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Newkirk’s Notes – comments on Las Vegas from AccessVegas.Com publisher Ted Newkirk:Hello from Las Vegas! This is normally an “off” week for the newsletter, but so much great reader feedback and questions came in the past week that we are working overtime. No rest in Las Vegas!


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Reader Feedback

VegasJules wrote:

I love the new format! I’ve enjoyed reading your newsletter for a while now, and I always love getting the scoop on my favorite city. Even though I don’t have a trip in the planning (at the moment, but I’m always hoping!), I can always count on you for some great info! Thanks!

Shanny Aitken wrote:

The new look your newsletter is sporting is great! Thanks for all the helpful information. Each trip to Las Vegas, we arrive better informed than the trip before!

I want to thank everyone for the nice words and great response to our spruced up format. Same great info, same “tell it like it is” philosophy, but with a little more visual spice to bring Las Vegas to you!

Message Board Member “nn23” wrote:

I don’t think kids belong in Las Vegas. Its an adult city, Alcohol, parties, gambling, adult entertainment… I would never bring kids to Las Vegas… I wish other people wouldn’t either. Take your kids to Disney, not Las Vegas… Let us adults have fun, an enjoy ourselves.

Readers, what do you think? Do you take your kids to Las Vegas or do you see it as an adult destination? Tell us your thoughts and experiences in our Kids In Las Vegas forum.

Jim O’Hara from Chicago wrote:

I have to agree with the poll, on the locals casinos, in the recent newsletter. About two months ago we visited the Gold Coast. How or why we went there I don’t know but we were pleasantly surprised. I had been in the Gold Coast a number of years ago ( a whole story in itself) and thought it to be rather shabby. We ate at the buffet, played for a number of hours and really enjoyed ourselves. It certainly didn’t hurt that I hit a royal.

If anyone missed it, go check out the poll results.

Richard and Barbara Paro wrote:

I just want to start off saying I love, love, love your news letter. I’ve only been getting it for a couple of months. I have two questions. One is on comped rooms. We are coming to Vegas in Nov. and are staying at the (name of casino withheld). We have been there before 2 times.

We get our room comped for three nights. We spend anywhere from a thousand to fifteen hundred a day. That’s our money not what we win in between. We would like to go to other places to see some of the things you talk about, and see if we could win at other casinos but feel obligated to spend our time and money where we get comped. How can we do both, and how much do we have to spend to still get comped?

Comps are the big question and source of confusion here in Las Vegas. I withheld the name of the casino involved here not because of any problems, but because this is a general issue.

First of all, casinos aren’t comping you because they are “nice guys.” They are comping you because they realize you will lose more than your comps cost them over time. Think about this: In return for giving you a room that probably would have gone empty and costs them a few bucks a day to maintain, you are giving them heavy play and not even leaving the place. That is no way to enjoy Las Vegas!

You have a number of options. One is to split your play on your next visit between this casino and another two or three that you are interested in. The odds are that the first casino won’t cut your free nights right away. If you were to visit time and time again and not gamble much there, then they would probably pull back the comp offers.

Play at other places and see if you win, and if they offer you anything. Or come to town and take $50-100 of that daily gambling budget and buy a room so you don’t feel obligated and you can go test the waters elsewhere.

Another new option that many take advantage of is the ability to see right away online what casinos are giving away what comps for what level of play. Playsis lets you enter the amount of your bet, how long you play, and they will offer you a comp level at various hotels right up front. No phone calls, no negotiating, no hoping that “Vinnie” at the casino will smile down upon you. So you might want to check out Playsis.

Message Board Member “mytrn41” wrote:

Glad to here you are not tiring of Vegas anytime soon. Hope to retire there some day. Not a gambler, but love the weather, mountains and the mystery of the dessert.

Look forward to your newsletters, keep up the informative mailings. Visit often, but for different reasons. Enjoy driving up to Mt Charleston, or to Red Rock Canyon. Even a trip to a local Wal-Mart with the beautiful Mountain setting behind, something you cannot experience in our town of Hebron, Illinois.

I could not agree with you more. I too like to see an area when I travel, and not just the resort areas. There is so much more to do here than gambling! Mt. Charleston and Red Rock are stunning and we have some great tours where you can see them in a few hours.

For those thinking of moving here, we have two new pages of info:

Message Board Member “fla5h2001” wrote:

My my favorite last fine dining experience was on VOODOO Cafe on top of the RIO! The service was superb and the food, OH my GOD is was truly to die for!

Check out more info on the Voodoo Cafe and tell us about your best (or worst) Las Vegas dining experiences in the dining forums at our Message Boards.

Live From Las Vegas,

Ted Newkirk

Senior Content Editor

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