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June 3, 1999

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SUMMER IS HERE – With the temperatures generally climbing (Memorial Day weekend saw highs close to 100 and lows in the mid-60’s), we can’t stress enough the importance of drinking plenty of water while out there. Because of the very low humidity, you perspire greatly but don’t realize it because it evaporates off of your body immediately. Drinking booze dehydrates you further. Either way, we suggest stopping by the hotel bars on a regular basis and grabbing a bottled water. Your body will thank you, your stamina will by higher, and you’ll enjoy your vacation a lot more. For those of you that live in Las Vegas, or stay for extended periods of time, you may with to check out Water and Ice at Unlike those unregulated machines that bake in the sun, Water and Ice is a Grade A, regulated establishment.

PRIME TIME LAS VEGAS TV SHOW – The UPN Network (also seen on most cable systems on WGN out of Chicago) has bought 13 weeks of a new TV show called “The Strip”. It will shoot in Las Vegas, and the basic premise will be 2 ex-Metro police officers working as security for the Tropicana hotel and solving crimes, etc. Seems like they had a similar series like that here once …. something with the word VEGA$ in the name …. We wish the new series well and hope it give you all a great weekly shot of your favorite vacation destination.







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June 3, 1999