Access Vegas Insider Vibe – April 2, 2003

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This Issue: Reader Questions And Feedback Answered

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Newkirk’s Notes – comments on Las Vegas from AccessVegas.Com publisher Ted Newkirk:

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Reader Feedback

Message Board Member “LuvToGetLucky ” wrote:

Recently, my spouse and I have experienced the excitement of penny slots. It just seems like it is more fun to win 7500 credits on a penny machine than to win 300 credits on a quarter machine even though you’re winning the same amount in either case. We’re planning a trip to Vegas in the near future and plan to do a lot of casino-hopping. Can anyone tell us where to find penny slots? Who has the most? Where you’ve had the best luck?

Penny slots are getting very popular, especially now with the “ticket in, ticket out” technology so you don’t have to scoop up your winnings in pennies. We know many of you enjoy them when you hit town! Which machines are your favorites? Do you play a few coins at a time, or do you play the machine loaded?á Tell us about it in our Penny Slots forum.

Meg from Northern California wrote:

I have enjoyed reading your news letter for over a year now. I travel to Vegas once or twice a year and and your newsletter has been a big help in “seeing the town.” I recently had a very unpleasant experience with a cab driver who went the long way to my hotel. I guess he thought I was a rookie to Vegas. When I asked him why we was taking me on this route, he told me the other road was under construction. WRONG! I was pretty upset and told him he ate up his tip. What I didn’t do was get his name and the taxi company’s name. I will never make that mistake again.

On my return to the airport, I had a great cabbie and told him what happened on my arrival. No, the road wasn’t under construction and yes, I did get taken. Unfortunately, I read about taxi rip offs in your newsletter AFTER I returned. At least I’ll be aware in the future. Thanks for covering that subject. At least I’m not the only one who got suckered.

We bring this up from time-to-time because cab drivers are notorious for “long hauling” riders. All the while, they pretend to be friendly and helpful, trying to sell you tickets to a Strip Club or other show that they are getting a healthy kick-back for.

I’m not saying that all cab drivers are bad, but it doesn’t hurt to beware. If they take you through the airport tunnel (without informing or asking you), they are taking you the long way. The Strip is north of the airport. The tunnel heads south!

We have a complete page on Getting Around In Las Vegas that includes information on cabs and other forms of transportation. If you feel you were “long hauled” or experience any other problem with a cab driver, just quietly note the cab company and car number and (if you can) their name on the drivers certificate posted in the cab. Do not call the cab company. Like they care!

Call the Taxicab Authority at (702) 486-6532. They do keep records, and can suspend drivers with repeated complaints. Don’t feel bad! Your call alone won’t cause a driver hardship. If a number of complaints develops against a driver, they need to be weeded out. We want you to have a great time in Las Vegas!

Message Board Member “Scott ” wrote a great trip report about his December visit. Talked about his flight, cab ride, gambling, drinking and just having a good time at Excalibur, Mandalay Bay, Rio Suites, Luxor, Bellagio, Caesars, and more. This is a great read whether you are getting ready for your next trip, or missing the Las Vegas experience.

Check out his Dec. 14-16 Trip Report. And don’t forget to contribute your own trip report or thoughts on your trip when you return. It is a great way to relive the fun and excitement as well as helping others plan for their trip!

Message Board Member “Laree” wrote:

I have been travelling to Vegas for years, and have enjoyed fishing the parks near the Strip stocked with trout. This year though I have the time to extend further out, maybe to Lake Mead or the Colorado river. Any advice, or links to finding fishing info would be greatly appreciated (trip is late February!)

Unfortunately, our backlog prevented us from asking before Laree came to town, but if you fish this area, step up to the plate and help your fellow anglers out with some basic (or advanced) info about fishing in Las Vegas in our Any Fishermen In Vegas forum.

Message Board Member “bill67 ” wrote:

Which club (green Door, Red Rooster, Hid-n-seek, Fantasy Social club) is better for a couple? Which is cleaner, more respectable? Which has a better ratio of couples versus single men? Any help would be great.

This is a good time to emphasize that our forums let you pick a “screen name” so you can be anonymous. If someone emails you from your forum profile, it goes through our machine. Your actual email is never revealed to someone unless you write them back and tell them.

We do not have any association with these clubs, but if you have advice for “bill67” feel free to respond to his post in the Adult Swing Clubs forum. Please post and/or contact someone through their profile. Our forums are great for sharing info, but we will draw the line at personal ads.

Message Board Member “sandi527 ” wrote:

I saw Thunder From Down Under last October and they were fabulous!! It’s a very interactive show – so the shy ladies should sit way in the back!!!! The show is funny, sexy and exciting. Some of the best looking men I’ve seen in a long time!! Saw the Chippendales many years ago…I much prefer Thunder. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Also, plenty of opportunity to meet the men…

In my 10 years here, the biggest (and possibly best) change I have seen is more women enjoying Las Vegas! It used to be rare to see groups of women out and about, having fun, cutting loose, maybe having a couple too many cocktails but the tide has turned. “Girls Night Out” vacation now means Las Vegas!

Two popular shows are Thunder From Down Under and Chippendales The Show. If you have seen either one, or want to know what others are saying, check out our For The Ladies (Male Revues) forum.

Message Board Member “gsanta ” wrote:

My wife and I are yearly Las Vegas regulars and both in our early thirties. Can someone out there recommend a dance club where we won’t feel out of place and “old”.

Thirty-something includes me (Ted) and I imagine a fair number of our readers. We know you come here to do more than gamble so tell us your favorite nightlife in our The Thirty-Something Crowd forum. I posted a couple of my favorites and someone else has already chimed in. Where do you love to dance and lounge?

Featured Shows!

V – The Ultimate Variety Show

Legends in Concert


Hypnolarious starring Terry Stokes

See you on the boards!

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Live From Las Vegas,

Ted Newkirk

Senior Content Editor

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April 2, 2003 ISSN: 1529-2770

Access Vegas Insider Vibe – March 27, 2002

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THIS ISSUE: Las Vegas Updates, I Love LaFong, Fielding West

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NEWKIRK’S NOTES – comments on Las Vegas from AccessVegas.Com publisher Ted Newkirk:

Hello from Las Vegas! Change is in the air. The weather has finally settled in to a beautiful springtime after a few weeks of hit-and-miss with some cold days. More importantly we’ve changed and updated things on to give you quicker access to the more deals and more Las Vegas information.

NEW LOOK – If you have not stopped by recently, now is a great time. We are excited about our new, cleaner look that lets you see deals and headliners at a glance and access all the Las Vegas information you need with just one click!

APRIL PROGRAM – Our April episode of All Vegas TV is available. Simply go to and click on the big TV screen for both current and past episodes. This month we tour Little Chapel of the Flowers, showing you a “behind the scenes” on getting married in Las Vegas. We have video highlights of the new “I Love LaFong” show, and finish with an interview with video poker expert Rob Singer. If you are frustrated with attempts to play video poker and win a little here and there only to have the machine suck it all back in, stay tuned through the show for this.

SHOW VIDEOS ONLINE – You come to Vegas and see advertisements for shows — “Best of This, Best of That” — and you’ve never heard of these people. Or the person in your office who visited last month says “You gotta see so-and-so.” What are they gonna do … tell you they wasted $75.00? Hell no … not any quicker than they will tell the truth about how much they lost!

We’ve got you covered. We have online streaming videos of almost 20 top shows at All Vegas TV and the viewing price is right: FREE! Simply click over to and preview the shows you want to see.

NEW MESSAGE BOARD – We had to replace our old message board. Unfortunately, we couldn’t save and transfer the posts so we are starting from scratch. Please feel free to post Las Vegas comments or questions to our new board at Here’s the way it works: Before you go on vacation (or if you are just curious) feel free to post questions and comments and then when you get back you can post your comments so that those visiting soon enjoy your knowledge of Las Vegas!

CHIPPENDALES – has opened at The Rio for an indefinite run. It will be interesting to see if having a little equal opportunity for the ladies here is successful for the long term. Details at

JAZZ FESTIVAL – 9’th Annual City of Lights Jazz Festival takes place Saturday, April 27, 2002 at Hills Park Amphitheater at Summerlin. Summerlin is located in the Northwest Las Vegas Valley. The line up includes invited artists: world renowned Jazz vocalist Randy Crawford; the hottest, multiple award winning horn in Jazz today, trumpeter Rick Braun; the stimulating Jazz keyboards of Brian Culbertson; plus crowd pleasing Urban Jazz Pianist/Vocalist Joe Mc Bride; award winning Smooth Jazz guitarist Joyce Cooling; and hot new saxman from Denmark Michael Lington, plus other artists to be announced. Tickets available at 1-800-969-VEGAS

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We’ve got a double dose this issue. Although these shows share the same showroom, they are about as diverse as possible. That is the great thing about Las Vegas — something for everyone! If you are scratching your head going “Where is the Bourbon St. Hotel,” have no fear. It is on Flamingo Rd just behind the Flamingo and Barbary Coast. Look down Flamingo from The Strip and you’ll see — it is closer to The Strip than the Bally’s / MGM monorail.

I LOVE LAFONG – When I first heard that a world famous female comedian and ventriloquist was setting up shop here, I thought “Mmmm … must be one of the new free shows for kids at Circus Circus.” If that crossed your mind also, think again. Michelle La Fong has appeared on HBO, Comedy Central, A & E and is not only one of the top female comedians today but someone who has taken ventriloquism to a new level.

Michele’s show opens with a taped introduction from comedian Jackie Mason who minced no words regarding his love and appreciation of LaFong’s act. La Fong kicks off the show with fast paced impressions of Joan Rivers, Bette Midler, Andrea “Dice” Clay (ya … she does that … you’ve seen it when flipping through the channels and have stopped to laugh) as well as Dr. Ruth. It is during this time we get a taste of her quick, multifaceted comedy along the lines of Abbot and Costello’s “Who’s On First” (which she does with a unique twist on later in the show).

LaFong came to the attention of famed Ed Sullivan regular and ventriloquist Senior Wences just a couple years before his death. So impressed was he that he left his legacy with her in both performance secrets and some of his most prized characters and props. She recently brought his “Johnny” alive in a Mercedes commercial and brings him alive nightly as well.

It is LaFong’s “boyfriend” Paco who steals the show. Paco is her smooth talking puppet with the gold chains, the snappy outfit and chauvinistic patter. La Fong’s strength lies in her ability to make her puppets truly come alive with their own personality. So strong, that you actually feel like you are watching a two person show. If you are a guy, you’d want to go watch the game and have a beer with Paco. If you are a girl, he’s the kind of guy you’d be telling your girlfriend about later going “He was such an ass, but he was kind of funny and charming.”

This is a fun show to go for laughs, but you will walk away impressed and appreciative of these characters that truly came alive before your eyes to entertain you.

I Love LaFong plays at the Bourbon St. Hotel and Casino (on Flamingo Road across from Bally’s). For current times and ticket prices, please click and enter the dates of your visit to display prices and availability. We have online streaming video highlights of her show in this months April 2002 All Vegas TV episode at

FIELDING WEST: COMEDY, TRICKS, AND NAKED CHICKS – I like Fielding West. I like watching explosions and car wrecks in the movies as well as Las Vegas hotel demolitions live. They call it “controlled demolition” and Fielding West is a “controlled demolition” of a show in a good way. I also like comedy and West keeps the laughs coming with his twists on both traditional and original magic tricks.

West starts by making “Bob the Bird” appear and then proceeds to “torture” him, mystifying the audience while putting a mocking spin on standard animal magic routines. Later, Houdini’s metamorphous is given a similar a unique treatment. This is an illusion standard to most magic shows, where the assistant is wrapped and chained inside a box and then switches places with the magician in the blink of an eye. Except that West is a “failure,” only ending up swapping clothes with the beautiful assistant.

Speaking of … you read the title right. He’s added an adult twist to the show with assistants that spend a fair amount of time sans a top. The only person still yapping about Las Vegas as a family destination is Jay Leno to squeeze another dead joke. Vegas is back to “Boys (or Girls) Night Out” or “Romantic Couple Getaway” and that is who West is successfully aiming his show at. Having said that, this isn’t a strip club nor is the nudity presented in a way to make couples uncomfortable. The night I attended a significant portion of the audience was couple, with plenty of “Boys Night Out” groups as well.

West didn’t skimp when it came to selecting assistants. Natalie Lund was crowned Miss Minnesota in 1999 and competed in the 2000 Miss America Pageant. She has also performed in professional dance companies and appeared in two films with Mickey Rooney. Marcy Parker also dances in Melinda, First Lady of Magic at the Venetian, the Shadow Bar at Caesars Palace and most recently starred as a cheerleader for the XFL Las Vegas Outlaws.

West has written and devised acts for many of the bigger names you are familiar with, and this is a chance to see his off-the-wall comedy and magic at he source.

Fielding West: Comedy, Tricks and Naked Chicks plays at the Bourbon St. Hotel and Casino (on Flamingo Road across from Bally’s). For current times and ticket prices, please click and enter the dates of your visit to display prices and availability. Sorry guys … no streaming video available on this one!


Show Review Criteria: We understand that Las Vegas attracts visitors of varied budgets and interests. Shows are reviewed on the basis of value for dollar spent as well as to present the reader enough knowledge of the content to make an informed decision.

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