Access Vegas Insider Vibe September 15, 2020

Newkirk’s Notes

Access Vegas Founder Ted NewkirkHello From Las Vegas! – The “Don’t Visit Las Vegas” dam is finally starting to break. The State of New York could no longer ignore the kinds of data, graphs, and information I’ve been noting here for weeks now.

I’m not posting any new graphs this week. Why? Because they look identical to the graphs from previous weeks! Oh, except to say we have not seen new cases/hospitalizations/deaths this low since (drum roll please)…

Around the end of MARCH. And in some cases lower. You remember March, don’t you? Way back when there was only starting to be talk of drastic measures, flattening the curve, etc.

Bars To Reopen – We have it on good authority that our Governor will be opening the bartops soon. The ones where you can drink booze, and play video poker. Currently, countertops where you dine at are allowed. But if that countertop is for liquor service and gambling, it must be sure to be something that spreads COVID-19, and no dice.

No, it doesn’t make any sense to us either. Nor to the entire bar and gaming industry. Interestingly enough, Governor Sisolak was caught on video dining at an Italian restaurant that had live music playing. However, live show and music events are not currently allowed. So, Governor Sisolak’s damage control consisted of noting that ambient background music is OK, but concerts and such are NOT.

Remember, the Fremont Street Experience still does not have their nightly three stages of live music. Because, it isn’t allowed. Important to note that as an outdoor venue, they attempted to restart this music a couple of months ago. With social distancing. Including markings noting how far apart people should stand. Governor Grumpy was like “Hell No”, and that was the end of that.

I suppose a band could book a banquet hall, do a “dinner show” as the “house band”, and all would be fine? Maybe not. Because no more than 50 people are allowed at a church gathering, Evangelicals For Trump booked a banquet hall. Circular table seating, not a concert or speech set-up. After all, hotel and banquet gatherings are allowed at 50% of capacity. Oops. The hotel owner got fined.

This isn’t about whether you love God or Trump. This is just a small sample of the ever-changing goal line, ever changing rules, and general poor communication. You know… the biggest industry in the State of Nevada. This is not whether the Governor has a D or an R behind his name. The gaming industry cares about the gaming business over political party. He should have an I behind his name. No, not for Independent. For Incompetent.

Members Benefits Housekeeping – With so many new to the classroom (thanks for your support), this is a good time to do some housekeeping regarding ALL of the Members Benefits. Also, to clear up the occasional misconception that we’re simply a Facebook Group or that being part of Facebook is required to get all benefits.

Members Benefits Include:

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Members Only Special Reports – We have 12 Exclusive Special Reports in the Members area. This is information that you will NOT find in general internet searches. Not every report will apply to every Member. However, virtually all of our Members have found that a number of them are of great interest and help! Many noting that just the vital help gained in those reports is worth the yearly cost of membership alone.

“Your Guy In Vegas” Special Access – Spending hours searching Las Vegas information on the internet may (or may not) be fun. The problems are…

1. Is the advice you are finding accurate? Much/Most information on the internet comes from sources outside Las Vegas! Ya… good luck with that.

2. That doesn’t mean the info you are looking for is suitable for YOUR interests and tastes. Just because a group of March Madness guys really enjoyed a certain steakhouse and wrote favorably about it, does NOT mean it will be the right choice for you and that special person in your life to have a romantic meal.

Our Supporting (Paid) Members don’t waste their time on endless searches and questionable information. Our “Your Guy In Vegas” form in the membership area allows Members to submit specific questions to our knowledgeable staff. In the rare case we don’t know the answer, we usually know who does. 25 years in the business, right here in Las Vegas, gives you lots of contacts!

And, our answers are not canned, “off the cuff” remarks. We’ll often ask for more details or specifics to help our Members make the best decisions possible. If they are asking about a steakhouse, we’re not going to send the same people to CUT as we’d send to Golden Steer.

150+ Indexed Vegas Tips – If you run through these, and spend some downtime before your next visit, you are assured to find some great Vegas tips that you simply didn’t know about! Knowledge is power. You spend a LOT of money visiting. Saving time or doing things a slightly better way saves you hard-earned cash, and increases the joy and excitement of your visit.

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This issue only:

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Ted Newkirk
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Las Vegas Shows

Usher Announces Headlining Las Vegas Residency at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace

Global megastar and eight-time GRAMMY® Award-winner Usher will headline a Las Vegas residency at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace, opening July 16, 2021. The multi-talented showman will give his fans an extraordinary immersive experience that only Usher can deliver. The exclusive, only-in-Vegas spectacular will be performed in The Colosseum, an intimate 4,300-seat world-class performance venue, allowing Usher’s fans a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see him up close and personal.

Full Story/Details/Info/Video

Book Now! Usher Tickets!

Las Vegas Dining

Dining, Food & Drink – $17.95 Prime Rib & Champagne Brunch At The South Point

The Prime Rib and Champagne Brunch at the South Point’s Garden Buffet is now staff served for your safety. Enjoy bottomless Mimosas throughout your meal. You can choose from fresh made to order Omelets, Waffles, Fluffy Pancakes and French Toast, a Carving Station for Prime Rib, Herb Roasted Turkey Breast, Smoked Pork Ribs and Rotisserie Chicken.

Full Story/Details/Info/Video

Las Vegas Hotels

The Mirage Has Returned, Minus Its Famous Entertainment Array

When the Mirage reopens this week after more than five months of COVID-caused closure, it will do so without the feature that has set the iconic resort apart from other Strip casinos in recent years—a truly eclectic portfolio of live entertainment options.

Full Story/Details/Info/Video

Las Vegas Tours And Attractions

A Visual Tour Of Southern Nevada’s Natural Beauty

They say nature can heal, and we could all use some of that right now. Perhaps more than ever in our lifetime, it’s important to get outside, breathe fresh air and let Earth’s natural beauty calm our minds. Here in Southern Nevada, those opportunities are endless, whatever direction you head.

Full Story/Details/Info/Video

Las Vegas Gambling

7 Biggest Vegas Payouts of All Time

Pulling a slot machine is more luck than skill, but many people can’t resist the allure of getting rich fast. Las Vegas is home to over 165,000 slot machines, according to UNLV’s Center for Gaming Research.

Full Story/Details/Info/Video

Members Mania

Access Vegas Founder Ted NewkirkNote From Ted:

Members Mania is a regular feature for our Supporting (Paid) Members. Membership includes our “Your Guy In Vegas” feature, where you can reach out to myself and our paid staff of experts with your specific Vegas questions. We don’t have “canned” answers. We’ll ask you for some details pertaining you your wants and needs. Then, answer accordingly.


So.. Terry Fator is no longer a headliner at the Mirage? He had a good run.. GREAT show! Saw him 4 times over the past years.

From our Membership Facebook Page


Ted Responds:

He was getting booted pre-COVID. His ticket sales had dropped
below the level his contract required. So, he already had his 6 months
notice from the property. He’s not exactly walking away a pauper. His
original deal with The Mirage was 5 years at $20 million per year! He
celebrated 10 years as of April, 2019.

For our Supporting (Paid) Members, we go into if and when Fator will return, Fator’s future plans, and when they can look for him.

Whether it has been accurate information on exactly what is happening in Las Vegas, accurately letting our Members know what to expect as Las Vegas reopened, specific information they NEED to know for their next visit which we answer via our Your Guy In Vegas Membership benefit, or more…

Investing less than $3 per month (paid yearly) with our Access Vegas Insider Vibe Membership Program is the ultimate way to hedge the thousands you spend on your Las Vegas vacation. Especially as you are needing the best information now (more than ever) as you decide exactly when you can or should start to think about your return visit after the COVID upheaval.

The casinos don’t fund us. No cause or political party funds us. We are nearly 100% Member-Supported. Invest in a One-Year Membership TODAY!

We have answers to your Vegas questions!

But, you have to ask the questions.

Email us at, and let us know, what YOU want to know!

Las Vegas Nightlife

Las Vegas Sports

See The New Espn Studio At The Linq

A new ESPN studio debuted August 24 at the Linq with produced segments for SportsCenter and digital platforms, the network and Caesars Entertainment said.

Full Story/Details/Info/Video

Las Vegas Real Estate

Other Las Vegas News

Road To The Mirage Hotel-casino In Las Vegas Renamed Siegfried And Roy Drive

Their names lit up The Mirage marquee for nearly 14 years. Now their names will lead guests into the resort forever. As The Mirage reopens its doors to the public today, guests will turn off the Las Vegas Strip onto Siegfried & Roy Drive when they arrive at the property. The street was officially renamed for the Masters of Illusion, who were known the world over for their record-setting performance run at the resort from 1990-2003.

Full Story/Details/Info/Video

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