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This Issue: America Restaurant

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LAS VEGAS NEWS – of interest to tourists:

XFL – The new football league kicks off here in Las Vegas this Saturday night. You can catch the game live Saturday night in the US on NBC and it is legit: the sportsbooks are taking bets on it. Most people are banking that this will succeed and there are no shortage of news and speculation on this new league:

JEOPARDY – Two weeks worth of the popular game show were recently filmed at the Las Vegas Hilton featuring special and celebrity guests. The shows have a lot of “Vegas” in them and air over the next two weeks. Check local listings for time and stations. Full story at

COLLEGE BETTING – The US Senate and House are getting one step closer to ban betting on college sports. The bill is squarely aimed at Nevada, as we are the only state with legal college sports betting. Given the close watch casinos keep on sudden shifts in bets on ANY game (a large amount of money on one side, especially from a small group of people), it keeps checks and balances on possible game fixing. The bill does nothing to address illegal sports betting. Story at and Nevada legislative response at

FOOD SPECIALS – The Stardust has thrown it’s hat into the late-night breakfast special ring. They serve two eggs, bacon or sausage, breakfast potatoes and dollar pancakes for $4.95 from 11 PM to 7 AM every night but Tuesday. You can substitute ham and eggs or buttermilk biscuits if you wish.

KIDS – We aren’t trying to beat a dead horse, but this topic continues to make news. If you are going to bring your kids to Las Vegas, writer Howard Shapiro just wrote a great guide to a family vacation in Las Vegas, with both what to do and what to expect at In a related story he wrote about the pitfalls of bringing kids here at

HOWARD STERN – won his $100,000 bet at the Hard Rock Casino on SuperBowl Sunday evening during the taping of his Monday morning broadcast. E! Entertainment television was also there filming for future episodes of Stern’s TV show. The show was broadcast live on Stern affiliate X107.5 in Las Vegas, creating pandemonium inside and a line of people around the casino trying to get inside and catch part of the action. Stories at and

FIRST FAMILY – Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman may have the reputation as the “Mob Lawyer,” but his wife has long been regarded as a pillar of the community. A recent story about this “opposites attract” couple gives us a little insight into the self-proclaimed “Happiest Mayor On Earth” at

ARIZONA – Good news for our friends who visit up by car from Arizona and the rest of the Southwest and southern US. The Hoover Dam bypass is moving along, and the government has selected a bypass route that involves a straightening the route and a 4 lane bridge over the Black Canyon 1500 feet downstream from the Dam.

This is a double bonus, cutting about 30 minutes off of the trip for those passing through, and easing the congestion at the dam for those who want to visit the magnificent structure. Full story at and you can read our Hoover Dam info / review at

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SHOW REVIEWS – Recent reviews appearing in the media:

* Skintight –

Rick Springfield – starts his run as the star of EFX this weekend, and the production has been renamed EFX Alive in honor of the switch from the dance numbers of former star Tommy Tune to the concert-like atmosphere of the new show. Story at

Sammy Hagar – (who penned Springfield’s hit “I’ve Done Everything For You”) recently played a free Las Vegas concert sponsored by KOMP radio and announced the future opening of his Cabo Wabo Cantina at Sunset Station Hotel / Casino (20 minutes southeast of the Strip). It is a real coup for Sunset Station as Hagar has rejected numerous multimillion dollar offers to franchise this infamous Cabo San Lucas establishment. It appears this will always be the only other location. Story at

Lumiere – Rumors have been swirling for weeks about a Vegas show starring Carmen Electra. “Lumiere” will play the Aladdin (start date yet to be disclosed). Story at

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RESTAURANT REVIEWS – Recent reviews appearing in the media:

* Peppermill (next to Riviera) –
* V-Bar (Venetian) –

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LAS VEGAS WEATHER – This 5 day forecast is courtesy of Weather.Com:

Friday – 61/38 Partly Cloudy
Saturday – 63/41 Showers
Sunday – 73/42 Rain
Monday – 74/42 Scattered Showers
Tuesday – 72/39 Scattered Showers

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EDITORS NOTE: We have a guest review this week. I have not done a restaurant review in a while, and appreciate their contribution. America is in the New York, New York Hotel Casino and open 24 hours.

FEATURE STORY: America Restaurant

by Glenn Thornton

My wife & I have been going to Vegas about 3 times a year for the last 4 years and we love to try different kinds of restaurants. On our last visit in November of 2000 we experienced an extraordinary one called America Restaurant. As you can imagine the employees are dressed patriotically, including American flag ties. In the dining area above your heads on the ceiling is an enormous statuesque map of the United States. Highlighting accomplishments, stereotypes, & comical attributes of each state in character or symbolic form such as: Mount Rushmore in South Dakota and Alien & Spaceships in New Mexico. It was quite a site; we were both overwhelmed. It really has to be seen, words don’t explain the intricacy and the grandeur of this awesome sight.

Beyond the fantastic ambiance was the phenomenal service. I’m not an easy customer; I usually inquire quite a bit about how the food is prepared and request modifications to the menu. Each question and adjustment was granted with excellence.

Let’s talk food!
I ordered:
Abondigas soup (soup du jour)
Lemon bake chicken
Baked potato

I’m not a huge meatball soup lover but it was so delicious I had my wife try it, who doesn’t like abondigas soup at all, after sampling it she didn’t want to give it back. We agreed that the fresh ingredients and especially the broth really went beyond our expectations.

The lemon chicken was quite a feast beyond the 2 huge chicken breast portions it was simply tasty. When I’ve ordered from other restaurants, usually lemon chicken means grilled chicken with lemon sauce or grilled chicken with herbs & lemon on the surface of the chicken breast but I savored the juiciness of herbs & lemon throughout this chicken.

Vegetables & Potato came with the chicken. The vegetables were steamed and fresh. If you like veggies these were great, didn’t even need to doctor them up they stood up on their own. The baked potato was huge; I’m talking stereotypically Idaho huge. I enjoy a baked potato with my meals but haven’t always been satisfied with the restaurants outcome i.e. shriveled like they should have been retired instead of served, russet potato as small as a red potato, have to pick out the dark portions etc. This was not so with America Restaurant’s potato, it was baked to perfection, creamy white inside and to emphasize again, fresh.

Side salad was crisp not a bit watery and not served with just iceberg lettuce. Also they had choices for low-cal dressings, a plus for me.

This restaurant didn’t have any cons — we’re going back and will be recommending it to everyone we know!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Jessica Lehnert wrote:

>We just got back from Vegas .á We saw “O” , and I have to say that I
>thought “Mystere” is more amazing and absorbing.á My brother also
>bought us tickets to De La Guarda.á There were people of all ages in
>the audience.á At first it was scary because you leave the casino &
>you end up in a pit black room but then you experience the scattering over head like
>vampires or something.á I’m 47 but we ended up getting into it.á We
>were dancing and singing.á At the end we all looked like we had been
>in a giant spit ball fight!á I tried to save my glasses from the
>water but got a giant wad of paper in the face instead.á The only
>warning — I have asthma & all the fog & smoke was a little harsh on the
>lungs.á I don’t know if i would have paid for the show but it was so
>different, exciting and physical.á It’s something to experience.
Barbara Mazurowski wrote:

>My husband and I returned from Las Vegas last week.á We were
>disappointed that Siegfried and Roy had canceled their shows for over
>a week.á Some of the locals stated that both of them have aids and
>that Roy is dying.á Any truth to this?á If it is true, why is the
>Mirage still selling out their shows?

Actually, they canceled three weeks of shows due to Roy’s bad case of the flu. The While their alleged sexual orientation has sparked the AIDS rumor, Roy is 61 and it is entirely conceivable he was struggling with the flu. I’m straight, not more more than half his age, and was sidelined almost two weeks during this past month as were many others in town due to the severe flu that swept through.

If I had a dollar for every crazy rumor that circulates among the hotel break rooms that gets passed on to the public, I could have retired long ago. Certainly we wish Roy the best and hope that this is nothing more than a severe case of the flu.

Bruce Olsen wrote:

>Ted- It is unfortunate you mislead your customers the
>way you do. Regarding the Super bowl, I personally
>wish you would announce, as I have the over, to the
>entire world it will be raining and muddy as hell in
>Tampa the day of the big game… no let me refresh
>that in your words… it will be showers ALL
>weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!! in Tampa. What the HELL forecast
>are you looking at???? I do indeed believe the game
>will go over, but trying to get the “number” under a
>certain point for your your gratification is not
>right. A simple check of the “Weather Channel” or
>anyone else will tell you game day will be almost
>perfect. Where do you get off??

The newsletter is geared to the Las Vegas visitor, and as predicted, it rained here most of last weekend. People come to Las Vegas expecting some of the 310+ days of sun a year, and my point was that if you have to be here when it rains, at least it is SuperBowl weekend and there are plenty of indoor activities (including the game).

I personally did not bet a dime on the game. My friends that avidly bet sports liked the “under” bet, so I reported that. Congratulations on your win, as a series of freak touchdowns pushed the game “over.”

I’m not sure how any of my comments were perceived to be anti-Tampa but rest assured I think that Florida is a wonderful destination. So much so, that I am developing a website which will promote and allow people to book rooms in all parts of Florida.

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