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RESULTS FROM LAST WEEK: Are you planning to come to Las Vegas for a future New Years Eve?

Forget it — Never: 25%
Maybe one of these years – not sure: 13%
I’m going to do it at least once: 44%
I’m booking 2001 as soon as I can! 19%

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This Issue: Las Vegas Fine Dining

Curious about a restaurant, event, or other Las Vegas attraction that looks fun? Let us review it for you first! Suggestions are always welcome at:

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Note: We reviewed the Secret Garden of Seigfried and Roy a few weeks ago. The review is archived online with photos of the dolphins and tigers we took that day atáLAS VEGAS NEWS – of interest to tourists:DUMB AND DUMBER – Top casino executives brushed off the 85% occupancy rate during New Years Eve, noting that this was the first time Las Vegas had experienced worldwide competition for New Years Eve visitors. They sighted additional operation expenses such as the unusually high price of big-name entertainers and (I’m not making this up) linen costs. Mmmmmmmmmm. Funny, you think a hotel would have enough linen on hand all the time, as well as the ability to launder it. It doesn’t seem to be a problem during Comdex (when occupancy rates are higher than 85%).

None of the casinos reported a better-than-expected gaming win that weekend. They forgot that their main business philosophy for 50 years has been value-priced rooms and food so you have some money to gamble with! Unlike other businesses who hire top quality people for the job, casinos are so flush that it’s still very much “who you know”. Hopefully this was a wake-up call.

If you want to hear the casino executives try to cover their behinds on this one, read the story at (Note: the above is not sour grapes. I have never sought employment from a gaming company in any way, shape or form and have no interest in doing so).

LAKESHORE DRIVE – A new 2.5 mile section of this road has opened closer to the lake offering fantastic views and pullouts so that you can stop and enjoy them. This is a great little scenic detour on your way to Hoover Dam, as the road to the Dam contain little in the way of lake views. Get a city map before you head out (available at gift shops – they generally contain an expanded view of the metro area which includes the Lake). You will want to take US 95 (I-515) south to Henderson, exiting east on Lake Mead Dr.á Story at and discount rental cars at Combine this with a trip to Hoover Dam for a fun half-day scenic adventure!

OSCAR GOODMAN – was the answer to last weeks trivia contest. The former “Mouthpiece for the Mob” is our mayor. The Review-Journal did a fascinating in-depth piece on him last Sunday at (Particularly interesting is the accompanying photo of he and Mills Lane looking like they had been hitting the bar).

STEVE WYNN – did it again. The Mirage Resorts CEO is largely credited for the boom in fine dining in Las Vegas, and two of his companies restaurants have earned The 2000 Mobil Travel Guide 5 star ratings. Renoir at The Mirage and Picasso at Bellagio were two of only 19 restaurants to earn the honor. Story at

NASCAR – Las Vegas 400 returns to town this year on March 5! Improvements have been made to the sight lines and Las Vegas Blvd. has been widened to help with the traffic congestion. In addition, this year shuttle busses are going to be taking a special route between the Strip and Las Vegas Motor Speedway to move you their much more quickly. Rooms and tickets go quick so check room rates at and call the Speedway at (800) 644-4444 to get your tickets now. It’s quite the party weekend in Las Vegas!

MIGHT AS WELL JUMP – The press gets criticized for down playing tragedy that happens here, but it does. A 24-year-old Utah man did the freefall from the top of the Stratosphere last week, and we don’t mean the ride. Later, it was discovered that he was a grocery store manager who left with $15,000 of store cash. One can only speculate what kind of trouble he must have been in to steal that kind of money and come here for a quick hit. Full story at

WINNERS – Mike Brown of Omaha, NB won last weeks Las Vegas Millennium 2000 t-shirt. Marianne Modie of Cleveland, OH won the Jan. 1, 2000 copy of the Las Vegas Reveiw-Journal. Winners of the Paris Las confetti were Debi Jackson and John Trujillo. (3 other have been notified).

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Quick Concert and Show Notes:

See which shows are playing during your stay and book reservations EVEN if the tickets aren’t on sale yet. Let ShowVegas takes care of all your needs directly online! Search by dates at

JERRY LEWIS – the 20 year Las Vegas resident makes his first Las Vegas show appearance in years Jan. 13-16 at the Orleans. You can read a preview at Tickets are $54.95 – $64.95, available at (702) 365-7075 and Orleans discount rooms at (Orleans link).

ANDREW “DICE” CLAY – makes his very first appearance at The Venetian on Super Bowl Weekend Jan. 28 – 29. Tickets at and Venetian discount suites (all rooms are full suites) at (Venetian link).



FEATURE STORY: Las Vegas Fine DiningWe receive numerous requests for fine dining reviews, and now you can get it right from the source! Long time local and internationally known Chef Les Kincaid is opening on the strip with a new and specialized radio show here in Las Vegas;”Les Kincaid’s Lifestyles Las Vegas”

Exciting celebrity guests will join Kincaid for lunch each show. It will alternate between AUREOLE in the Mandalay Bay Hotel and CHARLIE PALMER STEAK in the Four Seasons Resort. These premier restaurants will open their doors to have Kincaid and his guests enjoy lunch during the interviews each week.

Also, as part of each program, local journalist Barbara Nosek will host a “Magic Moments” feature, showcasing celebrity guests from all sectors of this “Magic capital of the world.”

This Saturday’s broadcast will be live from AUREOLE restaurant’s premier seat with guests Daniel Boulud, renowned celebrity chef and cookbook author from New York and wine celebrity Master sommelier Steven Geddes.

Each week Kincaid promises provocative questions and information from behind the scenes for those that love food and wines as he does. Celebrity entertainers will also be featured on this exciting show while in Las Vegas and performing around town.

This live broadcast comes to you every Saturday in Las Vegas on KDWN 720 AM and worldwide on the internet with KDWN’s online broadcast available at — times every Saturday are:

Pacific – 12:30 PM
Mountain – 1:30 PM
Central – 2:30 PM
Eastern – 3:30 PM
Worldwide – Consult an atlas for your time difference from Pacific Time (U.S)

(If you have trouble getting the internet feed, go to to get the free Real Audio player).

The shows also will have a companion area on Kincaids web site. A special feature page with recipes and offer a look at the guests (including photos) at

Les is one of the good guys with a knowledge of fine dining second to none. This is a must for the avid or upscale visitor.



LETTERS TO THE EDITOR:>I received this request from a visitor to my web site:
>I need your help.á I was married in Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve.á The
>wedding took place on the Crosswalk between NY, NY & MGM Grand hotel.
>(Right outside the doors of NY, NY) The video was destroyed
>accidentally but there was another guy who video’d it.á I have no idea
>who he is but know there is a
>video of my wedding out there somewhere.á We were married at exactly
>midnight and this video means the world to us.á If you can put this
>story on any bulletin boards you know of and forward it to everyone
>you know and ask them to do the same maybe we can find the video of
>the most special moment in our lives.á Please help us.
>Thank you
>Kimco & Sioux
>Please reply with any info to
>Under subject put Re: wedding Video

Note: Reply to the above at your own risk. I couldn’t confirm the accuracy of it. Anyone in that area see this wedding?

Mike Brown of Omaha wrote:

>We took our daughter to Vegas for her 21st.ábirthday Dec.5th. to
>Dec.9th.áand was surprised at all of the people complaining about the
>hotel rates for New Years.á This was the time we had planed to go ,
>but the rates were so high that we made it sooner.á I think the hotels
>lost a lot of respect from people who go there more than once a year.
>I know that it kept me away !á If you get the people there they will
>spend the money, but if you over charge they stay at home.

Sam Profio writes:

>Dear Ted:
>Absolutely love your newsletter. Don’t ever stop.
>In the above (Jan. 5, 2000) newsletter Mark B.á mentioned a lack of service in the
>sportsbooks.á While I have been “through” many of them, I have spent
>time in only a handful.á However, I can report that I have had three
>separate excellent experiences at Harrah’s.á Not only do they have
>good service from friendly servers, but unlike all of the other books
>I have been to, you can order food (casual) from a menu in the book!
>They have a dining area in the book!á Harrah’s prices are reasonable
>and you can grab a bite while you watch a game.á I don’t know of
>another place that does this but I’m sure there is.
>While I’m on this subject, one of my favorite places to watch a game
>in a casino is Monte Carlo’s brew pub!á Plenty of monitors, a few
>large screens and one very large screen.á This is also a great place
>to eat lunch especially if you prefer a good ale with your meal.
>There’s nothing like good brewery brew!á However, like all brew pubs I
>have been to across the country, be prepared to pay for that quality!
>Monte Carlo’s is no more expensive than our local breweries in the
>Cleveland area.

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