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Featured Story:
Desert Lake Escape

Also In This Issue – Oct. 1, 2003: Newkirk’s Notes, Behind The Tables, Monday Night Football, more.

Newkirk’s Notes – comments on Las Vegas from AccessVegas.Com publisher Ted Newkirk:

Hello from Las Vegas! The Weather Channel is talking frost and freeze warnings for the Midwest US. Weekend forecast for Las Vegas? 90 F for a high, and 65 F for a low.

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Cheeseburger In … Las Vegas? – This December, you can have a Cheeseburger In Paradise when Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville opens at The Flamingo. Can’t wait? You don’t have to:

Buffet played Las Vegas recently and the MGM Grand held a “Parrot’s Paradise” pre-concert party. We were there having a great time and got some cool photos and steaming video for you:

Behind The TablesLast issue, I noted some great authors with great books I met at a recent gaming writers event. But I left out Barney Vinson, who was the author of the first Las Vegas book I ever read: Las Vegas Behind the Tables. He’s a great guy and his more recent work Ask Barney: An Insider’s Guide to Las Vegas is a must have for the new or occasional Las Vegas visitor.

Sixtiesmania Showband – has revived their successful Las Vegas run, and moved from a local’s casino to the Greek Isles Hotel Casino just across from the Stardust. Click for Sixtiesmania info!

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Featured Story:
Desert Lake Escape

Editor’s Note: We usually cover shows and entertainment, but with our warm Las Vegas fall weather this is a perfect time to enjoy the beautiful desert mountains and Lake Mead.
Guest columnist Jean Strickland’s Las Vegas Day Trips offers easy to follow maps & information on great sightseeing for tourists & great escapes for locals. We present her Desert Lake Escape.

Don’t be a Loser!! No one wants to be a loser in Las Vegas. Let me show you some great places where you’ll always be a winner!

We’ll start by traveling east along Lake Mead Blvd. – – past houses, stores, and apartments until – suddenly – civilization ends! Nothing but bare mountain looms over us! Through the mountain pass, like a door into another room, we’ll go. Now, in the distance of just a few hundred feet, we have left the city behind and entered the open desert! Within this narrow pass is a large stone plaque explaining a geological wonder – “The Great Unconformity.” A sign explains how the mountain in front of us was once hundreds of miles away! Along our journey we’ll discover beauty, tranquility and — the other side of Vegas!

Let’s start at one of my favorite spots, the fascinating desert oasis of Rogers Springs. Mother Nature’s handiwork provides this lovely fresh water spring which bubbles up happily from the base of a small mountain. The spring keeps a little pond alive with clear water and quenches the thirst of desert animals. We watch a father with his two young boys wading in the knee deep pool and chasing after tiny fish with cupped hands. The speeding fish outwit the young visitors who are delighted just to enjoy the chase! Another family indulges in a shady picnic under a cluster of palms.

We’ll cross the little bridge, stroll along a trail, and follow, with our eyes, the path the flowing water takes as it leaves the sparkling pool and wanders it’s way down, down, down to join the cool waters of Lake Mead, visible in the distance. Ah, an authentic oasis, created by Mother Nature to care for her creations. Man often imitates these beautiful spots, but never does them full justice. Aren’t you happy you’re here! Why not come back with someone you love. Treat yourself to a picnic or just wander a path or two. Escape the ringing phones and stresses of the city. Mother Nature is waiting here to make you a winner!

There’s a little fish hatchery along the shore of Lake Mead. Let’s make a short stop. We’ll walk down the stairs and out back to the fish runs and watch the fish dart around in the water. I’m glad we arrived at feeding time! Staff members toss fish food pellets into the water, which churns and bubbles as the hungry fish compete for their share. Doesn’t it look just like a Jacuzzi! The fish are used to stock the lake, maybe we’ll come back for a little fishing trip someday. Ah, Mother Nature provides for us, her creations.

I’m in the mood for a hike, how about you? Let’s follow the marked trail down into the Las Vegas Wash. Our trail begins on flat, hard, dry terrain and seems to disappear off the edge of nowhere. As we get closer, see how it takes us down into the canyon that has been fashioned by the rushing waters of the wash. I love the contrasts of nature! As far as we can see the desert appears parched and barren. But, along the waters edge, trees and plants flourish. Birds and animals hunt and play in their unique, lush home. There are so many hikes to choose from, this is only one!

Let me show you one of the breathtaking lake overlooks. I brought some sandwiches and we’ll have an impromptu picnic! To stand above the waters of the lake and overlook its stark, barren shores is an exhilarating experience! I wish we could see in every direction at the same time! Don’t you feel like your eyes are straining to take in as large a view as humanly possible? I love the brilliant blue of the desert sky, the colors of the land – red, gold, black and tan, the ability to breathe in deeply and know the air is clean!

And at night the view is no less fantastic! All the stars we usually miss, blocked out by the city lights, sparkle above our heads. Look, can you see the big dipper right there? We miss the stars in the city! Wonder if there will be a meteor shower tonight? Ah, Mother Nature made this all for you. See what a winner you are!

Well, the time has come to return to our responsibilities. Did you enjoy our Desert Lake Escape? Why not go back! Do some of the things we missed. Enjoy the uninterrupted companionship of your family or friends as you rent a boat, take a dinner cruise or visit the beach! Get away from exhaust, noise, crowds and daily stress — take a Desert Lake Escape! Visit our website and you will discover where you can find – great sightseeing for tourists – and great escapes for locals! You’ll always be a winner when you do!

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Live From Las Vegas,

Ted Newkirk

Senior Content Editor

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