billy or
> Betsy would enjoy the “pretty lights.”
> It’s pathetic watching these dimwits pushing strollers through crowds when,
> at the end of the day, even adults can feel the effects of smoke filled
> casinos in their throats and respiratory systems.
> If you want to go to Vegas, go before you have children. Then if you want
> to go, pay for child care at home. Otherwise, consider your child’s
> health, consider that others go to Vegas
> for an adult vacation and consider
> that if you are dumb enough to bring the kids anyway, you’re probably
> splitting tens, playing the Big Wheel and finding other ways to throw your
> money away.
> Give yourself and everyone else a break and either stay away or stop whining.

Laurie & Darlene Cook of Calgary, Alberta Canada wrote:

> My husband and I just returned from our annual spring Vegas trip and
> looking somewhat forward to the fall trip. I am getting discouraged about
> going to Vegas because it seems like it
> is becoming another Disneyland. If
> I wanted to walk the streets and get run over by baby strollers and listen
> to kids screaming in the restaurants, and now on the flight down from
> Canada, I would gladly go to Disneyland.
> I find it totally disgusting that
> a parent would take their children, in strollers, into casinos where there
> is so much smoking and noise, especially where the signs say NO ONE UNDER
> I found it quite frustrating trying to maneuver
> around these people in the gaming area. Any security around????
> I have raised my kids and when they were little took them to kid
> places. Vegas is NOT a kid place. It is selfish of parents that take
> their children to Vegas, pretending it is a family vacation; how do they
> figure out who gets to baby-sit and
> who gets to go to the casino? Please take your children where they
> belong, not to a casino. and it seems now the casinos are building kid
> areas – this is not McDonalds.
> We will just have to start crossing off those places from our list of
> casinos when they have these “family” areas. But all in all, still look
> forward to it each time.

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