Access Vegas Insider Vibe – May 4, 2005

In This Issue: More Wynn Las Vegas News, Hot New Concerts and Headliners, Free CD For Mother’s Day, Streaming Vegas Music Radio, La Cage Superfan, Rat Pack Is Back, Lake Mead Cruise, more …
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Newkirk’s Notes – comments on Las Vegas from AccessVegas.Com publisher Ted Newkirk:

Note: Mr. Newkirk is recovering from illness. His return is projected for June. In the meantime, please enjoy the stories, photos, and news links complied by our staff!

Photographers Needed – is looking for photographers to send on occasional freelance paid assignments. A resume is not necessary. The ability to take good shots with a digital camera is. Send info and a sample of your work to Your photos must be of the general good quality found in our photo gallery.

Moms get a FREE Show and CD on Mothers Day

Larry G. Jones – The Man of 1002 Voices’ way of saying: “Thanks Moms! You are Awesome!” One Free CD for ALL Mothers who bring the online coupon (see link below) to Larry G. Jones – The Man of 1002 Voices show at the Plaza Hotel Casino on Mothers Day 2005. Choose from Larry’s 7 different CD’s!

If you like oldies music, you’ll love this show. Singing Impressionist-Comedian Larry G. Jones entertains you with the voices of your favorite singers from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and beyond. 4 Octaves of ‘dead-on’ voices ranging from Sinatra to Cher to 4 Temptations and 7 Presidents. Great music, song parodies, physical comedy, and audience interaction make this show a one of a kind must see.

CLICK to print coupon and make reservations. All Moms will Thank You!

More Wynn Las Vegas – The news just keeps piling in about the opening of this spectacular new resort!

Wynn-ing Photos? – As you read in that last story (in the links above), we in the media aren’t supposed to be taking photos inside Wynn Las Vegas yet. And while we’d love to do it anyway, we pride ourselves on good working relationships with all the resorts. This allows us to give you the kind of coverage we do here. They know we’ll tell it like it is, but we aren’t going to go out of our way to thumb our nose at them.

But … the media prohibition didn’t say anything about the rest of you with your digital cameras and cell phone cameras and video cameras and everything else! So … if you’ve visited Wynn Las Vegas (or are going to in the next few weeks), send in a pile of photos and we’ll share them with everybody! Email to and if you have a video, email us and we’ll tell you how to get us a copy.

Legal note: Submission does grant publishing in this newsletter and on (so we can share it with everyone), but grants us no further rights or uses.

Hot New Headliners and Concerts Added – Look to your right and check out all the great added events coming to Las Vegas! Why see your favorite concert or a great headliner here in Las Vegas? Let’s compare:

Seeing a concert at home: Get off work, fight traffic home, barely have time to eat, running late, get to the arena and pay huge piles of cash for parking, and get inside after missing the first 15 minutes of the show. Then … fighting traffic out of the lot, getting home all fired up, but too late, no sleep, the alarm goes off the next morning for work and life sucks.

Seeing a concert in Las Vegas: Sleep in and spend the day gambling, golfing, shopping or just catching rays at the pool. Maybe a cat nap then a fantastic meal. A quick walk, monorail, or cab ride to the venue (free parking at casinos if you are driving) and a couple of cocktails and plenty of time to get seated before the show. Then … after the show you and thousands of others are in a great mood and the night has just begun! Hit The Strip or a nightclub, try your luck in the casino or back to the room for romance … with no alarm to set.

So what are you waiting for? Check out all the great listings to your right or click direct to our Las Vegas Entertainment listings.

Vegas Smooth Jazz Now Streaming – Our favorite Las Vegas smooth jazz station “The Oasis” 105.7 FM is now streaming live online. If the workday is getting long, or you just need a fix of Vegas wherever in the world you are, tune them in at 105.7 The Oasis. Once on their site: If using a pop-up blocker, hold down your CTRL key when you go to open their streaming feed. For a list of all Las Vegas radio and TV stations (including the ones that stream), go to our Las Vegas Radio and TV Stations page.

la-cage-1-fan.jpg (17914 bytes)Fran Cummings, 83, Is No Newcomer To An Evening At La Cage – Floridian’s April 13th visit at Riviera was 479th time she’s taken in her favorite show

You might say Fran Cummings is “An Evening at La Cage’s” No. 1 fan since she’s been attending the show 479 times over the past 20 years and if she gets her way she will make it to see the show for the 500th time.

The Pensacola, Florida native loves Las Vegas describing her area as “swampy with lots of old people.” She said, “I am only 83 and banking on making it to ‘La Cage’ another 21 times to see the show for the 500th time. I was their first groupie when I was only 63. My hairdresser sent me to se ‘La Cage’ in 1985 and said to say hello to Larry Edwards who played Tina Turner.”

She said, “I took my husband John Cummings for our 61st wedding anniversary. He likes the show and says there’s lots of talent compared to some Las Vegas shows. I brought my 75-year-old friend along and she loved ‘La Cage.’ The more you see ‘La Cage’ the more you like it. We became friends with the entire cast over the years.”

Fran said, “Times have changed. When it opened in 1985 there was three shows a night and for $9.95 you could get a steak dinner at Kady’s and two drinks. I was there opening night. The show is so packed they should do two shows a night. The show is better than it’s ever been.”

The current cast is Jimmy Emerson as Tammy Spraynette and Madonna’s Older Sister Brent Allen as Bette Midler and Judy Garland, Sammy Gonzales as Liza Minnelli, Kenneth Blake as Madonna and Dolly Parton, Steven Wayne as Cher and Celine Dion, Chris Woods as Diana Ross and Whitney Houston, Jonathan Kay as Jennifer Lopez, Derrick Berry as Brittney Spears, Ryan Zink as Reba McEntire and Lane Lassiter as Michael Jackson.

Don’t miss “An Evening at La Cage” starring Frank Marino as Joan Rivers at 7:30 p.m. except Tuesday.

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